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Oct 11 11 9:45 PM

2011 - October 10 - JURY SELECTION BEGINS

Oct. 10, 2011  
Jury selection began Monday morning for the trial of a western Ouachita Parish
teenager accused of killing his parents. The selection of jurors for the trial of
Dalton Fletcher, now 16, is taking place in courtroom four at the Ouachita Parish

Oct. 11, 2011  


"Fletcher, 16, sat quietly beside his defense attorneys as potential jurors underwent

a series of thorough questioning in front of 4th Judicial District Judge Daniel Ellender.
Jury selection is taking place in courtroom four at the Ouachita Parish Courthouse
and is expected to last through the remainder of the week."

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Oct 31 11 5:24 PM

                              NOVEMBER 28, 2011

"The trial of Dalton Fletcher, a Ouachita Parish teenager accused of killing his
parents a year ago, has been moved to Bossier Parish.

It was determined during a status hearing Thursday that the trial will be held
Nov. 28 in Benton.

The News-Star reports the decision comes one week after a judge agreed publicity
about the case made it impossible to empanel an impartial jury in Ouachita Parish."

"4th Judicial District Judge Daniel Ellender approved the defense's motion for a
change of venue after two days of thorough jury selection in which attorneys
discovered most of the prospective jurors were considerably familiar with case.
Assistant District Attorney Geary Aycock, who is prosecuting the case, said
he doesn't anticipate the same problems in Benton. "There has been little or
no news reporting in that area about this case up until this point," he said."

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Nov 20 11 5:08 PM

I know Dalton, this kid isn't crazy. He is just a spoiled brat and always has been. From elementary school, he was rude and talked to his mother like she was a dog. She was a sweet person, and did not deserve this at all. And as for his sister being involved, I mean, put yourself in that position.. What would you do?

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Nov 30 11 9:12 PM

As a member of the family, all I can say is that as this trial goes into it's third day, prayers are needed for the family as many have seen the pictures of Johnny and Tammy's slain bodies. This is a hard time for my family and my heart goes out to my cousins and aunts as they endure the nightmare again as if it was yesterday. The loss of Johnny and Tammy was hard enough a year ago. But to have to relive it all over again is torture no mother, sister, cousin, or friend should ever have to endure.

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Dec 12 11 8:08 PM

As a member of the family, all I can say is that as this trial goes into it's third day, prayers are needed for the family as many have seen the pictures of Johnny and Tammy's slain bodies. This is a hard time for my family and my heart goes out to my cousins and aunts as they endure the nightmare again as if it was yesterday. The loss of Johnny and Tammy was hard enough a year ago. But to have to relive it all over again is torture no mother, sister, cousin, or friend should ever have to endure.


Thank you for posting your thoughts guest.

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Dec 12 11 9:38 PM

2011 - Dec. 1 -
District Attorney Geary Aycock
John and Tammy Fletcher were loving and providing partents. The family
took hunting trips together. They gave their son Dalton, a four-wheeler,
a dirt bike, and a Jeep. He had a TV, stereo and refrigerator in his room."

"Dalton Fletcher was a rebellious teen who planned to either kill himself,
or his parents. Dalton told investigators he was constantly abused by his
father, and planned the slayings for over almost two months. Less than
two weeks before the murders, Tammy Fletcher took Dalton to a
pediatrician for "behavior issues."

On the night of the shooting, Fletcher armed himself with a 12-gauge
shotgun and was preparing to shoot his parents when his sister Ashley
arrived home, prosecutors said. He then went back to his room and
waited for his sister to get in the shower, then shot his father, once in
 the arm and again in the face. He then shot his mother as she was
crawling on the floor and went into the bathroom and threatened his
sister, taking her cellphone and laptop away.He then drove his mother's
car to school the next morning, with the shotgun used to kill his parents
in the trunk."

Defense Attorney Charles Kincade
"I don't deny that Dalton Fletcher killed his parents. But Dalton Fletcher
suffered  from post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. From the time
he was 13 years old, he suffered unrelenting physical and emotional
"brutalization by his father."
"John Fletcher regularly ridiculed and belittled his son, encouraged
him to fight  with others, made him shoot dogs that entered their
backyard and forced him to purposefully run his head into his father's
closed fist."
"He was in a domestic war zone where he was taught to fight, hate,
beaten regularly and called "stupid and good for nothing." "He
"snapped" from the unrelenting physical and emotional "brutalization
by his father."

Dr. Daniel Dye (Forensic Pathologist)
Dr. Dye testified that John and Tammy Fletcher were both killed with
a 12-gauge shotgun in the late hours of Sept. 9, 2010. Dr. Dye
detailed the paths of the buckshot through their bodies.

 EVIDENCE: Crime scene  photographs

Dr. Chico Rosales
Dr. Rosales testified "he examined Dalton and the teen was tested for drugs,
with negative results. However, there was a slight diagnosis of post-traumatic
stress disorder, PTSD." 

Landon C. Delrio (friend of Dalton's)
Testimony: He and Dalton have known each other since the first grade.
They've hunted, fished and hung out together. Dalton occasionally
spent the night at his house. He never heard Dalton speak of any
arguments or fights between Dalton and his father.

He and Dalton hung out together the night before the murders. They'd
made plans for the next weekend, to go teal hunting. 

John M. Smith (friend of Dalton's)
Testimony: He attended Ouachita High School with Dalton. He thought
Dalton was a good student. They were good friends and often hunted
together. Dalton had never mentioned abuse to him.

Dalton had broken his collarbone during a football game, not in a fight
with his father.


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#49 [url]

Dec 12 11 10:19 PM


Ashleigh Fletcher (daughter of John & Tammy Fletcher, 
                                    sister of Dalton)

Ashleigh Fletcher testified father and brother often argued, but
she never saw her father physically abuse Dalton. Their household
chores and rules were nothing out of the ordinary.

Dalton had made multiple suicide threats but she never told anyone
because she didn't think he was serious. As Dalton  got older he
became more argumentative and rebellious.

"He liked to "push everyone's buttons all the time."  

The night of her parents murders:

Ashleigh testified "She'd got home from work about 11 p.m. and 
was showering when she heard a bang which she didn't at first 
 recognize as a gunshot. She stuck her head out of the bathroom 
but didn't see anything, and returned to the shower.
 After another bang, she said she opened the bathroom door to
see her brother Dalton  in the doorway of her parents' bedroom,
with a 12-gauge shotgun in his hand. 
"I heard my mom say, 'Dalton, don't!" and then I saw Dalton pull   
the  trigger and kill my mom." "I screamed and went back into
the bathroom and locked the door, but Dalton forced it open. 
He threatened to kill me or himself. He ordered me to stay in my
room for the rest of the night." 
"When I asked him why he'd killed mom and dad he said
"I got tired of them and wanted them gone."
"I've never seen such hatred in his eyes as I did that night he shot
and killed our parents. It was almost like I wasn't even looking at my

 Ashliegh testified that after Dalton left for school the next morning,
 that's when she called for help.
DA Aycock asked Ashleigh Fletcher how she feels about her brother.

Ashleigh Fletcher (speaking emotionally)
 "He's my little brother, and I love him. ... I love him and I don't want to
 see him hurt, but at the same time I want to help my parents in the
only way I know how."  " I love my brother. This is tough on me, but
 I want justice for my parents."

Charles Watkins Jr. (brother of Tammy Fletcher,

                                        Dalton Fletcher's uncle)
Charles Watkins testified that he lives less than a mile from where his
sister Tammy, and her husband John lived. John and Tammy were
loving and nurturing parents who provided well for their son and daughter.

He saw Dalton Fletcher on a regular basis. He would occasionally
help him coach a youth baseball team across the street from the
Fletchers' home.
His sister Tammy (Fletcher) would have told him of any abuse.
Dalton Fletcher never told him of any abuse or mistreatment or he
would have taken action.
After the murders, Dalton was detained by police, but because of his 
age police officers were required to have a guardian present during
an interview.
Charles Watkins testified that he was chosen as he was the closest
relative of the appropriate age. When he arrived at the police station
and saw Dalton, they were given a moment to speak before the interview.
 Charles Watkins "I asked him (Dalton) what happened?"
He (Dalton) responded "I just got sick of it and fucking killed them."
Dalton was "bland" and lacked emotion when speaking about the
deaths of his parents.
Dalton knew he was going to jail for the rest of his life.
He wanted to know "how the police found out (about the killings)?"
Ouachita Parish Deputies testified about their response to the
crime scene.

EVIDENCE: Police Interview (audio & video recordings)
During the interview:
Dalton Fletcher states multiple times that his father would often hit
him in the face and side, and claims his father would demand that
he "fight him like a man."
He tells investigators "I just got tired of it. I just killed them.
I got the shotgun and loaded and went to my parent's bedroom.
It was dark, I couldn't see, but I could hear him snoring. I shot him

in the arm. When he came closer and asked why I shot him,
I fired another 12 gauge buckshot round into his face, killing him."

"Mom was cralwing across the floor and I shot her in the head."

"Ashleigh was in the shower when I killed them, and I took  her
phone and laptop and told her not to tell anyone what happened."
 EVIDENCE: A red composition notebook belonging to
                        Dalton Fletcher.

In the notebook, was what "appeared to be a suicide note to his parents
in which Dalton Fletcher stated "I'm not sorry for my"recent behavior."
"I truly hate both of ya'll. If you had let me live my life the way I
wanted, none of this would have happened.

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#50 [url]

Dec 12 11 10:37 PM


WITNESS: Dr. Mark Vigen (Shreveport, La. Psychologist)
Dr. Vigen testified that he'd spent 7 hours interviewing and six hours
 of conducting psychological testing with Dalton Fletcher at the behest
of defense attorneys, a year after the murders.
Dr. Vigen believes Fletcher is suffering from post-traumatic stress
disorder and depression, and has been suffering from the disorders
for many years.
"Dalton Fletcher told me he and his father had about 20 big fights in
two years before the shootings, and his mother would tell his father
when he disobeyed or got into trouble."
"I think the emotionality had been beaten out of him. It's absurd to
 think his sister wouldn't ask for help, but he's disconnected."
 Assistant District Attorney Fred McGaha
"Do you think that someone who went to his room after hearing his
sister get home, waiting until she had gotten in the shower, pointed
the gun and threatened her, took her cellphone, made a deal with her,
and told his father's coworker on the phone that his father was sick
were indicators Fletcher knew what he was doing was wrong?"
Dr. Vigen

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#51 [url]

Dec 12 11 10:42 PM

2011 - December 5 -  CLOSING ARGUMENTS
 Assistant District Attorney Geary Aycock
"To prove insanity it would need to be shown that Fletcher was
incapable of distinguishing right from wrong. Dalton Fletcher
knew what he was doing was wrong, had been planning the
slayings for six weeks and had made it clear in a suicide letter
that he hated his parents.
"We know what his intent was because we know how he felt about
his parents."

Defense Attorney Charles Kincade

"Dalton Fletcher was the subject of continued abuse by his father,
which led to post-traumatic stress disorder and depression."
"There was a culture of fighting in that home. He was the product of his environment."

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#52 [url]

Dec 12 11 10:50 PM

                        Conviction would carry automatic life sentences.
 The jury was out for two hours before rendering their verdict:
in the shooting murders of John and Tammy Fletcher.
After the verdict, Dalton Lane Fletcher (16) was handcuffed and
removed from the courtroom.

Assistant District Attorney Geary Aycock
"The verdict is appropriate under the facts and the law, but there aren't
any real winners. It's just a sad day that everybody had to be here and
go through this, but it's what is required."

Defense Attorney Charles Kincaid
 "I am disappointed with the verdict and plan to challenge the
sentence. We  believe sentencing a juvenile to life without benefit
of parole is unconstitutional."


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#53 [url]

Dec 13 11 7:20 AM

i think he deserves the chair i mean yea get into arguments with your dad an dmom sure but shoot them why the hell would u do that the only way you can get justice for that is the chair he deserves to die as well.

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#54 [url]

Dec 13 11 6:49 PM

He may not fit in the "insanity" category of the law but he's clearly a far cry from being normal and I doubt that he's truly grasped the reality of his actions and what the rest of his life is going to be like. He should have been committed to a secured mental facility with the possibility of treatment. Locking him up for life in a normal prison is pointless and serves no good purpose...

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#55 [url]

Dec 18 11 1:22 PM

He had two parents in his life, he was given luxuries other children don't have.
And yet he was "Tired of them and wanted them gone."
So what happens if he's "treated" and released and decides he's tired of someone else?
Sometimes there are just bad kids who decide they want to live life the way they want
without restraints from parents.
He was either naive, arrogant or whatever to think he could murder his parents,
with a witness, his sister, and not go to jail or prison over it. To me it looks as though
he'd already thought of his defense in advance - "I'll just say I was a beaten kid and plead
insane and get off lightly."

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#56 [url]

Feb 21 12 8:43 AM

I would like to say Tammy was a very great friend and nurse to me. She had a heart of gold. She and I were pregnant with our sons at the same time. She was so excited about having a  son! I am so distraught at this  tradegy.  It scares me today, how chidren take lives into their own hands, much less their own loving parents.  As a mother, I worry daily cause this murder hit too close to our home... We send our children to school everyday, hoping they are paying attention... Now we have to worry if they will infact,  come home safely.  I encourage young adults to please talk to your parents...  There is no problem that ever be too big or small that can not be worked out... If a parent is not available... Seek help from either family members... or public officials..  I know for a fact Tammy, was the most loving mother and friend to people in our community!!! I know now Dalton, is sitting in a cell.. Having total regrets!  I do believe he got what he deserved... Just think Do we raise OUR children that just because they are OURS that is alright, to take a life in their own hands? NO!  For the Daughter/ Sister I commend you on calling the police! Thank you so much for your bravery!  As for your loss... I feel that God takes all the tragedy out of your thoughts.. Your mother and father were two of the most Loving people I ever knew! May God Bless You all...
I love you Tammy and Miss you So Much!!
Jessica Hall-Williams  PTT

Jessica Hall-Williams

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#57 [url]

Feb 21 12 6:02 PM

Thank you Jessica for expressing your thoughts regarding your friend Tammy.

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