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Oct 10 10 8:14 PM

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Adela Etibako, a native of war torn Congo, was separated from her husband during
a brutal raid. Adela fled to Canada with several of her children. Although her family
faced life in lesser circumstances than previously, Adela's perserverance and love
began to make things better for her family. Her caring is also extended to her
Congolese community in Canada, becoming known as "Mom Adela."

Living in an area where sons and daughters can become caught up in trouble, 
Adela tried to keep her children from violence.
Yet violence in the form of a former friend of one of her sons, and that violence
cost precious lives.
                                                                                          Ashley Singh (16)
Top: mother Adela Etibako, son Stephane Etibako (8)
Bottom:  Edita Malonga Etibako, (13), Benedicta Etibako (9)

The Singh and Etibako families, and their friends, mourn the loss of their loved ones. 

                                      FLIGHT FROM THE CONGO

1997 -  War, violence, and fear.

Eddy Etibako and his wife Adela lived in Kinshasa under the dictator Mobutu
Sese Seko. Eddy's job was in that same government. But in May 1997, Laurent
Kabila's rebel army overthrew the government and drove Mobutu out of the country.
They targeted anyone who had worked or had been associated with the goverment.

J.P. Etibako (brother of Eddy)
"Anybody who was in the old government -- the new government tried to arrest

Eddy Etibako is arrested several times during Kabila's reign. Adela fears for
not only for his life, but for hers and the children's lives. Adela later claimed
in her refugee application that she had been raped numerous times, both
at her home and at the jail, even while pregnant with her 6th child.

During another brutal raid, Eddy and Adela, flee, but are separted in the chaos.
Pregnant, with five of their children, Adela flees to Canada. Other relatives,
including two of Eddy's brothers, and his daughter from a previous relationship,
also flee to other countries. 

J.P. Etibako
"[Adela] and the kids had to fly to Canada because they were persecuted here."
1997 -  Adela Etibako has given birth to a boy, Stephane.

J.P. Etibako
"Adela was a very kind and very good mother for the children. She loved the
kids. She was a very family person, very outgoing with everybody . . . She

didn't have any problems with anyone."


- Kabila is assassinated. Life slowly improves in the Congo.
           Eddy Etibako runs for a seat in the Congo's National Assembly
           in the elections. 
                                   CANADA - REFUGEE CLAIM

                            Adela's refugee claim is rejected.

                                    LIFE IN CANADA

2005 - Bolingo Etibako has a friend, Nathan Richard Fry.
          The two young men are jointly charged in a stabbing incident.
          Both are later acquitted.

          Nathan Richard Fry is angry at his now former friend, believing that   
          Bolingo fingered him to police about 2 stabbings near SkyTrain
          stations they had been charged with, and then acquitted of.
Some of Adela & Eddy's children, Chris, Ornela (T.J.) and Yanick are grown
up. Yanick is pregnant, living with her boyfriend. Carol, Adela's stepdaughter,
lives in London.

T.J. still lives at home with brothers Bolingo (16), Stephane (8), sisters Edita
Malonga Etibako, (13), Benedicta Etibako (9). Bolingo's girlfriend, Ashely
Singh (16) often stays overnight with Bolingo and the family.

Florencia Cepeda (14) (Neighbor)
"Adela "was always trying to help everybody out, like if anybody ever had
a problem or needed something, she wanted to help."

Chantel Musende (a close friend of Adela)
"Ornella was mindful but Bolingo would go his own way.
"To raise the kids in Canada is not easy. It's not like in Africa
when I grew up."

Sunendra Makiwita (Neighbor & friend of Adela)
"Bolingo clashed with his mom because their home had become a
drop-in for his friends. His mother used to chase them out. Things

came to a head at a New Year's Eve party at the Etibako home 17
months ago when police were called to a stabbing that occurred
when party crashers arrived."

Mary Kabongolo (Friend of Adela) 
"The family is "really nice" and Adela Etibako raised the children on her own 
and lived for her kids."

The younger three, Edita, Benedicta, and Stephane attend a  French immersion
school in Grades 2, 4 and 7.

                  Edita Etibako                                         

School Principal
"They were happy, outgoing kids who had lots of friends at school."
       Benedicta Etibako                                               Stephane Etibako

                                     MOTHER'S DAY

2006 - May 14 - Sunday - Adela Etibako is happy, it's Mother's Day, all of her
                                      children had been together to give her flowers, gifts
                                      and cards. In the afternoon, Adela is leaving to visit
                                      a friend. She bids T.J. an affectionate goodbye before

                                    Adela Etibako "Mom Adela"

T.J. Etibako
"Earlier I'd given her a card, a purse and flowers for Mother's Day.
She said goodbye as she left to visit a friend. She said "If anything
happened, I'd have to be the man of the house and a "good boy."

That night, T.J. spends the night with friends.

Bolingo Etibako
"I met my girlfriend after work and she stayed overnight.
We went to bed after 11 p.m. because I had to work the
next day."
               Bolingo Etibako                                    Ashley Singh
Chantel Musende (a close friend of Adela)
"Adela turned down  offer to stay overnight Sunday after a Mother's Day
get-together at our home. "I said, 'It's midnight. Send the kids to go upstairs."

"Then Adela said, 'Oh no, tomorrow is Monday. You forget the kids need to
go to school.'"

2006 - May 15 - Monday Morning
           3:30 A.M. -  Sunendra Makawita, a neighbour living in an apartment across
                              from the Etibako family is awakened by the sound of running
                              footsteps. She hears two male voices outside her window,
                              moving away from the Etibako residence, a unit at Skeena
                              Terrace, on the ground floor, at 2484 Cassiar St., part of a
                              sprawling 234-unit social housing complex.

Sunendra Makawita
"One said, "Get down, get down. The other said, "Okay, Okay."
They sounded like teenagers or young adults."

                                   EXPLOSION & FIRE
                   The sound of an explosion rends the night air.

"I saw fire, then heard an explosion."
Witness/Neighbor (She is not allowed to be identified under a court order)
"I awoke to screams from children crying and shrieking for help.
 I immediately ran in my underwear and saw 9-year-old Benedicta Etibako

and her 8-year-old brother, Stephane, in third-floor windows screaming for help.
They were struggling and their faces were white and they were gasping for air.
I urged the children to jump from the windows, but they were unable to do so.

I saw neighbors watching from nearby buildings who refused to respond
to my cries for help."

                                    SURVIVOR OF THE BLAZE
Bolingo Etibako
"I normally slept in a bedroom upstairs in our family's townhouse
but -- on the night of the fire -- I was sleeping on a couch on the main floor.

Ashley (Singh) was beside me.
My girlfriend Ashley (Singh) had earlier awoken to say she thought she
 heard something, but I told her it was probably from the restaurant
across the street.

Next time I woke up, I was awoken by a loud explosion. It was hot, extremely
hot. There was scorching heat. The place was on fire. I was on fire and I tried
to find an escape. The fire was raging in every room.

As soon as I felt the heat of the fire, I ran to the back door but the heat
was so strong I burned my hands and arms. Ashley (Singh)  fell down as 
we tried to get out of the house, but I couldn't help her because my arms
and hands were so badly burned."

"I heard screams from one of the rooms where my younger siblings slept but
I couldn't reach anyone. I jumped out of the second-storey kitchen window and
landed on the grassy front lawn, naked, bleeding and frantic to get help."
"I saw up to 10 people watching the fire. I asked people what are you doing?
I was naked and they looked in shock  to see how I was and they had a weird
reaction towards me. I ran to a nearby restaurant and a woman poured water
on me, the owner called the fire department. By the time I raced back the
police and ambulance were there."

"I was telling authorities who was still in the house when there was a
big explosion. The house blew up - boom! I lost consciousness at that

point and woke up later in hospital."

Ashley Singh's Cousin
"She was a good kid. She was innocent."

Sarah Carmo (former classmate)
"She (Ashley) was very happy. She worked a lot. She was a hard worker."

  3:49 A.M. - Police respond to an emergency call and begin kicking
                   doors open to get everyone out.
Constable Tim Fanning (Vancouver Police Dept.)
  "A very frantic scene."

                   Bolingo Etibako is taken to the hospital.

              4:30 A.M. - Police cordon off an area around the complex, closing
                               off several streets.
              5:00 A.M. - T. J. Etibako arrives home.

                                    A SHOCKING DISCOVERY
T.J. Etibako
"I'd gone to the Keg restaurant with my girlfriend earlier in the evening, went to
 Prospect Point and had a few beers with a friend, then socialized at a friend's
house until after 5 a.m., when I took a taxi home."
"I couldn't get near myhome because the street was blocked off by police.
As I approached home, I noticed it had been consumed by a fire. There were
no windows, nothing. Everything was black, black, black.
Then I saw the bodies on the lawn in front of our family's apartment."
The bodies were those of his mother, two sisters and brother, and Ashley Singh.

                                      Ornela (T.J.) Etibako

               8:30 A.M. - The adjacent Elementary school is closed.

 Capt. Rob Jones-Cook (Fire Dept. Spokesman)
"The blaze is being treated as suspicious because of how fast it spread
through the townhouse. Investigators believe gasoline was used as an
accelerant. Police dogs were brought in to help officers investigate what

is deemed a "major crime scene."

"Witnesses reported hearing an explosion as the fire tore through the
townhouse, in the 2400 block of Cassiar Street, just before 4 a.m.
Te fire appeared to have started at the back of the unit in the social

housing complex.
The fire did "very extensive damage" to the three-storey townhouse,
with firefighters climbing onto the roof at one point to battle the flames.
Social services workers have been called in to help relocate people in

adjoining units.

Classes were also cancelled for 400 students at an elementary school a
block away from the fatal fire."
Alain Musende (Close family friend)
 Adela Etibako perished in the fire along with her three youngest children,
 Edita, 12, Benedicta, 9 and  Stephane, 8. Her son Bolingo, 16, is recovering
in hospital under police guard,"

                                          Stephane Etibako
Halbert Kamba
"My six-year-old son considered Stephan Etibako (8) his big
brother and has been devastated and terrified by his friend's death.
"He wants to come to my bed, he's scared they will come to kill us,

too. He slept bad, very bad." 

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#1 [url]

Oct 10 10 8:34 PM

                                     SORROWFUL NEWS

 2006 - May 15 - Monday - Eddy Etibako, back in Kinshasa, the Congolese
                                        Capital, receives a telephone call from members of
                                        the Canadian Congolese community informing him
                                        of the loss of his wife and three of his children.

                                       Eddy Etibako faints upon hearing the news.
J.P. Etibako (brother of Eddy)
"He's in a very emotional state right now and is very traumatized.
He keeps repeating the names of his kids .... And then he starts crying."

Carol Etibako (Eddy's daughter, Adela's stepdaughter, in London, England.)
"I'm still shaking. How can you believe everybody dying like that?"

                                   COMMUNITY REACTION

Mary Kabongolo (Friend of Adela's)
"Her kids were my kids' friends and, you know, it's crazy.
This just doesn't happen every day."

Adela attended church every Sunday, and at the Baptist church she
attended, a special prayer service was planned for Monday evening,

Adela Etibako is posthumously awarded the Vancouver Congolese
community's "Woman of the Year Award."

                                   SURVIVOR'S CONDITION
2006 - May 17 - Police "He (Bolingo Etibako) is in "serious but stable" condition."

Ornela and Yanick Etibako visit their brother Bolingo at Vancouver General
Hospital. Bolingo suffered severe burns in the fire. "His condition is "not good."
Ornela is overcome with emotion, unable to speak.

Alain Musende (close family friend)
"When he saw his brother [it all came back],"
"It was very difficult, unbearable."

Yanick Etibako clutches a box of tissues, and speaks softly, 
"I'm trying to stay strong."
"[My mother] worked really hard for us, to take care of us."

"I spent Monday night with about 100 members of the Congolese
community and am extremely appreciative of the outpouring of

support I and my brother received."

"We're not ready to speak publicly about Bolingo."
2006 - May 27 - Saturday - Broadway Church
                        Over 1,600 people attend the funeral.
Standing before his mother, brother, and sister's coffins, Ornela speaks,
saying  "I don't know what to say."

Pastor Sam Owusu
"You are the embodiment of love. We love you so much, Mom Adela.''
Deputy Chief Bob Rich (on scene at the fire with his officers)
"What happened here was well beyond what we can handle. It has
shaken us to the core. I saw the horror in their faces as they told

us what happened. We were left with this carnage but (the family)
were no longer there. They were with God.''
"We're up against real spiritual evil."

Speakers praised Adela Etibako and the children.

Alain Musende (Family spokesman)
"Every effort has been made to get Eddy Etibako from Congo to Vancouver
for the funeral. He will be with us sooner or later."

 Bolingo's condition in hospital is improving. He's got a very long way to go.
Just to lead a normal life will be a challenge.''

 Ornela and Yanick Etibako view their mother's casket, and those of the
children. Ornela is overcome and braces his hands on the top of his
brother Stephane's casket, where a smiling photo of Stephane stands.

A black hearse bears Adela Etibako, and three blue hearses bear
her children, Stephane, Edita, and Benedicta. As the vehicles begin to
drive away, cries of "Mom Adela" accompany them.

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#2 [url]

Oct 10 10 8:46 PM

2006 - July - Bolingo Etibako has been in a coma for about a month and a half
                    with major burns to roughly half of his body.
When he awakens, his father Eddy Etibako is at his bedside in the Vancouver
General Hospital. Although Bolingo asks for his mother, his father won't tell
him where she and the rest of the family are.
TJ Etibako (older brother of Bolingo)
"The family didn't want to shock Bolingo with news of the tragedy.
"We waited awhile before we told him.
Finally, in mid-July, our father told him the full story.
"He was upset. He couldn't believe it."
 Bolingo Etibako
"I kept on bugging my dad about where my Mom was.
When I was finally told, I couldn't believe it."

2006 - July 22 - Bolingo is released from the hospital.

                       He has burns to about 50 percent of his body, including his
                       left leg and upper body.
Bolingo Etibako
"I'm still in pain but I'm on medication which reduces my suffering.
I got back to the hospital regulary for treatement. I have to go once
a week. They just check to make sure I'm healing fine."

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#3 [url]

Oct 10 10 11:01 PM

Etibako family
"We have faith in the police."
Constable Tim Fanning
"We are asking that people, especially around the area of the fire, the
2400-block of Cassiar, any of the stations around there, if anybody saw

anybody purchasing gas at late-night hours, anything that might have
appeared out of place, to please call investigators."

Police seize gas-station surveillance video and sift through charred debris
at the scene.

Nathan Fry is already known to police. He knew the layout of the Etibako's
home since he'd been there before. Investigators believe Fry and another
person set the fire that killed the Etibako family and Ashley Singh.
Bolingo Etibako
"He'd (Nathan) been to the house twice and spent the night once.He said he had
nowhere else to go. He stayed in the room where my little brother was found."
                                      UNDERCOVER STING

A one year, intensive investigation and a sting operation encompassing
various cities, including Montreal, Edmonton and the B.C. towns of
Nanaimo and Castlegar.

                                     A WHISTLER WEEKEND
2007 - February - Undercover operations

In order to get close to Nathan Fry, undercover detectives hit upon a scheme,
the purpose of which, was for the officers to bond with Joanne Fry and connect
with Nathan Fry. They would represent themselves as part of a criminal organization,
with the aim that Fry would make statements they could use as evidence in the arson
murders case. The sting operates for 6 months.
Two undercover officers went door to door in Joanne Fry's (Nathan's mother)
neighborhood posing as employees of a marketing company. The officers
got her to answer questions and enter a contest that offered a prize of a free
weekend trip to Whistler.

A female officer, posing as a company employee, later phoned Joanna Fry
to inform her she won the prize.
2007 -February 24 -  A limousine picks Joanne Fry and another relative, along
                              with two other "winners" who are undercover officers.
                                          Joanne Fry & son (not Nathan)
A male undercover officer tells Fry he has a successful company that repossesses
vehicles and is looking for someone who wants work. Conveniently, Nathan Fry

shows up to see his mother and is introduced to the undercover officers.
Various scenarios then occurred.

2007 - March 11 - Nathan Fry assists an undercover officer to repossess a sport-utility
                          vehicle and drive it to Vancouver Island.

                         Next Nathan Fry drove a cube van loaded with video display terminals
                         to Merritt, then is asked to drive a vehicle to Kamloops.

                        Another time Nathan Fry drives a vehicle to Hope, then drives back to
                        Vancouver with an undercover officer, who receives a phone call along
                        the way. He's asked to meet with a potential "client." The officer and
                        Fry stop at a bar and meet up with another undercover officer.
                        Nathan Fry drives a vehicle to Cultus Lake. Another undercover officer

                        rides up on, and shows off, an expensive motorcycle and brags how
                        busy he is, how much money he's making. 
                        Nathan Fry is assigned to take packages to Penticton and to go

                        on a trip to Kamloops.

                        A trip to Castlegar involves an undercover officer in a hotel room
                        who is "selling a weapon for $27,000." He has Nathan Fry count
                        the money.

                       There are also trips to Kelowna and as far away as Halifax

2007 - April -  Nathan Fry is sent to Montreal to deliver a package of "diamonds."
                     After the successful deliver, Fry is sent to "threaten a customs
                     officer at the Canada-U.S. border.
                    During a 4 hour drive from Montreal to the border crossing, Nathan
                    Fry makes racist slurs against blacks and jews. Fry states "I hate
                    racist term (blacks) because a black guy had "ratted me out" and
                    I'd ended up in jail."
                    At the border crossing, Nathan Fry appeared to enjoy threatening
                    the customs officer (an undercover officer). Fry threatened the
                    officer, telling him to "keep his mouth shut or he and his family
                    would be harmed."
                    Fry said he liked what he did (the threats) because all his life he
                    was picked on by police.
At a pool  hall, up to 15 undercover officers are socializing. Nathan Fry meets
them and is introduced to one man he is told is the "Quebec boss of the
criminal organization. During the social event, the "boss" fires one of
the "employees," who had told his colleagues that his car was seized after

he had an accident. The man had said there was a package in his car when
it was seized. The "boss" says he'd learned that the employee had actually
been arrested for driving impaired, so he was fired for lying.
The undercover officer Later testifies that he later told Fry that had the man 

told the truth he wouldn't have been fired. He and Fry later broke into the police
impound lot wearing balaclaves and "stole" the package from the trunk of the car.

Nathan Fry later confesses to the undercover officer that he'd set the fire in
revenge against Bolingo Etibako because he believed Etibako had talked
to police. 

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#4 [url]

Oct 11 10 4:56 PM

2008 -  B.C. Supreme Court Justice Ian Pitfield presiding.
Nathan Richard Fry is charged with 5 counts of First-Degree Murder 
in the deaths of Adela, Benedicta, Stephane and Edita Etibako, and
Ashley Singh. 1 count of Attempted Murder of Bolingo Etibako.
The Crown's theory is that Fry and another, unknown person set the
fire using gasoline as an accelerant to "pay back" Bolingo Etibako
for "fingering him to police."
Ornela (T.J.) Etibako
T.J. testifies to his mother's happiness on Mother's day.
He relates his movements that night and of arriving home the next morning
to police, fire trucks, and fainting as he viewed the bodies of his family laid
out upon the front lawn.
"I visited my brother Bolingo daily as he spent more than two months recovering
 in hospital. He was badly burned, he changed a lot. He was more angry. He was
emotionally up and down a lot."

"Their deaths also affected me, I dropped out of school and I drink alcohol more
often. I now have migraines and have trouble sleeping,"
Bolingo Etibako
Bolingo testifies that Nathan Fry had been to their home twice and stayed 
there once.
"He said he had nowhere else to go. He stayed in the room where
my little brother was found."

Bolingo testifies to waking up with their home on fire, how he and Ashley
Singh tried to get out. "Ashley fell down as we tried to get out of the house,
but I couldn't help her because my arms and hands were so badly burned."

Ashley Singh's mother covers her face and cries as she hears his testimony.
"I've had multiple surgeries and psychiatric sessions to help me cope."

Bolingo Etibako was scheduled to undergo two more surgeries, on his back
and hand.
Philip Riddell (Nathan Fry's Attorney)
Bolingo Etibako is asked about "criminal activities he was involved in
beore the fire,, about the men he worked for, allegedly delivering
cocaine and ecstasy.

Bolingo Etibako denied he had done any work for drug dealers.

Undercover Officers
The undercover officer in charge of the sting operation, as well as
other officers involved, testify as to the sting, and to Nathan Fry's
Other witnesses:
Neighbors,  Fire Dept. Officers, and Paramedics.
The Accused:
Nathan Richard Fry
Fry testifies, stating he was stealing marijuana at the time of the
deadly fire. As for his "confession," he was lying to undercover police
posing as gangsters.


The jury takes less than 48 hours to find Nathan Richard Fry (now 20) Guilty
of 5 counts of 1st Degree Murder, and 1 count of Attempted Murder.
 Nathan Richard Fry is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility
of parole for 25 years.



                                   Etibako family

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#5 [url]

Oct 11 10 5:13 PM

Yanick Etibako (24), now a mother herself, and her three surviving brothers,
Chris (23) Ornela (TJ) (21) and Bolingo, (19), are greatful that Fry has been

Yanick is in church when TJ Etibako phones to tell her the news.

Yanick Etibako
"Nobody expected it (a verdict) to happen so quickly"
While the guilty verdict offers some measure of closure, it can't take away
the pain of losing my mother and three younger siblings. I think about them
all the time. It's always hard, especially with the holidays coming and everyone
is with family."
"I dread the day my own daughter, now two, asks about her grandmother,
aunts and uncle. When she grows up I'm going to have to tell her what
happened. Hearing the details in court about how my family died was
almost unbearable. You have questions and you are getting the answers,
but they have to describe it for you. It felt like when they first died."

                      Yannick Etibako weeps and prays as she leaves flowers 
                      at a memorial to her family.

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#6 [url]

Mar 2 13 2:43 AM

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