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May 12 11 8:24 PM

                               CASEY ANTHONY - MANIPULATOR
Dr. Lillian Glass
The defenses’ argument that Casey Anthony didn’t respond for 31 days due
to “family dysfunction” and that Casey  feared her father’s violence and mother’s
 wrath is completely lame in my view. No jury will buy it in my estimation. Even
if that is the case, they will wonder why she didn’t go to brother Lee or to one of
her friends or boyfriends.  They will especially not buy that “fear of coming home
and telling her parents because she feared their wrath” excuse.

After  looking at the Jailhouse tapes of Casey and her parents, they will clearly
see  that it is SHE who runs them, not vice versa. She is the one in control.
Her father George even point-blank tells his daughter she is in control.
George has been an absentee non- involved father it appears,  based on her
comments to him “ Act like a father for the first time in you life.”  If she
feared George’s violence, she would never have spoken to him like that.

Casey was so in control over Cindy that she manipulated her by not telling her
she dropped out of school and didn’t have a job and that there was a Zanny the
Nanny . It was a “cat and mouse”  type of game Casey played with Cindy for
years to “get one over” on her.  " can also see Casey’s hatred and
sadism towards Cindy when Cindy was crying and Casey was laughing. Casey
says to her father, “What is this one crying about?” Casey was loving that
she got Cindy upset. She was loving the control she was having over Cindy just
as she loved the control by punishing Cindy for threatening to throw her out and
keep Caylee."


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May 12 11 8:27 PM


"Experts are watching Casey Anthony's every move -- from her mug shot, to her crying,
to her not looking at the jury.

Renowned body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass has been
writing a blog about what she interprets all this to mean.

For Casey's new mug shot, Dr. Glass said there is no doubt that her facial
expression screams "fear." With her wide bulging eyed appearance, you
can see the whites of her eyes as an indicator of fear.

We saw Casey cry a number of times during jury selection. As soon as Judge Belvin
Perry began speaking about Casey, her she started crying. Perry told potential jurors
to ignore Casey's emotional display. As soon as he said that, Casey immediately
stopped crying. Dr. Glass said this is important because usually when you are filled
with real and non-manipulative emotion, even if someone tells you to stop crying, you
can't stop. You continue to cry if your tears are genuine. If you stop immediately, they
most likely are tears of manipulation."

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May 17 11 8:47 PM

The phrase "a day late and a dollar short" applies to the Anthony's.
Trademarking Caylee Anthony's name could have been done a long
time ago.

Because different individual's using the phrase "Justice for Caylee"
have sold items with that phrase on Cafe Press, the Anthony's are
now interested in those profits.

The phrase Justice for Caylee has been used by persons
on the Internet in order to express their support for the slain
child since her remains were discovered.


Caylee Anthony's grandparents apply to trademark her name

Caylee Anthony's grandparents have applied for trademarks on her name 
as well as the phrase "Justice for Caylee" to prevent others from using
or profiting from the slain Florida toddler's likeness, the couple's lawyer said


2011 - May 18 - WFTV The Anthony's have trademarked Caylee Anthony's name
                                  and the phrase "Justice for Caylee."

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May 18 11 4:50 PM


"Judge Perry returned from lunch recess and asked defense attorney
Cheney Mason, "Have you had a chance to discuss the matter with
(defendant Casey Anthony)?,"reports CBS affiliate WKMG. After
Mason said that he had, Perry placed the court in recess until
8:30 a.m. Thursday. No explanation about the decision or the "matter"
was provided, reports the station. Lead defense attorney Jose Baez
was not in the courtroom after the lunch break, reports the station.
Neither side offered a comment when leaving the courthouse.

Perry also made it clear that Anthony's murder trial would start at 9 a.m.
on Monday, although it's not known if that's still the start time he is aiming
for after the abrupt suspension."



"Baez sent the Orlando Sentinel a text message explaining the adjournment:
"Today's adjournment was due to a private matter. Please stop the speculation,
as jury selection will continue at 8:30 tomorrow morning. No further statements
will be made."



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May 25 11 8:07 PM

2011 - May 24 - Tuesday - TRIAL BEGINS

(My apologies if I've gotten some of the statements/wording somewhat
incorrect - they're the gist of my notes off of tv. The transcript portions
are not posted in correlation with where they appear on the videos
posted below.)

Linda Drane Burdick (using powerpoint & photographs)

Part I
"It is time to tell the story of Caylee. This is not just about Casey – it is about Caylee."

"It's time to tell the story about Caylee.
She was born August 9, 2005. Her doting grandparents filled her room with toys 

and animals, her room was decorated with every Winnie the Pooh item imaginable.
In the backyard was a playhouse, complete with her own mailbox, every little girl's
"When KC told them she was pregnant, her parents were concerned, but elated at
becoming grandparents. They provided support to her throughout and provided
support to baby Caylee.  They were committed to helping financially and providing
a stable home. They took lots of photos of Caylee - they doted on her. They swam
in the backyard with her, she watched Spongebob with "Jojo," Grandfather George."
"Casey Anthony appeared to be what her parents thought she was - a
loving mother providing for her daughter."
"This case will show that was an illusion."
"Casey Anthony was not employed. For 2 years she dressed in work clothes,
 had a Universal ID and went... who knows where?  For 2 years after Caylee
was born."
"The cracks in her facade began appearing on the weeks and months prior
to June 2008."

"George worked 3-11 pm. Cindy works as a Nurse Manager from 8-5 p.m.
George worked Father's day. Cindy took Caylee to see her great grandfather,
Cindy's father in a nursing facility.  She took a video camera to record the
"Cindy unknowingly took the last known photographs of her
"On that Father's day Caylee snuggled with her great grandfather. She
colored, read, sang. and had fun. Cindy returned home with Caylee and
they swam in their home pool in the afternoon."
**In court - Casey Anthony shakes her head slightly "no."
"Casey Anthony, according to cell phone records, was with her new boyfriend,
Tony Lazzaro."
"Cell phone records show that at 7:30 she was at home. George Anthony was
at work until 11:00."
June 16th - Monday - "Cindy goes to work at 7-8 a.m. Geroge will be working
the 3-11 shift. George has breakfast with Caylee. Casey began to get ready
for "work" around noon. At 12:50 p.m. Casey left with Caylee."
"Caylee was dressed in a pink shirt, jean shorts, sunglasses and a backpack.
George kissed Caylee goodbye and never saw her again."
"No one but Casey Anthony ever saw Caylee alive again."
*In court - Casey Anthony tearing up and shaking head "no."
"The next photograph of Caylee was taken on Dec. 11, 2008.
 (Prosecutor shows photo of tiny skull).
*In court - Casey Anthony shaking head "no."
"This is not about Casey Anthony. It's about what happened between the
photograph on Father's day, and this photograph on December 11, 2008."
"What happened to Caylee Marie Anthony?"
*In court - Casey Anthony crying, using tissue to blot tears."
"No one had any idea until July 15, 2008 that anything was wrong."
"June 16 - July 15 - Where was Caylee Marie Anthony?
"You will hear that no one had any idea that anything had befallen Caylee until
July 15th. How can that be? What happened between June 15th and July 16th?"
"30 days passed - during which time no one but Casey saw her,  and when she
was reported missing by her grandmother Cindy." "So what happened?"
 Part 2
Day 1: Monday, June 16, 2008 -  "Phone records show that Casey did not 
          leave the area until after 4:00 p.m., despite George seeing her leave
          at 12:50. She tells her her parents she and Caylee are  "going to spend
          the night at the babysitter's, named "Zanny."
"You will learn there is no "Zanny."
"Like Casey Anthony's job, the babysitter was a figment of her imagination."
"Surveillance video shows Casey Anthony with Tony Lazarro at Blockbuster
at 7:54 p.m."

"Where is Caylee Marie Anthony?"
Day 2 - Tuesday, June 17, 2008 - "Casey Anthony's cell phone shows that
            she was at Tony Lazzaro's apartment until 2:00 p.m, then at her
            parent's home at 2:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., her car backed into the
            garage. The neighbor didn't see Caylee. Caylee wasn't there."
         "Casey told Cindy that they were staying with "Zanny" again. She spent 
          the night with Tony Lazzaro. No Caylee."
"Where is Caylee Marie Anthony?"
Day 3 – Wednsday, June 18, 2008 -  "Cell phone records show Casey   
             Anthony is at Tony Lazzaro's apartment at 12:30 in the afternoon."
"At 12:30 to 1:00 or so, Casey calls her parent's home. At 1:30 to 2:30, the
neighbor sees Casey Anthony back her car into the garage. She asks him
if she can borrow a shovel. After an hour or so, she returned it."
"George is at work from 3:00 - 11:00 p.m. Cindy asks about Caylee, who has
been away no more than a day from her grandparent's home in her life."
"Casey Anthony tells her mother she's going to be at a conference in Tampa,
for work. Caylee is with "Zanny" and two other people, "Juliette and Annabel."
"There is no Zanny, no Juliette, and no Annabel."
"Casey Anthony stayed with Tony Lazzaro that night. Caylee wasn't there."
"Where was Caylee?"
Part 3
"June 19 - 22 - Cindy is asking about Caylee. Casey tells her a lie about
                      deciding to stay over at the conference and go to the park.
                     "She's adding facts and details."

Day 4 - Thursday, June 19 - "George did not work on Thursdays, so there is no
            indication from cell records that she came back to the house. She was
            in the area of Tony Lazzaro's apt. She said she was "looking for
            apartments."Casey is back at Tony's by 9:00 p.m. Caylee wasn't there.
              "Where is Caylee?"
Day 5 – Friday June 20, 2008 – "George is not working. Cindy wants to know
            what everyone wants to know: Where is Caylee?" "Casey tells her
            mother she is still in Tampa, and the conference will go into Saturday."
"Friday night, Casey went to club Fusian with Tony and entered in the "Hot Body"
contest. She was photographed there. Caylee wasn't there."
"Where is Caylee?"
That weekend, Casey did not return to the area of her parents home, but Cindy
kept pressing her, asking "Where is Caylee?
"A friend of the boyfriend's roommate asks Casey "Where is Caylee?"
Casey tells her "Caylee is at the beach."
Day 6 - Sunday - June 21, 2008 - "Cindy continues to press - Where is Caylee?"
"I want to see her." 
"Casey continues to lie about the conference in Tampa and going to Busch
Gardens. Adding details, to convince her mother Caylee is with her."
Day 8 – Monday - June 23, 2008 - "Cell phone records show that Casey
            Anthony is at Tony Lazzaro's at 1:30 in the afternoon.
          The cell towers show her heading home at 2:30.
          Phone records show that Casey calls Tony Lazzaro at 2:45. Her car
         "ran out of gas." Tony picks her up. She takes him to her house, where
          she and Tony break into the shed for some gas cans."
         "Cindy calls at 5:30, still inquiring about her granddaughter."
"Casey adds a new detail: "Zanny is in the hospital in Tampa, because
 "she was in an accident on I-40." "Caylee is with Juliett and Annabelle
while Casey is at the hospital with Zanny."
Cell phone records show she wasn't in Tampa – she was at her parent's
house taking the gas cans.
Day 9 – Tuesday - June 24, 2008 - George Anthony decides to mow the
            lawn and he sees the lock on the shed is broken. George warns the
            neighbor someone may be breaking into properties. George calls
            the Orange County Sherriff's Office and files a burglary report.
George has a job interview at 6:30 that evening. At 2:30 p.m. Casey shows   
up alone. No Caylee in her car. George Anthony is happy to see her. He
 asks "Where's Caylee? I miss her. Where is she?"
"Casey Anthony dismissively tells him "I have 10 minutes. I have to get back to
work." George thinks the missing gas cans may be in her possession, so he
confronts her about the gas cans. She doesn't let him get the cans from her
car.  She rushes past him, takes out the gas cans from the trunk and says
"Here's  your fucking cans!" She leaves."
"Casey tells a friend via Facebook she has been at home much because of
 Part 4
Day 10- Wednsday - June 25, 2008 - "Casey tells her friend Amy, "there   
             is a smell in the engine of my car." Cindy is still inquiring about
             her granddaughter."
Day 11 - Thursday - June 26 - 2008- "Cell phone rcords show that Casey            
             Anthony is at Tony Lazzarro's all day. No Caylee."
            "Where's Caylee?"
"Cindy presses Casey, who tells her that "Zanny was released late from
the hospital and they are staying at the hotel."
Day 12 - Friday, June 27- 2008 -"Cell phone records show Casey Anthony at 
             11:00 a.m., in the area of her parent's home around for a 1/2 hour."
"11:30 a.m. Casey begins to text Amy about a "dead animal plastered on
the frame of my car." Within minutes of the text, Casey's white Pontiac
runs out of gas, again, this time at an Amscott on University Blvd., next
to a dumpster." Casey calls Tony and asks him to come get her. He does.
Casey is waiting with grocery bags of clothing and refrigerated items."
             "No Caylee Anthony."
2:51 p.m. Surveillance video at J.C. Penny's - Casey Anthony bought
shoes. That night she and Tony went out to Fusion.
Cindy is asking "Where's Caylee?"
Casey tells Cindy "I have a late meeting, we're staying at the hotel with "Jeff
Hopkins, an acquaintance." Jeff Hopkins wasn't in Orlando, or a the hotel, and
didn't have contact with Casey.
Jesse Grund, (former fiance) asks "Where's Caylee? Casey says "She's with
Zanny." Amy Huzienga asks "Where's Caylee? Casey tells her "she's at the
                    Where is Caylee Marie Anthony?

Day 13 & 14 - Saturday June 28 & Sunday, June 29 -  Casey tells Cindy
they're staying at the "Hard Rock" hotel. Cell phone records show she's at
Tony Lazzaro's. Surveillance video show Casey and Tony rent a movie at
Day 15 - Monday - June 30, 2008 - Tony Lazzaro had a pre-planned
             trip back to New York. Casey Anthony, using his car, takes
             him to the airport. Her car is at the Amscot parking lot.
The Manager of Amscot notices the car has been sitting there for days and
calls a towing company, Johnson's Wrecker. It stays in the tow yard until
July 15, 2008.
            Surveillance video shows Casey Anthony shopping at Target and
            J.C. Penny's. She was at Targets before 9:00 p.m. No Caylee.

Cindy is still pressing, pushing, asking "Where's Caylee?"
Casey tells her "with Jennifer Roza, a relative or roommate of "Zenaida,"
"Zanny." They're going to stay with her until July 3rd."

"Jennifer and Caylee are going to Universal studios."

The week of June 30th through the 4th of July, Cindy Anthony is on
vacation and wants to spend time with Caylee, whom she hasn't seen
for two weeks.

Day 16 - Tuesday - July 1, 2008 - Cindy is insisting she see Caylee.

              Since Tony Lazzaro is in New York, Casey has no place to stay.
              5:00 a.m., she takes a shower at Jesse Grund's. Surveillance
              video shows her with Amy Huzienga that afternoon at J.C. Penny's.

              Caylee's grandparents call Casey multiple times.

              Casey Anthony is at a restaurant/bar. Cindy texts Casey. Casey texts
              that "Caylee is at the park with "Jennifer."

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#26 [url]

May 25 11 8:09 PM

(My apologies if I've gotten some of the statements/wording
somewhat incorrect - they're the gist of my notes off of tv.
The transcript portions are not posted in correlation with
where they appear on the videos posted above or below.)

Day 17 - Wednsday July 2, 2008 - "Caylee's grandparents have called Casey
             multiple times. Amy Huzienga asks "Where's Caylee?"Casey tells her
             "with the "Nanny."

             "Casey has an appointment to get a tatoo. She purchases shoes and
             clothes, then that night goes to several nightclubs. She spends the night 
             with Amy."
Day 18 - Thursday - July 3- 2008 - "Cindy has had about enough. She's made
              multiple calls to Casey."
"Cindy drives to Universal Studios for "Character breakfast" time since Casey
told Caylee would be there. She gets there and calls Casey telling her "I'm here,
I want to pick up Caylee."
"Casey tells her "We're in Jacksonville," going to hang out with Jeffry Hopkins."
"Cindy is beside herself. That night she creates a Myspace page and on it she
writes "My Caylee is missing."
             "Casey Anthony goes and gets a tattoo, telling the guy in the shop 
              that Caylee  No Caylee is with "the Nanny." She texts Jesse
               Grund "If family contacts you, tell them nothing. They are crazy."
              "Casey goes shopping with Melissa England, whom she just met."
"Caylee's grandparents continue to try and call Casey."
"8:00 p.m. Cindy contacts her son, Lee Anthony. Lee tries to find Casey
through Facebook pages. He finds that she'll be at a night club that evening.
Lee and Mallory Parker, his fiance, go to the clubs, but can't find Casey.
Lee calls Annie Dowling, who alerts Casey that Lee is looking for her.
"Cell phone records show Casey is in downtown Orlando."
Day 19 - Friday - July 4, 2008 -  "Casey Anthony is perpetuating this lie
             that they are in Jacksonville.  She tells Jesse Grund
             she's in Jacksonville, and that Caylee is at "Sea World" with
             the Nanny."
            "Casey is at Will Waters' house planning a 4th of July party.
             They went to a 4th of July fireworks show. Casey is photographed
             having a good time.
 Day 20 - Saturday - July 5, 2008 - Tony Lazzaro is coming home.
              Casey is excited her boyfriend is coming home.
"Ikea Surveillance video shows Casey Anthony in the store. No Caylee."
"Casey tells her mother "her car broke down in Jacksonville, she will
not be back until July 12, and that "Jeffrey Hopkins is getting it fixed."
"Caylee is at Jeffrey Hopkin's mother's with his son Zachary.
 None of that is true.
"Casey Anthony is shown on video surveillance at: "Target and Bank of
America." No Caylee on any of these videos. So where is she?"
"Day 20- 21 - 22 - 23- 24- 25 - No one knows where Caylee is."
Day 26 - Friday - July 11, 2008 - "Casey Anthony is back at the Fusion
Day 27 - Saturday- July 12, 2008 - "Casey texts Cindy and tells her she's
              still in Jacksonville."
"Surveillance video shows Casey Anthony in Winn Dixie at 9:30 p.m."
Day 28 - Sunday - July 13, 2008 - "Casey tells her mother she and Caylee
              are attending "Jeffry Hopkins' mother's wedding."
Day 29 - Monday - July 14, 2008 -
Part 5
Day 30 - Tuesday - July 15, 2008 - "George and Cindy were doing yardwork
             and Cindy Anthony notices a notice stuck in their front door. They
             had to go to the post office to get the letter.It's from a tow company.
             Casey's car is in George & Cindy's names, so when it was towed,
             they contacted the registered owners
"Cindy and George go to the towing company, Cindy deals with the front
desk while Geroge goes with Simon Burch to retrieve the car
 George tells Mr. Burch about not having seen his daughter and
granddaughter. As they approach the car, there's an overwhelming smell
coming from the trunk.
"George Anthony said a prayer under his breath that he wouldn't find
either his daughter or granddaughter inside."
"Simon Burch has worked many years in the towing business. He's seen,
and smelled decomposition when someone has committed suicide in
a car. Simon Burch's opinion is based on his experience of what that
smell was.

He hears George hoping that his daughter and granddaughter aren't in
the car."
"The trunk was opened and they found a bag of garbage inside. Simon
Burch threw the bag over the fence into a dumpster. George Anthony
got into the car and drove home."
Cindy Anthony's reaction upon her first contact with the car was "Jesus,
What died?"  George explained that there had been garbage in the car.
"They've taken the car home. They're frustrated about the lies about
where the car was. The car is not with Casey in Jacksonville as she's
said. It had been in the towing yard since June 30th. They knew she
was lying."
"George Anthony went to work at 3:00 p.m. The car was left in the garage,
to air out. Cindy goes to work and tells her co-workers about the smell.
They convince her to phone police."
"4:30 p.m. Cindy texts Casey "there is a major problem" and to contact her.
"Casey Anthony is using Amy Huzienga's car while Amy is in Puerto Rico.
Casey makes another appointment for a tattoo. No Caylee."
"1:30 p.m. Casey is seen on Bank of America surveillance video, cashing
a check."
Casey speaks to "Erica Gonzales" on the phone and gives her the impression
that Caylee is in the car with her. Casey goes to the airport and picks up
Amy and tells Amy that she got a call from Caylee on her cell phone. Amy
drops Casey off at Tony Lazzaro's. Amy Huzienga goes with friends in her car
to Florida Mall."
"Cindy Anthony is at home, going through items in Casey's car, and finds
Amy's contact information. Cindy has never met Amy."
"Caylee's car seat is in the car. Casey's shoes and clothes are in the car.
 Dryer sheets are among the items in a bin in the trunk. There is a bag that
Cindy thought Casey used for work. In that bag is contact information for
Cindy is not going to be denied access to her granddaughter to the
point where she is tracking down Casey's friends.
"Cindy calls Amy and asks if she's seen Casey or Caylee?" Amy knows
where Casey is, and allows Cindy to pick her up at the Florida Mall. She
directs her to Tony's apartment. Amy goes to the door and knocks.
Casey comes out.  Caylee is not there."
                  "Where is Caylee?"
"You will hear that Cindy pulls Casey out without her phone or belongings.
They drop Amy off and at this point Cindy is not going to be denied access
to her granddaughter.
"Caylee has now been gone for a month."
Part 6
"Casey Anthony tries the same old "Zanny" story. Cindy will not be denied
access to her granddaughter. Casey is stonewalling, saying she doesn't
want to upset Caylee or her routine."
"Cindy has had enough and decides the only way to get access is to
get the police involved. She drives Casey to a police substation, but it is
closed. Cindy calls 911 from the parking lot. You will hear her first call."
"She tells them she wants her daughter arrested. Cindy is told that
Orange County Sherrif's Office has jurisdiction. She's asked if she wants
to wait for a deputy there, or to go hom ena call. Cindy decides to go
During this exchange, and there is dead air, and you can hear "Casey
Anthony is threatening to "take Caylee away - you'll never see her
You will learn that during this, George Anthony has been apprised
of the situation. He calls Lee, who goes to their house. Lee arrives
just before Cindy and Casey, and notices the overpowering smell
coming from the car."
"Cindy tells Lee to "get information" out of Casey. "I want her to take me to
Caylee - NOW!"
"Cindy makes a second calls to 911 and during the call says she wants
Casey arrested. She mentions  a possible missing 3 year old. Casey will
not tell her where
Caylee is."
"Lee Anthony speaks with his sister Casey Anthony, tries to convince her
to talk. "Just take mom to Caylee - this will happen anyway."
He eventually "role plays" with Casey, pretending to be a police officer.
"Take us to the child and everything will be fine."
Court in Recess
Court Resumes
"We were speaking of Lee's effort to get Casey to tell the truth. Not giving
information is counterproductive and there would be the same ending
regardless. They would all see Caylee that night.
However in a pattern that is repeated  throughout this case, when Casey's
lie can no longer stand and she cannot get out of the corner she painted
herself into, and the stakes increase -  what does she do?"
"Casey Anthony comes up with a new, a bigger, and a better lie."
"It is at this point with her back against the wall, that Casey says these
words "Caylee was kidnapped by the babysitter, Zenaida Fernandez
Gonzales." The babysitter no one has ever met or seen."
"Upon hearing this – Lee Anthony could think of nothing. he can't believe
his ears."
Cindy had to realize that Casey had lied and lied for 30 days. At that moment
Cindy had to believe her daughter, but her first words were "What did you do?!"
"At that point, the lie had the desired effect and took the focus off Casey."
"They're in your face, how do you get out of that?
                                Tell another lie."
Cindy panics and calls 911 a third time. She's hysterical. She wants Casey to
speak to the dispatcher."
                          "You will hear Casey get on the phone like it's nothing. 
                          "Why do you want to talk to me?"
"Cindy tells the dispatcher her grandaughter was kidnapped, they can't find her
and something is wrong. It smells like there has been a dead body in the damn
**In court - Casey Anthony shaking her head "no."
Part 7
 "You will learn that the first officer who arrived was Cpl. Fletcher. His dispatch
was to the second call, so he is not completely apprised of the seriousness
of this call until he gets there."
Eventually after learning that Caylee is missing the Orange County Sheriff's
Office begins to gather information about "Zanny." 
One of the things Casey tells them is that "Zanny lives at the Sawgrass
Deputies from Orange County ask Casey to show them the last place she
saw her daughter 31 days ago. She gets in the car and they drive by Casey's
directions. Casey points out an apartment and says "that is where I dropped
Caylee off on June 8th."
Officer Fletcher speaks with the manager. Nobody has lived in that apartment
since February. The prior tenants were evicted.
They returned to the house with Casey, but no Caylee. Cindy insists that
something be done. Casey is lying. She wants Casey arrested, she needs
to tell where Caylee is."
Casey says contact information for "Zanny" is in her phone." Deputies send
someone to Tony Lazzaro's apartment to get her phone. Caylee is not there.
Lee went later to retreive her belongings.
Oficers ask Casey to tell thhem everything she can about the person who
kidnapped her daughter. They were there to help. What did she do at the first
oportunity to put pen to paper? She writes "I took Caylee on June 9th to her
Nanny's apartment."
The first words written about the disappearance of Caylee Anthony are a lie.
You will have a chance to look at these 4 pages and review them.
Day 31 - Wednsday -July 16, 2008 - Orange County Supervisors decide
              to call out a Detective for followup. While waiting, Sgt. Posey
              and Casey take a short walk. He asks "Is this just a domestic?
              You don't want your mom to have Caylee?"
              He is lef twith the feeling from Casey, that this is no big deal.
              The child's fine."
4:00 a.m. - Detective Yuri Mellich arrives at the house. He reviews Casey's
                 statement and speaks with her. He records their conversation
                 and asks "Is this true? Do you want to change anything?    
                Casey tells him "no way. This is what happened. I am telling
                 you the truth."
Some of the things she tells him is that she "had another phone that was
lost at Universal; and that there were employees there who she told of the
Det. Mellich asks to see the place she last saw Caylee. She directs Det. 
Mellich to the Sawgrass apartments, to the same apartment. Casey tells
him about relatives of "Zanny." She directs him to an area where Zenaida
Fernandez Gonzalez's mother is supposed to live. No one is found.
They return to Hopespring Drive. No Caylee.
Casey goes inside the house and Det. Mellich begins his investigation.
He contacts a Universal employee, Leonard Tutora (Spelling?)  to determine
where Casey works works and how to contact the other people she mentioned.
He learns Casey doesn't work at Universal, and hasn't for years. The other
people are non existent. They don't work there.
Det. Mellich asks Casey "Do you work at Universal Studios?" Casey
says "yes."   "I want to verify, "maybe we have the information wrong."
Maybe if Casey comes out to Universal with them they can clear it all
up? Casey agrees to go with them.
Supervisor John Allen, Officer Happy Wells and Det. Mellich take her to
Universal Studios. Casey enages in idle chit chat on the way.
 At the security gate Casey is denied access. They suggest she does not
work there. Casey says "I don't have it. I forgot my ID." Leonard Tutora
allows them in.  Casey is to show them her office and where she lost her
other phone.
Casey walks with purpose into the administration building, and at the end
of the hall. she puts her hands in her back pockets, smiles, and says,
"All right, I don't work here."
Part 8

The Detectives speak to Casey in a conference room at Universal (on tape).
Casey admits she lied about working at Universal. That's the lie she was
caught in. But she will not waver about the nanny. In an effort to find this
person she insists exists, they take her and show her Drivers license photos
from the database, of persons named Zenaida Gonzales.  They ask
"Anyone you know?" Casey says "No. None of them are 'my Zenaida
"Casey Anthony is arrested for lying to the investigators. The investigation,
by necessity takes two different paths. Trying to locate Zenaida Gonzales,
tips, phone calls and sightings are all followed up by Federal, local
and State authorities."
              "No Caylee Anthony, and no Zenaida Gonzales."
Day 32 - Thursday July 16, 2008 - "With the permission of George and Cindy,
              Law enforcement impounded Casey's Pontiac Sunfire. You will hear
              of the evidence taken from the trunk in the course of this trial. You
              will also hear that the trash bag that Simon Burch threw out was
              located and retrieved. Crime Scene Technicians analyzed the trash
              bag and evidence from the trunk."
Day 33 -  Thursday - July 17, 2008 - "Orange County Sherrif's Office brought in
               a cadaver dog. The dog, Garris, alerted on the trunk of the car as
                having the odor of human remains. Later that day Garris went to the
               home of George & Cindy Anthony with their permission.  Garris alerted
               in the backyard near Caylee's playhouse to human decomposition."
"Another K9 cadaver dog from Osceola Sherrif's Office was brought to the 
Anthony home. Sgt. Brewer's dog did a sweep and also alerted to the odor of
human decomposition near the playhouse. Crime Scene Technicians dug up
several areas but did not find Caylee."
"Evidence from the car was preserved. Hair, air, and carpet samples, Casey's
DNA, Lee's DNA, George & Cindy's DNA. A hairbrush used by Caylee was
obtained to get a sample of her DNA."
"The hair and other debris from the car was sent to the FBI labs at Quantico,
"One hair, Caylee Anthony's, had a distinct type of "death banding,"  which
is only discovered under unique and specific circumstances, and is only
found in hair from decomposing human bodies."
"This led to the Inescapable conclusion that a dead body was in the trunk
of the car. The hair indicated that it was indistinguishable with Caylee's."
"The Sheriff's office contacted the leading expert in decomposition,
Dr. Arpad Vass, who will testify that when he opened the can with a
sample from the trunk – he immediately recognized the unmistakable
odor of human decomposition. His research is ongoing in this area of
"Dr. Vass discovered something unexpected. The highest concentration
of chloroform he has ever seen. Small amounts may be found in human
decomposition, but the concentration 1000s of time greater than he has
ever seen from decomposition alone. That amount simply cannot be
accounted for by decomposition alone."
"The FBI independently detected the presence of chloroform."
"You will learn that the Orange County Sheriff's Forensic Computer Technicians
investigated a desktop computer and harddrive collected from the Anthony home."
"Sandra Osborne analysed searches done on March 17th and 21st of 2008.
She found keyword seaches had been done on the computer."
March 17- 2008 - 1:43 - 1:55 - Google - searches for 'how to make
                          Chloroform;" "alcohol, acetone, and hydrogen peroxide."
                         2:16 - 2:28 - Other searches were done for "how to
                         make chloroform under other spellings; self defense;
                        "neck breaking" and "shovel." 
 March 21 - 2008 - Searches on - inhalation, chloroform, alcohol, acetone
                            household weapons, death, shovel and hydrogen peroxide.
                            Wikipedia searches and drug library. org ; for making
                            weapons out of household items.; habit; choroform 2, etc..
"Cindy Anthony was working on those days, at those times. George Anthony
was working on those days, at those times.
"Context searches surrounding these searches revealed there could have been
no other user but Casey Anthony making the searches."
*In court - Casey Anthony shakes her head slightly "no."
"Despite the mounting evidence that Caylee was dead, The Orange County
Sheriff's Office and many thousands of private citizens continued to search
for Caylee. The passage of time and standing water inhibited these searches.
Many efforts were made to locate Zenaida Fernandez Gonalezs. She has
never been found."
                        "George and Cindy Anthony held out hope."
However, on a rainy Thursday morning, Dec 11 2008, the Orange County
Sheriff's dispatcher received a call about a tiny human skull that had been
found in the woods off od Suburban drive - withing walking distance to the
Anthony home and within sight of an elementary school where Caylee
would be at this moment if she were alive.
She was wrapped in a "Winnie the Pooh" blanket, inside a laundry bag and
garbage bags, and throw into the swamp as if she was another piece of
*In court- Casey shakes her head "no." There are no tears from Casey
 at the mention of Caylee's tiny skull and remains.
 All that remained were skeletonized tiny bones and bits of clothes. For 11 days
oficers worked on their hands & knees sifting and digging to locate the remains
so she would no longer suffer the indignities of lying in a swampy pond.
There are hundreds of photos. You will see Caylee spent many months in
those woods. Roots encircled and grew through the blanket, her bones and
hair and the bags she was in.
As you have seen, duct tape covered the nose and mouth area of that tiny skull.
Three pieces of overlapping duct tape covered the nose and mouth of that tiny
human skull. It held the mandible in place and was placed there prior to
decomposition. It was stuck in the hair – Caylee's killer intended it to never
be removed.

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#27 [url]

May 26 11 9:21 AM

(My apologies if I've gotten some of the statements/wording somewhat
incorrect - they're the gist of my notes off of tv. The transcript portions
are not posted in correlation with where they appear on the videos
posted below.)

Part 10


"The brand of tape is unique and not widely available. It's the same duct tape
discover on the gas cans that Casey had taken. One of the cans had a piece
of identical tape."
"A chemist from the FBI determined the tape was manufactured at the same
time, using the same methods. The same duct tape was also used at the
end of July, 2008, to tape up a "Missing Caylee" poster."
"The remains of Caylee's T-shirt found saying "Big Trouble Comes in
small packages"  is the same as the one Caylee wore in photos of
Caylee and Casey taken in January and March of 2008."
"Caylee's "Winnie the Pooh" blanket is missing from home. The Winnie
the Pooh blanket Caylee was in matches the one that was in her room."
 "The laundry bag matches one in the Anthony home."
"In the autopsy, it was found that there was no trauma to the bones. The only
evidence indicating cause of death is the 3 pieces of duct tape across her
face, nose, and mouth."
"There is no other reason for the placement of multiple pieces of duct tape
other than a specific intent to end that child's life."
*In court - Casey Anthony is shaking her head "no."
"As hard as it is to believe that a mother would intentionally kill her own
child, from the evidence, there is no other conclusion that can be drawn."
"Caylee Marie Anthony was not kiidnapped by a "nanny."
"No one but Casey had access to all the pieces of evidence."
**In court - Casey Anthony repeatedly shaking her head "no."
"No one else lied to everyone, no one else benefitted from Caylee's
 death. Caylee's death enabled KC to live the "good life"...for at least
for 30 days."
"Caylee Marie Anthony was murdered by her mother, Casey Anthony. "
"We will be asking you for a verdict which reflects the truth of what happened
to Caylee Anthony.
That Casey Anthony is Guilty of Murder in the 1st degree."
"Thank you."
 Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

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#30 [url]

May 26 11 9:42 AM

2011 - May 24 - Testimony begins.

WITNESS: George Anthony (grandfather of Caylee, father of Casey)

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton
George Anthony's testimony:

He did not molest his daughter Casey.
He did not commit any inappropriate acts in her presence.
He was not present when his granddaughter Caylee died.
He did not dispose of her body, nor did he place duct
tape over her mouth.

Geroge Anthony testified he was present when Caylee was
born; he was elated, yet uncomfortable. He acted like a
father for Caylee because he was present every day, talking
with her about routine thing and her favorite movie, Lady and
the Tramp.

Caylee loved to swim.

He wanted to believe Casey was employed.
He believed she was working part time at the "Sports Authority"
and at Universal Studios as an event planner.

Casey told him she had a babysitter named "Zanny" but did not
ever meet her. He never asked to meet her, did not see photos
of "Zanny."


George Anthony learned Casey was pregnant when she was 7 months
along. He had a "feeling" earlier that she had been pregnant. At first he
thought she was gaining water weight.

2005 - He'd moved out of the house because of "financial issues" related to
his "internet gambling and falling for a Nigerian Bank scam."

He'd consulted a friend, a worker's compensation attorney 24 hours after
Caylee was reported missing. The friend had helped the family out in the
past and he sought his advice because he had nobody else to turn to.

The following links are courtesy of Sunny47 at JusticeQuest:

George Anthony Testimony - day 1 5/24/2011
Casey Anthony: Murder Trial Day 12 - 5/24/11 Part 24 "George Anthony" (14:40)

Casey Anthony: Murder Trial Day 12 - 5/24/11 Part 25 "George Anthony" (14:30)

Casey Anthony: Murder Trial Day 12 - 5/24/11 Part 26 "George Anthony" (14:39)

Casey Anthony: Murder Trial Day 12 - 5/24/11 Part 27 "George Anthony" (14:44)

Casey Anthony: Murder Trial Day 12 - 5/24/11 Part 28 "George Anthony" (14:45)

Casey Anthony: Murder Trial Day 12 - 5/24/11 Part 29 "George Anthony" (14:44)

Casey Anthony: Murder Trial Day 12 - 5/24/11 Part 30 "George Anthony" (13:19)

George, Baez Clash During Testimony (4:35)

George Anthony's return to the stand Thursday was marked by expletives

and tense moments during cross-examination with lead defense attorney

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#31 [url]

May 30 11 11:39 AM

WITNESS: Cameron Campana (23) (former roommate of Anthony Lazzaro)
Cameron Campana is a club promoter in Cleveland, Ohio. At the time of Caylee's disappearance he was a roommate of Tony Lazzaro. He attended Full Sail
University. At times, others lived with them in their apartment.

Campana met Casey Anthony at a party on May 24, 2008.
CaseyAnthony told him she was looking for an apartment with her friend Amy
Huzienga. She told them she worked for Universal as an event coordinator.
She talked about her job every now and then.
Cameron Campana
"She s
eemed like, you know, normal. Average 22-year-old."
"Happy, normal. Nothing out of the ordinary." 
Campana had met Caylee 3 or 4 times at their apartment.
Casey began staying at their apartment in June 2008
Caylee was never with her.

Casey Anthony helped around the apartment, cooked, purchased groceries,
and did laundry.
During the time Casey Anthony stayed at their apartment, Casey
would sometimes say that "Caylee was with "Zanny the Nanny."
Casey told them "the Nanny was taking Caylee to theme park,"
and "the Nanny was taking Caylee to the beach."

Once, Casey was excited and said she had "talked to Caylee" on
the phone.
Casey Anthony never mentioned Caylee being "kidnapped or missing."
She never mentioned that she was "looking for her."

He remembers seeing a Pink Panther video and book belonging to
Caylee. He did not see any of her stuffed animals.

Cameron Campana
"She just seemed just the same, nothing had changed. She was happy.
 She seemed excited about life."
CaseyAnthony would go outside to talk on the phone with her mother.
When they asked her why she did so, Casey would say "it was her
time to vent."
Casey Anthony would sometimes come home drunk.

 Defense:  Objection

Judge: Overruled.
Campana never noticed any change in behavioiur by Casey over
the summer.

He wasn't at home when Cindy came to the apartment and confronted Casey
about Caylee. He never met George or Cindy Anthony. He had never gone
to their home.

When Lee Anthony came to their apartment to get Casey's belongings,
he spoke with Lee.
Lee Anthony appeared "calm, but worried."
Jose Baez
 "Were you in Casey's home on July 16, 2008 when Caylee drowned?"

Cameron Campana
"I was not."



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#32 [url]

May 30 11 12:20 PM

WITNESS: Nathan Lezniewicz (Former roommate of Anthony Lazzaro)

He resides in Fort Pierce, Florida. He plays keyboard percussion in a band  
He was attending Full Sail University 2007-2009.

He began sleeping on the couch in Tony & Cameron's apartment in May 2008,
in Orlando, Fla

The drummer of his band had a birthday party; Tony & Casey attended the party,
that's when everyone met her. She seemed like a "normal girl, outgoing and
talkative." She and Tony "got along great." "She was easy to talk to."
Casey told him she worked event planning at Universal, but he never saw pass
or ID. 

Casey kept promising all of them that she could get tickets to the

Batman premier at Universal. 

He met Caylee at their apartment 2 or 3 times. Caylee would not stay at the
apartment when Casey did. He never saw any items belonging to Caylee
Anthony at their apartment

The last two weeks of June Casey started sleeping over almost every night.
Once Casey began staying full time at their apartment, he never saw Caylee.
When they asked where Caylee was, Casey would say "Caylee was at Disney
World with the Nanny or Caylee was going to the beach."

He never saw Caylee and it seemed odd to him.
Nathan Lezniewicz 
"Cameron Campana and I had a conversation about it once or twice -- that
we hadn't seen Caylee around in a couple of weeks."
Casey "seemed normal. You know, happy. Everything is fine."
Casey would leave the apartment during phone conversations with her mother. 
She said she would often argue with her mom.
In Sept. 2008, he appeared on a television show. Investigators spoke
with him afterwards.
Tony Lazarro picked up Casey after her car broke down at the Amscot.   
 EVIDENCE:  Photos of Casey Anthony at the Fusion Ultra Lounge
                   in June 2008. One photo is of Nathan & Casey.

Defense requests a Sidebar.
Judge Perry: No.

Nathan Lezniewicz identified the photos. He didn't know the date, but Casey
Anthony participoated in a "Hot Body Contest" during June. They were out
all night at the club. Casey wore a blue dress.

Nathan Lezniewicz
 "She always seemed to be having a good time. I mean she's not an introvert,"
" She liked to have a good time. Looking back, there was no sign that anything
 was going on."

He was at home playing games with Tony Lazzaro when Cindy Anthony and
Amy Huzienga came by the apartment. Cindy argued with Casey and wanted
Casey to leave. Casey refused and told her mom she wasn't leaving.
 After she left he never saw or talked with her again.
Law enforcement came to their apartment that night and searched for
25 minutes. They collected Casey's cell phone.
Lee Anthony came to their apartment later on that night. Lee was cordial but
appeared worried. He gathered up Casey's belongings and left.
Casey Anthony never said Caylee was missing or that she was searching for her.
Casey never asked for help. He never saw her upset, angry or depressed.
Law enforcement returned a second time and searched the apartment
 for 20 to 25 minutes. He doesn't recall if any other items were removed.
Casey drove a white car, but he never got near it or rode in it. Her car was
always parked near the other tenants of the apartment.
Jose Baez

Nathan Lezniewicz

Caylee Anthony always appeared to be well taken care of by Casey the times
he saw her. He never saw Casey yell at or strike Caylee.
Casey never gave any indication that Caylee was dead.
Casey parked her car in the apartment's parking lot near to other vehicles.
Jose Baez
" Mr Lezniewicz, were you in the pool at the Anthony home the day
 Caylee drowned?"
Nathan Lezniewicz
"No sir."
Jose Baez
"No further questions."


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#33 [url]

May 30 11 12:49 PM

WITNESS: Roy Clint House (Former roommate & business partner of Anthony
He now lives in Jacksonville.
He lived in Orlando at Tony Lazzarro & Cameron Campana's apartment
for about 2 months. He was attending Full Sail University  at the time.
House met Casey Anthony at a "No Clothes Party." She wrapped herself
in the American Flag. (The photo is not in evidence.) 
Clint House
"She seemed like a fun party girl, someone that would probably get
along well with our group of friends," 
He didn't mind Casey Anthony staying at the apartment overnight.
She "never really talked about work." She lived rent free, but she
would cook, clean and try to help them promote the Club in order
to help them (Lazzaro and House) get money.
He saw Caylee 4 or 5 times at the apartment.
Casey spoke about having a Nanny but she never used a name.
In early to mid- June Casey began staying at the apartment
regularly. He didn't see Caylee.
Clint House
 "I asked her. "I haven't seen Caylee in a while, where is she?"
"She said she was with the Nanny."
He and Tony Lazzaro worked at Fusion as Club Promoters on Friday nights.
Casey was there every Friday night. She was there partying, having a good
time. She would give "wardrobe" advice to the "shot girls" working at Fusion.
Casey would help them promote Club Fusion by using social media,
posting or texting to ask her friends to attend.
 None of them ever showed up.
He never saw any change in Casey Anthony when her daughter was missing.
She never seemed scared, nervous, upset. Her demeanor never changed.
Jose Baez
Clint House
When Caylee visited, she would have on a backpack which had toys and
DVD's in it. Casey would use flash cards with her to teach her shapes
and colors.
 Casey never said her daughter was missing.
She never seemed depressed or withdrawn.

Clint House

"She seemed the exact same when living there, and when I met Caylee."

He was not in residence at the apartment when Cindy Anthony came
to the apartment with Amy Huzienga. He'd moved out about 2 weeks
before that July 15, 2008.
On June 2nd, Casey, Caylee and Tony Lazzaro went swimming.
He never saw Casey strike Caylee, treat her as a burden.
He never saw Caylee malnourished, nor treated in a negative
Jose Baez
"Was she a good mother."
Clint House
Prosecution objects.
Motion to strike.
Judge Perry strikes the last comment.

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#34 [url]

May 30 11 1:25 PM

WITNESS: Maria Kissch  (Former girlfriend of Clint House)
*In court - Casey Anthony appears to shoot a glance of "dislike" towards
the witness, Maria Kissch.
Maria is 26; she is a Retail Sales Manager.
In 2008 she was attending Full Sail University, majored in Political Science.
She was a campaign worker for an Orange County candidate for a county

May & June 2008 she lived in Kissimmee, Florida.

At the time of Caylee Anthony's disappearance she was dating Clint

She met Casey Anthony at a party and Clint House introduced Casey
as "the girl Tony Lazzaro is dating." Casey told her she worked for
Universal as an "Event Planner." 

Casey Anthony 's relationship with Tony, seemed "beneficial for Tony."

Maria Kissch
"I never questioned it."

Maria Kissch
"Casey and I weren't friends. We just saw each other because
our boyfriends were roommates." "I considered myself an
acquaintance of Casey Anthony."
Maria recalled meeting Caylee at Tony Lazarro's apartment one day
when she went to apartment to see Clint House.

Caylee answered the door all by herself. She was concerned that Caylee was
out on a screened in balcony alone. Maria felt she couldn't leave her there
along when Clint said he was ready to go. She was there 15 - 20 minutes
with Caylee and then Casey Anthony came out from Tony's room.

After Casey began staying full time at the apartment, Maria was at the
apartment several times a week. She never saw Caylee.

Around June 12, 2008, she and Casey had a conversation.
Casey told her she paid her Nanny $400.00 a week. Casey told her that
her parents were planning to move out of their house and let her and Caylee
have it.

Casey Anthony was wearing a thin-knit blueish dress during the "Hot
Body Contest" in which Casey participated, on June 20, 2008.
Casey Anthony was in charge of the "shot girls" at Fusion that night.

Maria stayed at the apartment with Clint House that night.
The next morning, Maria asked "Where's Caylee?" Casey said
"Caylee is at the beach with the Nanny."

Prosecution asks "Did you and Casey ever talk about Caylee's father?

Defense: Objection


Judge Perry: Overruled.

Maria Kissch
"She told me he (Caylee's father) was deceased."

Maria never saw change in Casey's behavior from the moment she met
her to when it was found that Caylee was deceased.

Jose Baez

Maria Kissch
She rode in the back seat of Casey's car once after Caylee disappeared.
They were all driving to get food.
No one in the vehicle mentioned any kind of odor.
Jose Baez
"Did you smell any foul odor?"

Maria Kissch
 "No sir."

Casey Anthony never asked Maria for help.
Casey never told her Caylee was missing or kidnapped.

Jose Baez
"You didn't like it that Casey Anthony was at the apartment all the time?"

Maria Kissch
"It didn't bother me. We weren't friends, we were acquaintances."

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#35 [url]

May 30 11 1:53 PM

WITNESS: Ricardo Morales (former boyfriend/friend of Casey Anthony)


Ricardo Morales (27) lives in Illinois and is now married with one child. 
He previously worked and lived in Orlando in 2008. He was employed
in the service dept. of a car dealership. 
Casey Anthony told him she worked at Universal Studios as an "Event
Planner." She sometimes mentioned names of her coworkers.
Casey told him she gave people tours of "Islands of Adventure."

Morales met Casey Anthony in 2007 at a party of a mutual friend.
February 2008 they began dating for 3 months. After they broke
up they continued to be friends.
When Casey Anthony would sleep over at his apartment, he, Casey and
Caylee would sleep together in the same bed. Him on one side, Casey
in the middle, and Caylee on the other side of Casey.
Casey would bring over clothing for both herself and Casey.
Ricardo Morales doesn't believe he was intimate with Casey when Caylee
was sleeping in the bed.
Morales never met George or Cindy Anthony, however, he had been to
the Anthony house for breakfast with Casey. Her parents weren't home.
July 2008, Amy Huzienga had been sleeping on the couch in Ricardo
Morales'  apartment. Amy and Casey were "looking for another apartment
June 10, 2008, in the morning, was the last time he saw Caylee Anthony.
Casey texted him, but said nothing about Caylee being missing or kidnapped.
Casey never mentioned anything was wrong.
July 1, 2008 - He woke up and Casey Anthony was on the couch speaking
with Amy Huzienga. Casey didn't act differently than before.
Morales made two trips, one to Boston for a week on July 2, and a second
to Puerto Rico and returned on July 15. (Amy Huzienga also went to Puerto
Casey picked them up at the airport on July 15, 2008.
Ricardo Morales
"Casey was happy and smiling. How she always is." She didn't mention
Caylee was missing."
EVIDENCE: Photograph of Caylee Anthony with Casey Anthony. The photo
                  was taken in Ricardo Morales' apartment.
Defense objects. The photo contains an image of Caylee with a bruise over
                         her eye. The defense and prosecution have a stipulation
  The judge will read an agreed statement to the jury addressing a mark on
  Caylee's face in the photo they're about to see, that it was not there as
  a result of any abuse or negligence.

Photo is show to Ricardo Morales. He identifies the surroundings as his
Ricardo Morales admitted having sold photographs of Caylee & Casey
to "The Globe" for $4,000 in August 2008.
EVIDENCE: A photograph/poster of a man and woman which says
                   "Win her over with Chloroform."
Morales identifies the photo he had placed on his MySpace page
at the time.
Ricardo Morales
"It was just a joke. I found it humorous at the time."
"I believe I uploaded it in early 2008."
I never mentioned this photo or chloroform to Casey."

"Did you ever search chloroform on the defendant's computer?"

Ricardo Morales
"I did not."
Ricardo Morales was the first person to start up Facebook page to
help find Caylee.  
 Jose Baez

Defense brings in previous statement by Ricardo Morales to law enforcement
in which he said that there was only one time that Casey and Caylee slept
in the same bed with him. He said they were not intimate during that time.

"Caylee wasn't malnourished and appeared happy with Casey Anthony.
He never saw Casey torture or punish her. 

Ricard Morales
"Casey would get angry and discipline Caylee when putting her to sleep.
 But she handled it "like any normal mother."


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#36 [url]

May 30 11 3:56 PM

WITNESS: Melissa England (former girlfriend of Troy Brown who is friends with
                 Ricardo Morales)


Melissa England (26) lives in Boston and is a Marketing Consultant for
a software firm. She used to date Troy Brown who is friends with Ricardo
Morales, Casey Anthony and Amy Huzienga.

She met Casey Anthony through Troy Brown.
Casey Anthony told her that she (Casey) worked as an "Event Planner
at Universal Studios. Melissa England was employed in a similar job in
Virginia at that time.

Melissa England
 "Casey never told me she had a daughter. She never said she was missing."

Melissa told her she didn't have any plans because Troy had to go.
Casey Anthony offered to take her shopping. They went to
 "Voyage and Mako's." Casey was very friendly and outgoing.

They went to Target & Florida Mall and Casey received some
phone calls. Melissa heard Casey Anthony arguing on the phone with her
mother about money issues and a Nanny. Casey was speaking harshly
and sounded "irritated."

Casey said she was going go get a tattoo on July 3, 2008 and invited
Melissa to go with her. Melissa isn't into tatoos and did not go.

She and Casey went to dinner at Houlihan's where Amy Huzienga waited on
them. Casey happily spoke about her then boyfriend Ricardo Morales.

 After she learned Casey had a daughter, Caylee, Casey told her that
she wanted to "move out of Orlando, or even Florida, to take her daughter
where she could get a "better education."

They were at Chillers bar (downtown Orlando); Casey kept getting calls
"that upset her." Casey would argue with her brother Lee over the phone.

Melissa England
"She seemed to be very distraught. She was crying."

Once they were all together, and Casey was supposed to go and
hang with other friends.

Casey phoned them and told the other persons that she had to "work."

Melissa England
When she got off the phone, she turned and said "Oh, my God. I'm such a
good liar!"

*In court - Casey Anthony shakes her head "no."

Jose Baez
The defense insinuates the reason that the witness testified is
free plane fare and hotel.

Melissa England
Does not know how Caylee died, or when, or where.
She doesn't know much about Casey Anthony's behaviour
with Caylee.

 She and her then boyfriend Troy invited Casey to go bowling
with them. They never saw her again.

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#37 [url]

May 30 11 4:23 PM

WITNESS: Troy Brown (Friend of Ricardo Morales, former boyfriend of Melissa


Troy Brown (26) lives in Virginia and works in Advertising Sales.
While attending UCF he lived in Florida, and used to work as a
Valet at the Sheraton Hotel.

He met Casey Anthony in 2007 at a birthday party. He saw more of
her when she was dating Ricardo Morales.

*Troy Brown, throughout his testimony refers to Casey Anthony as
"the defendant."

Troy Brown is asked to point out Casey Anthony. He points to the

Casey Anthony said she wouldn't go on the Puerto Rico trip with him and
the others because she "needed to find a place to live and had "car issues."

EVIDENCE: Facebook Conversation between Troy Brown & Casey Anthony

Defense objects.
Judge Perry: Overruled

 Facebook Post from Casey Anthony - June 24, 2008
"She (Amy) still has yet to move in the house."
"...hell, in the past 9 days, i haven't been living in the house.
DRAMMMMMMMA. i'll fill ya in later."


Casey was upset while receiving phone calls from her brother Lee.
She fought on the phone with him and appeared to be crying.
When Casey was off the phone she would be in her "regular mood."
Whenver she was on the phone she would be upset again.
July 3, 2008, Troy got a ride to work by Casey Anthony. She was driving
Tony Lazzaro's vehicle.

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#38 [url]

May 30 11 4:32 PM

WITNESS: Iassen Donov 
Iassen Donov (27) lives in Central Florida and works in Pharmaceutical
Sales as a Recruiter.
 He only saw Caylee once at her 2nd birthday party.
Defense: Objection
Jose Baez
"Much of this evidence is irrelevant."
 Judge Perry: Overruled
The court is looking at Instant Messaging transcripts between Iassen
and Casey on June 13, June 19, June 20, July 14, of 2008.
Iassen Donov
Casey was not a heavy drinker, and would "drink light" at parties."

*Note: This is not from the trial - Casey reportedly spent time with Iassen
during the time Anthony Lazzaro was out of state.**

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#39 [url]

May 30 11 4:39 PM

WITNESS: Dante Salati
Dante Salati (26) is a Mechanic. He's known Casey Anthony as a friend
for more than a decade. He attended High School with her.
At the time of Caylee's disappearance, he was living in the Sawgrass
Apartments, the same apartment complex that Casey claimed her
"Nanny" "Zanny" had lived.
He, and a group of people including Casey were at an Ale House.
Casey seemed normal and "completely worry free."
 Dante Salati
"Finding out that Casey didn't have a Nanny, and didn't work at Universal
was "shocking."

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#40 [url]

May 30 11 4:59 PM

WITNESS: Christopher Stutz (Former boyfriend of Casey Anthony)
Christopher Stutz  (23) works at an Aquatic Center at the Lake Nona
YMCA. He's known Casey Anthony since 2002.
Casey was formerly his girlfriend but they parted ways because he
was too far away in school at FSU. They remained friends.
May 2008 - Casey and Caylee went to his house and stayed all night.

Judge Perry: The jury are to disregard "she stayed all night" comment.

June 2008 - Casey Anthony came to his parent's house. Caylee was not with
Stutz says "there was a lot of love between Casey and Caylee."
He told Law Enforcement that "Casey didn't like to go out and drink because
she didn't want to leave Caylee with her parents."
Casey called him from jail.
Judge Perry: stopped the questioning and called for a Sidebar.

June 2008 - he saw her at the apartment complex he was working for.
Casey told him that her "boyfriend needed a new place."
He was unaware that Caylee was missing until July when he received

a text from Casey Anthony's cell phone. Lee Anthony called him later.

Christopher Stutz told Det. Yuri Mellich that he had a feeling something
"accidental" happened to Caylee.

Stutz recalls being at Buffulo Wild Wings and Casey approached his
table and said Hi. She was "upbeat and happy."

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