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One man builds up a church. Another wants to take the church over.
A third insinuates himself into the good graces of the first. 
While the second and third man jostle for position, they will split the church into
two, and one of them will commit murder.
Amid the parishoners of the Christ Community Church, there is a youth minister,
Nick Hacheney, who manipulates and cons vulnerable women of the church.
In the meantime, he neglects his own wife, Dawn Hacheney. 
After his wife's death by fire, Nick Hacheney uses his increasing position within
the church to cover his philandering, and his widower status ... to gain sympathy
 from women he chooses to seduce.

For years Hacheney gets away with his method of abuse until one woman
confesses all to her husband, risking her marriage, his love, his respect.
Another woman has held Nick Hacheney's secrets close, convinced that he
will marry her. Once his manipulative actions are made known, she realizes
that she too has a decision to make or be dragged down with him.