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Oct 2 10 6:28 PM

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                                            CAYLEE ANTHONY
                                    TRIAL SCHEDULED FOR MAY 2011

*Events and information related to Pre-trial hearings and Trial will be posted here.
Caylee Anthony - A beautiful child cruelly cut from the bosom of life before her time.

Casey Anthony - On trial for murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

                                     Casey Anthony in court - July 29, 2008
                                    Photo credit -  Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel

                                     ADDITIONS TO LEGAL TEAM
2010 - September 8 - Dorothy Clay Sims filed a notice of limited appearance as

Attorney Dorothy Clay Sims (Specializes in cross-examining medical expert
witnesses) "I am appearing as co-counsel for the defendant…for the limited purpose
of  cross-examining experts."

2010 - September 14 -  Charles Green of Orlando will take over Casey Anthony's civil


2010 - September 27 - The state attorney’s office has turned over almost 50 pages
                                 of documents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the

                                  ADDITION TO LEGAL TEAM
2010 - October 1 -   Attorney Ann Finnell filed paperwork to officially join Casey’s
                              legal team and will be preparing for the penalty phase of
                             Casey Anthony's trial, should she be found guilty of murder.
Attorney Ann Finnell
"Hopefully it will never get to a penalty phase… Hopefully, Ms. Anthony is found not
guilty and my role will be greatly diminished.”

At first, Attorney Finnell agreed to work pro bono, however, a motion filed by Finnell
requests Judge Belvin Perry determine a budget, to include costs for a psychiatrist,
a private investigator and a mitigation specialist. Finnell estimates "costs during a
penalty phase could cost approximately $20,000."  (At taxpayer expense)

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#1 [url]

Apr 3 11 3:44 PM

 For a look at the pre-trial delays, the representing attorneys and experts who
arrive and then leave the case; a concise untangling of the legalese involved in the various
(Numerous) hearings - visit:

TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS where Sprocket and others provide indepth reporting
and commentary of not only the Caylee Anthony case, but many others.

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#2 [url]

Apr 18 11 4:21 PM

ABC Action News

"So far, more than 500 applications for media credentials have been submitted."
"Perry previously said he wants to make sure there are seats available in the
courtroom for members of the public. Only a small number of those with media
credentials will be inside the courtroom at any given time."

"In addition to local media, the list includes "Dateline NBC," "Good Morning
America," CNN's Anderson Cooper, HLN's Nancy Grace, Newsweek and People

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#3 [url]

Apr 18 11 4:24 PM

2011 - April 9 - Orlando Jury Possible?

"Originally, Judge Belvin Perry agreed that a jury outside of Orange County would
be chosen and transported to the area for Casey’s trial, however, during an evidence
hearing Friday, he noted that if an outside jury is unable to be obtained, an Orange
County jury would be chosen on May 17.

"Judge Perry noted that he will hear objections to that idea during the next hearing
on April 15. If he decides to maintain a jury outside the area, he will then determine
a secondary location from which to pick jurors."

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#4 [url]

Apr 18 11 5:11 PM



"Originally, Judge Belvin Perry agreed that a jury outside of Orange County
would be chosen and transported to the area for Casey’s trial, however,
during an evidence hearing Friday, he noted that if an outside jury is unable
to be obtained, an Orange County jury would be chosen on May 17.

Judge Perry noted that he will hear objections to that idea during the next
hearing on April 15. If he decides to maintain a jury outside the area, he
will then determine a secondary location from which to pick jurors."

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#5 [url]

Apr 18 11 5:14 PM

2011 - April 11 -


"In a notice sent to the defense and to the court, prosecutors said they would
 use as many as 236 photographs. Some of the images have been under seal
because they show Caylee Anthony's remains.

Jury selection for Anthony's murder trial is scheduled to begin May 9."


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#6 [url]

Apr 18 11 5:20 PM

Photo at link

"Investigators this week obtained a previously unreleased photograph that
documents Casey Anthony's apparent carefree state of mind 2½ weeks
after the state alleges she killed her daughter and dumped her body in
the woods. The photo was taken on July 4, 2008, as Anthony and her
friends walked to a fireworks celebration in downtown Orlando. 

Waters said he revealed during his deposition earlier this month that he
had taken photos of Anthony, but he was only able to retrieve one from
his computers. He said he turned it over to Detective Yuri Melich on

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#7 [url]

Apr 18 11 5:24 PM

2011 - April 13 - LINDA KENNY BADEN (Former attorney for Casey Anthony)
                         INTERVIEW  VIDEO


"Linda Kenney Baden, who left the defense team in October, said, "She lied.
Sure. I think everyone knows that was a lie," referring to Casey’s claim that
Caylee was kidnapped by a babysitter named Zenaida Gonzalez.
In the interview, which airs at 10 p.m. Saturday on Local 6, Kenney Baden
also said Casey’s "actions have been her own worst enemy."

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#9 [url]

May 5 11 10:25 PM


"Perry gave prosecutors a green light to introduce the finding of chloroform
in the air in Anthony's car and computer searches for how to make chloroform
on the Anthony family's home computer.

A hair strand in the trunk of the car with an alleged death band on it will also be admissible, as well as a stain in the trunk that may have come from a decomposing body.

Perry also will allow evidence on root growth at the crime scene, which may
indicate Caylee Anthony's body was dumped days after she vanished. They
can also argue someone placed a heart-shaped sticker on the duct tape
found on the child's skull."

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#10 [url]

May 5 11 10:30 PM


"Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Belvin Perry put in place rules Wednesday
governing how members of the public may get seats in court for the
upcoming Casey Anthony trial and how protesters will be permitted to
assemble outside the courthouse

No one will be allowed on the courthouse's 23rd floor without a seating pass
during the trial, which is expected to last nearly two months.

 Jury selection is set to start on Monday outside of Orlando. If a jury is
successfully seated next week, then the testimony and evidence portion
of the trial will begin May 17 back here in Orlando.

Judge Perry's order is effective now through July 15 or the end of the trial."


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#11 [url]

May 5 11 10:33 PM


"A lawyer for Casey Anthony said Thursday in a court filing that he doesn't want
the parents of the accused child killer in the courtroom during her first-degree
murder trial. The defense objected to a motion from the parents -- George and
Cindy Anthony -- who had asked Orange County Superior Court Chief Judge
Belvin Perry Jr. that they be exempted from the rule of sequestration for relatives
of the victim. The parents have the right to attend all crucial stages of the
proceedings, but "this right must yield to the defendant's right to a fair trial,"
the defense motion said, citing a ruling in another case. Courts typically prefer
that witnesses not be allowed to attend out of fear that others' testimony could
affect that of the witnesses.

"George and Cindy Anthony will likely be subject to impeachment by the
testimony of other witnesses," said the motion, which was signed by defense
attorney J. Cheney Mason. It asks that the Anthonys be sequestered "throughout
the relevant portions" of the trial.


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#12 [url]

May 9 11 7:50 PM

Jury Selection -  Clearwater, Pinellas County, Florida.
VIDEO - Casey Anthony Booked into a Clearwater jail for jury selection.
Frisked In the classic "spread em."
"Over defence objections, Judge Perry recently issued an order to allow evidence
concerning heart-shaped residue a fingerprint examiner saw but did not preserve
on duct tape that covered Caylee's mouth. Investigators found heart-shaped stickers
in the Anthony home."

"The judge has also approved a forensic botanist's testimony concerning how long
Caylee's body lay in the woods based on plant growth on her bones, evidence of a
stain found in Casey's car trunk that is consistent with volatile fatty acids from
human decomposition, and elevated chloroform levels detected in Casey's car."

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#13 [url]

May 9 11 7:53 PM

"Lawyers for Casey Anthony are trying to convince a judge that the mom
suspected of murdering her daughter Caylee was not properly read her
rights and that key statements by Anthony should be thrown out of her
upcoming trial.

Among the remarks that could be at risk are Anthony's statement to Florida
police that her missing daughter was with a babysitter named Zenaida
Gonzales. Police eventually determined that Anthony did not know a babysitter
named Zenaida Gonzales. Anthony's defense is also trying to rule out jailhouse
videos and statements she made while in jail where she talks to her family
and visitors in the days while Caylee was still listed as missing and before
her body was found. The videos show Anthony concerned about legal
strategy and not expressing worry about her daughter."

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#15 [url]

May 10 11 10:31 PM

2011 - May 9 - Drama in the courtroom. Jury pool contamination 49 potential jurors

Photo of Patricia Young at link

"Approximately 50 potential jurors in the Casey Anthony murder case were sent
home Tuesday after it was discovered one of them was also a potential witness
 for the defense team.
Patricia Young, a St. Petersburg woman who says she simply showed up for
jury duty when she was told to, is quite familiar with the Anthony case.  She
went to Orlando in 2008 to search for the body of 2-year-old Caylee.
She also filed assault charges against Casey's father, George, in September
2008 after he shoved her while she protested outside the Anthony home.

One time I did say, 'The Casey Anthony trial is going on up in Clearwater.'
I was thinking the courthouse up in Clearwater," Young said. While there is
a courthouse in the county seat of Clearwater, jury selection is taking place
at the main county courthouse in unincorporated Pinellas County.That building,
however, still has a Clearwater address. "I think it might have been two or three
people that I talked to all day...and very little," Young said, regretting that so
many people had to waste a day in court.

"I really didn't have any doubts that I wouldn't be picked," she continued. 
"But I would have liked to because I think she's guilty."

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#16 [url]

May 10 11 10:35 PM


Sentinel exclusive: Letter from potential Casey Anthony juror who

was dismissed from case.

"I can tell you that in spite of the Chief Judge's video clip shown to all jurors
prior to the random selection of those 50 of us who were asked to return in
the afternoon, and even when all of us were standing in front of Courtroom 1
waiting to be ushered in, there was much speculative chit-chat amongst
jurors about whether we were there for the Casey Anthony trial. It was at that
point that I happened to be standing near the woman who was involved in the
search and rescue of the victim in this case, and she voiced the opinion that
she wouldn't be chosen because of her involvement. I can also tell you that
there were MANY speculative comments flying around after some potential
jurors started to be ushered into Courtroom 1, only to be ushered out again
because of a "legal matter that needed to be addressed" outside of our
presence. Following that, the "buzz" in the hallway outside the Courtroom
increased  dramatically, as several of those who had entered into the
courtroom for a few seconds before came out "boasting" with the
information that "she" was in there.

This was followed by much speculative chatter about the Defendant's guilt

or innocence, and several potential jurors' tales about their own personal
hardships that would be the result of the horrors of being sequestered in
Orlando for 6-8 weeks."

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#17 [url]

May 10 11 10:38 PM


"Casey Anthony's lawyers said we may all be shocked when we hear her
defense. The prosecution's theory in the case is already clear: They want
to convince the jury that Casey drugged and killed her daughter, Caylee,
and then discarded the 2-year-old's body in the woods so she could go
out and party. The defense team hasn't even hinted about what story they
will tell. But  they told me we're in for quite a surprise. "We suspect there
will be some jaw-dropping," said defense attorney Cheney Mason. "We'll have
to wait and see."  Casey's lawyers claimed three years of questions could
be answered in three minutes at trial. It might shock the public. But will it
convince a jury?

"The court of public opinion is the most uneducated court in the whole country,"
said lead defense attorney Jose Baez, who claimed much of the state's evidence
against Casey has been misinterpreted."

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#18 [url]

May 12 11 7:57 PM


"Also Thursday, Rosalie Bolin, an anti-death penalty activist who is married
 to convicted murderer and death row inmate Oscar Ray Bolin Jr., was
assisting Anthony's defense team. Anthony's defense attorney Jose Baez
declined to discuss Bolin's role, and Bolin told a reporter simply that "It
should be obvious what I'm doing here."

Bolin once worked as a death penalty mitigation expert for the Hillsborough
County Public Defender's Office. She was removed from Bolin's for spending
too much time on Oscar Ray Bolin Jr.'s case, and eventually fell in love with

"According to a 1996 LA Times story, Bolin left her prominent Tampa attorney
husband and her kids to marry Oscar Bolin, a convicted murderer. The pair got
married over the telephone and they currently visit in a Stake jail about once a

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#19 [url]

May 12 11 8:13 PM

Throwing George Anthony and Cindy Anthony under the bus as a defense
for Caylee Anthony's death.


One of Anthony's attorneys, Ann Finnell, did not state in court that her
client killed her daughter. Rather, she raised potential "mitgating
circumstances" to try to gauge what would-be jurors might consider
if they have to decide whether to sentence Anthony to death if she is
convicted of murder. Finnel specifically laid out such factors when
broaching the subject with Orange County Superior Court Chief Judge
Belvin Perry Jr., the presiding judge in the case. She started with
age -- Anthony was 23 when her daughter went missing -- then went
onto include a "lack of maturity" and "lack of impulse control." The
lawyer, too, said that "a history of sexual abuse" might be one of the
mitigating factors, later asking potential jurors individually whether
they would take that into account as well as alleged verbal and
emotional abuse. "Lack of parental guidance. Mother and father
failed to protect her as  a child," said Finnel, reeling off what she
described as "mitigating  circumstances" to Perry. "The fact she
was verbally and emotionally  abused as a child. She was taught
poor coping and has poor coping skills by normal standards.
"She was taught to project false appearance," the attorney added.
She was used as a decoy or pawn  by her parents and a scapegoat
for parental misconduct."

'Attorney Brad Conway told “In Session” that he believed the defense team 
will “throw George and Cindy Anthony under the bus. They’re going to try
and shift some of the blame to the family, and the only person who that
can successfully do that is Casey Anthony.” Conway, who used to
represent George and Cindy Anthony, predicted that Casey will take
the stand. Conway added that the defense team has nothing to lose by
putting Casey on the stand, even though she has repeatedly lied. “To put
 her on the stand at this point and have her show emotion and have her
tearfully tell the jury how awful her family is, they have nothing to lose,”
Conway said.

From his dealings with the Anthony family, Conway said he had no doubt
they are a normal family and he didn’t think anything Casey will say about
abuse will stand up. “But she’s the only one who can do that. They’re not
going to verify that,” Conway said. “The jury will have to decide who’s lying
and who’s telling the truth.”

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#20 [url]

May 12 11 8:16 PM

"WESH’s Kealing noted that Anthony’s diaries reflect no allegations of abuse.
He also talked to Mark Lippman, the attorney for George and Cindy Anthony,
Casey’s parents. Lippman said of the defense’s strategy, “It would be a huge
mistake on their part. She will get destroyed.”  
"George and Cindy Anthony's former attorney, Brad Conway, told WESH 2
News that he believes Casey Anthony will have to take the stand herself for
the defense to work.

The Anthonys' current attorney, Mark Lippman, disagrees. He said there's
no evidence of abuse in Anthony's diary, which is in the custody of authorities."


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