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Dec 12 10 8:43 AM

Has anyone heard anything at all? Joncarlo has been on trail for months. No news is coming out of India AT ALL. I knew Cindy. I want to justice is being served.

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Dec 17 10 11:33 AM

I have been looking for months as well. I thought the trial had to be completed within 120 days and believe it started Oct.1 or around then with the first 10 witnesses. I find it strange that there is no news at all after that initial day of the trail. I will post anything I find here also. Thank you.

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Dec 17 10 7:46 PM

That was my understanding as well. Joncarlo's attorney was in front of the news media
speaking quite often and now nothing. Perhaps a gag order was placed? Please do.
You're welcome.

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May 3 11 7:18 PM

It seems that Joncarlo Patton was convicted today and is sentenced to 3 years in a juvenile facility, but he can still appeal. Do you think the 10 months he served will count? He will be out by the time he is 19, like nothing ever happened. What a shame.

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#26 [url]

May 4 11 4:03 PM

2011 - May 4 - JonCarlo Patton convicted & sentenced.

INDIA -  A three-member juvenile justice board convicted Joncarlo Patton of murdering
             his mother, Cindy Iannarelli, August 12, 2010. The panel sentenced Patton
             to the maximum allowed under the Juvenile Justice Act in India - 3 years in
             a special home (detention center) for juvenile criminals.

Assistant Public Prosecutor N.K. Sankhla
"The case was based on circumstantial evidence."
"None of the 33 witnesses were an eyewitness."

 Attorney Rahul Mehra (Attorney for JonCarlo Patton)
"We will go for an appeal. Since there was no eyewitness, there is
 a strong case for an appeal."

Jayanth Krishnam (Indiana University Law Professor; expert on India's legal
"Patton has been in police custody since Aug. 13, which likely will reduce the
amount of time he spends in a detention facility. My sense is that the time served
already would be credited toward the final sentence, making it possible for Patton
to be released in summer 2013."

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Nov 3 12 3:23 PM

Thank you dg! Throughout the case I wondered because the only info coming out on this
was from the police/media and then the prosecution.

What I found key about this case ruling was Justice Sandeep Mehta of the High Court of
Rajasthan's reasons for overturning the conviction:

1. weaknesses in the prosecution's case, even suggesting that police lied about the arrest at the Jodhpur airport.

2. The memo that documents his arrest, for example, says he was taken into custody in Osian, the village where the resort was located, and makes no mention of the airport.

3. The police officer who reportedly arrested Joncarlo at the airport was never produced as a witness at trial.

"It appears the investigating officer has deliberately chosen to keep the investigation deficient on this issue as well as on a number of other important aspects," he wrote

4. The airport employee who police claimed recovered Ms. Iannarelli's things denied he did so when called to testify.

5. Shoe prints found in the sand could not be matched conclusively to Joncarlo.

6. Blood on Joncarlo's shoes was not inconsistent with Joncarlo's story that he attempted to
defend his mother during the attack. (And, she told him to flee for his life).

"There is no plausible material on the record of the case to show that the petitioner was
apprehended from the airport as claimed by the prosecution," the justice concluded,
adding that he regarded some of the witnesses' testimony "highly suspicious" and untrustworthy.

"The evidence produced by the prosecution before the trial court cannot by any stretch of the imagination be said to be clinching or unimpeachable so as to inspire the court's confidence to
uphold the petitioner's conviction," he said.

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