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Renota Brown (48),  her sister Saundra Brown (36), and Saundra's daughter (20) 
have prepared for Christmas, a joyous time of year, to be with their family.

                                        Saundra Brown & Renota Brown

But Christmas Eve of 2006, violence swept away the lives of two of the women,
damaging the other, and the destroying the joy of Christmas for the Brown family.

                                    A ROCKY RELATIONSHIP

Saundra Brown is dating Fabian Hands (46), and theirs is a tumultuous
relationship which causes family and friends deep concern.

Michelle Brown (Niece of Renota and Saundra)
"It was only a matter of time before Fabian Hands hurt someone."
Watch out for all signs, red flags."

Alice Jones (Family friend)
"(Fabian) Hands had his "moments," but Saundra didn't see any faults.
We tried, but love is blind sometimes, and when you really love
somebody, sometimes it hurts."
Lavelle Hands (brother of Fabian)
"Fabian was like a sweet giant. He loved people. He loved life, and I know
 for a fact he loved Saundra,"

"Saundra and my brother, Fabian, were verbally abusive to one another and
sometimes it got physically abusive to one another. They had a strange and
unusual relationship. They would fight just to make up. They decided to stay
together -- even him talking to me recently about getting married."

2007 - December 24 - Christmas Eve -  
         Lavalle Hands speaks with his brother Fabian, Saundra & Renota Brown
         a few hours before an emergency call is made.
Lavalle Hands
"I heard about an argument between my brother and Saundra Brown, but they
talked about making up. They sounded calm when I hung up."

                                    DOUBLE MURDER

2007 - December 24 - Christmas Eve - Monday Night -
                                  A 911 phone call is placed at 4213 N. 21st Street,
                                  North Omaha, Nebraska.

Police respond to the scene.
At the residence a 20 year old female tells them that after her mother and aunt
were killed, she'd been beaten and raped. While police are speaking to her,
Fabian Hands emerges from a bedroom and begins assaulting the 20 year old
in front of police.
Hands is quickly subdued and placed in handcuffs. The young woman identifies
Fabian Hands as the perpetrator of both her assault, and the murders of her
mother and aunt.
Police search the house, and in the basement, they find the bodies of Saundra
Brown and her sister Renota Brown.  Paramedics pronounce both women dead
at the scene. Saundra's daughter is placed in an ambulance and taken to
Hands is arrested and booked on suspicion of two counts of criminal homicide
and two counts of use of a weapon to commit a felony.
                                       Fabian Hands

Police Sgt. Teresa Negron
"Saundra Brown, 36, her sister, Renota Brown, 48, were killed and a 20-year-old
relative raped. When police arrived at the home Monday, Hands allegedly attacked
the woman again in front of them."

Michelle Brown (Niece of Renota and Saundra)
"Spend this holiday with you family, take into consideration and
value that you still have their family here."
"The family is coping, but it is difficult, especially at this time
of year. Saundra's daughter, is doing as well as can be expected."

Happy-go-lucky person. My aunt Renota, she was a strong woman
with a lot of potential.

Lavelle Hands (Brother of Fabian)
"I spoke to my brother and the Brown sisters earlier Monday night.
"My body is numb. My family is in shock.

"In my heart of hearts, I know my brother wouldn't have sexually
assaulted anyone,"
"My family and I are praying for the Browns, and for Fabian.
I understand the pain the Browns are going through, because
I and my brother lost our mother, father and youngest brother
within the past two years,"

2010- October 6 - COURT HEARING - Judge Lyn White presiding.

Fabian Hands is in court on two counts of criminal homicide and weapons charges.
An assault charge has not yet been filed. He is ordered held without bail.
"Fabian Hands not only admitted to the murders but told investigators
"he wanted either the electric chair or lethal injection."

During the hearing, some of the Brown family hear for the first time, the details
of Renota and Saundra's murders.
 Tasha Brown
"He needs to get what my mom and my aunt got.
That's what he needs to get.
That's what he needs to get."
2008 - February 12 - Preliminary Hearing scheduled.
Lavelle Hands (Brother of Fabian)
 "If he said that, he did it. I don't understand it.
The only thing I can think of is he had to be
threatened or pushed to a limit."
                                    TRIAL & SENTENCING
Fabian Hands is convicted and sentenced to prison for two life-terms.
                                     FURTHER TRAGEDY FOR THE FAMILY
Twelve years before, the Kellogg family moved from Minneapolis to Omaha, relatives
the Brown family followed 8 years ago, to escape the violence.

                            But violence, is everywhere.

2009 - May -  Devon S. Brown is shot in the back and foot while walking near
                    24th and Maple Streets.
 2010 - April 27 - just before 10:00 P.M. -  Devon S. Brown (19) is murdered,
                          shot multiple times in a drive by shooting outside the J-N-D
                          Grocery, 6341 No. 24th Street. The store is owned by Dave

A worker at the grocery store
"Brown was shot by someone in a dark SUV. At least 10 shots were fired.
Some of the shots struck the front of the store and shattered a window near
the door."

Paramedics performed CPR on Brown as the ambulance sped towards Creighton
University Medical Center. Devon Brown is pronounced deceased.
"Kellogg" (last name) Cousin of Devon Brown)
"He had nothing to do with anything that's been going on.
He wasn't shooting, robbing or gang banging. Deezy was
just a good kid. He'd been looking for work recently, but
hadn't had any luck."

"The family is familiar with heartache. Two of our aunts, Saundra Brown
and Renota Brown,  were stabbed to death on Christmas Eve 2007."
Devon Brown did not have a record of any serious crimes.

Dave Adams (Store owner)
"My sympathies and prayers go out to Brown's family.
Brown was a regular customer."

A store employee  (asked to not be identified out of safety concerns)

"Brown had been in the store earlier in the day. Brown joked around,
like he often did. "He's a nice kid."
Roommate of Devon Brown
"I was with him before the shooting. I think Devon
 was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Marqueda Norfolk (A friend of Devon Brown's)
"Like many of those in the neighborhood, Brown "raised a little hell"
but nothing serious. "He wasn't a gangbanger and he wasn't selling
"It's got to be mistaken identity or somebody out trying to prove
themselves. Young men in the neighborhood might not all get along
but they don't go around shooting each other. The shooters might
have been someone from outside the neighborhood."
November of 2006, another young man, Kenny L. Miller (24), was shot
to death outside the store.