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Sep 26 10 11:29 AM

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Jan Dunn Keller (48), is described by friends and family as inspirational, helpful,
fun and loving life. Jan was a teacher for 15 years and cared for her students as
if they were a part of her family. Jan is described as "an amazing teacher with
a heart for children" and "going farther than just teaching students the academics,
but also instilling good character traits in them."
                                              Jan Dunn Keller

So how then, did this intelligent, wonderful woman, daughter, mother of two,
and teacher, end up as a murder victim?

It begins with a problem many women have, loving or caring for an unsuitable
                                    BELOVED TEACHER
1997 - Jan Dunn Keller, a native of Putman County, begins teaching   
          within the school system in St. Augustine, Florida.
Lisa Ingram Burnett (childhood friend)
"Once you met her, you knew you had been blessed, 
Jan devoured life. She loved it from the moment she woke
in the morning to the time she went to bed. She never met
a stranger. She never met someone she wouldn't help."
                                    AN UNSUITABLE MAN
Timothy Dale Rose's criminal history for the past 30 years (allegedly) began 
in Colorado. Living there for 25 + years, he allegedly has a lengthy rap sheet
in Colorado alone for DUI's, Theft, Domestic Violence, Assault, Burglary, Arson,
Drugs etc. He allegedly served prison time in Colorado. Once he gets out, he
moves to St. Augustine, Florida.

                                    Timothy Dale Rose
                                    CRIMINAL MISCHIEF
2002 - Timothy Dale Rose is charged with criminal mischief after being accused  
          of slashing the tires on his wife's vehicle. That charge is dropped.
                                      A NEW SCHOOL POSITION
2007 - Jan Dunn Keller takes a teaching position at Kelley Smith Elementary school.
Principal Laura France
"She would make sure that those children had the character traits as well as
the academics.  Jan taught in Putnam county for 15 years, four of them at
Kelly Smith Elementary while I was the principal. She was an administrators
dream. She was a co-worker that people would go to for inspiration, support,
                                     DOMESTIC ABUSE
2007 -
          Timothy Dale Rose is arrested after being accused of beating (his wife 
          at the time) Debby Rose. Charges are dropped.
                                      DOMESTIC ABUSE
2008 - Timothy Dale Rose is arrested after being accused of beating Debby Rose.

          Charges are dropped.
                    DEFT TO COMPLETE (6) ANG/MGT CLASSES
                    NOLLE PROSSED (His attorney worked him out a deal.)

                                      DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE
2008 -  Timothy Dale Rose is convicted of DUI.

2009 -  Putnam County, Jan Keller is divorced from David R. Keller. 
           They have two children.
Jan's Attorney
"Nothing in her divorce judgment from Davie R. Keller was contentious."

                                       Jan Dunn Keller
                                      AGGRAVATED BATTERY

2009 - Timothy Dale Rose is charged with aggravated battery in an attack of    
          aman and on that man's wife.  Charges are dropped due to conflicting
          witness statements.

                       BATTERY (784.03 1a 1)

                       (784.045 1a 2)

               CRIMINAL MISCHIEF (ABOVE $200.00 BUT BELOW $1000.00)

                       (806.13 1b2)

Timothy Dale Rose has been arrested several times in St. Johns County on
charges of assault with a deadly weapon, battery, domestic battery, criminal
mischief and DUI. All but the DUI charge were dropped.  


2009 - Timothy Dale Rose (51), unemployed maintenance man, with a lengthy
          rap sheet, a history of domestic violence, and teacher Jan Dunn Keller, 
          reside together in the Samara Lakes subdivision of St. Augustine,
                                Jan's Facebook
Vincent (35) (A neighbor, his mother lives next to Rose & Keller)
"I and my family often heard Rose screaming inside and outside the home
at Keller. Rose also yelled at a woman who previously lived in the home.
We were used to the police coming over."
School Colleagues
"She hadn't shown any signs of distress, or indicated that there

were problems in her private life."
                                    DOMESTIC ABUSE
 Two weeks prior to August 23, 2010 -
Jan Dunn Keller is seen by a friend, and Jan is badly bruised.
"In general, the couple's arguments were physical."

"Although she had recently packed her bags and planned to
leave, she had reportedly changed her mind."

2010- August 22 - Sunday Night -
Jan Keller phones a friend asking if he'd pick her up from the Oasis
restaurant at St. Augustine Beach. She said she was with Rose,
and that she was frightened. The friend tells her that he's too far
away and can't help her.
Jan Keller phones another friend, a man, while Timothy Rose is in
the Oasis restroom. "Jan told me that she was "scared."

                                     TIMOTHY ROSE'S ACCOUNT 
 "I last saw jan at the Oasis sometime after 10:30 P.M. Sunday night. Jan
walked outside for a cigarette, but she never returned."
"I found Jan's car keys on the table, took them, left her there and drove her
car home. I didn't call Jan that night because something was wrong with my
cell phone."

                                    "IT WASN'T MY BUSINESS"

2010 - August 23 - Monday - 
         2:00 A.M. -
 Brenda Garcia (Neighbor living with her mother next door to Rose
 & Keller)
"I heard them arguing with each other around 2 a.m. Monday.
The lady screaming in his house, and they were mostly arguing and everything,
but I didn't call the cops because it was not my business."

"She went outside. She started screaming. He pulled her inside and told her,
"Come inside! Come inside! You need to come inside! " She was screaming,
"Please let me go! Please let me go!'" They went inside, so I didn't hear nothing
else after that."
                                   MISSING PERSONS REPORT
 2010 - August 24 - Monday - Teacher's orientation - First day of school.
Jan Keller doesn't show up for the first day of school for her 3rd grad
class at Kelley Smith Elementary School.  This is alarming to her colleagues
because it isn't like Jan.

The school notifies her daughter, who calls police. She also notifies a cousin
in law enforcement (Central Florida), Capt. Sandy Carpenter. Once he hears
the circumstances surrounding Jan's disappearance, he drives down to do his
own investigating in St. John's county. He begins to surveil the house where
Jan and Timothy Rose lives.

The school also reports Jan missing.

Tom Townsend (Putnam County schools Superintendent)
"Jan Keller's co-workers first became concerned when she did not show up
for teacher orientation Monday. We knew it was out of character for her not
to be there."

2:00 P.M. -  Deputies go to Enon Court to the home shared by Jan Keller and
                  Timothy Rose.

Timothy Rose tells the deputies
 "I last saw jan at the Oasis sometime after 10:30 P.M. Sunday night. Jan
walked outside for a cigarette, but she never returned."
"I found Jan's car keys on the table, took them, left her there and drove her
car home. I didn't call Jan that night because something was wrong with my
cell phone."

Detectives are suspicious not only of his account of last seeing Jan, but
his body language gives them concern.

Sheriff David B. Shoar (St. John's County)
"Detectives didn't feel comfortable with the mannerisms and information
Rose told them as they continued the investigation, which gave them
reason to go back to the home."
                                   ATTEMPTED SUICIDE

2010 - August 25 - Tuesday -
8:00 A.M. - Detectives arrived, unannounced and knock on the door.
                 A pickup truck is backed up to the garage and a shovel with
                 fresh dirt on it, and a cold beer is in the back of the truck.
                Jan Keller's vehicle is also in the driveway.

               Timothy Rose sees the deputies drive up to the house.
               He quickly ingests some prescription medication.

               Rose refuses to answer the door.

Investigators, believing Jan Keller to be inside and endangered, break down
the door. They find Timothy Dale Rose nearly unconscious with a pill bottle
and a shotgun lying beside him.

Sheriff David B. Shoar (St. John's County)
"The shovel was likely being used to dig a burial site for the body.
He was basically trapped in that house; he knew he was not getting out,"

Deputies call paramedics and Timothy Rose is transported to Flagler Hospital.


Investigators obtain a warrant and search the home. Detectives call in Crime
Scene Personnel due to a gruesome discovery in the garage of the residence.


Detectives find a nude female torso, wrapped in sheets and a blue a tarp.
The toros exhibits stabs in the chest and once in the back.

The head, feet and hands are missing.

A reciprocating electric saw with bone fragments and blood on it is found
next to the torso.
Lisa Ingram Burnett (Childhood friend)
"Life is so unfair, and no one deserves to be treated this way.
No one deserves to die this way."


 2010 - August 26 - Wednesday - After Timothy Rose is deemed
                            ready for release from the hospital, he is arrested.

                                           Timothy Dale Rose Mugshot


Kip Brantley (Homicide Detective)
"Rose has not been cooperative with us. Although the suspect
alluded to certain aspects of the murder, he was uncooperative
and extremely evasive in assisting detective in locating the
victim's dismembered parts."

                                   SEARCH FOR DISMEMBERED REMAINS
 2010 - August 27 -
Sheriff David B. Shoars (St. John's County)
"The victim has a cousin who is a law enforcement officer in central Florida.
He arrived in St. Johns County as soon as he heard of the circumstances
surrounding his cousin's disappearance. He practically had the house under
surveillance. He has been of tremendous assistance in the investigation.
Based on information developed, detectives and deputies began what could
have been an extensive search in an undeveloped area of Samara Lakes.
"Rose shared some information with officers but did not tell deputies
 the whereabouts of the missing body parts. This man is a true monster.
This person, if you can call him that, offered no help at all."

                                  REMAINS ARE FOUND

Detective George Harrigan         
"In an isolated wooded area in the back of the Samara Lakes subdivision
off Pacetti Road, within 30 minutes of an extensive grid search, air and
ground personnel spotted a suspicious area."

Deputies begin digging in the spot. Remains are found in two holes
dug nearly 30 feet apart from one another in a cleared field behind
the subdivision.A woman's head is found in a separate hole from the
dismembered feet and hands, also wrapped in plastic bags,

They are the missing body parts of Jan Dunn Keller. The remains are
transported to the District Medical Examiner's Office to be included in
the autopsy that is to be conducted.

Sheriff B. Shoar, in response to a reporter's question of "Was the body
dismembered before or after her death?" states "We are hoping the
autopsy will positively confirm the victim's identity and answer that
question as the investigation continues."

"This is probably one of the more heinous crimes that I have been
involved in, and I've been doing this job for almost 30 years."
Detective George Harrigan

"Rose faces first-degree premeditated murder charges and is
being held in the St. Johns County jail without bond."
 Sheriff David B. Shoar
"There were injuries inflicted on Keller's body outside of the
dismemberment, and the cause of death is still unknown."
"I am hopeful that the death penalty will be sought in this case."

"How does one human being do this to another human being?
How could you commit an act like this against someone you
supposedly care about?"
Trinity United Methodist - a table full of photos of Jan Dunn Keller, surrounded
by flowers, is in place instead of a casket. Messages from current and former
students are placed there as well. Family, friends and students come to mourn
and say good bye to Jan, a much loved daughter, mother, teacher and friend, 
                                   MEMORIAL PAGE FOR JAN KELLER

                                    FLORIDA LAW - DEATH PENALTY STATUTE
"In order for Rose's charges to qualify as punishable by death, a case must
be made that what he did was heinous, atrocious and cruel."

                                   INDICTMENT - 1st DEGREE MURDER
2010 - September 3 -  GRAND JURY

A St. Johns County grand jury returns an indictment of First Degree Murder
against Timothy Dale Rose in the death of Jan Dunn Keller.
 Timothy Dale Rose has been assigned a public defender.

Future hearings will be scheduled for Circuit Judge Wendy Berger's courtroom.

Tom Townsend (Putnam County schools Superintendent)
"It is a tragic loss of a dearly loved teacher and friend.

She was really committed to her kids. Our community is
greater for having had her."

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#2 [url]

Nov 13 10 9:43 PM

                                    PLEA DEAL - GUILTY
                                    TO 1st DEGREE MURDER -ROSE GETS LIFE IN PRISON
                                    WITHOUT POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE FOR MURDER -
                                    DECAPITATION & DISMEMBERMENT.

Assistant Public Defender Jim Valerino
"I and co-counsel Val Quetti asked Rose early on if he would be willing to plead
if the prosecution offered a life sentence. He said he would. We have learned...
sometimes you're able to work it out early on instead of litigating it for two years."

                                         COURT HEARING

Inside the court hearing, the side designated for
                                the victim's family & friends is filled.
                                On the side designated for the defendant, there
                                is only Rose's mother, an aunt and a cousin.
Timothy Dale Rose (51)
"I don't remember attacking Jan Keller and dismembering her body."

2010 - November 4 -
"The killing was likely the result of a jealous rage and crime of passion, a result
of what family members described as Keller's "social butterfly" personality."
"When investigators questioned Rose, they said he alluded to certain aspects
of the killing, but was uncooperative and "extremely evasive" in assisting
detectives in locating Keller's dismembered parts."
"Searchers didn't find jan Keller's missing head and limbs until the afternoon 
of Aug. 26, buried in an isolated wooded area in the back of the subdivision."
"Rose forced the woman who cared for him to look into the eyes of "absolute
evil" at the moment of her death."

                                   VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENTS

Captain Sandy Carpenter  (Orange County Sheriff's Office) (Cousin of Jan)

"I drove to St. Johns County and parked outside Rose’s house for hours, sensing
something was wrong. I became increasingly worried and spoke with a St. Johns
Deputy who didn’t believe Rose’s alibi that the missing Jan Keller left the bar with
someone else. Friends of Jan's described how Rose had been abusive to her and
"I watched Rose leave the house and drive to a remote part of the subdivision
but lost him for 12 minutes, until Rose returned to the house and backed into
the driveway."
“I learned enough about you in those hours to know in my heart this was not
going to end well,”
"She had to look at absolute evil when she took her last breath. I'm convinced
you will observe much worse when you take your last breath. What kind of a
man says he wants to commit suicide and has a perfectly good shotgun available
but takes a bottle of Oxycontin instead?"  "That's right. A coward."

"I'm sure you will have many friends in prison who won't put up with your abuse."
 "They're waiting on you."

 He (Sandy Carpenter) then read a Victim's Impact Letter written by Jan Dunn
Keller's  daughter, Kasey.

Kasey Keller
"Knowing that her graduation (a bachelor's degree in education in April) is
 only one of many special occasions that she won't share with her mother
adds more pain to the "unfathomable nightmare" Rose created.
Everyone she knows would say I have "a gentle soul" and a "genuine love
for people. That has changed.
"Sadly, at this moment, all I want is to verbally, emotionally and physically
abuse Tim Rose the same way he did my Mom. I would love an opportunity
to humiliate him and treat him like the worthless piece of garbage he is.
"I pray that every day he sits in a prison cell and thinks of my mother and
sees her face and the faces of every person he's hurt."
Mark Dunn (brother of Jan Keller)
"Jan improved this world by the way she lived her life and treated others.
With her last breath, she realized the person she cared for and loved
was also the person who was going to commit ... the ultimate act of
betrayal by killing her."
Michael Dunn (Brother of Jan Keller)
"Tim, I just want to tell you you are a piece of (expletive),"

Judge Wendy Berger
Sir, sir, I’m not going to allow you to engage in that kind of behavior.”
Michael Dunn
"He's a monster, and he deserves to what he gets. It's just a senseless crime.
She loved him. She did everything for him, but that just wasn't enough because
he's just a jealous person,"
                                    ROSE'S STATEMENT TO JAN KELLER'S FAMILY
Timothy Dale Rose
"I just want to tell people I'm truly sorry, and I know it won't bring nobody back.
I'm having a hard time dealing with it, and I will pay for what I've done. I still
can't remember a lot, but I am truly, truly sorry. And there's nothing else I
can really say."
Rose turned to his mother and stated
"You were a good mom and still are."

Tearfully, she responded "I love you."

St. Johns Circuit Judge Wendy W. Berger
"With a plea deal that eliminated the death penalty, there is only one possible
sentence - Life without the possibility of parole."

In addition to your prison term, court costs, fines and fees you will be responsible
for. They are all converted to a civil lien.

You are also ordered to make restitution of $8,028.31 to Kasey Keller, for the
costs of burying her mother Jan Keller.

Berger allowed Rose and his mother to hug just before deputies led him away
to be transferred to prison to begin his sentence.

                                     AFTER THE HEARING
Michael Dunn (Jan's brother)
"It's still hard and it'll take time, but time heals all wounds."
Mark Dunn (Jan's brother)
"Rose's apology in court doesn't mean a whole lot. He betrayed my sister,
somebody that truly loved him, and this vicious act, this cowardly act, he's
where he needs to be in a cage for the rest of his life."

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