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Aug 16 10 10:09 PM

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                                   "IT HAS THE STENCH OF FOUL PLAY"
                                           Sheriff Larry Williams

Shaquan Duley, of Orangeburg, was charged with leaving the scene of an
accident and was being held Monday night at the Orangeburg-Calhoun
Regional Detention Center. Her two sons, 18 month old Ja'van T. Duley
and brother Devean C. Duley, 2 years old, both died, strapped to their
child seats when their mother's vehicle became submerged either
by accident (as she claims), or by design, purposefully,  in the river.

Shaquan Duley was not even wet.

2010 - August 16 - Orangeburg County, S.C.
                           Sheriff Larry Williams

"The incident began around 6:00a.m., when the South Carolina Highway Patrol

was called to the Shillings Bridge Road boat ramp. Once at the scene, troopers,

believing it was more than an accident, called for assistance. The Orangeburg

County dive team arrived shortly after and discovered the bodies of the two

children trapped inside the car."

"The dead children, both boys, were recovered from the North Edisto River 
after the car  was found near a boat landing early today."
The State Highway Patrol was notified about 6:15 a.m. today that there had been
an accident and a woman needed help getting her children out of the car, which
was sinking in the middle of the river. Divers were brought to the scene, and when
the car was lifted from the water about 45 minutes later, the two toddlers were found,
dead, still strapped in their child seats."
"The woman had reported that the children were involved in an accident, but there were
no signs the car had skidded off the road and into the water. The car, a Chrysler sedan,
entered the water from a boat ramp.
Early in the investigation, the state patrol felt there was not enough indicators to
substantiate that there was an automobile accident. My officers agreedd. My
staff were out and they looked at what was there, they felt it wasn't an accident
either. They are giving broad thoughts to other issues. They didn't have any
evidence of a vehicle accident."

 "We are looking into all possibilities as to what happened."

"The woman, who did not have a cell phone, left the scene and walked nearly
a mile before she flagged down a passing motorist to call the police. She was
arrested and is being held on a charge of leaving the scene of an accident,
although additional charges may be filed."

"She showed some emotion, but I can't say she was overly distraught.Through
her statements, there are some things we think are not believable." 

"I can't confirm reports that the key was still in the car's ignition, but the car
apparently was in neutral.  Duley didn't appear wet. She didn't have any
evidence that she had been submerged in the water."
She said she was going down road and lost control of vehicle and happened to
be at juncture where boat ramp was. However, there's no evidence that she
ran off the road at any time."
The boys' father, who doesn't live at the same residence as the children,
has been interviewed by investigators. I don't know the father's whereabouts
at the time of the incident.

Duley has a third child, a 5-year-old daughter, who was at the home of her

maternal grandmother where they all lived."

"The case is "very emotional for my guys," and I am trying to keep them focused
on the investigation, "and not be swayed by what they saw."

Ramona Millhouse (Witness) 
"One of them carried a little boy off to the ambulance and then there was a
 girl working with them and she took the other little boy off the stretcher and
she carried him to the ambulance. Where was the mother? If those we my
kids, I would have been there screaming and yelling."
A witness said she overheard investigators saying the ignition was left on when they
opened the car door in the water.

Shakeyia Baxter placed flowers at the location.

"I didn't know the two boys, but I came because I am a mother of two children

myself. I pray for her and I pray for the family. And we all know the kids are in

a better place right now."

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#1 [url]

Aug 17 10 8:28 AM

                                     MOTHER CONFESSES TO MURDER
                                        AND STAGING THE SCENE

2010 - August 17 - A confession in the case.
               Orangeburg County Sheriff Larry Williams
"The mother of two toddlers found dead in their submerged car has confessed
to suffocating them before she drove her car into a South Carolina river.

Shaquan Duley admitted she staged the accident, she became distraught after
fighting with her mother. She suffocated her children by putting her hand over
their mouths, then strapped them into their car seats and drove into the North
Edisto River."
"The statement was made by the mother that she had suffocated the children.
 She was a mother that was unemployed. She had no way of taking care of
her children." 

"She was fed up with her mother telling her that she couldn’t take care of the
children or wasn’t taking care of the children. She just wanted to be free."
"She just wanted to get rid of the children, as sad as it may be."

 "Duley's story of a car accident didn't make sense. Investigators worked through
 the night to try to "disprove some of the things she was alleging. As 29-year-old
Shaquan Duley was interviewed throughout the evening, "we discovered some
other issues that we had great concern (about)."

"From personally responding to the location where the alleged accident occurred,
I found no physical evidence to support what she had reported: leaving the road
and going into a boat ramp where the children were found. So because of a lack
of evidence in her statement ... I found there are some issues that would need
to be unraveled."
 "For someone who had just plunged into the Edisto River here, of course, and
had two children in the car, her clothing wasn't damp," Williams said of Shaquan
Duley's initial report.  Duley, walked some distance from the car to find help when
there were nearby houses.

Police say Ms. Duley will be formally charged with murder on Wednesday.

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#2 [url]

Aug 17 10 8:37 AM

                                   CLOSER PLACES TO GET HELP

Close by the North Edisto River sits a mechanich's shop, a mobile home, and
the home of the Milhouse family, who's side porch is only steps from the river.

 Ramona Milhouse (81) "I can't understand why the boys' mother didn't bang on my
                                      door for help. It sounds fishy to me. If that was an accident
                                      that woman would've been over here screamin' and hollerin'
                                      and really raising the devil."
                                     "When my husband and I woke up and looked outside, rescue
                                      workers were already at the car and I could see the head of
                                      one boy above the water. At first I thought they were unconscious
                                      until I realized their bodies were being taken to the ambulance
                                      with no attempts to revive them."

                                      "The car had to come from the boat landing, on the other side of a
                                       concrete bridge adjoining my property, and down the slow-moving
                                       river. It's real low, so it could have taken awhile.The car windows
                                       were up, and I heard rescuers say the ignition was on. I watched
                                       as the car was pulled down the middle of the river and hauled onto
                                       the bridge with a crane."
Shakeyia Baxter "The main road was heavily traveled in the mornings and would have
                            been especially busy on Monday — the first day of school.
                            "My heart goes out to them. I would have been doing everything I
                             could to get those kids out of that car seat."

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#3 [url]

Aug 17 10 6:54 PM

                                 Shaquan Duley's family

Elaine (Shaquan's Mother) "We are struggling to accept the reality of the situation as
                                        well as bury the two children, but prayer is helping us.

                                       "I only want for my granddaughter to know love."
Shaquan also has a five-year-old daughter that Elaine plans to raise. 

A fund is being set up at a local bank to help with expenses.

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#4 [url]

Aug 17 10 7:12 PM

                                     DULY TO BE ARRAIGNED

2010 - August 18 - Wednesday - Duly will be arraigned in court.

                            Shaquan Duley is now facing two charges of murder in the

                            death of 18-month-old Ja'Van Duley and 2-year-old Devean



Sheriff Larry Williams "She told investigators she was overwhelmed by the
                                    responsibilities of raising the kids. She showed no

"I believe she was angry, upset, and for some reason found Shillings Bridge

Road and was looking for a place to discard the bodies.  Shaquan Duley

was unemployed and not financially stable and lived with her mother.

Shaquan's mother was a "firm individual. She lived at mom's house, probably 

ate her mom's food... she had very little control. in her thoughts, except her

children. I think she truly felt, 'If I don't have these two toddlers, I can be free.'"


Shaquan and her mother often clashed over how to raise the children.

"She often talked with her daughter about being more of a mother, about

being more reliable."


This investigation has had an emotional impact on my officers and the



"They were two innocent little folk who were no harm to anyone and were

taken away."


Coroner Samuetta Marshall "Devean Duley showed defensive wounds and

                                              signs of a struggle. There was bruising on the


                                   DEATH PENALTY


1st Circuit Solicitor David Pascoe

"The case qualifies for the death penalty. If two or more people are

murdered, or if a child under the age of 11 is murdered, then it qualifies."


Pascoe has not yet decided if his office will seek the death penalty,

His office is reading through evidence and police reports to determine

how they will proceed.




Deputies informed Renuka Patel, owner of the Trumps Inn, that Shaquan Duley

had suffocated her two toddlers in one of the rooms.



Renuka Patel "Shaquan Duley, came to the Trumps Inn around 1:30 a.m.

                       Monday and asked for a room for one night.


"It's very bad and that on my property? How could she do that? Whenever I go to

 that room, I will think about these kids, about the pain they will have in themselves.

How could she do that? She needs to hang to death that's all. They need to give her

death, that's all."





Basil and Ramona Milhouse live next to the river where the vehicle was submerged.


Basil Milhouse "It just gets to me. Them little fellows were the cutest things."

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#5 [url]

Aug 18 10 5:49 PM

                                   FUNERAL FOR TODDLERS

2010 - August 18 -  The funeral for Ja'Van Duley and Devean Duley is set for
                              August 20, Friday at 11 a.m. at St. Paul Baptist Church
                              in Orangeburg, S.C.

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#6 [url]

Aug 18 10 6:05 PM

                                    ARRAIGNMENT HEARING
 Carl Grant (Attorney for Duley) "Shaquan is remorseful, and she has been speaking
                                                  with her family's minister. She deserves the presumption 
                                                  of innocence, and all the facts have not been presented."
                                                  "She will plead not guilty to murder charges."
                                                  "I've spoken Shaquan Duley several times. I haven't
                                                  had a chance to review all the evidence available.
                                                  Shaquan is "distraught, depressed, sad and solemn."

Shaquan's family members were present at the hearing.

In response to questions about Sheriff Larry Williams and the media coverage-

Adriane Duley (Shaquan's sister) "I don't think Williams is "dragging my sister through
                      the mud." He has been compassionate in the case. My family has been 
                      overwhelmed by the media attention on the case.

                                        SUICIDE WATCH

Shaquan Duley has been placed on suicide watch at the Orangeburg County jail.
She will be under observation 24 hours a day and all items removed from her cell
which she might use to take her life.

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#7 [url]

Aug 19 10 6:08 PM

2010 - August 19 -  Ja'van and Devean Duley lay in small white coffins inside the
                             chapel of the funeral home.

                             A video monitor on the wall showed pictures of the Duley family,
                             of Ja'van and Devean, some of the photos are of them with their
                             mother Shaquan.

Betty Fogle-Bovein (Minister) "I went to school with Shaquan's mother.
"There are a lot of underlying circumstances. Sometimes people are
going through deep emotional problems that they don't let us see."
It's such a tragedy and we're praying for them and what's best for
them - that God will bless them."
Flossie Brindle (Retired Nurse) "I didn't know the family but I would have helped   
had I known there was a problem. Oh my goodness. I would have took the little 
boys. That's all she had to say."
             A makeshift memorial has grown at the river landing where the children
             were submerged. Stuffed animals, ballons, flowers, children's toys,
             and tributes have been left by friends, family and complete strangers.


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#8 [url]

Aug 19 10 6:16 PM


"If prosecutors seek a death sentence and win, Armstrong suspects questions 
would be raised because of Smith's lesser sentence.

"People would have to wonder, did Ms. Duley get a harsh sentence because
of her race and lack of financial means?" Armstrong says. Duley is black,
unemployed and had been living with her mother. "Susan Smith had a family
member of substantial means who was able to hire two of the finest criminal
defense lawyers in this country."

"Prosecutors will await a mental evaluation before deciding how to proceed."

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#9 [url]

Aug 24 10 10:32 PM

2010 - August - 22 -  

                         FAMILY & BACKGROUND
2001 - Arthur and Helen Duley took out a $48,000 mortgage on their Whaley Street
          home. But they were never able to pay the note.

2003 - The Duley family ran into financial trouble after Shaquan graduated from
          high school. Sears took Helen Duley to court over an unpaid, $677 credit
          card bill.

2005 - Shaquan's daughter is born.

2007 - May - The house was sold at a foreclosure auction at the Orangeburg County
                   Courthouse for $25,000, court records show.

Family friends said that is about the time Arthur Duley, a security guard at S.C. State
University, left the home. There are no divorce records on file at the courthouse.

Helen Duley and her daughters moved into their current home. The little yellow house
was home to the three women, along with five children all younger than 5, since Adrian,
Shaquan’s sister, had two boys of her own.Helen Duley continued working at the nursing
home. Shaquan Duley was unemployed. It’s unclear whether Adrian Duley had a job.

2007 - October - Devean Christopher Duley was born. 

2009 -February -  Ja’van Tyrell Duley was born.

2010 - August - Shaquan Duley is charged with smothering her two sons and submerging
                       them in a vehicle into the river.

                                     FRIENDS OF THE FAMILY

Chea Phelps (friend of Shaquan)
"We met in 2009 in an employment preparation program offered by the S.C.
Department of Social Services. After one class, I saw Shaquan Duley leave
the building with tears in her eyes. I asked her what was wrong. Shaquan
said she needed milk for her youngest son, Ja’van, but was out of her monthly
food stamp allotment and did not have money.
My mother and grandmother and I drove Shaquan to the store and paid for the
milk. Ever since then, ’Quan has been part of my family."
We took took online classes from the for-profit Everest University. Shaquan
was trying to earn a degree in medical coding and billing. It’s better to do
online than a classroom because you don’t have to worry about finding a
baby sitter. We shared long conversations about raising our children, hunting
for jobs and the pressure they felt from their families.
We wanted our own apartments. “We wanted to get up on our feet so we
could start our lives right."
Shaquan complained about the absence of her children’s father. I told her that
we’re going to struggle whether our babies’ fathers are in the picture or not."
"The fight with her mother started over who would give Ja’van a bath.
 I spoke to Shaquan Duley that night after Shaquan left the house.

“She was telling me she was tired. She was fed up. Her mother stayed on
top of her.
Shaquan had been styling her daughter’s hair for the girl’s first day of school. She
left the house to go to a beauty supply store, to buy more hair to weave into the
girl’s own. While she was gone, the youngest boy pulled off his diaper and went
to the bathroom on himself.

Shaquan returned home just as Helen Duley and Adrian Duley were preparing to
wash the 18-month-old. Helen Duley insisted she be the one to wash the little
boy, and that’s when the mother and daughter got into an argument.

Shaquan called and was crying. She told me she was leaving home, and I
invited Shaquan to bring the boys to my fiancé’s house. She never showed
up, and I got worried. I called her all night long, and it went straight to voice

Annette Blocker (65) former neighbor) "I couldn’t believe it when one of my
daughters called Monday with news of the two murder charges against Duley.
“I said, ‘Noooo! Something had to go wrong for Shaquan to do that.
What’s wrong? I just don’t know.”
Helen Duley’s grandmother lived with them until she died in her mid-90s.
Helen Duley would rise before the sun to bathe and feed her grandmother
before heading off to work at an assisted living home. Helen Duley kept
a spotless home. You would never go in there and smell a stink. You
couldn’t tell a person was sick in there.”

Helen Duley was strict with her daughters but made sure every need was
cared for. She believed in a child being clean, fed and taken care of. I've
told my family they must pray for all of the Duleys. We’ve got to pull together
for Helen, and Shaquan, too. Shaquan is going to need us because we just don’t
know what happened."


Karlena Clark "Shaquan and I became best friends our sophomore year at
Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School. We weren't part of the in-crowd and didn’t
participate in clubs or sports.  We just clowned around together and shared a
ove for Chinese food. We were just enjoying who we were.

After high school, Shaquan took a few classes at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical
College, she didn't earn a degree. At some point, Duley reportedly worked at the
Dairy-O, a burger and ice cream joint, in downtown Orangeburg.

Shaquan and her sister continued to live with their mother. Five years ago, Shaquan
Duley gave birth to a daughter, Saniya Duley. Devean Christopher Duley was born in
October 2007. His brother, Ja’van Tyrell Duley, followed in February 2009.

The children have the same father, but he has never been involved in their lives. In fact,
I had never met the man and only knew his first name. That’s what always made me mad.
He’s got all this responsibility, and he ain’t living up to it.”
I knew Shaquan was going through a hard time. I wishe she had turned to me for help.
Reports that Helen Duley is a harsh mother who criticized her daughter are false.
Helen Duley was a concerned mother who opened her home to her two grown daughters
and their children. That’s not Miss Helen. She’s not a monster. She was like any other
mother. She wanted the best for her kids and grandkids. She never talked bad to her.
She never talked bad about her. It was tough love. I just want it to be known that I’m
her close friend and I love her."

"Those who call themselves Shaquan Duley’s closest friends said that if she is found
guilty, they cannot excuse her actions. Still, they said they will try to support her."

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#10 [url]

Sep 13 10 9:09 PM

                                    BOND DENIED
2010 - September 13 -1st Circuit Judge Ed Dickson ruled Shaquan Duley will not be
                                   released on bond.

Carl B. Grant (Attorney for Shaquan Duley) 
"My client is extremely depressed and has made attempts to take her own life."
There is evidence supporting that Duley was in fact in the Edisto River and had
attempted to drown herself."
Solicitor David Pascoe
"Shaquan Duley should remain in jail until her trial."
Two community church leaders spoke on Duley's behalf.
Shaquan Duley's mother Helen Brown Duley, sister Adriane Duley and father Arthur Duley
spoke on her behalf.

                                    FAMILY SUPPORT

Helen Brown Duley
"This is truly a sad day in our lives. My daughter hasn't been in trouble
before. Shaquan Duley is different from the person you've seen in the headlines.
She was a good mother. This is a phase. I don't want a bad image. She was a
loving mom to all three of her kids."

Shaquan was under a lot of pressure to provide for her kids, anxiety Shaquan

kept to herself. Despite the murder charges against Shaquan, she really loved
her boys.  Reports that I berated my daughter are not true.  I only tried to instill
the values into my children that were passed down to me."

To her daughter Shaquan Helen had this message:
"I genuinely love you. I hold nothing against you. I will stick with you until the day I die."
"Devean as a very happy and active child. "He was an organizer, too. Cars and trucks.
Ja'Van loved to smile. "I called him my Gerber baby. Children are a gift from God. They

were a gift for me."

Adriane Duley
"I hope  mothers who are having a hard time will learn from this tragedy.
I feel there's a silver lining in this dark cloud. Someone's gonna get the
help they need."

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#11 [url]

Oct 23 10 12:45 PM

2010 - September -  Sheriff Larry Williams (53) dead.

Sheriff Williams passed away after being hospitalized on August 30th from
an undisclosed illness.

This came less than two weeks after he was involved in the high profile case
of Shaquan Duley.

Williams was elected sheriff in 2000 after spending more than two decades in
law enforcement.

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#12 [url]

Mar 2 11 6:35 PM

                                    COURT HEARING
2011 - February 17 - No trial date set.
Prosecutors requested that Shaquan Duley be mentally evaluated.
Circuit Judge Edgar Dickson ruled that a psychiatrist should evaluate
whether Shaquan Duley is fit to stand trial.

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