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Jul 5 16 10:00 AM

Wild Bill

Sorry for replying to your comment left in 2010 but I felt inclined to.
I'm sure it would be difficult to get your head around and/or trying to reconcile learning a once good friend has participated in such egregious acts. I'm hoping you have kept up with this case and have accepted your friend Bill is in fact the actor involved with many crimes and has confessed to some. Unfortunately, several agencies in Panama and states believe there are more victims that met their demise at the hand of your friend and his wife.
The evidence is overwhelming and i hope you now agree Mr. Winner did an excellent job reporting Wild Bills dastardly deeds, i believe you called it BS. And did a fine job of character assassination of Mr. Winner sans references regarding where you found your facts. You demanded proof. Where was yours?
I have been following this case for 6 years and have been grateful for Mr. Winner's fact finding journalism and integrity. If you have taken the time to read all of his postings you would have witnessed his efforts in reporting the truth. When an error was pointed out to him, he was quick to admit and correct the mistake. He does this in the body of the next post and not a teeny little retraction, hoping no one will see. This making him a rarity amongst journalists.
Maybe I missed your post apologizing to Mr. Winner for the insults and unsited accusations? I'm sure he understands your emotional outburst regarding a dear friend from you past. As well as sociopaths/psychopaths are very charming and hide their malicious thoughts from everyone. They are able to dupe even the closest of friends.
With that said, I hope you take the time and retract your eronious accusations towards Mr. Winner. And have been able to reconcile that your friend of old is now a monster that has been stopped and will no longer bring pain to others, including you. Take a moment and be another example of integrity. I wish you well.