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2010 - September 4 -  HOLBERT & REESE - COSTA RICA

Don Winner "Accused serial killers William Dathan Holbert and Laura Michelle Reese 
                     have been linked to the murder of American lawyer Jeffery A. Kline, in 
                     Costa Rica, and it is suspected they might have been responsible for
                     the deaths of many others between February 2006 and June 2007,
                     before they left Costa Rica and moved to the Republic of Panama.                
                     There may be six additional victims in Costa Rica who have yet to
                     be found, unearthed, and identified, possibly more.

A formal complaint was filed in San Jose, Costa Rica before the Special Prosecutor
for Organized Crime, alleging William Dathan Holbert and Laura Michelle Reese are
responsible for the death (Homicide) of Jeffrey A. Kline in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica,
in 2006.