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Laura Doyle Parole

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Oct 26 10 2:21 PM

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Does anyone know when Laura Doyle applied for parole and what was their decision?

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Oct 26 10 3:44 PM

Both Doyle and Severson were sentenced to life in prison and each will be
eligible for parole in 2036. Severson was denied compassionate release
for MS, and since both continue to apportion the majority of the blame to
each other, it's likely they'll both stay in prison ....for life.
Last parole hearing I could find:
2008 - March 14 - PAROLE DENIED
A state Board of Prison Terms board denied parole Wednesday for Laura Doyle, now 34.
The two-man board made its decision late Wednesday at a Central Valley prison
after hearing testimony from Doyle, the victim's mother and a Los Angelescity 
County prosecutor battling her release. 

 ``Our position was that this crime was a deliberate, well-planned torture and

execution of Missy and needed to be treated as such,'' said Deputy District
Attorney Matthew Monforton
During her parole hearing Wednesday, Doyle admitted to coaxing Avila into
the water and killing her, Monforton said. She also accused Severson for
being the ringleader.
Asked if she could name three people from whom she could seek forgiveness,
a tearful Doyle listed Irene Avila, Missy's mother; Doyle's mother; and herself.

But not Missy.

``She said if she could do it over again, she'd switch places with Missy so that

she could endure the pain,'' Monforton said.

Irene Avila, Missy's mother, was thrilled by the prison board decision.

``I feel great,'' she said. ``I wish it could be more years. She shouldn't be let out,

 ever. She has no right to be out.''


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Nov 25 11 1:13 PM

I think one of the saddest things about this murder is the fact that Missy's mother helped raise these two people that claimed to be "friends" of her daughter. My prayers went out then and still go out now for Missy's mom.

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Sep 15 15 9:35 PM



The story of a family distraught over a convicted murderer, released from prison and trying to profit from the death of their loved one drew outrage from hundreds of Eyewitness News viewers. 

Irene Avila and her family want to thank viewers for responding so strongly to the story of her daughter Missy.

"I never in my wildest imagination thought we had so many people out there that cared about us so much," she said. At the time, Irene Avila was outraged Severson could possibly profit from the murder of her daughter. "It's not fair. She's getting away with it all over again," she said. Hundreds and hundreds of Eyewitness News viewers agreed, flooding Facebook with comments saying Severson shouldn't make a dime. The book's distributor then changed the book's price to zero, ensuring Severson would not profit from it. On Facebook, the distributor wrote: "This book is being offered free of charge. This was not meant to be a money-maker for Karen's personal use, it would have been used to fight against bullying." 


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