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Sep 10 10 9:06 PM

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Corporal Marie-France Comeau (37) was fulfilling her life's dream. As a flight attendant
at CFB Trenton, she served aboard Military VIP flights ferrying dignitaries on domestic
and overseas trips. Corporal Marie-France Comeau was assigned to 437 Squadron and
had been there for six months. She'd been serving honorably in the military for 12 years.

Her friends, family, and even acquaintances describe Marie-France as: having a passion
for life and adventure; she was sweet, generous, happy, kind, charming, intelligent, sparkly,
bubbly, generous, beautiful, adorable, funny with a silly sense of humour; everybody liked
her, reliable and hard-working, and she loved her job."
Official Military and Police records now describe Marie-France Comeau with one other
adjective that no one who knew Marie-France could ever have imagined her being -
Homicide victim.
What else no one who knew Marie-France could envision, or even fathom, was just who 
was responsible for her murder - a person in her chain of command, in fact, in everyone's
chain of command at CFB Trenton's base - it was their base's commanding officer.
                                    TOURS OF DUTY
1990s - Cpl. Marie-France Comeau was a Flight Attendant aboard the same
           military VIP flights that her commanding officer, Col. Russell "Russ
           Williams (Svoka) piloted. Col Williams is well-known at the Trenton
           RCAF base (Ontario) as being an "avid amateur photographer."
           Col. Williams is married.

2007 -  Cpl. Marie -France Comeau relocated to Trenton. Soon after she applies
          for the flight attendant position.

                                    CHANGE OF RESIDENCE
2008 - September - Marie-France Comeau moves house into a street of mostly
                               military families. Although she'd split from her common-law
                               partner, Alain Plante, (they were together for more than 4
                               years) and kept in close contact. Marie-France had become
                               as a step-mother to Etienne, Plante's two teen sons by a 
                               former relationship. Alain Plante is a training instructor at
                               the base.

Chanci MacKenzie (Neighbour who lived next door) 
"I didn't know Comeau very well. She was quiet and kept to herself.
However, anytime I did encounter her, Comeau was "extremely kind

and sweet." I've spoken to friends of Comeau who described her as
"awesome, fun-loving and outgoing."

                                    DUTY IN AFGHANISTAN

2009 -  April - Cpl. Marie-France Comeau performs duty in Afghanistan.

 Master Cpl. Pierre Calve
"I met Comeau in Germany in 1989. The last time I saw her was on a plane bound
for Afghanistan in April 2009. She was an angel, a very nice person, always happy
and with a wonderful smile."
Private Thomas Warren (CFB Trenton) trained under Cpl. Comeau.)
"I knew her for about a year. She was one of the happiest people I have ever
known in my life,"

Cpl. Comeau was part of Operation Apollo's Roto 0 - the first group of Canadian
Soldiers to land in Afghanistan.
France Breault (Retired Master Corporal & Friend of Cpl.Comeau)
"Roto 0 from Operation Apollo is what some of us military call, 'When the s--t hits
the fan.
 I met Cpl. Comeau on a flight to Camp Mirage in 2002. Immediately we became
good friends. She was just the friendliest person there is. All her supervisors were
thrilled to have her working for them.

Cpl. Comeau worked as a traffic technician and would use a forklift to load and unload
cargo from incoming Hercules aircraft. The conditions were difficult. At one point, the
temperature peaked on the tarmac at 72 degrees Celsius. I am not kidding. She had
to work in extreme conditions. Tough conditions, but I've never heard Marie-France
complain. She did her job, with her usual smile, really making a difference,"
"When Canada moved from Kabul to Kandahar, Cpl. Comeau assisted in the transition.
We lived in small two-man tents and endured the 'harshest conditions' imaginable. She
did an incredible job there too. I am proud to have had the privilege to serve my country
side-by-side with Marie-France Comeau."

 Cpl. Comeau was 'spontaneous and free spirited' and always helping her fellow soldiers.
She would never say anything to hurt anyone. She was so thoughtful. "If someone had a

bad day at the camp, somehow Marie would know about it and she would find herself
comforting that soldier."
"Cpl. Comeau became a flight attendant with 8 Wing Trenton's 437 Squadron after over
a decade in the Canadian Forces. She was chosen to work as the Prime Minister and
Governor General's flight attendant after six months on the job in 2009.
Considering that she was a flight attendant for only six months, it speaks volumes of
the exceptional skills she must have had. She was always very professional and I'm
not surprised she was selected for those trips. She was at the peak of her aspirations.

While flying with the Prime Minister she travelled to Japan, Singapore and India - her
final mission. She told me years ago that one day, she wanted to go to India. Fate is
such that it was her last mission."

2009 - July 14 - Col. Williams became the commanding officer at Canadian Forces
                        Base Trenton. He is also commander of 8 Wing.The base is the
                        air force's transportation hub, with virtually all personnel and cargo
                        going to and from Canada passing through Trenton.

         Fall  - Col Russell Williams (Svoka) and Cpl. Marie-France Comeau are on the
                   same VIP flight to Germany.

2009 - September -  During the month of September, there are a rash break-ins
                               where lingerie is stolen. There are two sexual assaults 
                               during which, the women are bound, blindfolded, photographed,
                               and sexually assaulted.

A man whose house was among those burglarized "I and my wife came home one
day to find family pictures on our bed and underwear drawers of my wife and daughters

        Sept. 17 - Sexual Assault - A young couple in their 20's recently moved into
                        a cottage on the outskirts of Tweed. The couple, he from Tweed,
                        she's moved there to escape big city life, have recently had a baby.

                        A man breaks into the house, ties her up and assaults her.  

                        The victim's home is burglarized twice after the assault.

                        The young couple move away from the area.

                       The second victim's home is robbed twice before the attack on her.

        Sept. 30 -  Sexual Assault -  A single parent mother is awakened in the middle
                                                   of the night by her assailant, she is blindfolded,
                                                   and assaulted. Her attacker's voice is muffled.
2009 - November 15 - Marie-France Comeau's home is burglarized.

                                   LAST TOUR OF DUTY - INDIA

2009 - November 22 -  Cpl. Marie-France Comeau had just returned from an 
                                 international assignment, a working visit to India by
                                 Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Alain Plante (Former common-law partner of Marie-France)
"I last spoke with her on Nov. 22. She had just returned from an
international assignment: a working visit to India by Prime Minister

Stephen Harper."
"In the days after she got home, she gushed about the experience to her
friends. She loved her job. She loved learning about cultures. She wanted
to travel the world."
2009 - November 25 -  Lunch hour
Neighbors Terry and Mary Alexander live across the road from Marie-France
Terry Alexander "Comeau's car was gone Wednesday morning."
Mary Alexander "I noticed she arrived back over the lunch hour."
                                     A MISSED SHIFT
Cpl. Marie France-Comeau hasn't shown up for duty, which is extremely unlike her.
Alain Plante decides to stop by and check up on her.
           12:58 P.M. - Terry Alexander walks out of his home to greet a
                              plumber coming for repairs, when Alain Plante, crying, runs across
                              the road yelling "She's dead inside the house!"

Terry Alexander "I saw him suddenly come charging out of house across the street.
He was crying his heart out. "Did you see any strange people or strange cars around
here? He shouted. "She's lying dead inside.

Ontario Provincial Police and emergency services are notified.

Later, military authorities are notified.

Jocelyn Kieffer (Next door neighbor) 
"I'm shocked. We'e almost all military families on this street.
It's not easy to deal with. Our homes are just two feet apart."

                                       ON BASE - UNITED WAY FUNDRAISER

On the same day that Cpl. Marie-France Comeau is murdered, Col. Russell
Williams (Svoka) (46) is jokingly charged with "Being too young to be a
wing commander," handcuffed and thrown in "jail" as part of a United
Way fundraiser.

                                    SEARCHING FOR CLUES

Police confim Cpl. Marie-France Comeau died as a result of homicide.
She had been blindfolded, sexually assaulted, and asphyxiated.
Police investigators strip the floors to the concrete, rip out the cabinets in the kitchen,
and tear apart the rest of the home looking for evidence.

                                    MILITARY INVESTIGATION

2009 - November 26, - 12:13 A.M. - Official Notification

Col. Russell Williams, Base Commander, receives an email informing him of
Cpl. Comeau's death. Cpl. Comeau's commanding officer informs Col. Williams
an hour later by email that the police "are classifying the death as "suspicious."

6:41 A.M. - Williams responds from his Blackberry "I am aware of the incident
                 and will "catch up when I get in, if there is additional information."

Over the months of the police investigation, Col. Williams is kept in the loop via
email of any developments in the investigation by the Military Police.

                                    LETTER OF CONDOLENCE

Col. Russell Williams wrote an official letter of condolence to the Comeau family.

"Please let me know whether there is anything I can do to help you during this
very difficult time. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers."

                                   MARIE-FRANCE COMEAU'S FUNERAL

photos of funeral
2009 - December 4 - Friday -  Hundreds of friends, family and Canadian Forces
                                personnel attend Cpl. Marie-France Comeau's funeral service
                                held at the National Military Cemetery in Ottawa.

Padre Paul-Alain Monpas delivered the Eulogy:
"We have all gathered here because of a tragic event. Marie is not with us anymore.
 She was taken away from us in a very cruel way. Marie searched for the best avenue
to lead her life. She eventually found the Canadian Forces where she served as a flight
 attendant with CFB Trenton's 437 Transport Squadron.

For Marie this was a dream. It was really a dream that became reality. Her big sense
of adventure brought her to voyage alone around the world, but also to become even
more involved in this vast world. Marie's military career helped quench her desire to
see the world, but also helped define her character. She would become an accomplished
woman and a quality member of the Canadian Forces, She had really become a citizen.

Marie's respect for those around her aided her career in the military. She always found the
words, for those having difficulty. She was never scared to get involved.She was full of talent
and whoever knew her can say that she made a difference in their lives one way or another.

Although Marie travelled the world with the Canadian Forces, she remained close with her
family. Throughout all of her journeys and all of her days they were a family who loved each
other and respected each other. Marie, a ray of sunshine to her friends and family, embarked
on a lifelong quest to seek truth in her life. She lived her life to the fullest,
Your life as we had known it is now a life of eternity."

                                    MEMORIAL & TRIBUTES
CFB Public Affairs Officer Capt. Mark Peebles
"The military offers their condolences to Cpl. Comeau's family and friends.
Marie will be missed by comrades at 437 Squadron."

Facebook - Memorial Page for Cpl. Marie-France Comeau
Marie-France is described as "charming, intelligent, sparkly, bubbly, generous,
beautiful, adorable, funny, reliable, hard-working."
"Words are not sufficient to describe the amazing person Marie-France Comeau
 is and always will be," 

Etienne Plante (son of Alain Plante)
"You were the best step-mother that could possibly have set foot in our lives.
You left us too early. Your Prince Charming will be waiting for you for the rest
of his life."
You are the "best stepmom in the world. I will remember her silliness, including
"her Chewbacca face" in the morning. Haha, my God we laughed during those
times. It was just like her to fall over in a laughing fit, we laughed together for
such stupid reasons! I will miss her so."

Alain Plante "I'
ll miss her for the rest of my life. She was an angel, a flower and
even though we were not together, I could never speak against her, she's a lovely
person. While shopping was one of Cpl. Comeau's hobbies, she loved her job,

that's for sure." 
"She was a pure angel. She enjoyed life like you wouldn't imagine."

"I will miss goofing around with Marie-France. She had a good "joie de vivre.
"She made me stay young. We were like two teenagers...(My kids) would

 come to us and say, 'That's enough. We're the children here. Act like adults.
 I will miss that." 

She was a beautiful person, inside and out. She was always smiling, like a flower,
like an angel. I could get lost in her eyes, her beautiful eyes."

Marie loved her job as an air force flight attendant, her personal connection to the
Canadian Forces ran deep, as her father was also a member."

Marc-Andrew Comeau  (Marie-France's brother) posted on the Facebook page
for his sister, thanking the police for their work.
"I don't know if the next months will be as difficult as the last. I know however

that you are smiling now. And this eases my anger." 

 Jacinthe Guitard (Aunt of Marie-France) "I still remember her as the little girl who,
 when asking for cookies, would say, "Two is enough"  a subtle hint that she wanted
 more than one treat."

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#1 [url]

Sep 10 10 9:08 PM

                                   BUSINESS AS USUAL FOR A KILLER

December - January, base commander Col. Russell Williams attended a press
conference for the Olympic torch relay; Williams was one of Trenton's Olympic
torch bearers during the flame's 2009 pass through the region.

Williams issued his Christmas message to the base; He was honoured with the
Canadian Forces Decoration first clasp, an award that recognizes military members
with 22 years of faithful service.

2010 - January - 17 - The defence minister and the chief of the defence staff stop by
                               for their tour of CFB Trenton, where they watch troops load relief
                               supplies bound for Haiti.

John Williams (Mayor of Quinte West, which includes the Trenton base)
"I met with Williams almost every week. Sometime after Comeau's death I recall
asking Williams about the investigation. It was a casual question, and it got a
casual answer. "Williams replied "Yeah, they're going through their investigation."
I wasn't looking for any feedback there at all other than to say that they were
investigating and that's basically what he told me. It's sort of a weird conversation
when you think about it now."

                                      A  MISSING YOUNG WOMAN

 2010 - January 28 - Jessica Elizabeth Lloyd (27) sends a text message to a family  .
                                friend. It is the last communication anyone receives from Jessica.

                                Jessica Lloyd does not report for work in Napanee the next morning.

Police launch a massive search. CFB Trenton sends a helicopter. More than 100 persons
volunteer for the search.

                                   ROADBLOCK YIELDS RESULTS

2010 - February 4 - Thursday - it is one week since Jessica Lloyd went missing,

7:00 P.M. -- 6:00 A.M. Friday morning -
Ontario Provincial Police place a roadblock on Hwy. 37, (which connects Belleville with
Tweed) not far from Jessica Lloyd's bungalow. Officers stop every vehicle travelling in
either direction. Questions are asked of persons in the vehicles. They officers are
also checking out the tire treads on the vehicles, hoping to find a match to "unusual
tire treads" found outside of Jessica Lloyd's house.

Col. Russell Williams (Svoka) has driven his Pathfinder instead of his BMW which
he usually drove. He is stopped at the roadblock and questioned. An officer
notices that the tire treads on his vehicle resemble the ones left at Jessica
Lloyd's home.

                                   POLICE INTERVIEW

2010 - February 7 - Sunday -

A Behavioural Sciences Expert from the Provincial Police, Investigators and
Col. Russell Williams (Svoka) have an interview.

                                   BASE COMMANDER'S ARREST

Col. Russell Williams (Svoka)  is arrested later that day.

2010 - February 8 -  Monday- Williams has directed police to Jessica Lloyd's
                              body, located off a wiinding, dark and secluded stretch
                              of road, about 13 minutes away from William's home
                              on Cosy Cove Lane.

Police Investigators search William's home and find "a "treasure trove" of perverted
pictures, including possibly, some showing the last terrified moments of murdered
Corporal Marie-France Comeau's life. They find "trophies" of women's lingerie.

Lt. Col John Komocki (Cpl. Comeau's Commander of 437 Squadron, Trenton)
(Lt. Col. Komocki worked & played golf with Col. Williams for the past decade)
"There was not a clue. There wasn't anything like some facial tic that made you
wonder, mmm. No, the guy was a professional."


Col. Russell Williams is immediately relieved of command by Canadian Military

Jocelyn Kieffer (Neighbor of Comeau)
"I'm relieved there's an arrest in the murders but I'm having a difficult time
dealing with the fact that the accused is a base commander and
therefore someone we all would trust. There are no words I can put into
how I feel right now. I've known other base commanders and it's not
something you think can happen."

Terry Alexander (Neighbor of Comeau) "I'm glad the situation is coming to
an end.I hope the case is closed and we feel safe now. We moved away from
Mississauga to get away from this type of thing and here it is happening at my
front door."

                                   CRIMINAL CHARGES
CFB 8 Wing Trenton base commander Russell Williams is charged with the
first-degree murders in the asphyxiation deaths of both Jessica Lloyd and
Cpl. Marie-France Comeau. He's charged with two counts of forcible
confinement, two break and enter charges and two counts of sexual assault 
prior to their deaths.

Williams is also charged with forcible confinement, breaking and entering
and sexual assault of two women attacked in break-ins at their homes.
During the attacks he is said to have forced the women to strip and pose
for photographs blindfold and naked. The women were attacked during
break-ins around the town of Tweed, Ontario, in September.

Williams is later charged with 82 separate burglary charges from repeated
break-ins at 47 homes, dating from September 2007 through July 2009. 
One property was broken into 9 times.

                                   TIP OF THE ICEBERG

In solving Jessica Lloyd & Cpl. Comeau's deaths, investigators are beginning to
work around the clock checking unsolved cold case files of assaulted or murdered
females in areas where Williams has been posted during the 23 years he served in
the Canadian Air Force.

      Kathleen MacVicar of Nova Scotia was visiting relatives on the Trenton CFB
      in June 2001 when she disappeared. A few days later, her dead body is
      discovered, raped and strangled, lying on the ground in a wooded section of
      the military installation.

      As far back as the 1990's, a spate of female slayings took place near
      Shearwater CFB in Nova Scotia.  Williams was posted to the base.

      Detectives know that Williams and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Harriman, have
      a cottage in Tweed - which, incidentally, is within walking distance of
      the site of two sexual assaults Williams is charged with.

2010 - February -  Police believe that Russell Williams' connection with
                            Paul Bernardo is coincidental. (They attended the same
                            university and both graduated with a degree in economics).

                           However, authorities are examining Scarborough cold cases.         
                           Police have said they are re-examining the cases that overlap
                           with when Williams attended UTSC. (University of Toronto
                           Scarborough Campus)

2010 - February 18 - Williams appears in court over video-link up.

2010 - March 25 -   Russell Williams is remanded on murder and sexual
                      assault charges after a brief appearancein a Belleville, Ontario
                      court via video link to the Quinte Detention Centre in Napanee.

2010 - August 26 - PRETRIAL - Russell Williams waived his right to a preliminary

2010 - October 7- Trial to begin - Ontario Superior Court.

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#2 [url]

Oct 7 10 9:49 PM

2010 - October 5 -  COURT HEARING - Superior Court Justice Robert Scott
During the hearing today, Jessica and Andy's mother Roxanne Lloyd
held a framed photograph of Jessica throughout the hearing.
Andy LLoyd
"The picture was intended to take the focus off the disgraced military
man and remind people of his victims."

                                  GUILTY PLEA TO ALL CHARGES

Michael Edelson (Attorney for the former Col. Russell Williams)
"After reviewing thousands of pages of material, "the defence is now in
a position to advise the court how he will plead.  He will "enter into a
guilty plea on all counts."

Charges of First-degree Murder in the deaths of Jessica Lloyd, 27,
and Cpl. Marie-France Comeau, 38.
2 Home invasions -Charges of sexual assault and forcible confinement
82 Break and enter charges for residential break-ins.

                                    SENTENCING HEARING SCHEDULED

The judge set a sentencing hearing to be held  next week, October 18th.

The sentencing that begins Oct. 18 is expected to last four days.
First-degree murder is an an automatic sentence of life in prison with
no chance of parole for 25 years.

"Williams is also expected to have to repay the $12,000 a month he
has received as salary from the Canadian Forces."

                                     REACTION TO GUILTY PLEA
Andy LLoyd (Brother of Jessica)
I don't want an apology from Williams, just the truth.

The upcoming guilty plea does provide some closure
for the family and the community."

"I didn't really see Williams until he was already halfway to the
prisoner's box. You see him and a shock factor comes through...
it was kind of a surreal feeling, seeing him walk across the courtroom.
I was kind of glad to see he was staring at his feet when he was walking."

"I  was aware in advance (of Thursday's hearing) that Williams would enter
a guilty plea. I am relieved that my family won't have to suffer through a trial.

"If there is that much evidence, then why should it take two years to get
something over with? It's important because nobody wants to be off work.
You can't live your normal life doing court dates everyday."
"I and several family members and friends are working on victim-impact
statements to be read during the sentencing hearing.

 "I'd like to see him get life in jail with no parole."

George White  (neighbor and had considered Williams a
good friend)
"I'd really like to know, but I won't live long enough to know why,
because it will never come out in my lifetime. My understanding
is there's going to be no explanation — [he'll plead] guilty, that's it."
Retired, Lt.-Gen. Angus Watt (former Commander
of Canada's Air Force) and Col. Russell William's former
 superior officer.
"[He was] a very promising officer at the time, we all thought.
I'm glad to see the case coming to a close.
"I'm satisfied in some ways that justice has been done, and he
will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. I'm also a little
mystified, to be honest, that we will never understand what
drove him to do this."
In spite of having known Williams well, and having many questions
I'd like to ask him, I have no intention of ever visiting him in prison.
I doubt that Williams would ever want to see me or anyone else
associated with the military."

Ontario Provincial Police Det.-Insp. Chris Nicholas
"Though the disgraced former commander of CFB Trenton will enter
a guilty plea to all counts against him, investigators are continuing
to comb through other crimes to see if further charges will be filed.
Lots of people have been in contact with us. Certainly, the books
are not closed on Russ Williams. We're certainly looking into any
inquiries that come from around the world ...
"There are "none at this time (specific charges he can discuss)
but we're working with other police agencies on their unsolved
cases. In my experience this is the most wide-spread call for
help from other police services that I've been involved with."
Thursday's revelation that Williams will be pleading guilty is
positive news after a lengthy investigation which was first
launched in February.
"We're happy for the families. Nobody wanted to see this go to
 trial. We're just waiting for things to unfold."
"The case against Williams has been "complicated" but praised
 the work of "a lot of great investigators" who worked on the case,
spanning hundreds of kilometres with crimes in Brighton, Tweed,
Ottawa and other areas .It was the disappearance of Jessica Lloyd
when things started to "come together. The investigation progressed
quickly after her disappearance in early February."

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#3 [url]

Oct 18 10 4:56 PM

TORONTO STAR with photos of Williams' perversion

The Crown confirmed in court Monday that both murder victims, Marie-France
Comeau, 38,  and Jessica Lloyd, 27, were videotaped by Williams.

In Comeau’s case, her actual murder is on tape.

"Prosecutors reviewed how Colonel Williams began each break-in by photographing
the victim’s room and underwear drawer. In most of the early break-ins, the
photographs show the rooms of girls, including 11-year-old twins, that are decorated
with stuffed animals and animal photographs. He then photographed himself — often
sexually aroused or masturbating — modeling their underwear.  Once back home,
he photographed his total haul of the underwear, and then each individual item.
 Occasionally,he added captions. One of those read, “Merci beaucoup.”

Robert Morrison, one of five prosecutors, told the court that Colonel Williams’s “peculiar
sexuality” first led him to break into a neighbor’s home to masturbate on the daughter’s
bed with her underwear. That break-in, in Tweed, escalated into break-ins of 47 other
homes near Tweed as well as in Ottawa, where he spent weekends with his wife.

He broke into the homes of two women near his air base last September, forced
 them to strip and then blindfolded and photographed them. But he was not
recognized by the victims. Last October, he broke into the home of Cpl. Marie-France
Comeau, an air force flight attendant based at Trenton who had flown with Colonel
Williams. The police said she died after being beaten and having her mouth and nose
sealed with tape."

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#4 [url]

Oct 18 10 4:57 PM

                                 JANE DOE ATTACK
"Williams’ photographic record of the first of those assaults, against a woman known
only as Jane Doe on Sept, 17, 2009, ended Monday’s hearing.

A two-page description of how he attacked Doe was part of his computer folder on
her, one of many Williams confessed he hid online from his wife of 19 years, Mary
Elizabeth Harriman. The decorated career soldier who commanded Canada’s largest
air force base tried to use the receiving blankets of the woman’s newborn baby to tie
her up. He admitted he didn’t know her, but “thought she was cute."

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#5 [url]

Oct 18 10 5:22 PM


Within hours of the guilty pleas, the military moved to drum Williams from the ranks, beginning a month-long administrative process that will strip him of his rank, medals and eventually lead to explusion from the air force.


Comeau, 37, a much-loved military flight attendant who had flown with the pilot
Williams, was murdered Nov. 25, 2009.

Lloyd, a fun-loving 27-year-old who worked at a Napanee, Ont., bus company,
disappeared Jan. 28, and after an unsuccessful exhaustive search was located
weeks later on Feb. 8, on a rural road near her hometown of Tweed, one day
after the Feb. 7 arrest of Williams.

It was Williams who directed them there - one of many admissions he offered
during a nine-hour confession.

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#6 [url]

Oct 22 10 10:26 PM

2010 - October 21 - SENTENCE
Judge Robert Scott
"His depravity has no equal. He may be best described as Canada’s
bright shining lie."
 Judge Robert Scott sentenced Russell Williams:
 "Life sentences for his two murder convictions, 10-year sentences for
each of his two counts of sexual assault and confinement, and one
year each of the more than 80 counts of break-and-enter and theft.
The sentences will be served concurrently.
Williams will serve his sentence at Kingston penitentiary.
He will also be registered as a sexual offender and face a lifetime
weapons ban."

"Technically, Williams will be eligible for parole in 25 years (when he is 72)
but the gruesome evidence revealed this week will almost certainly ensure
that the National Parole Board keeps him behind bars until the day he dies."


"At 15 Wing Moose Jaw, Chief of Air Staff LGen. Andre Deschamps made a brief
statement on behalf of the Forces and the Governor General, officially revoking all
of Williams’ duties. 

Due to service misconduct, Williams is no longer a part of the Canadian Forces
and loses his rank as a military official. He will also be stripped of all his medals
and have no severance pay.

Williams will also have his pay revoked from the day he was arrested.
The Canadian Forces say they do not have the ability to take way Williams’
pension, but they are doing everything else they can."

Chief of Air Staff LGen. Andre Deschamps
"My announcement is the beginning of a long and difficult healing process
for the Canadian Forces.

“I think people recognize that the crimes of one individual do not tarnish the
establishment. It's been a shock to the establishment because of the rank
of the individual and his job and the fact he was well know to many in the
Canadian Forces.”

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#7 [url]

Oct 22 10 10:30 PM

THE STAR  - Dismantling the facade of a monster
Det. Sgt. Jim Smyth, a man with the most ordinary of names and
demeanor, was waiting. What happened over the next 10 hours is
both fascinating and horrifying.

Smyth, a skilled but unimposing criminal investigator, methodically
dismantled the façade of a monster. Caught on videotape, Williams’
confession offers a rare glimpsed into interrogation techniques.

"It’s hard to believe this is happening,” Williams says.
His smile is gone.
Finally, after Smyth asks where Lloyd’s body is, Williams looks up.
“You got a map?”

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