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Aug 17 10 10:20 PM

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                                    CONVICTED FELON
1980 - Michael Francis Salem escapes from a Florida Corrections facility. He'd been
         convicted for kidnapping a law enforcement officer and using the officer's gun
         in the kidnapping.

1981 - 2010 -  Outstanding arrest warrants for Salem are on the books. He's
                      listed as a wanted fugitive. It's believed he fled to the Caribbean
                      and then on to Thailand where he met his Thai wife.

                                       Michael Francis Salem

Don Winner ( "Michael Brown, was actually a drug
                  trafficker who has been wanted by the state of Florida in

                  the United States for more than 20 years."
                 "I've learned through conversations with detectives in the United
                 States he was sure the true name of Michael Watson Brown is
                 actually Michael Francis Salem, who has been wanted since 1981
                 by law enforcement officials in Florida. Brown, according to Winner,
                 kidnapped two policemen, after which he fled to the Caribbean and
                 then later went to Thailand where he met the woman who became
                his wife."

                                   BOCAS DEL TORO, PANAMA

2002 - Michael Francis Salem/Watson Brown, his son Watson Brown and his
          Thai wife Manchittha "Nan" Nankratoke are in Panama.
        Michael Watson Brown, a citizen of Holland, holder of passport number
        NB0865469. Married, from the Dutch Antilles, resident of Street 4A,
        Community of Aguacate, area of Tierra Oscura, province of Bocas del

            Michael Francis Salem aka Michael "Mike" Watson Brown

        Manchittha Nankratoke "Nan" Brown, a citizen of Holland, holder of
        passport number M18119733, Michael's wife.

        Watson Siguard Brown, Michael's son.

Don Winner ( Michael Francis Salem (Brown) Was Hiding:
                "By all accounts, Michael Francis Salem was hiding out there in Cauchero.
                 He almost never came to town. He would send others to do his grocery
                 shopping for him. He kept as low a profile as possible. He home-schooled
                 his son. We already know he was hiding from the law enforcement authorities
                 in the United States.
                 We also know he had $2 million dollars in an HSBC bank account in Hong
                 Kong in 2002 when he arrived in Panama. And, we know he was in the
                 Caribbean for some time, specifically Saint Martin, before coming to Bocas
                 del Toro in Panama. And what was he doing in St. Martin?
                 According to the Detective in Florida, "I suspect his activities were more along
                 the lines of money laundering or something like that. It seems like his days as
                 an active drug trafficker date back to the late 70's and early 80's. He might have
                 had some kind of an active scam running, and I would like to know where that
                 $2 million dollars came from."
2003 - April -  Michael and "Nan" Brown purchase a parcel of land of about  
                     45 acres - located along the coast on the mainland in the
                      Cauchero area in the province of Bocas del Toro.

2003 - May - The Browns start a company called "Latitude 9.10 Inc."  Their
                   property is purchased using the company. 

Michael Watson Brown (61) and his Thai wife Manchittha "Nan" Nankratoke, 44,
and their son Watson Brown (18) are reclusive and very few of the expats in the
area get to know them. They do not frequent the weekly social parties that abound
in Bocas del Toro.

Across the water are the Brown's closest neighbors, Bo Icelar aka Bo Yancy,
and Cheryl "Cher" Hughes Werle.


2004 - Bo Barry Icelar, who goes by Bo "Yancy" in Panama, purchases a property
          near the Browns. Bo is a former Art Gallery owner and Kung Fu expert from
          New Mexico. He deals in, and collects, Native American artifacts.

           Bo starts a company called "Iguana Limited Corp,"  and a Private Interest
           Foundation called the Fundacion El Hogar De La Iguana. He uses his
           company to purchase his property and build his house. The lot was about 1.5

            Like the Browns, Bo is a very private person. Although he's well liked
            and respected, he has a few friends and acquaintances. He doesn't
            frequent the party scene in Bocas del Toro.
2005 - April - The Browns are issued certification as "agricultural producers." This
                     document indicates the Brown family intend to grow pineapple, papaya,
                     mango, oranges, avocado, plantain, and passion fruit on their land.

                                    THE BROWN FAMILY DISAPPEARS
 2007 - The Salem/Brown family have disappeared. No one thinks much of this
          because few really knew them, and in an area where people routinely
          come and go, few remark upon it.

Bill Cortez calls Michael Brown over to view some holes and when Mike comes
near, he shoots him and dumps him into one of the holes. Then he calls Mike's
son Watson out, telling him his dad wants him for something. Watson is murdered
and dumped into the hole.

Bill Cortez walks over to Nan and shoots her where she sits. She also is buried in
the hole.

They're all buried on their own property. They'll soon be joined by others.

Don Winner "According to a source close to the investigation, the members of the Brown
                 family were killed one by one. Holbert killed Michael as he showed him
                 some holes that supposedly had been dug to bury trash on the land located
                 in Cauchero. The source explained that later, the murderer looked for
                 Michael's son Watson Brown, saying his father was calling for him and used
                 this opportunity to take his life. From there he went back to the victim's
                 residence and shot Manchittha Nankratoke where he found her in the garden."

                  Of the Brown family, the woman would have been 47 years old, so it is
                  presumed she died when she was 44. She had one son who would have 
                  been turning 20, however "Wild Bill" cut his life short at gunpoint.
                  The remains of the mother and her child were found in one grave.
                  The young man was shot in the head, and because the back part of her
                  skull was missing, it is presumed "Wild Bill" pushed the barrel of the
                  gun into her mouth and fired.
                  Mike Brown was found buried about 200 yards from his wife and son, 
                  also was killed by gunfire. His remains were upside down. There were

                  three casings in the grave, but forensics experts did not find the skull
                  or part of the torso. One possible explanation is that these bones were 
                  disintegrated by the amount of lime that was applied in these areas

                                      THEFT - NEW OWNERS

         Yet, the Brown's disappearance is still a singular occurrence due to the 
         identity of the "new owners" of the Brown home, property and company,
         William "Wild Bill" Adolfo Cortez Reese and his wife, Jena Seana Cortez.

 Cortez tells everyone that the Browns have sold them their property. They promptly
rename it "Hacienda Cortez."

They open up a bar named "Villa Cortez" with a sign bearing a skull and crossbones.

Bill & Jene Cortez take over the Brown's company "Latitude 9.10 Inc," their personal
possessions and their property.

2008 - May 2 -Documents are filed in the Panamanian Public Registry making William
                    "Wild Bill" Adolfo Cortez the new Director, President, Secretary, and
                     Treasurer of the Panamanian corporation "Latitude 9.10 Inc." His wife
                     Jean Seana Cortez is named as a Director of the company.
2009 - November - Bo Icelar tells several people that "Wild Bill" Cortez has
                            expressed an interest in purchasing his property. He plans
                            to meet with Cortez to see if they can work out a deal.
                             Bo Barry Icelar aka Bo Yancy disappears. 
                                  THEFT - NEW OWNERS
Wild Bill and Jena Cortez tell everyone that they had paid Bo Icelar for his property
in cash, that he left abruptly, and that they had no idea where he was.
                                 But they had every idea of where Bo was.

Bo Icelar has been murdered, probably in his own home, and then transported by
boat to the former Brown property, where he is buried.
Bo Icelar has previously spoken of leaving, but people did wonder at the abruptness
of his leaving. Bo injured his foot during a Kung Fu exhibition and required surgery.
As a result, he was using a cane to walk with. Inside Bo's house, hanging on a peg,
is his cane.

                                  THEFT - NEW OWNERS

2009 - December 9 - Bill and Jena Cortez hire a lawyer and file documents
                                taking over Bo "Yancy" Icelar's properties and companies


2010- March 20- Cheryl Hughes (53), a neighbor to the Browns and Bo Icelar,
                         is last seen by any of her neighbors and friends.

"Witnesses tell Cheryl Hughes' relatives "When the party (in March) wound
down, Cortez sent the other guests away but coaxed Hughes to stay behind,
saying the two had business to discuss."

Don Winner "On the day Cher disappeared, she was last seen getting into 
                     Bill's boat and riding away with him towards his property where
                    they were going to supposedly discuss the possibility of him
                    buying her property."
Don Winner "On the day Cher disappeared, she was last seen getting into 
                     Bill's boat and riding away with him towards his property where
                    they were going to supposedly discuss the possibility of him
                    buying her property."
Sandi Hodge "Cortez told me that Cheryl had sold him all of her properties and
                      "just left" leaving her dogs behind."
Sandi, Cher's friend, and Cher's husband, Keith Werle, knew Cheryl would never
leave her two dogs and pet monkey behind, nor would she sell the house and
property she loved so much.

                                     THEFT - NEW OWNERS
"Wild Bill" Cortez and his wife Jena Cortez, take over Cheryl Hughes' home,
property, and company. They fired the employees of Cheryl's hotel, took down
her "Casa del Sapo" signs and put up their new sign, naming the place what
else, but "Casa Cortez."

                                      FAMILY INVESTIGATION
William Holbert aka Wild Bill Cortez, began texting Cheryl's family and friends
in order to allay their suspicions. In fact, all it did was alarm them more.

Local freelance journalist Donald "Don" Winner was contacted by one of Cheryl's
friends and began digging and prodding local authorities to take action. He began
writing about the suspicions surrounding William Cortez and his wife.

The family along with Don Winner met with authorities and convinced them that
something was seriously wrong. There were the disappearances and appropriation
of properties and personal possessions.

 Authorities realize that Cortez had made statements and terminology about
his taking over the property to friends and acquaintances of Bo Icelar, who
had gone missing in November.

 One week later, Panamanian police obtain a search warrant for the properties
"belonging" to William Cortez.
 William Holbert aka Wild Bill Cortez and Laura Michelle Reese aka Jena
or Jean Cortez, hurriedly packed their stolen goods and skipped town.
                                     POLICE ASSISTED BY LOYAL DOG
2010 - July 20 -  Tuesday Police and Judicial investigators arrive on the Cortez
                         property (formerly belonging to the Brown family) with a search
                         Cheryl Hughes Werle's dog Jackie, an adult doberman pinscher
                         had been routinely swimming across from her property to the
                         former Brown family property and keeping watch.
                         When investigators stepped foot onto the property, loyal Jackie
                         was waiting. Jackie led them directly to Cheryl's remains, buried
                         in a trash pit. Bo Icelar's body is also found.
                        During a second search of the property, the Brown family,
                        Michael, Watson and Nan's remains are found.

Cheryl Hughes Werle is murdered and buried in a garbage pit on the former Brown
Don Winner  "If it wasn't for Jackie, who knows how long it would have taken them
                      to find the remains of Cher Hughes. In addition, the human remains

                      strongly suspected to be those of  Bo Icelar were also discovered 
                      close by."

Cheryl Hughes Werle's adult doberman pinscher kept swimming across to the former
Brown property and keeping watch beside the pit. When investigators arrived Jackie
was waiting and led them to Cheryl's grave.

During the search of the property, Bo Icelar's body is found, as are the bodies of
Michael Brown, Watson Brown, and Nan Brown.

During a second search of the property, the Brown family,
                        Michael, Watson and Nan's remains are found.
Don Winner "The team from the Public Ministry made the find. A group of experts who 
                    arrived Tuesday morning to Bocas del Toro to start searching for the
                    remains of three people killed by William Dathan Holbert aka "Wild Bill",
                    found their bodies buried behind the house on land owned by the suspect.
                    The number of victims and the location coincide with the confession made
                    by Wild Bill, who revealed to the authorities exactly where he had buried 
                    the bodies."

                                      OTHER ITEMS FOUND
       Among many boxes were found copies of passports of the wife of Mike Brown,
      the Thai Tnanankratoke Manchita, born in 1963, and her son Watson Siguard
      Brown, born in 1990.
                                    FUGITIVES ON THE RUN
Holbert & Reese fled to Costa Rica. Authorities are now searching for missing
persons there and have found one body already.

Don Winner, the ever intrepid freelance journalist, blogger, and avenging angel
of had notified newspapers and plastered the fugitive's photos
in other South American countries as well as notifying authorties. His hard work
paid off.

                        ON THE RUN - MANHUNT- CAPTURED

Bill Cortez and Jena Cortez are really William Dathan Holbert and Laura Michelle Reese.
They've engaged in a crime spree that covers 6 states back in the U.S., been profiled
on America's Most Wanted, and suspected of murdering as many as 20 persons.
They hide out in Costa Rica and begin trying to meet owners who've advertised by
the Internet about selling their properties.

Thanks to Don Winner's efforts, their photos and information about them and their
activities in Panama is broadcast in the other nearby South American countries.
William Holbert and Laura Reese flee Costa Rica and attempt to enter Nicaragua

They are captured by the National Police and extradited back to Panama where
they await trial for the murders there.

Holbert has confessed to killing Michael Brown, real name Michael Frances Salem,
Watson Brown (18) and Manchittha "Nan" Nankratoke aka Nan Brown, Cheryl "Cher"
Hughes Werle, and Bo Barry Icelar aka Yancy.
Holbert also claims to have distracted and shot his victims in the nape of
the neck.

Angel Calderon "He (Holbert) has confessed to five homicides.
                          Homicide charges are also being filed against his partner,
                          Laura Michelle Reese.
                        "Not much is left (for authorities to do) for the case to go to trial."

Investigators are reviewing other "missing persons" who had contact with Holbert &
Reese. Police in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama and the U.S. are also investigating disappearances and property theft connected with Holbert & Reese.

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#1 [url]

Sep 4 10 8:37 PM


2010 - August 30 -  Officials from the criminal branch of Panama's Forensic Sciences
                              Institute collected blood samples.
The daughter of "Mike Brown"  flew from Jamaica to Panama to meet with authorities.
She provided a DNA sample to assist law enforcement in identifying the remains of
her father. She indicated "The identity of my father is Mike Brown, and he has no
other name."

          Michael Salem aka Mike Brown's daughter

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#2 [url]

Sep 8 10 7:18 PM

Don Winner -
"William Dathan Holbert visited Michael Watson Brown on his remote farm in
Bocas del Toro in early December 2007. Brown had the property listed for sale.
He wanted to sell the property and move back to Thailand with his family and
their five dogs.
This is how Brown made his money. He would buy a piece of raw waterfront
property with no house or structures, have a house built and improvements
made, and then sell that property for a tidy profit. He did this exact same
thing in Thailand, the Caribbean, and now Panama.
He was asking about $600,000 dollars for the property in December of 2007.
Brown purchased the land in August 2002 for $90,500 dollars. If he could
actually sell the property for anywhere near his asking price he would have
realized a nice chunk of income.
William Dathan Holbert contacted Brown again via email on 29 December 2007
and told him he wanted to buy the property. Holbert returned there with Laura
Michelle Reese, and Michael Brown was convinced he had a buyer. He bought
plane tickets and made solid travel arrangements to fly to Thailand.
We now know Holbert killed the entire Brown family before New Years day.
Seen on Sunday, Gone by Wednesday: There was a local employee in the area
who was supposed to do some kind of errand for Brown. He went out to the property
on Sunday, 30 December 2007 and when he was there he saw Michael Brown on
the property, together with William Dathan Holbert and Laura Michelle Reese.
The same guy returned on the following Wednesday, 2 January 2008. But now
Holbert was there and Brown was gone. Holbert told the man that he had bought
the property and that Brown had left.  
However, Brown's five dogs were still there on the property - the same five dogs
that Brown was making plans to take with him to Thailand. The witness thought
this was strange because Brown had made specific arrangements to have five
dog kennels available for the trip to Thailand. However, lacking any further
information, he simply accepted what Holbert had told him and left.  
 Remember the Rottweilers? The whole time William Dathan Brown and Laura
Michelle Reese were on the run, they were seen traveling with two mature Rottweilers.
These dogs were two of the original five dogs that were on the Brown's property when
they took it over. Meaning, they stole Brown's dogs. Holbert and Reese simply
abandoned the other three dogs when they fled from Bocas del Toro, and those
dogs are still on the property today. They apparently abandoned the two Rottweilers
somewhere in Costa Rica when their trail got too hot, because they were not in the
boat with them when they were arrested.  
Lost Contact: Family members tried to call Mike Brown's cell phone to wish
him a Happy New Years - the call went unanswered. Mike Brown's son Watson
maintained regular contact with his brother via email. In January 2008 he
stopped answering or even checking his email account. Family members knew
of Brown's plans to sell the property in Bocas del Toro, Panama and to move the
family to Thailand. They simply assumed that the sale had gone through, that the
family had moved, and that's why they fell out of contact.  

Using Alias "Dr. Bill Reese" At this time Holbert was using the alias "Dr. Bill Reese."
When investigators initially searched his house on 19 and 20 July 2010 they found
business cards he had made up in that name. He was supposed to be a psychiatrist.
All of this was just more lies and things invented by Holbert.

Brown's Property Listed on Craig's List: In mid 2008 Holbert listed the Brown's
property for sale on Craig's List, and in doing so he almost made a serious mistake.
Some friends of Mike Brown's saw that the property was for sale. They knew Brown
was asking for $600,000 dollars for the property, so if Holbert had bought it for that
much, why was he trying to sell it for about $200,000 dollars? Someone called
Holbert and acted as a potential buyer. They said they knew this property was up
for sale before at a higher price, and they asked why was it being offered for so much
less now. Holbert just made some excuses, and said he needed to sell the property
quickly in order to raise the cash for a family emergency or something like that.
The caller accepted his story at face value."

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#3 [url]

Sep 15 10 10:11 PM

2010 - September 15 - Updated information on gold teeth found in serial killer
                                   William Dathan Holbert's belongings.

"William Dathan Holbert, aka Wild Bill, not only murdered Mike Brown and his wife
and son in Bocas del Toro, but he also pulled out his gold teeth.
This was proven through analysis of the DNA as performed by the Institute of Legal
Medicine and Forensic Science of the skeletal remains of Brown, whose real name
is Mark Francis Salem, and a prosthesis tooth found in a trunk in the Hacienda Cortez
in Bocas del Toro, a property which Holbert took from the victim.
The Deputy Attorney General Angel Calderon said it was an eight tooth dental prosthesis
made of gold, which was discovered with remnants of flesh. Holbert will have to explain this
new finding, said Calderon.

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