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Aug 31 10 8:36 PM

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Metro State Prison - Dekalb County, Georgia
                                    FOUND UNRESPONSIVE
2010 - August 30 - 6:55 A.M.

Department of Corrections Officials
 "Turner was found unresponsive in her cell at Metro State Prison at 6:55 a.m.,
at which time prison medical staff and EMS responded but were unable to revive
40 minutes later, Lynn Turner was pronounced dead.


                        Cause of death - undetermined.

John Bankhead (Georgia Bureau of Investigation Spokesman)
"The state medical examiner  found no obvious cause of death during 
her autopsy so a final decision on cause of death cannot be made without
toxicology results. Hopefully we'll have the results back in a few weeks or
sooner. The test is being rushed."
Penny Penn (Forsyth County District Attorney)
"Lynn Turner's appeal to have her Cobb County conviction overturned was
denied, but her Forsyth County appeal was still pending at the time of her
death. We had an open case. In that regard, we can close it."
                                  VICTIM'S FAMILIES REACTION
Brandie McNeal (Randy Thompson's sister)
"There’s never really any closure. My brother’s gone."
Nita Thompson (Randy Thompson's mother)
"I don't think it makes any difference to us whether she's gone.
It's still strange. If she committed suicide, all she's doing is telling
the world that she's guilty."

Kathy Turner (Glen Turner's mother)  
We don't feel like justice has been served by her losing her life. No I don't.
But I'm happy I don't have to see her anymore in the news or in court or

James Turner (Glen Turner's father)
"Justice was her being there (in prison), living with this."

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Sep 19 10 8:27 PM

2010 - September 15 - Toxicology test results are in.
                         LYNN TURNER'S DEATH A SUICIDE
John Bankhead (Spokesman - Georgia Bureau of Investigation)
"Blood tests indicate convicted murderer Lynn Turner killed herself with an
overdose of blood pressure medication."
"Turner may have hoarded the prescribed medication. She had to know what
she was doing. If there's anybody out there that would have known how to kill
or poison a person, it would be Lynn Turner."

The same day she took her life she was visited at the prison by her mother
and her two children. She gave them no indication what her intentions were.

Turner had access to the prison library, books and computers. She was taking
a number of medications. She had a certain amount of drugs that were prescribed
and she apparently knew enough about those drugs to pick this particular one to
take. She chose propanolol, the one that she could overdose on and die from."

Dr, Kris Sperry (State's Chief Medical Examiner)
"Turner died from an overdose of the blood pressure medication propanolol which
she was prescribed. Toxicology studies revealed that Ms. Turner had a lethal level
of this drug in her blood indicating that she had ingested an amount well above the
prescribed dose. Her death would have been much quicker and less painful (than
that of the men she poisoned with ethylene glycol). She took more than twice the
lethal dose."

 "The death is being classified as a suicide."

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