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Sep 21 10 8:51 PM

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Darlene Savage had in her second husband Alan Nevil, a chance at happiness and she took it,
finding it was the right choice.  But when she chose to regain custody of her pre-teen
daughter, it was a deadly decision for both her and Alan.

                                     FRIENDS IN OHIO

Robin Schneider and Darlene (Savage) Popovich have been best friends growing up.
They met 26 years ago in Ohio.

2006 - March - Darlene's first marriage ends in divorce. Darlene and the girl have
                      a sometimes rocky relationship.

Lorain County Domestic Real­tions Court records, the daughter had stayed in Ohio 
after Darlene Nevil and her then-hus­band Jack Popovich obtained an amicable divorce.

                                    MEETING MR. RIGHT

Months later - Darlene meets Alan Nevil and Melody Yates in a music chat room.

Kim Cordes of Waterloo, Michigan (Runs the online music chat room)
" Darlene and Alan met there and eventually married.
"Alan was quite a character. Darlene was earthier,"

Melody Yates
"The two chatted from a thousand miles away, but they instantly connected,
Both had a great sense of humor. They flirted and then they met in person.
It was true love right off the bat."

2006 - November - Alan Nevil marries Darlene. They reside in Garland, Texas.
                             It's a second marriage for them both.
Robin Schneider (Darlene's best friend from Ohio)
"She followed her heart. She was happy."

 Darlene Nevil obtains a job as an office manager at a Garland health care agency.
"I worked with Darlene for a short period of time and she was a very nice lady
who loved her husband and daughter."

2007 - Alan and Darlene Nevil move into Alan's childhood home, previously
          owned and occupied by his mother Dorothy.
2009 -  Alan and Darlene Nevin join the neighborhood association and take part
           in its crime watch program.
                                      A CHANGE IN CUSTODY
2009 - August -  Darlene's daughter is living in Ohio with her dad, but just as school is
                        to start, she calls her mother complaining about her dad. Typical teen
                        teen complaints, or so everyone believes.

Robin Schneider (Darlene's best friend from Ohio)
" The girl's relationship with him had soured, she told her mom.
He tried to control her, she told her mom, and he kept her from
calling friends and family. She wanted to live with her."

2009 - August - Darlene Nevil goes back to Ohio and regains parental custody.
Darlene Nevil's court filing:
“Our daughter has reached an age where having her spend substantially more time
with me, and where a change in environment, and therefore schools, would be in the
best interest of (the daughter)."

Jack Popovich signs an identical document.

2009 - September 24 - Lorrain County Domestic Relations Judge David Basinski
                                 signs the agreement to move the daughter to Texas to be
                                 with her mother.
                       Darlene moves her daughter to Garland, Texas and enrolls her in
                       school. Darlene's daughter promptly meets a boy who becomes
                       her boyfriend.
                        The girl wrote about him on Myspace:
       "i love him and i would give the world to him if he asked for it." 
        "The day we met i knew i had to have him. he is the best boyfriend i'v ever had 
        in my life." 

                                      FAMILY VACATION

Darlene's daughter is due to visit her father in Ohio over the summer, but she doesn't go.

On her Myspace page, she posts a letter to her dad:
"im sorry to say this but, i cant believe i loved yew at one point in ma life,"
she wrote. "when i was four, i remember how yew were so mean to mommy and yew
made her cry
. " She signs the letter, "the biggest mistake of your life."

2010 - June - Just after school ends,  Alan and Darlene and her daughter
                     take a vacation to South Carolina.
                    Darlene Nevil posts happy photos of the family vacation
                    on her Myspace page.
On Darlene's Myspace page, she writes 
"I am happily married to a great guy and living in Texas. I work as an office
manager for a home healthcare agency and love every minute of it. I have
a wonderful daughter that I just love to death, a stepdaughter, stepson and
3 great grandkids. I miss all my friends in Ohio but will be back soon for
a visit.........If ya wanna know more just ask..."

2010 - July -  The girl, now 12, spends time with her boyfriend and eventually runs
                    away. She does return home.
Robin Schneider (Darlene's best friend from Ohio)
"Darlene had mentioned that her daughter had previously threatened to run away
because she thought her mom was too strict. It seemed like typical teenage stuff,"
Jasmine Sepulveda (14) (Neighbor)
"I'd been close friends with the girl(12) until about five months ago, when she began
seeing the boy(13). She was a really cool person but when she hung out with him,
her boyfriend, that's when she got weird. She didn't want to talk to me anymore."
                                   MURDER AMONG FAMILY
2010 - August 14 - Monday - Darlene and Robin Schneider talk on the telephone.
                                           After catching up on each other's news, they talk about
                                           their daughters.
                         Robin Schneider "Darlene told me her daughter had a boyfriend now.
                                                     She said he wasn't a bad kid."

2010 - August 15 - Tuesday - Darlene Nevil (46) is home for lunch when she is
                                             shot and killed, murdered in her home, by of all
                                             people, her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend.
           2:30 P.M. -  A neighbor calls 911 around 2:30 when they find Alan Nevil
                              in their front yard after he stumbled over to get help.

                            Police find Alan Nevil (48) lying in the neighbors front yard and
                            Darlene inside the home. Police determine both were shot inside
                            the house.

                            Alan Nevil is able to tell police his attackers were his 12 year old
                            step-daughter and her 13 year old boyfriend. A gun is found at
                            the scene.
                            After talking with police, Alan Nevil is rushed to Baylor University
                            Medical Center at Dallas where he's immediately taken into surgery.
                            Alan Nevil is wounded in his arm and leg and a gunshot wound to
                            his neck. He is in critical condition.
                           Alan Nevil slips into a coma.
Juan Garcia Jr. (Neighbor & childhood family friend)
"I wish I had been there to help him. I wasn't home when the shooting happened
Tuesday afternoon. I was called by a neighbor who first thought police were at
mys home. I rushed home to find chaos. He pieced together the story by talking
to my wife, neighbors and police.

Alan Nevil crawled out a window to escape the attack.
A neighbor heard Nevil screaming and went to help.
As soon as he (Alan) got there, that's when the shooting began. He never got to

see his wife."
"Police and Alan Nevil's adult son told me that Alan had been shot five times and
that a bullet remained lodged in his throat."
"The girl and her mother had been close, but that changed over the summer."

"I can't believe that this happened to them. I can't believe Darla is gone."

We've been friends since we were adolescents. He's always been a good friend.\
I will miss him deeply." 
 Adiana Moreno (Neighbor)
"I'd seen the sweethearts together but never imagined they could "hurt anyone."
I was home when the shooting occurred. All I saw was the cops with rifles pointed
at the house asking the person to come outside. But no one did. I guess they were

Michelle Campbell (lives nearby)
"I just thought they were two teenagers having a teenage relationship."

                 The two suspects are found within a quarter of a mile from the Nevil home
                 and are arrested.
Joe Harn (Garland Police Spokesman)
"The two are being held at the Dallas County Juvenile Detention Center on charges
of murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon."
"Alan Nevil was able to tell police who shot him and his wife, but no motive had
been determined."

"Harn would not confirm any relationship between the suspects and the Nevils
because it would identify the juveniles, which is against policy. Family and
friends said the girl is Darlene Nevil's daughter and said the boy is the daughter's

Robin Schneider (Darlene's best friend from Ohio)
 "I have a 15-year-old daughter, and fathoming her harming me is just ridiculous."
I can't get one question off my mind: How could someone so young stand accused of

something so heinous?"


Dallas County Medical Examiner
"Darlene Nevil suffered gunshot wounds to her head and torso."
                                     SHOOTING VICTIM DIES
2010 - September 2 -  Alan Nevil has been in a coma from a shotgun wound to
                                  his neck. Alan Nevil dies.
Juan Garcia Jr. (Neighbor & childhood family friend)
"I and my wife were just talking about how we could help him 
once he returned home when we learned that he had died.
That was a shock. It was a real blow to everybody."

2010 - September 4 - Darlene Nevil hasn't yet been laid to rest. Her body rests in
                                 a funeral home with no services scheduled.
                                 It's still unknown where or when Darlene will be laid to rest
                                 because the funeral home did not have success in reaching
                                 her next of kin in Ohio while Alan was in a coma.
Darlene Nevil's 12-year-old daughter, and the 13-year-old boy face capital murder
charges in the deaths of Darlene and Alan Nevil.

The two juveniles were initially charged with murder and aggravated assault with
a deadly weapon. The charges were upgraded after Alan Nevil died.
"Capital murder is a higher charge than murder, but it won't increase the
maximum prison sentence of 40 years a juvenile could face. It does, however,
increase the number of years a juvenile can be incarcerated before receiving a
parole hearing. A juvenile convicted of capital murder won't be eligible for
parole until serving 10 years in prison."

Juan Garcia Jr. (Neighbor & childhood family friend)
"They deserve everything they've got coming. Kids nowadays, they don't think twice."
                                      PRE-TRIAL HEARING

2010 - September 7 - PRE-TRIAL HEARING

A pretrial hearing for the 13-year-old boy accused of capital murder in the August
slayings of Alan and Darlene Nevil was held this afternoon at the Henry Wade
Juvenile Justice Center. No records from the hearing are being released.

The judge in the case is on vacation, and a second hearing is scheduled for Sept.16, 2010.
                                    THANK YOU
2010 - September 8 - Alan Nevil Jr., (son of Alan Nevil) and other relatives who
                                 arrived Wednesday at Alan & Darlene Nevil's home declined
                                 to speak to reporters.

                                Alan Nevil Jr. hugged Juan Garcia as he walked across the lawn.
                                  A woman who identified herself as Nevil's daughter-in-law went to                                 the neighbor's house on the other side to greet a woman carrying                                 trash bags to the front.
                                "Did you help my dad?" she asked. "Thank you so much."

                                       PRE - TRIAL HEARING
2010 - September 9 - Guardian ad litem is appointed for Darlene Nevil's daughter.
Carolyn Hill will serve as ad litem attorney in conjunction the girl's court-appointed
attorney Charles Martin (a Juvenile District Attorney for 20 years, now in private practice).
No family members were present in the 304th District courtroom of the Henry Wade
Juvenile Detention Center.

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#1 [url]

Sep 21 10 8:56 PM

                                    WHY DO KIDS KILL THEIR PARENTS?
Kathleen Heide (Criminology Professor, University of South Florida)
(Author of "Why Kids Kill Parents")
"It's extremely rare. There are three types of children who kill their parents.
1. There are ones who have been abused and kill a parent to try to end the abuse.
2. Others are antisocial children who view their parents as obstacles trying to control 

3. The last are mentally ill children.

Abuse can be common in many of these cases.
A fair share of girls who murder also have a male accomplice. But the boys aren't
always the instigators. They might come up with the wild idea that they will kill the
parent and the two can be together happily forever. But they haven't thought about
how they are going to support themselves. It's so impulsive. They aren't thinking

about consequences."

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#2 [url]

Sep 21 10 10:18 PM

2010 - September 9 - NANCY GRACE SHOW

At the time I talked to Darlene a few days prior to this shooting. And as they said,
it was just basically, you know, a mother/daughter basic argument. Being strict,
the daughter not liking the rules, mother grounding, and not like being grounded.

GRACE: Grounded for what reason, Robin?

SCHNEIDER: Just not liking rules. You know, you can`t go out. You have to be
home at this time. Little things like that.

GRACE: Rules like you can`t go out. You have to be home at a certain time?
GRACE: OK. Out to Michael Board, WOAI Newsradio. You know, when children kill
everyone always looks for a reason such as abuse. I have not heard a breath of that
alleged in this case. What do you know?

BOARD: No. No abuse. There has never been a call to the house for child protective
services. Police have never been out to this house for child abuse.

We know that she did run away. That`s probably why she was grounded. Now,
Nancy, the police will not tell you this, but chances are when she ran away she
went to be with this 13-year-old boyfriend.

We know she wrote on her MySpace page that she loved this guy more than
any boyfriend she had had before.

Nancy, she was 12 years old. How many boyfriends has she had before?

GRACE: You know, I want to go back to Robin Schneider, a dear friend of the
 murder victim, Darlene Nevil.

Robin, what about this question from Gina? It`s a legitimate question. Was
there any claims of abuse by them -- physical or sexual -- on the little girl?

SCHNEIDER: Alan and the daughter had a wonderful relationship. They -- there
are pictures that have been posted on Facebook and MySpace that just shows
the loving relationship those two have.


SCHNEIDER: I mean, absolutely just caring and this whole thing is just unbelievable.
The remarks and accusations that are being made towards this family

GRACE:Out to Michael Board, what do we know about the 13-year-old or his family?

BOARD: We don`t know a whole lot about him at all. We know that he is being represented by an ad litem guardian in the course. That means there`s no family stepping up there.

He does not have a private lawyer in this case. That was all determined at a pretrial hearing this week.


BOARD: But really little was known about him.

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#3 [url]

Sep 21 10 10:31 PM

                                    TEXAS LAW

"The teenagers will have to be tried as juveniles because they’re too young, under
Texas law, to be certified as adults.  However, even if convicted as juveniles, they
could still spend most of their lives locked up."

Randy Wadley (Dallas County Juvenile Department)
"Texas has a provision called “determinate sentencing” that, under some
circumstances, can keep juvenile offenders behind bars for up to 40 years. 
District attorneys can consider many factors in deciding whether to seek
 “determinate sentencing” including the violent nature of a crime."

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#4 [url]

Oct 23 10 1:33 PM

2010 - October 13 -  TRIAL DATE SET FOR GIRL - JANUARY 24, 2011

The capital murder charges carry potential 40-year sentences.
If convicted of capital murder, they would have to serve at least 10 years.
Charles Martin (the girl's court-appointed attorney) Martin approached the bench by himself to request a jury trial.
Judge William A. "Bill" Mazur Jr. attempted to set an earlier date in Tuesday's
pretrial hearing in his 304th Juvenile District Court, but no earlier date was available
that met the court's and attorneys schedules.
Judge Mazur Jr.
"I don't like setting it out three months out and into the new year. This case is too closely watched. Sometimes it's not about y'all and sometimes it's not about y'all," (pointing at each side)  "Sometimes, it's about the court."   "The date was set about an hour later with representatives for both sides present."                                       NO TRIAL DATE SET FOR BOY   "The boy's public defender and the district attorney's representatives met in a pretrial hearing to exchange information and evidence Tuesday. But no trial date has been set in his case."  

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#5 [url]

Nov 1 10 12:43 PM

2010 - October 27 - Judge sets trial date for boy, 13.

Judge William A. Mazur Jr. set February 14, 2011 as the date for the capital murder
trial of the 13 year old boy accused of gunning down his 12-year-old girlfriend's parents,
her mother Darlene Nevil and stepfather Alan Nevil.

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#7 [url]

Jan 19 11 4:58 PM

The girl goes on trial next week, on Monday, the 24th. The boy's trial is set for next
mont, February 14th.

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#8 [url]

Jan 20 11 10:11 AM

The Koslow murder in another Dallas, TX suburb (though in an affluent area of town) was just that kind of case, where the girl instigates the murder of her mom (and the failed attempt on her father's life). The girl feels she is being unjustly treated (incidently, she is born into immense wealth and treated like a princess), and gets her b/f worked up to a point where he commits murder to "save" her so they can be together. I think there were actually two accomplices, the b/f and a male classmate. The girl had an immense power over the actors.

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#9 [url]

Jan 21 11 6:23 PM

Just like the case (I think this one was in Texas as well)  where the girl's parents are divorced,
he's remarried, and the daughter (another "princess" in her own mind), sets up her stepmother
and her father to be murdered. It's done so she can "be together" with the boyfriend and inherit
the stepmother's estate. She wouldn't have inherited in the first place, the father survived,
and she and the boyfriend sit in prison.

These young girls and boys don't see beyond the "be together forever" part. It's murder
and then we'll be together. They forget there will be an investigation, and police aren't
stupid. Another thing they don't understand is that life isn't always that simple.

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#10 [url]

Feb 5 11 8:44 PM

2011 - January 24 - Trial delayed.
Darlene Nevil's 12 year old daughter, Alan Nevil's step-daughter, was due to go on trial
for their murders.
2011 - March - The trial has been rescheduled.

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#11 [url]

Feb 23 11 4:12 PM

I knew Darlenes daughter when she lived in Ohio. Her dad struggled to "keep up with the Jones" so to speak. The daughter was very spoiled and would not take no for an answer. She would say" Daddy I want money for candy or money for this game or that thing. He would mostly give it to her but on occasion he would tell her no. He would say I don't have it or all I have is this much. She ( the daughter) would reach in her dads pocket and take what she could get and go buy what ever it was that she wanted. He had a very hard time saying not to her. She would throw temper tantrums if she didn't get her way. She would threaten the other children if they didn't do what she wanted them to do. I am shocked about this whole thing.

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#12 [url]

Feb 23 11 5:57 PM

It appears he said no more than once in a row, otherwise she might not have
wanted to go live with her mother. It's a tragedy all around for the families involved.

She's facing sentencing as a juvenile, but what happens when she's let out after
18 or 21 and she doesn't get her way with someone?

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#13 [url]

Mar 2 11 5:23 PM

                                   PLEA DEAL
2011 - February 10 - Plea Deal reached with 13 year old boy involved in double murder.


"The charge of capital murder was unchanged, police said, so the boy will serve
at least 10 years behind bars. He was facing a maximum sentence of 40 years.
His trial in the Aug. 17, 2010, slayings of Alan and Darlene Nevil was scheduled
to begin next Monday."

"Judge William A. “Bill” Mazur approved the agreement Monday in the 304th Juvenile
District Court with attorneys, family members and court personnel present. The Nevil
family declined to comment on the sentence."

"He was discharged to the Texas Youth Commission, to spend six weeks in an
evaluation facility, probably the McLennan County State Juvenile Correctional Facility
in Mart, Texas. At age 19, he will be transferred into the adult system."

2011 - February 11 -  The girl who is now 13 is set to go on trial in March.

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