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Aug 26 10 5:37 PM

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2010 - August 24 -  Authorities at first thought the "hitlist" on Facebook was a hoax...
                             Until persons whose names are on the list are murdered.


        AUGUST 15 - Diego Ferney Jaramillo (16), a student, and Eibart Alejandro Ruiz
                             Munoz (17), a CD Retailer, are shot & killed while riding a motorcyle 
                             on the road between Puerto Asis and the town of Puerto Caicedo.

                                      HIT LIST IS PUBLISHED ON FACEBOOK

       AUGUST 17 - The first portion of a multi-part list is published on Facebook.
                            The list ocntained 69 names, including those of Jaramillo and Munoz.
                            It's accompanied by a warning:

                            GET OUT OF TOWN WITHIN 3 DAYS OR SUFFER THE SAME

                                     ANOTHER PART OF HIT LIST PUBLISHED

        AUGUST 19 - Another list of 31 women is posted.

                                    MURDER & ATTEMPTED MURDER

        AUGUST 20 - Volmar Perez (Public Defender) calls a Special Security Council
                             to address the situation.
                            On this date, unidentified assailants shot & killed Norbey Alexander

                            Vargas (19), and wounded Juna Pablo Zambrano Anacona (16).
                            Though wounded, Anacona attempted to purse their attackers as
                            they fled the scene.
                             Police, if they know of suspects, haven't released that information.

                                     FEARFUL FAMILIES
                             Families are sending children whose names are listed out of town
                             for safety.


Authorities are pursuing avenues to track down who wrote and published the list,
who carried out the assassinations and why.

It's been reported that some of the victims allegedly had ties to members of drug gangs.


News media in Colombia are full of speculation as to who is behind this turn of events.

Colombian news website El Espacio reports "It was the work of Los Rastrojos
("The Stubble"), described as "one of the most powerful neo-paramilitary drug
organizations of the country."

Other reports suggest "It's the work of rival paramilitary groups."
"Perhaps it is FARC, which operates in the region around Puerto Asis."

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Sep 1 10 8:58 PM

The Daily Beast
writer - Constantino Diaz-Duran
"It is not entirely clear why teenagers are being targeted in Puerto Asis.
According to schoolteachers interviewed by local media, the teens on the
list are all good students, regular high school-aged kids who generally stay
out of trouble. Perhaps fearing new threats, most of the young people in
Puerto Asis no longer allow people who are not their friends to send them
messages through Facebook."
"This deja vu to the dark days of the civil war allegedly started several months ago,
when clandestine organizations started distributing fliers in towns across the region.
In these fliers, the gangs issued decrees, akin to city ordinances, informing the
population of the new rules it must live by, under penalty of death.
In the department of Antioquia, for instance, a gang called "The Black Eagles" has
prohibited people from taking motorcycle taxis between towns. They claim that the
taxi drivers are aligned with a rival gang known as "Los Paisas."

And in the town of Caucasia, the criminals have taken on the guise of moralists.
They have outlawed parties and imposed a curfew. They claim to be after prostitutes
and "people with vices," but have extended a warning to ordinary parents as well:
"Do not let your children out in the street after 10:00 PM; it won't be our fault if
innocents fall."

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