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Oct 13 10 10:12 PM

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Yvonne Flores Stern (52), full time mother of two, a prominent socialite, has
been married to Jeffrey Mark Stern (53), a prominent Houston Attorney, for
nearly 20 years.

That's a status that Yvonne Stern is changing, Yvonne Stern filed for divorce, citing
adultery, in June of 2010 after finding out that her husband's mistress was trying to
kill her. Jeffrey Stern denies having any involvement in the "alleged" murder for hire

                                   STATEMENT ON BEHALF OF JEFFREY STERN

Paul Nugent (Jeffrey Stern’s attorney)
"Gaiser and Jeffrey Stern had been having an affair. 

"Jeffrey Stern loves his wife and his family. He was
shocked to learn Ms. Gaiser was trying to kill his wife.”

                                     MURDER FOR HIRE PLOT

2010 - January - A murder for hire plot is conceived. Jeffrey Stern's mistress,
                          Michelle Cabrera Gaiser (37), who works as an office manager
                          at a law office (not Stern's office - although it's reported she
                          once was an employee of Stern.)

                          Gaiser reportedly contacts a middleman to arrange a killing.

                          Richard Andrew Gutierrez (32), a wrecker driver is hired as the                            hitman. He sub-contracts the "hit" to his brother Adam Gutierrez.


Adam Gutierrez accepts $10,000 to do the hit on Yvonne Stern. He doesn't take
any action towards Yvonne Stern. However, he begins blackmailing Michelle Gaiser,
extorting further monies from her.

                                       SUB-CONTRACTING THE HIT

Richard Gutierrez then sub-contracts the hit to James Steven Lowery.
Lowery acceptes a used car in lieu of a $2,500 fee to kill Yvonne Stern.

The price to kill Yvonne Stern is $10,000, a quarter of which is expected

to go to Lowery.


                                       DOUBLE SUB-CONTRACTING


James Steven Lowery also passes the buck. He arranges with Nhut Nguyen

to do the hit.

                                       PRIOR MURDER CONVICTION

Nguyen was previously convicted in 1998 of murder and racketeering in

                                       DRIVE BY SHOOTING

2010 - February 10 - Yvonne and the children are home when someone drives
                               past their home and sprays bullets through the windows.

The shooter is James Lowery.

                                       SHOT FIRED THROUGH THE DOOR

 2010 - April 15 -  The Stern family is at home, Jeffrey Stern and their daughter
                           are upstairs, while Yvonne Stern and their son are downstairs.
                           It is late at night and someone rings the Stern's doorbell. 
                           Yvonne Stern goes to open the door.
Nhut Nguyen fires a shot through the glass of the Stern's front door.
                           Yvonne Stern is unharmed.

                                    ATTEMPTED MURDER

2010 - May 5 -  Yvonne Stern is getting in her car outside the apartment where the
                       Sterns had been staying during renovations to their home.

                       A man whose face is not concealed shoots her in the abdomen.
                       Jeffrey Stern is not present.
The shooter is Damian Ricardo Flores (26)
Flores's criminal record includes a couple of weapons charges and a
couple of drug busts. At the time of the shooting he is out on bond
(arrested in November 2009 for his first felony -- pot possession (quarter-
pound to five pounds), enhanced by the fact he was carrying a gun at the

                                   GOOD SAMARITAN
             Yvonne Stern manages to drive to a nearby gas station to obtain help.                          

              Freddie Romero (Mechanic) is working at the gas station. 
              He calls for help and hold Yvonne's hand until help arrives. 
              Yvonne Stern is hospitalized. Once released, she recovers at home
              surrounded by family and friends.

                                    AN ANGRY PHONE CALL

Two weeks later Romero answers the telephone to find a ticked off woman
on the other end.
Freddie Romero
"She said, 'Are you the guy who saved this lady's life?"
The female caller was angry and mumbling something about affairs and the

wounded woman I'd helped two weeks prior. "She said, 'You shoulda let
this b*-- die. Now she's made my life a living hell."

                                    LIVING IN FEAR

Chip Lews (Attorney advising the family on the criminal side of the
case) "Yvonne Stern lives in fear because the man accused of shooting
her hasn’t been apprehended yet. She is still very afraid, with people still
out there on the street,”

Bobby Newman (Attorney for Yvonne Stern)
"Yvonne Stern does not work outside the home and is “a full-time mom.
The Sterns have two children, 12 and 14."

"Jeffrey Stern admitted to his wife this week that he had been having an affair
with Gaiser. The affair had been going on for “an extended period of time” and
started before the three alleged attempts on Stern's life."

She's emotionally shocked. She had no idea there was an affair. She certainly
had no idea there was any type of ties between the shootings and her husband.”
On Friday afternoon, she filed for divorce, citing adultery as grounds for ending
the nearly 20-year marriage."
                                     NO COMMENT
Jeffrey Stern could not be reached for comment. His attorney, Paul Nugent, did
not immediately return calls.
                                   CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT
An informant contacts police. Subsequently, police meet with Richard Gutierrez.
He agrees to cooperate with authorities and wear a wire.

Assistant District Attorney Donna Hawkins (Harris County)
"Richard Gutierrez did cooperate with authorities to wear a wire for his
conversations with Michelle Gaiser, and during those conversations,
she discussed wanting Yvonne Stern killed."

                                   TAPED CONVERSATIONS

2010 - June 7 - Richard Gutierrez meets with Michelle Gaiser twice while wearing
                        a wire.

Gaiser discusses wanting not only Yvonne Stern killed, but Richard Gutierrez's
blackmailing brother, Adam Gutierrez.

Richard Gutierrez can be heard on audiotape pretending to agree to help Michelle
Cabrera Gaiser kill her lover's wife and his own brother, Adam Gutierrez.

                                   PROSECUTOR'S STATEMENT

 Prosecutor Kari Allen

"Yvonne Marie Stern had already been shot in the stomach and survived.

But that apparently wasn't good enough for Michelle Cabrera Gaiser.

After that incident, a confidential informant contacted authorities to report an
attempt to hire someone to kill Yvonne Stern, Allen said. Authorities then
contacted another person who had been involved in the plot and had that
person wear a wire while discussing the plot with Gaiser to kill Stern,

Gaiser's downfall came when she sat down a month later with the man

wearing a recording wire to discuss killing Stern for good."

 "Gaiser was twice recorded trying to hire someone to kill the full-time mother
 and discussing a payment of $10,000."
"Stern was not Gaiser's only target, according to those recorded conversations.
Gaiser also discussed having another person killed — an alleged hit man she
 is accused of previously paying to kill Yvonne Stern.That man, it seems, ripped
her off."

Officials did not confirm whether money was exchanged.
Police say Gaiser wanted Stern out of the way so she could be free to marry
her boyfriend Jeffrey Stern. 

Prosecutor Kari Allen

"Michelle Gaiser wanted Mrs. Stern out of Mr. Stern's life."

                                   MISTRESS ARRESTED
Michelle Cabrera Gaiser was arrested at the law office where she works as
an office manager. She is charged with Solicitation of Capital Murder. Bond

is set and she is released. She turns in her passport and is directed to



                                  SEARCH WARRANT - DIARIES FOUND


Police obtained a search warrant and searched Gaiser's Land Rover.

Evidence seized:

Six cell phones

Personal diaries

$6,780 in cash.


2010 - June 14 -  Gaiser's bail raised.


Michelle Gaiser was hauled back into court and bond reset at $500,000.


The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement put a hold on

Gaiser who is Filipino. She remains in jail on a $500,000 bond.

                                   JEFFREY STERN ARRESTED
Jeffery Stern (coincidentally at that law office reviewing files) was arrested
by police for unlawfully carrying a weapon.

Paul Nugent (Jeffrey Stern's attorney)
"Stern holds a concealed handgun license, but didn’t have it with him at the
time when he and Gaiser were arrested. Jeffrey Stern was released from jail
after posting a $30,000 bond. 
"My client had been carrying a gun to protect his wife and children because of
three shootings since February - “Somebody was obviously trying to shoot his
 wife. When people are driving by shooting at your house, that’s cause for concern.”
Stern first learned about the murder-for-hire plot after he and Gaiser were
"Over the years, he has been accused in dozens of civil proceedings including
multiple disbarment proceedings, a public vilification by John Culberson,
and an ongoing breach of contract lawsuit that finds him opposed by former
client Evander Holyfield."
{Back in 1991, Stern was singled out as among the greediest in a feeding frenzy
of lawyers who feasted on a tragedy involving two little girls and an apartment
complex swimming pool. One drowned and the other was left brain-damaged,
and the family first hired Stern as their attorney. After they fired him relatively
early on in the case, he still claimed to be entitled to one-third of their cash
reward. The family had hired then-state representative John Culberson to
represent the interests of the surviving child."Mr. Stern is trying to take money
from a brain-damaged baby," Culberson said at the time. "It is absolutely
                                    OTHERS ARRESTED/CHARGED
Prosecutor Kari Allen
"Since they all participated in the scheme... they can all be charged with that
offense (Solicitation of Capital Murder) as parties."

                Arrested and charged with Solicitation of Capital Murder - 
2010 - June 10  - Richard Andrew Gutierrez (32) is arrested.  Bond set at $100,000
                         A court hearing is set for July 15.
DURING ARRAIGNMENT - District Judge Mike Anderson presiding.
Prosecutor Kari Allen
"A confidential informant alerted authorities that Gutierrez offered the informant
money to kill Yvonne Marie Stern, the wife of Houston attorney Jeffrey Stern.

After being contacted by police, Richard Gutierrez agreed to wear a recording

 device during two meetings with Gaiser. Gaiser told Richard Gutierrez she

wanted his brother dead because he did not kill Yvonne Stern and was extorting

money from her. Before he was working with police, Gutierrez contacted James

Steven Lowery, 27, to do the shooting. Lowery, a tattoo artist, accepted a used

car in lieu of a $2,500 fee to kill Yvonne Stern."
Nhut Nguyen is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
James Steven Lowery (27)
Lowery has pled Guilty to Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and
receives a sentence of 15 years in prison. He still faces a charge of Solicitation
of Capital Murder.
Steven Lowery at first denied being involved in the murder for hire plot.
"I'm not  friends with Gutierrez but first met him about five months ago
at my tattoo shop, where I inked him with a couple of tattoos, including
a gang symbol.

"I saw Gutierrez on two or three occasions and we discussed hiring someone
to beat up a man, but never discussed murdering anyone."
"I've never met Gaiser, but understand that she and Gutierrez were at least
acquaintances. I don't know the Sterns."

Damian Ricardo Flores (26)  is picked up on unrelated charge. He is charged
with Attempted Capital Murder. 

                                       FAMILY STATEMENT

Liz Tenczynski (Yvonne's sister)
"We would like to thank to Houston Police Department for their hard work in
apprehending these perpetrators. We thank them, and of course the district
attorney’s office, for all that they’ve done."

"My sister is healing "as well as can be expected. She’s been injured very
severely with this and of course, we want to be there with her as a family.
We will be following this very carefully and expect that justice will prevail

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#2 [url]

Oct 25 10 11:54 AM

   *(moved by Patsy from welcome to new members area) the forum, not sure if I know what I am doing.

I know Jeffrey Stern. Been following this case since the beginning. What is going on?
When is Jeffrrey going to be charged??
There is no way, this man, didn't know or suspect his girlfriend of attempting to kill the wife. When does he get arrested?? surprise

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#3 [url]

Oct 25 10 11:55 AM

Unless the prosecutors can show that Jeffrey Stern knew about, or was involved in the
plots or murder attempts against his wife, that's there will be.. suspicion.

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#5 [url]

Oct 26 10 12:06 PM

The idjit had a long term affair with the woman who tried to have her killed....
if she goes back to him she needs psychiatric help IMO. Although the
children might be a consideration in sticking with the marriage, I think
in this case, it's not a good idea. His current/next mistress might actually
finish the job.

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#6 [url]

Oct 30 10 7:18 AM

Thank you for the timeline. I am highly curious about this case but I can't find any new developments. I understand the Vietnamese man involved in one of the early attempts is already serving his time. I also don't understand why Stern is not being charged yet. The news story said there were diaries confiscated. You would think there would be something in a diary that would implicate him. I, too, have it on good authority that the Sterns are back together. Maybe he spun a "Fatal Attraction" type yarn to placate her. Maybe she is afraid he'll try to kill her again to avoid dividing his assets. Who knows?

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#7 [url]

Oct 30 10 9:18 AM

You're welcome. I haven't found anything new either. Perhaps she's one who, having invested
in her marriage prefers to try and salvage it. Whatever her reasons are, I hope she stays safe.

It will depend on what is stated in the diaries, and if it implicates him, whether it can be
proved by other evidence or testimony. He's an attorney, has an attorney, and as such,
it's going to be up to investigators to get solid evidence in order to charge him, IF he was
involved in the planning etc.

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#8 [url]

Mar 2 11 6:29 PM

2011 - February 7 -  COURT HEARING


"Jeffrey Stern appeared in state District Judge Denise Bradley's court, where
prosecutors outlined the charges against him. He is charged with two counts
of solicitation of capital murder. If convicted, Stern faces a maximum punishment
of life in prison."


"Yvonne Stern filed for divorce after she was seriously wounded. The couple has

since reconciled, and she believes her husband had no connection to the plots,

her lawyers have said."

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#9 [url]

Sep 6 11 11:46 AM

If Jeffrey Stern has no complicity in the Attempted Murder of his wife, did the thought ever cross his mind to ask his mistress what's going on? I'm sure she was vocal at some point during their relationship how she felt about Yvonne or the fact that he was still with her or when was he going to divorce her. Which gives some insight to Michelle's mental state. Also, the article states Michelle was an Office Clerk/Secretary in another Law Firm, although she has a decent job and may make a good salary, still, where did/was she going to get 10,000.00 to pay for Mrs. Stern's murder, if not from Jeffrey Stern, Prominent, Wealthy Attorney?

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#11 [url]

Apr 14 12 12:43 PM

DAILY MAIL  2012 - April 11 - Mistress 'who set up hit-men in unsuccessful bid to kill
lover's wife may have had a criminal past involving ANOTHER murder-for-hire scheme.
"The trial, due to start on Friday, has been delayed while lawyers look into allegations that
Gaiser was previously involved in a separate ‘murder-for-hire’ case.
Allegations: Prosecutors claim Gaiser was in the country illegally, using an illegal passport
and not paying income taxes.
 "That's all they are: allegations,’ said Deborah Keyser. ‘They're speculations and they
have not been charged or proven.’She noted that Gaiser is cooperating with prosecutors
and had agreed to plead guilty to solicitation of capital murder, with a sentence capped
at 25 years in exchange for her testimony."
 More at link



"The prosecution said Gaiser, 39, ordered a hit on someone else before ordering hits
on Stern, and allegedly put bleach in someone's drink, the Chronicle also reported.
In exchange for her guilty plea and cooperation with the government, prosecutors
agreed to reduce her possible life sentence to a maximum of 25 years in prison.
The prosecution contends that Jeffrey Stern, 55, is as guilty as his ex-mistress in
the hits on his wife. He admitted the affair but denied any wrongdoing in the murder

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#12 [url]

Apr 14 12 1:13 PM

Jeffrey Stern's Trial Postponed until July 27, 2010
 The revelation that Michelle Gaiser might have been involved in previous murder
plots and other criminal activity caused the postponement of the solicitation of
capital murder trial against Jeffrey Stern, a prominent Houston attorney who has
been charged with masterminding three failed murder attempts on his wife,
Yvonne Stern, 54.

More at link

HOUSTON CHRONICLE  2012 - April 13 - Yvonne Stern "No Way husband had role in
murder plot."

"Her husband Jeffrey Stern's former mistress has pleaded guilty to involvement in the
scheme and has testified against Jeffrey Stern, a prominent lawyer, as the mastermind
of the plan. Yvonne Stern has reconciled with her husband, who she calls her "soulmate"
in the video, and does not believe he is involved. "There is just no way," Yvonne Stern
said in the ABC clip. "The affair? OK. I'll give you that one. But to plot my murder?
Absolutely not. It's ludicrous; it's preposterous."

More at link

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#13 [url]

Apr 14 12 1:22 PM


"Gaiser has already admitted to hiring men to kill Yvonne Stern in 2010.
Yvonne Stern was shot in the stomach during the third attempt on her life.
 As part of a plea deal with prosecutors, Gaiser is expected to testify that
she was an intermediary for Jeffrey Stern, who prosecutors allege was the
mastermind of the plot against Yvonne Stern."

More at link
ABC  Yvonne Stern Testifies

"He had nothing to do with this and could not do anything with this. We are victims
of a fatal attraction," she said. Her husband, a prominent Houston attorney, said
nothing.  On the stand, Stern cried when she described being shot as she sat in
her SUV in the parking garage of her apartment last year. The suspect, Damian
Flores, is up on capital murder charges."

 "He jumped out of his car and came charging at me with a gun. He had a pair of
mirrored aviators. He didn't run. He walked and came charging at me," Stern said
of the gunman,  according to ABC News affiliate KTRK TV in Houston. Flores'
attorney told jurors that Stern initially identified another man -- who had worked
on the Sterns' home -- as her assailant. She later identified Flores from a line-up."
More at link

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