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2010 - August 20 - Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida

Lisa Nowak testified at a naval hearing and apologized for her actions, however,
the panel of three admirals unanimously decided Capt. Lisa Nowak should be
given a discharge of "other than honorable" and demote her from current rank.

Nowak has been serving on the staff of the chief of Naval Air Training in Texas.

She has now been relieved of duty and her military career is over.

OPINION: As a military officer Lisa Nowak was expected to uphold the military
               code of honor. She did not. She brought disrepute upon herself as a
               servicemember. Her actions were far removed from that expected of
               an officer. There was no honor in her actions, and thus she reaps
               what she sowed - the loss of her military career under other than
               honorable conditions.