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2010 - August 24 -  A chilling hit list of 100 names posted on Facebook was thought at
                             first to be a "hoax" but authorities, parents, and persons on the list
                             believe it is not a hoax. Especially in light of the fact that 3 teens
                             in Colombia, who were on the multi-part list, have been murdered.

                                   FACEBOOK HAS BLOCKED THE LIST

Authorities at this point do not know who posted the list nor the reason for the selection
of names on it, Allegedly, some of the victim's names had ties to gang members.

                                    THE KILLINGS BEGIN

             AUGUST 15 - Diego Ferney Jaramillo (16), a student, and Eibart Alejandro Ruiz
                                  Munoz (17), a CD Retailer, are shot and killed while riding a
                                  motorcycle on the road between Puerto Asis and the town of Puerto 

            AUGUST 17 - The first portion of the list is published containing 69 names of
                                 local young men. It included the two who were killed.
                                A warning accompanies the list: "Get out of town within 3 days
                                or suffer the same fate as the victims."

             AUGUST 19 - A list of 31 women is posted.

             AUGUST 20 - Volmar Perez (Public Defender) calls a Special Security
                                  Council meeting to address the situation.
                                  The same day,  Norbey Alexander Vargas (19) is shot and
                                  killed. His friend Juan Pablo Zambrano Anacona (16) is
                                  wounded. He attempts to pursue their attackers as they
                                  flee the scene.
                                  Authorities have not released names of any suspects.

Needless to say, many fearful parents are sending their children listed out of town
for their safety.