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Jun 22 11 6:46 PM

WITNESS: AMY HUIZENGA (former friend of Casey Anthony)


Amy Huizenga is employed by a cruise ship, working backstage in a theater.
In 2008 she was employed at a theater and at Houlihan's. For 5 months she
was very close friends with Casey Anthony.
Amy was living with Troy Brown and she knew Casey Anthony, but began to see more
of her once Casey began
dating Ricardo Morales, a friend of Amy's. Amy would see
Caylee at Ricardo and JP Chatt's apartment. Casey would bring Caylee over and
put her to sleep at a "reasonable hour." Caylee was often in bed in Ricardo's room
or on the couch before Amy got home from work.
She and Casey text messaged each other on a daily basis.
Amy thought Casey worked at Universal Studios. She never saw Casey's ID from
Amy was aware of the relationship between Casey and Ricardo.
May 2008 - Casey and Ricardo were in the on again, off again period.
May 2008 - Casey was frustrated with her mother Cindy when Cindy couldn't
take care of Caylee so she (Casey) could go out.  At least once a week Casey
couldn't go out because of Caylee (she couldn't find anyone to watch her).
Casey Anthony described her mom Cindy as "crazy."
She was frustrated with her mother, her mother wanted to see Caylee.

Casey told Amy that she wanted to keep Caylee away from the drama at home,
that her dad had "cheated" on her mother and they were thinking of divorcing.
Casey wanted "space;" it was time for her and Caylee to move out from her

 EVIDENCE: Texts between Casey Anthony & Amy Huizenga
                   July 2008 Amy H.'s cell phone was given to investigators and
                   they retrieved the text messages.

OBJECTION (Defense) - relevance, improper authentication.
Amy Huizenga identifies the texts.
 Casey texted Amy saying they would go out because "My mom owes me."
Casey texted Amy saying that her mother (Cindy) told her (Casey) that she (Casey)
was an "unfit mother." Casey didn't know why her mother would say that to her.
Amy testified that she would hear the beginnings and endings of phone conversations
between Casey and her mother Cindy.
2008 - Mid-May - Casey and Amy decided to room mate together in either an
                          apartment or a house.
                         On several occasions they set up an appointment to look at a house,
                         then Casey would make excuses.
Amy asked Casey for help getting her a job at Universal because Amy thought
that Casey worked there.
 2008 - End of June - First part of July - Casey told Amy that she (Casey) was going
                                 to take over mortgage payments on her parent's house and Amy
                                 could live there. Amy wanted to meet Casey's mother.

                                 Amy Huizenga
                                "Seemed natural that I wanted to meet Cindy (Anthony).

                                 "We set up moving dates and I even got moving trucks."

Casey Anthony cancelled. Casey would give various reasons: repairs; landscaping

July 2008 - Casey informed Amy that her parent's house was no longer available.
                 Casey told Amy:  "Mom took back the deal due to some bank paperwork."

Amy Huizenga testified "Casey became even more frustrated and complained about
her mother, parental complaints and issues with Caylee, and issues about the past.
OBJECTION - Baez wanted the statements struck
JUDGE PERRY - Sustained for the last question.
2008 - June 5/6 - Amy Huizenga wrecked her vehicle. Ricardo Morales and J.P.                           Chatt lived close to Amy's job, so she moved in with them.

Amy needed a ride to Jacksonville in order to purchase a car from her uncle.
Casey told Amy she would give her a ride and would pick her up "extremely
early" on the morning of June 13.
2008 - June 13 - Casey didn't pick Amy up. Casey said "she had a family emergency
                         and she was going to the hospital" so she couldn't take her to
                       Amy Huizenga phoned Casey from Jacksonville to see how things
                       were going.
                       Casey invited Amy to go to Fusian that night. Amy did not go.
Amy Huizenga did not see Casey Anthony for about the rest of the month of 
June (about 3 weeks). They did have contact via phone and text.
Casey said she was having car trouble - she had 2 flat tires, ran out of gas, and
had a smell in her car.

 EVIDENCE: Text Messages between Casey Anthony and Amy Huizenga

Amy Huizenga identified the texts.

2008 - June 27 -  Casey Anthony text "THere was definitely part of a dead animal
                          plastered to the frame of my car."

In a  telephone call from Casey, Casey told AMy the smell had gotten worse, and that
her father "may have run over something."

Casey told Amy that her (Casey's) car had run out of gas 2 Friday's in a row.
She had parked the car at Amscot and hoped it wouldn't get towed.
Amy Huizenga assumed that Casey Anthony was living with Tony Lazzaro
in June 2008.
 2008 - June - 30 - Casey Anthony Anthony showed up at Ricardo & J.P's apartment
                            to stay with Amy. Amy wasn't comfortable with the arrangement
                            because it wasn't her apartment.

                           Casey was driving Tony's car because hers "was in the shop."

Amy Huizenga
"She knocked on the door around June 30 and then she didn't leave."

Prosecution brings up times/situations where Casey would say where Caylee was.

Amy Huizenga
"I never had to ask where Caylee was. Casey told me she (Caylee)  was "with the
nanny "doing a tour of Florida" or with her mother."

2008 - July 4 - Party at Will Water's - Amy had invited Casey to attend. Casey
                      at first said she couldn't come because of Caylee.
Amy Huizenga
"I suggested she bring Caylee, and Casey said she'd think about it."
                        Casey Anthony attended the 4th of July party.
                        She told Amy that "Caylee was at Sea World with the nanny."
2008 - July 5 - Amy Huizenga wakes up, Casey Anthony is on her computer

                     and is happy because "Tony is coming home."
                      Casey hung out with Will Waters that day. Later she went
                      to the airport to pick up Tony in his jeep.

2008 - July 15 - Casey Amy & others had planned a trip to Puerto Rico.
                        Casey Anthony wanted to go but "couldn't find anyone to
                        watch Caylee." Amy had gone on the trip.

                        Casey picked Amy up in her (Amy's) car.

                        After arriving home, she accompanied J.P. Chatt to the
                        Florida Mall. While there, she received a phone call
                        from Cindy Anthony who sounded very scared.
Amy Huizenga
"I was cautious talking with her because Casey had told me she was crazy."
                        Amy tells Cindy she knows where Casey is, and, she agrees
                        for Cindy to pick her up at the mall. Amy directed Cindy to
                        Tony Lazzaro's apartment.
 Amy Huizenga
"I went ahead of Cindy and asked Casey to come outside."
"There was a massive explosion of mother and daughter." Cindy was very
confrontational. I don't recall everything because I tried blocking some of
it out. It wasn't my place. Casey was "giving as good as she got."
Cindy asked where Caylee was.  Casey told Cindy "Caylee was with the nanny."
When the three left the apartment, Cindy and Casey got into the front seats,
Amy into the rear seat. Cindy asked questions and Casey wouldn't say much,
just that "Caylee is with the nanny."
Amy Huizenga
"I felt uncomfrotable witnessing the confrontation."
Casey had her arms crossed and looked like a 16 year old
who had just been caught doing something."

Jose Baez
Attorney Baez asked questions regarding the closeness of Casey and Amy's friendship.
He points out that their friendship during 5 months is mostly through text and phone
Amy Huizenga,
"Time doesn't really matter when you get close to someone."

EVIDENCE: Text Messages (Defense exhibit)
                   April 24 - July 2008 Text messages between Amy Huizenga
                   and Casey Anthony and other persons.
Attorney Baez questioned Amy H. about the "volume" of messages.
Amy Huizenga (smiling)
I had a job with a lot of down time."
 Amy agreed that s
he only got information from one side, Casey's.

Baez "There was only one text message about the smell on July 27, when
          Casey left it with trash.
Attorney Jose Baez then began trying to discredit the witness.
Baez quizzed Amy Huizenga, asking her if her "memory of that time was
"a little fogged?"
Amy Huizenga
"2008 was a long time ago but I can recall moments."
Jose Baez insinuated that Amy Huizenga was drinking heavily at the time.
Amy Huizenga denied this.  It was a long boring stretch of road and she had
almost fallen asleep on it during the daytime.

Amy did admit that she went out 3-4 times a week and would drink.

Jose Baez showed Amy Huizenga a text message which mentioned that
she had "hit a guard rail and thank goodness she didn't get a DUI."

OBJECTION - improper impeachment
Amy Huizenga further testified: In the incident in 2008 she nodded off,
the air bag deployed, she was okay, she never saw a doctor after the
crash. She texted Casey she had just hit guardrail, airbag deployed,
said "thank God I didn't get DUI"
 Attorney Baez asked Amy Huizenga if she had dated any other of
Casey Anthony's ex-boyfriends.

Amy Huizenga met Jesse Grund, but did not date him. 

June 16, 2008 - Casey and Amy talked on the phone. She didn't know anything
                       was wrong. She wasn't at the Anthony house that date.             
Amy a
sks if she could say something to the Judge.

 Amy  Huizenga is called to the sidebar, after which she leaves the courtroom.
Attorney Baez wanted Amy Huizenga to stick around in Orlando (for weeks)
in case he had further questions. If that would happen, Amy Huizenga would
lose her job. She lives in Europe.
Judge Perry rules that any further testimony required from Amy Huizenga could
be done via Skype so that she doesn't lose her employment.

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#62 [url]

Jun 22 11 9:25 PM

WITNESS: Lee Anthony (brother of Casey Anthony)
                 (Note: Lee Anthony now appears older than his years, his hair
                           is graying, and he is sombre.)

In court - Casey Anthony attempts to catch her brother's eye, but he does
             not respond.

Lee Anthony (27) is currently unemployed. He does not reside with his parents.
In 2008 he lived 5 minutes from his parent's home. His then girlfriend Mallory
is now his fiance. Lee and Casey would be in contact every "couple of weeks."
June 16 - July 2 , 2008 - Lee and Casey had some contact.

               July 3 - 2008 - Lee spoke to his mother via phone. She expressed
                                     concern about not seeing Casey and Caylee.

               At his mother's request he began trying contact Casey through social
               media MySpace and Facebook. He was looking to see where Casey
               might be that evening. He thought she might be at a night club called
               the "Dragon Room."

Lee testified that he and a friend met up with his (Lee's) fiance Mallory at the Dragon
Room. Lee went to a number of bars looking for Casey, but he never found her.

Lee tried to text Casey for about an hour but she wouldn't respond. He asked his
fiance Mallory to contact Casey without telling Casey she (Mallory) was with him.

Lee telephoned Casey 5-6 times. At times Casey would pick up the phone, tell
him she was busy and would hang up. Lee asked Casey "Where are you? and
asked if she wanted to meet up with him."

Casey told him she was in Jacksonville, Fla.
Lee called her out on her lie. I know you're not in Jacksonville, you're in town."
Casey said "I am in Jacksonville." She said she was with a friend at a country
and western bar in Jacksonville. Lee didn't ask who she was with.
"I assumed Caylee was with Casey."

Lee told her the family was worried about her. Casey said "everything is fine."
"I told her she needed to talk with her mother." Casey hung up."

Lee again tried numerous times to call Casey but she would not answer his calls.

Lee Anthony
"I knew it was a lie when Casey said she was in Jacksonville."
I asked "Where's Caylee?" She said Caylee is "being watched by
someone while I'm out.
I told her she needed to talk to her mother."

 Casey tells Lee she'll talk mom later and she hangs up.

OBJECTION - Dorothy Sims

Lee searched a few other bars close by, but never found Casey. He left
to go home around 2:00 a.m.

After July 3, Lee spoke with his mother and learned Casey had been gone for
a long time. Cindy asked him not to pursue Casey. "Her demeanor was
determined, as if she had it under control."

2008 - July 15 - Lee receives a phone call from his dad (George), who asked
                        him to go to the house. He arrives there about 8:00 p.m.
No one was home. Lee entered the house through the garage door 
Casy's Pontiac Sunfire was there. The windows were down and there
was writing on the windshield.

Lee Anthony
"The first thing I recall noticing was the smell. It was very potent,
very strong. The smell was offensive."

Lee went into the house. 
Cindy and Casey arrived within 5 minutes.
Casey said "No one listens to me, why should I even bother?
Casey's demeanor was combative, his mom more so.
Casey went to her room. Lee stood in the doorway.
Casey and Cindy were arguing about where Caylee was.
Casey said "Caylee is with the Nanny."

 Lee Anthony
"I didn't know Casey had a nanny for Caylee."

Casey said "Caylee is already asleep and I don't want to disturb her."
 This is what she's been used to and I don't want to change that."

Casey and Cindy argued for a few minutes. At one point Casey was receptive
and said they could get Caylee "tomorrow."
Lee offered to go and get Caylee. He offered to get his roommate to get Caylee.
Casey kept saying "tomorrow."

Lee Anthony
"For me, there was no excuse not to get Caylee."
The arguing continued throughout entire evening.
Lee asked "Why can't the family see Caylee?"

(Defense team - Dorothy Sims makes numerous objections throughout
Lee Anthony's testimony.)


In court - Casey Anthony looks at Lee and smiles.
              Lee does not respond.

 Lee Anthony
Casey said, "Maybe I'm a spiteful bitch."
In court - journalists say Casey Anthony began tearing up "crying."

 When he and Casey were alone, Casey expressed that she and her mother...

OBJECTION - Dorothy Sims - hearsay (anything Cindy would have said).
JUDGE PERRY - explains to the witness that he can only tell what Casey said.

The Prosecution resumes questioning.
OBJECTION - improper impeachment
JUDGE PERRY -explains to the witness that he can only testify from
                          his refreshed memory (reading from his prior deposition
                          to investigators).

Casey told Lee that her mother had numerous times thrown it in her face that
she was an unfit mother for Caylee. That Caylee was a mistake, but the
best mistake she (Casey) had ever made. Casey said "Maybe I am." 
(referring to an unfit mother)
Lee testified that he was very frustrated with Casey. Why would they fight
over just getting Caylee home? Cindy would leave the room and Lee would
 try to reason with Casey.

George Anthony wasn't home at the time. Cindy was out of the bedroom
at this time.

Lee tells Casey the police don't have to be involved. Lee asks Casey
to role play. He began to ask her questions, the type police would do
when they arrived.
Casey told Lee she had been trying to find Caylee, she hadn't seen Caylee in
 31 days. The nanny had kidnapped Caylee. The nanny's name was Zenaida
Fernandez Gonzalez.

Lee Anthony testified that this was the first time he'd heard the name
Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.

Lee testifies that upon hearing this he went into "search mode."
He began asking questions of Casey.

Lee asked Casey "Where was the last place you saw Caylee?"
Casey said the last place she was Caylee was "at the nanny's."

Casey said she had been staying with her boyfriend Tony Lazzaro. She'd
camped out at the nanny's apartment at Sawgrass  in her car for a few days.
She'd go to places where Caylee could be or where someone would take
Caylee such as a store or a park.

 Casey told Lee that on July 15th she'd received a phone call from Caylee.
Caylee was the only one on the phone and Casey asked Caylee to put
an adult on the phone.

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#63 [url]

Jun 22 11 9:45 PM

WITNESS: Lee Anthony continued..

It was the early hours of the 16th -
Lee Anthony
"I went into search mode in hopes of finding Caylee.

Lee called Tony Lazzaro's apartment and made arrangements to go over there.
Lee went over to the apartment and while there, informed Tony and his room mates
what was going on.

Lee collected Casey's clothing, a backpack, a back of knick knacks and her
laptop. Casey's computer was on and had a blue screen. Lee thought the
computer may have a virus. He tried to reboot the computer and got the
same blue screen. Lee turned the laptop off and took it with him. He was
at Tony Lazzaro's only the one time.

EVIDENCE: An envelope containing items.

Lee is asked to open the envelope and identify the contents.

Lee identifies "receipts, movie ticket stubs, and a photocopy of a note of his."
Lee is asked to count the receipts.

Lee testifies that there were 19 receipts, that were in the back pack he
brought back to the house. He didn't look at them that night.He didn't see
anything of Caylee's in the items he obtained from Lazzaro's apartment.

He was outside in the garage when he learned about the phone call from
Caylee. He began asking her questions about the phone call. He asked
her about Tony. It was difficult to stay in the garage with the smell.

 The car was still there?
Lee Anthony
"The car still smell?"
Lee Anthony
"Yes sir.
Lee Anthony 
"Yes sir."

Lee Anthony testifies that a few days after being recovered, the items were
given to law enforcement.

 The first deputy came in the front door and went to Casey's bedroom.
Lee was in the other room at that point. He did not speak to police
right away, he was not present while Casey was being questioned.

Lee states that his father (George) had arrived a few minutes before
police arived. 

Lee testifies that Casey Anthony drove the Sunfire, that he'd driven the
car before; His father (George) also had a set of keys to car and trunk.

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#64 [url]

Jun 22 11 10:03 PM

WITNESS: Lee Anthony continued..
Dorothy Sims
Lee Anthony's testimony:

Lee testifies that he is Casey's older brother.
Lee is Casey's older brother. Then, she led him back to July 3. He initially
got a phone call from his mother. There was no mention made of Caylee
being missing. Lee has no idea if his mother (Cindy) called his dad
(George) to look for Casey.

Dorothy Sims queries Lee on when he left for Chicago, insinuating that it was
early July.

Lee Anthony "doesn't recall exactly but thinks it was more like June."

He observed his mother call police on July 15th.

The Pontiac Sunfire had some writing from the tow company on the
windshield. Casey drove the Sunfire and his father had an extra set of
keys to the car which would allow him to access the car and the trunk.

In conversation between Cindy and Casey there were times when Casey
had no chance to respond.

Lee stated there were times when he was whispering to Casey and
she was crying.

When his father George Anthony arrived he did not go into Casey's room
before police arrived. He did not go in and ask Casey any questions.
George did not ask Lee what was going on.

At Tony's apartment the bags were already packed, except for the laptop.
Lee doesn't believe Casey packed the bags.

(*Prior testimony, Tony Lazzaro testified that he did not pack the bags.)

Sims insinuated that Tony Lazzaro had packed the bags.

OBJECTION - Prosecutor George objects several times to a number of questions.

The bags were neatly packed, in a different style from how Casey packed things.
The bags had no odor.

Lee's father George was the one who detailed the cars inside and out every
weekend or every other weekend.

Tony was in the apartment at the time that the laptop had the blue screen.

Dorothy Sims insinuates that Tony Lazzaro could have tampered with the



Lee testifies that in the phone call from his mother, she indicated that
she was concerned that she hadn't seen Casey or Caylee, not that
they were missing.


PROSECUTOR -  George - The defense has opened the door.


 Lee Anthony resumes testimony.

When police arrived, the members of the family were separated and
questioned. Lee told police what Casey had told him regarding the
kidnapping and the nanny's name Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.

 When Casey told Lee the story, his focus became finding Caylee.

Lee Anthony is excused subject to recall to the stand.

In court - As Lee Anthony exits the stand, he looks at his sister Casey, who
             smiles at him. Lee does not.
            George Anthony and his son walk out of the courtroom.

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#65 [url]

Jun 23 11 12:22 PM

Casey did not kill caylee it was a set up.One of her boy friends did it.I told them that casey is innocent and carlos and his son killed caylee. He DID IT SO HE CAN GET THE REWARD MONEY. Now he kidnapped molly dattilo and was calling the indiana police saying he found her. Thanks,Kim

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#66 [url]

Jun 25 11 5:06 AM

 As I recall the chemical analysis isn't something that's really new. I believe the military uses a similiar method in detecting biological and chemical contaminants, and have been doing so for quite some time; I think I've also read that it's a technique that has been used in finding graves in the Balkans?


Using the technique as a help to find graves is vastly different from using it as proof in a court of law for the presence of a body. And not only that, but a specific body. In this case somebody's freedom and maybe very life is at stake so we must require a vastly higher degree of scientific credibility before allowing it to be used. If they get a few false positives in the Balkans and dig up a cow or a pig it's no biggie.

I should maybe mention that I'm not really a Casey Anthony fan, and though I've never met her I know people of the same type and I don't care for them much. But the more I see of this case the more I get the feeling that she is being railroaded by the system. Maybe because she's a convenient scapegoat or maybe because the DA is trying to pull a Vincent Bugliosi by building a career on a high profile case. But the only real and indisputable fact so far is, that little Caylee Anthony is dead and the body was placed in a way consistent with a crime. Other than that we (and the court) have only theories :

1. Casey Anthony killed her daughter with premeditation.

2. Casey Anthony killed her daughter by accident.

3. Caylee died in an accident while being in Casey's care.

4. Caylee died in an accident in somebody else's care.

5. Caylee was killed by a third person not yet identified.

The facts disclosed so far (as well as Casey's personality) are consistent with all five scenarios or at least the first four. So unless the state can come up with strong evidence for premeditated homicide - and they haven't so far - the maximum penalty facing Casey should be a charge of child neglect.

In any event it's an interesting case to follow so your coverage is much appreciated...

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#67 [url]

Jun 27 11 5:36 PM

Thanks Jowls. I'm keeping up with the case, but I've been unable to get it all
posted as soon as the testimony takes place. 

Vass did not use the new techniques/technology to find the body. Roy Kronk
the meter reader did that.

Vass did however, utilize a technique of capturing chemicals from the air of
the trunk - chemicals found in decomposition. Capturing chemicals from
the air is a technique which is standard in biological testings by the military
in defense against chemical warfare.

Although some say that the prosecution overcharged this case, the prosecution
knew they didn't have enough for the DP and took it off the table until after Caylee
Marie Anthony's remains were found with the duct tape and thrown away like
a piece of trash for animals to scavenge.

The Defense team are doing their best to put things on the record for appeals,
but some of the tactics are sleazy and distasteful to many. But they are
doing their job for the defendant.

I'm sure there is much more circumstantial/direct evidence that has not been
presented at this point, but will likely be brought out in rebuttal or the penalty

Computer forensics, work schedules and time cards for the parents proves that
Casey alone was responsible for the searches on the computer, neck breaking,
shovel, chloroform and all of the other searches she made. What other conclusion
could other than physical harm could be made for those searches?

We are left with questions such as... was she planning to kill both parents?
Or one? She borrowed a neighbor's shovel and made a flurry of phone calls
to her parents. Neither responded. Was the phone calls part of panicking
after killing her daughter? Or were there more sinister reasons behind them?
Why would she need that information for murdering a child who is small
and defenseless?

I think it's likely that Caylee Marie Anthony was murdered in a rage by her
mother Casey Anthony. She's exhibited her rage in jail house videos and in
certain moments inside the courtroom when things don't go her way.

There's no one else who had either a motive or a hint of a reason to murder 
a child, particularly a beloved grandchild - much less to hide the body out
of revenge or to get reward money.

Caylee Anthony was last seen in the physical custody of Casey Anthony;
The Pontiac Sunfire vehicle was in the physical custody of Casey Anthony,
The witnesses showing that the car was parked at Amscot for x days, and
then parked in the towing yard.

Caylee Anthony was not seen by any of Casey's "friends" nor by her grandparents
and since Casey Anthony was the one who had physical custody of Caylee Marie,
and told everyone Caylee was here and there with the babysitter, it's a logical
conclusion that Casey Anthony was the only one who knew where Caylee Marie
was, and what was happening with her.

Her total unwillingness to phone 911 when her daughter went "missing" (according
to Casey), coupled with her blatant lies to law enforcement and her own family
show that she has/had no remorse. She told no one close to her, family or friends
that Caylee had been "kidnapped."

From the Sunshine laws in Florida, we know that the cell phone records (pings)
are in possession of the attorneys on both sides. The Prosecution can place
Casey Anthony in the vicinity of the home and dump site.

I would say the premeditation came in once there was duct tape found.
There is no reason duct tape should be on a live child, much less one
that is found deceased in circumstances such as Caylee Marie Anthony

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#68 [url]

Jul 8 11 9:28 AM

VERDICT - The jury has decided that Casey Anthony was NOT GUILTY of abuse,
                 aggravated abuse, murder or manslaughter. She was found GUILTY of
                 lying to police officers.

Sentencing - In addition to Casey Anthony's serving time for fraudulent check charges,
                     she has accrued time  served and time for good behaviour which will be
                     accounted towards her sentencing.

                     Casey Anthony will be released on July 17, 2011.

AFTERMATH - Some of the jurors have spoken, while others have accepted
                      trips to Disneyland for their extended family, and some have
                      obtained agents for bookings to shows/ books etc..

                      From statements made by specific jurors, it's my opinion that
                      that the jurors ignored the judge's instructions, did not seek
                      the judge's guidance when at an impasse, and that some
                      made their decision based only on the opening statements
                      by the defense attorney. 

                      The jury "wanted more." When it is clear that there is
                      sufficient circumstantial evidence to convict.

                      George Anthony was not on trial, his daughter Casey was.
                      Yet the jurors appear to have decided he was at fault and
                      not Casey. The question one juror stated the jury had
                      trouble with was "Who had custody of Caylee when she

                      Casey Anthony in her statements to investigations clearly
                      stated that SHE had custody of Caylee, and dropped her
                      off at the Sawgrass Apts. with the non-existent nanny.

                      George Anthony testified that he last saw Caylee with
                      Casey, leaving the house.

                       George and Cindy Anthony were at work when Casey
                       and Caylee "disappeared."

                                 CAYLEE'S LAW
 4 states so far have implemented Caylee's law. These laws have been sparked by
 the outrage over the injustice of the verdict and sentence.

A movement online for a Federal Caylee's Law is underway.

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#69 [url]

Jul 8 11 4:35 PM

This verdict has strengthened my faith in the jury system considerably. To be honest I feared that the court would fall under the same spell as the press and general population but the jury-members were able to swallow their prejudices and do the right thing. This is a victory for all of us and proves that the law is equal for everybody - even if you happen to be one of the most hated women in the country.

All that aside I find it absolutely horrifying that a parent would allow a small child to go missing for over a month without notifying the authorities. Casey Anthony deserves everything she's been through just for that. I hope Caylee's law will become a reality.... 

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Jul 9 11 9:12 AM

I think over this case in a disturbed manner because I agree that justice wasn't done - but I don't wish to bring personalities into it because this not the first time I've felt that jurors got it wrong and the system has to be protected. However, I think that if a defense attorney in his opening is allowed to severly accuse one the major characters in the story of serious crime (sexual misconduct with a child) - then the character defects of the defendant, such as being guilty of serious felonies, should also have been allowed into the trial. F.T.

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Jul 12 11 9:34 PM

I wished for Casey Anthony to receive a fair trial. She got one. It was a sleazy
defense imo. Although her attorneys did their job, I intensely dislike their handling
of the case as regards to accusing others in opening statements and throughout
the trial without presenting any evidence to back up those accusations.

Accusations of having had a hand in Caylee's death or of abuse.
When their accusations against Roy Kronk failed to light a fuse, they focused in
on George Anthony - it was the ABC defense - anybody but Casey.

If they had truly believed their client, and that Caylee's death was an accident,
those attorneys should have brought that attention to the prosecution long ago
instead of first sticking with the kidnapping, (when Caylee's remains were
found so close to home, and Zanny the nanny is found to be non-existent)
and then throwing two men, excuse me, three, including Lee Anthony, into
a mire of sleazy accusations without evidence to back it up. AND THEN
only at trial beginning to spout the "ACCIDENT" theory.

Even after the verdict the defense team can't get their stories straight.
Mason says we'll never know how Caylee died, and Ann Finell is muttering
the same team line "others were involved." Pick a lane and stick to it.

The duct tape and chloroform found in the trunk of the vehicle show that Casey
Anthony couldn't afford to say it was "accident" three years ago, because once
Caylee's remains were found, the duct tape would prove her assertions a lie.

Although I believe she is guilty and deserves to spend the rest of her life behind bars,
I would have accepted the jury's verdict IF they had followed the jury instructions,
and IF they had truly deliberated, and IF they had not held out for $ for interviews;
and IF they hadn't made a variety of statements that show that they disregarded
a) judge's instructions in open court b) jury instructions they had with them as a guide
c) the facts of the case d) the various charges. They deserve none of my respect for
doing their civic duty. They've intimated that once the opening statements were presented,
they disregarded the entire prosecutions case along with credible witnesses in favor of

From the various comments made by jurors/alternates, it's my opinion
that some had an agenda - anti-dp; some wanted on this jury for the
opportunity to cash in; others did not stick to their convictions and
allowed themselves to be overridden by those who refused to deliberate.
Not one of the jurors or the foreman contacted the judge to ask for
clarification. Comments made by jurors show that they considered PENALTY.
Their duty was to decide innocence or guilt based on what was presented,
not the penalty, and not decide someone else was guilty of "something."

And they don't understand why people are so upset at the verdict?

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