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Nov 5 10 7:56 PM

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"This week the husband of Susan Cox Powell broke his silence to say his wife
is “extremely unstable,” and that he believes mental illness drove her to leave
her family behind. Only reduced scrutiny from her family and the public, he said,
 will speed her return. “She knows she will be chewed up like hamburger when
she comes back,” Josh Powell said in a Wednesday interview here with The
Salt Lake Tribune. He complained his wife’s family have created an image of
her that puts her under too much pressure. “She can’t come back with them
treating her this way,” Josh Powell said. “They want her to be perfect, a saint
with no fallibility.”Josh Powell said his wife’s family must stop lying about him
and be more accepting of an imperfect Susan. “She doesn’t have as much
strength as they like to think she has,” Josh Powell said. He tearfully said at
one point that his wife is “a good person and a good wife  and a good mother.”

"Josh’s father, Steve Powell believes Susan left to be with another man.
“Susan’s very sexually motivated, and she’s very financially motivated,”
said Steve. According to the report, Josh said he will not meet with West
Valley City police again regarding his wife’s disappearance."

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Dec 13 10 9:47 PM

Charles Cox (Susan Powell's father)
"I don't know where my daughter is. I can't do anything more than I have done.
And I'm doing everything I can do to help find her. And there's a frustration of
what is actually -- what did happen to her?"

Pat Brown Criminal Profiler
 "Josh and his father ... are trying to cast aspersions onto Susan. They're trying
to come up with an alternative theory so police can stop looking at Josh. It's the
most ludicrous theory I've ever heard."

Jennifer Graves (Josh Powell's sister)
"I am quite certain that he's responsible for Susan's disappearance. I would like
him to come forward and confess. You know. Let's stand up, take it like a man.
He has done the deed -- whatever it was -- let's confess."

"When Josh and Susan Powell left their home state of Washington for Utah six years

ago, they wanted to work on their marriage away from the influence of Josh’s father.

Susan Powell said her father-in-law belittled her and pressured his son not to attend

Mormon church services. In the weeks leading up to Susan’s disappearance, Josh

and his father spent hours on the phone several times a week, and the couple’s

strained relationship grew worse."

"Steve Powell knows what happened to his daughter-in-law and encouraged his son
to repeat abusive behavior he once displayed to his own wife, Terrica."

Steven Powell treated his wife “like dirt,” Graves said Friday, belittling her over what

she made for dinner, how she cleaned the house, and a laundry list of other nitpicking

I categorize as emotionally abusive.
Washington court documents from the 1992 divorce:
The Powells’ five children — Jennifer (now 36); Josh (now 34); John (now 33);
Michael (now 28); and Alina (now 25), sided with different parents.

Jennifer Graves (then 18 when her parents divorced) wrote in court documents:

"I feared my father would hurt my mother."

Jennifer called police once after a family argument. Her father Steve and her

brothers Josh, John & Michael tried to grab court affidavits away from her mother

Terrica, pushing Terrica in the process while Jennifer, and Alina looked on.

 "Steve Powell later tried to talk to me and my sister, Alina. “Dad came in and started

 talking to Alina. He said, ‘You didn’t really think I was going to hurt mom, did you?’

She said, ‘Well, yes. I was scared,’ ” Graves wrote. “And she really was scared.

She was screaming and crying hysterically when Dad and the boys were grabbing

mom and trying to get the envelopes ... she was terrified, and my dad was trying

to convince her that nothing had really happened.”

"My father used to make me and my siblings lie in a bathtub filled with cold water

when we wet the bed as young children. My younger siblings also behaved better

when my father was not around."


Steven Powell was not charged with any crime in connection with that incident

and has never been charged with abuse of any kind toward his children or wife.

Washington court documents from the 1992 divorce:
Josh Powell (then age 16) wrote "I want to live with my father."

"My mother appeared to not want custody of me and my brothers. I worry that my
other siblings wouldn’t be in an emotionally stable environment with my mom. My 
mother and her relatives lectured him about “not being better Mormons and not
believing what we’re supposed to. We also seem to do an awful amount of
arguing over religion and where and when we have to go to church and what we
have to believe. She goes to the Mormon, and I feel that it is a lot of scare tactics
and brain washing and think the younger kids should be protected from that."

Josh Powell (court records) changed his tune after he moved back in with his mother

from 1987 -1988 while attending Eastern Washington University. "Her home is a good,

loving environment and my siblings and I can count on her when we need her."

 Steve Powell on his website has posted that his daughter is "a liar."

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Sep 6 11 7:59 AM

I first heard of this case last week, when I watched an update on TV. I listened carefully to the Husband and Father-in laws comments, I was appauled. It struck me how in the first interview her husband (tearless) appealed to the public for her safe return stating Susan was a good wife and mother and in the next media interview he did a Dr. Jeykel, Mr. Hyde stating she was in a sexual relationship with his father, mentally unstable, had an insatiable sexual habit. Listening to that made me take pause. That information contradicts the prior allocades, she couldn't have been all those good attributes and then later be nothing more than trash, Unless the Husband is trying to deflect his guilt in her disappearence along with his father, who I believe has direct knowledge of the crime his son committed. You don't go from one extreme to the next just like that.  If Susan was the latter of what is being stated, why in hell would you stay with her, especially if you know she's sleeping or slept with, of all people your FATHER?!!! and why are you and Dad still communicating?? umm, gotta wonder, if Josh and his Father are joining forces against Susan to defame her reputation, does Josh and his father have an unhealthy past (sexual abuse) themselves? was Josh abused by Daddy as a child, is that why they are in cohoots and because the scars are so deep for Josh he has to defame Susan so that his past does not come to light and his father is exposed? or of course Dad is complicit in the disappearence of Susan and neither wants to be convicted, so blame the victim, why not? The bottom line is, Josh, his father or both is responsible for the disappearence of Susan Powell. Also, no one in their right mind takes two little boys on an overnite camping trip in the dead of Winter at midnight to boot!! A planned FAMILY ski trip/vacation okay maybe but definitely not a baby nite out in the Winter Wilderness, get real!!!

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#4 [url]

Sep 6 11 10:49 AM

I beleive in this particular case, the probability of Josh, if not his Father commited a fatal act against Susan. Josh being a direct product of his childhood enviornment, watching his Mother's abuse by the hands of the Father and to the point where he along with his male siblings engaged in a pushing, shoving act of the Mother, was repeated in his own household, he shared the same opinion of women as his father. I'm sure if you looked more closely at the dynamics of his male siblings (if they're married) family structure and the wives/girlfriends were honest, you'd find the same dysfunctions (abuse, disregard for women). although this doesn't happen in ALL abusive families, males are typically impacted by this behavior due to the fact that, that is the only male role model to imulate, whereas the females will although dislike this type of behavior but they will imulate the mothers and involve themselves with authortative/abusive men, thereby, becoming victims of the same. Remember, I said, NOT ALL. Look at what the sister stated, the Father was in constant contact with Josh in the weeks leading up to Susan's "disappearance"? and was vocal about his displeasure with Susan's suggeston of Josh attending a Mormon Church, he could have been vocal and insistent about other things in his son's marriage. Josh wanting to not look like whimp in his Father's eyes could have argued with Susan and it got out of hand and he crossed the line of no return. Now Josh needs daddy to alibi him, concocting these false accussations in order to deflect suspicion, not realizing their statments did just the opposite.

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#5 [url]

Jan 19 12 8:57 PM

Both men imo colluded to defame, trash, bash Susan Powell's character and excoriate her
very memory. Although the father may have some bearing on this case, it's my op that Josh
Powell is the only suspect in the case.

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