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Aug 16 10 9:28 PM

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William Dathan Holbert 

aka William "Wild Bill" Adolfo Cortez  
aka William Cortez Reese - claimed to be from Texas; a Dutch citizen
aka Donald Lee Bruckart
aka William Adolfo Cortez - claimed to be son of a rich Mexican.
aka Luke Gregory Kuhn
aka Maxwell Smith 
aka Max Smith
aka Jose Eiser
aka Dr. Bill Reese
Holbert used the name "Josef Eiser" to purchase a vehicle. It can be presumed
that he has some identification and travel documents issued in this name.

Holbert used the alias "Dr. Bill Reese" and posed as a psychiatrist.

William Holbert is described as a 35-year-old white male with long blond hair,
gray/green eyes, full blond beard and mustache, 5' 9" tall, and weighing about
280 pounds. Holbert has white supremacist tattoos - and is a fan of Hitler and
anything to do with Hitler.

                         William Dathan Holbert



Holbert's girlfriend aka "wife"
Laura Michelle Reese

aka Jena Seana Cortez - claimed to be Dutch.
aka Jane Cortez
aka Laura Bruckart
aka Michelle Bruckart
aka Jane Cortez Reese
aka Laura Michelle Reese
aka Laura Michelle Ruiz
aka Anne Smith

Laura Reese is approximately 5" 5" tall, about 200 pounds, with red hair and
blue eyes.


                                    NORTH CAROLINA

1979 - September 12 - William Holbert was born in Hendersonville, North Carolina.
                                 (Hendersonville Times-News) Holbert graduated from North

1997-  Hendersonville, N.C. - Holbert graduates from North Henderson High School.
2004 -    William Holbert was married with three children, owned a lucrative landscaping
             business and a beautiful mountain home.

2004 - May - Holbert leaves his wife and children, sells his business.

                                   SOUTH CAROLINA

CHARLESTON, S.C. -  William Holbert moves briefly to Charleston.

Holbert stops paying child support.

 Holbert files for bankruptcy, listing hundreds of thousands of dollars
 in debts

2005 - April - FOREST CITY, N.C.- Holbert opens a business called "Southern National
                                                    Patriots."  He promotes white supremacist views, 
                                                    sells Nazi flags, and bandanas with swastikas.
                                   William D. Holbert

Holbert holds meetings in his store, trying to recruit young people. He lectures 
them on his views on the destruction of Southern white culture. He wants to 
end the "oppression of white Southerners."

Cleveland County - Holbert rented a secluded, hilltop home from a landlord.

4-5 months later - Holbert and his girlfriend moved out they left behind a pile of junk.
                            Crumpled up amid the junk is a letter to Holbert's wife Ryan.

"According to a letter written from Holbert to his wife, Ryan, he claimed was a leader
of a radical group called the Southern National Patriots."

                          Not long after their move, the landlord notices Holbert's name
                          in news reports and on most wanted lists not only for his
                          affiliation with white supremacists, but also for a multi-state
                          stealing and fraud campaign.

                    Donna Stevens - Photo Credit: Corey Friedman The Star

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Holbert helps manage a fitness club for about 10 weeks.
                             While working there he begins a "romantic" relationship
                             with Laura Michelle Reese, a co-worker.

Kevin Hoover (owner of fitness club) "If only he could have focused himself,
                       he had a brilliant mind."

                          Holbert forged Marie Hoover's signature on unauthorized checks.
                          Holbert spent $25,000 in company checks to buy TVs, washers,
                          and dryers and mattresses. Holbert is fired.

                          THE HOOVERS DO NOT PRESS CHARGES.             

Kevin Hoover "I knew he had been on the run for a long time. But I never
                       thought he could be a killer, much less a serial killer."

Marie Hoover  "You know that HBO show The Sopranos? He wanted to be
                        Tony Soprano for a while — he's got that mindset." 
                                   Marie Hoover

                                    FAMILY COURT
2005 - June -  Judge orders William Holbert arrested for contempt of court,
                      failing to make child support payments ($12,000) and failing
                      to appear in court. A date is set for Holbert to serve his time
                      in jail. He is sentenced to 20 days in jail.

                      William Dathan Holbert fails to appear. He and his girlfriend
                      flee the area.

2005 - August - MISSOULA, MONTANA - A few weeks later, Holbert is using an
                                       alias Luke Kuhn at work. He steals a car, changes the
                                      VIN number, forges the vehicle's title, and sells it to a 
                                      purchaser in Conrad, Pondera County, Montana. (NE of

Undersheriff Jeff Pruttis "The guy was pretty intelligent for doing that kind
                                        of fraudulant stuff."

2005 - September -  Warrants for his arrest are issued for felony deceptive practices.

                                    NORTH CAROLINA

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. - A property owner from Denver, N.C., also owns a
                                              a home on Oak Island, a coastal community.

William Holbert uses an alias, Luke Gregory Kuhn, to obtain a N.C. driver’s license.

2005 - October 4 -
William Holbert "sells" the house, by forging the deed and title. He cashes
in for about $200,000 by seeling it to an investor. The fraud is discovered
when the owner came to her home and found it gutted. She reports it
to police. Oak Island Police Detective Kristy Cox investigated.

Jon David (New Hanover District Attorney) "Holbert is wanted in Brunswick County   
                                         for selling an Oak Island home he didn't own for $200,000. 

                                        He's not likely to be back in the U.S. anytime soon. 
                                        My office will wait until authorities in Panama finish 
                                        their murder investigations to take further steps."
 Sgt. Tony Burke (Oak Island Police) "He is not suspected of committing any other
                                                           crimes in the Wilmington area."
2005 - October 31 - KENTUCKY -  William Holbert & Laura Reese pay cash to purchase
                                                   a cabin. They begin looking into opening a 24 hour 
                                                   fitness center.

William Holbert's alias -  Donald Lee Bruckart and obtains a false Kentucky driver
Laura Michelle Reese's alias - Laura Bruckart.

Holbert uses the $200,000 to buy the cabin.

2005 - December -  Holbert and Reese vacation in IRELAND, travel to
                             TEXAS, NEW MEXICO & ARIZONA before heading
                             back to Kentucky.

2006 - January -  The couple plan to open a gym called Big Sandy Fitness.

                                  NORTH CAROLINA

2006 - January -  WILMINGTON, N.C.  Police Department swears out warrants for
                          William Holbert's arrest on felony charges of obtaining property by
                          false pretenses and forgery of deeds. The department calls in the
                          U.S. Marshals Violent Fugitive Task Force, which has offices 
                          around the country, to help find and arrest Holbert.

Lucy Crockett (Spokeswoman, Wilmington Police Dept.) "I guess that warrant's
                      going to stay on file for a while because it's hard to believe he's going
                      to be back from Panama soon."

 Cpl. Paul Verzaal (Investigator, Wilmington Police Dept.) "There is still an open
                              warrant for Holbert's arrest that calls for extradition."

Lawrence County Sheriff Garret Roberts runs the license tag to their van.
Finding it has no insurance he tells them of the issue.

Sheriff Garret Roberts "They began acting suspicious. Right after that is
                                     when he hightailed and left the area." 

2006 - Feb. 3 or 4 - LOUISA, KY - Holbert and Reese telling neighbors a
                                                   family member died and they will be gone
                                                   for an unknown amount of time.

                                   WEST VIRGINIA

HURRICANE, WEST VIRGINIA - A vehicle is reported stolen. It is a Jeep Cherokee.


2006 - February 5- SHERIDAN COUNTY, WYOMING -  A Highway Patrolman pulls
                            Holbert over on I 90 for speeding. Holbert & Reese tell the officer
                            they’re heading to Seattle, Washington.

 Holbert shows his Kentucky license in the name of Donald Lee Bruckart.
 When the officer runs his alias in the system, it shows that he’s wanted
in North Carolina and Montana.

When he attempts to make an arrest on the pending charges, Holbert engages in
a high speed search and chase. Holbert (and his female companion) take the Jeep
off road, eventually crashing the vehicle in a field. Holbert & Reese flee the scene.

 Jon David (New Hanover District Attorney) "He must have realized at that time,
                 ‘Boy, they're serious about what happened in southeastern North Carolina.
                  I better get out of Dodge. Literally."

                                   NORTH DAKOTA
2006 - February 7 -
BISMARK, NORTH DAKOTA - William Holbert & Laura Reese are suspected of
                                             stealing a 14 foot U-Haul truck.

The company reports it stolen the next day.


2006 - March 6 -
NORTH PALM BEACH, FLORIDA - The next month the stolen and abandoned U-Haul
                                                     is located.

                                   AMERICA'S MOST WANTED
2006 -  Later that year, William Dathan Holbert appears on America's Most Wanted.

Holbert falls off the radar in the U.S. He has used aliases in at least 6 states and
likely will use more to escape justice.

2006 - 2007 -  Authorities believe William Dathan Holbert & Laura Michelle Reese
                     made their way to Panama via Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica.

                     Authorities in those countries are now reviewing unsolved 
                     murder cases and disappearances of citizens or expats
                     from other countries residing there.

                                    SAIL AWAY - OVERSTAY VISIT

Don Winner  "Holbert and Reese hopped on a cruise ship and sailed away
      to Costa Rica. The area of Puerto Viejo is close to Limon, Costa Rica, a
      popular cruise ship destination. Apparently Holbert and Reese disembarked
      from the cruise ship in mid February 2006, and simply stayed in Costa Rica
      when the ship sailed."

      "All of Holbert's talk about having been in Mexico, Belize and the Cayman Islands?
       There are several cruise ships that stop at these ports before arriving in Puerto
       Limon, Costa Rica."

      "One of the biggest problems in investigating this case is that most of the time,
       William Dathan Holbert was lying to the people he was talking to.
       One witness told me Holbert said he had spent a month in Belize. Several
       witnesses have made references to him saying he was in the Cayman Islands
       at some point. Dozens of people have told me how Holbert told them about the
       years he spent living in Mexico. 
      Well, all of that was most likely just lies. I think the truth is Holbert
      and Reese jumped on a cruise ship in order to escape from the United
      States, and the ship stopped in Mexico, Belize, and the Cayman Islands
      before reaching Limon, Costa Rica. I still don't know exactly what ship
      they were on and it's itinerary, but eventually I will be able to dig that
      out, no doubt."


Panamanian Authorities now state that the two entered Panama with false identities
and citizenship papers. Holbert posed as a Dutch citizen "William Cortez-Reese,
and Laura Reese posed as "Jane or Jeane Cortez."

                                    COSTA RICA
2006 -2007- SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA - William Holbert & Laura Reese are living in
                                                            San Jose. Holbert buys and sells used cars.
                                                            They are going by the names "Bill & Michelle."

Don Winner "There is a possibility Holbert might have killed someone in San Jose,
                     Costa Rica. He has a habit of killing people and then moving on quickly.
                     They rented a house in San Jose for a couple of weeks before they moved
                     into that rented bedroom near Punta Uva, so who knows if he had the time
                     or opportunity to kill someone while he was there. At this point it looks like
                     Kline might have been their first victim in Costa Rica."

PUERTO VIEJO, COSTA RICA - Stacie and Allen Duckworth, a couple from Texas
purchase the La Terrazza" Restaurant for $40,000. They fix it up, pour some
money into it and run the bar as their primary business.

When "Bill and Michelle" Cortez arrive, they promptly make friends with the Duckworths.

   Holbert masquerading as "Bill Cortez" & Reese as "Michelle Cortez"

Don Winner "Some people knew Holbert as "Big Bill" or "Body Builder Bill."
                    "Before too long Holbert and Reese were at the bar all the time,
                     working behind the bar, fixing things up, "helping out" and acting
                     as if they were the owners (sound familiar?) So the story goes,
                     Holbert supposedly had $60,000 saved up, and the Duckworth's
                     were going to sell their bar and all four of them were going to move
                     to Bocas del Toro together."

UPDATE August 8, 2010 -
DON WINNER ( Well, that's a relief. I just spoke to
Allan Duckworth. He and Stacie are both alive and well. He was chilled
to hear about the later exploits of Holbert and Reese. I had the story right,
about the bar in Puerto Viejo and the general description of the story about
how things went down.
The Duckworth's actually went with Holbert and Reese to the Jaco area
of Costa Rica where they lived for two months. In fact the Duckworths
decided they needed to get away from Holbert and Reese because,
according to Duckworth, Holbert was apparently trying to change his
appearance to make himself look more like Allan. Their radars were
working, they got worried and suspicious, and they got the hell away
fom those two. That probably saved their lives. In any case, they are fine
(Thank God)."

                                     THE BODY UNDER THE PATIO - JEFF KLINE

2006 - February - Joe and Sue Freconna, from Cleveland, Ohio, purchased the
                           beachfront property "Casa Siesta." The couple spend most of
                           the year in the U.S. and the property is rented out.

         April - The previous owner, a German engineer moves out.

2006 - "Bill & Michelle" Reese (Holbert & Reese) rent "Casa Siesta," a vacation
          home, while they are living in the Playa Negra area of Puerto Viejo, Costa
          Rica. Behind the home is a nice area of shrubbery and bushes. They've
          rented Casa Siesta through a property management company.

Don Winner "My source - who has asked to not be identified - met "Bill and Michelle"
                     at the Arrecife restaurant in the Punta Uva area - South of Puerto Viejo
                     and Playa Cocles. My source said "I instantly didn't like him and knew
                     he was dangerous."
                     Holbert supposedly said he was a writer and he spoke about money he
                     supposedly had in the Cayman Islands. Holbert had a draft of a book he
                     was writing which featured as its central character described as a "big,
                     charming, intimidating guy" obviously based on Holbert himself. 
                     According to this source, Holbert immediately turned everyone off at the

                     bar because "he was always talking Nazi crap and how 'right' Hitler was."
                     As for the woman at his side, Laura Michelle Reese ("Michelle" in Costa
                     Rica) she would apparently "try to get Bill to bash anyone who disagreed
                     with her."
                     During their last few months in Costa Rica, Holbert and Reese spoke
                     frequently of their plans to move to Bocas del Toro in Panama."

Don Winner "Kline actually rented a room in the same house where Holbert
                     was living at the time, in late March and during the first week of April,

                                   Jeffrey A. Kline

                     When Kline rented the bedroom in that house in Puerto Viejo, he had
                      more than $100,000 in cash physically with him. Apparently he was
                     afraid that if he left the money in the bank investigators might seize
                     it to pay the $70,000 dollars in child support payments he owed to
                     his family back home. Unfortunately for Kline, he ended up living under
                     the same roof as serial killer William Dathan Holbert - the man who kills
                     other citizens from the United States in order to steal their money and
                     belongings - loaded down with cash. Within a week, Kline was dead,
                     Holbert had the money, and Kline's body was buried under the house
                     owned by Joseph and Sue Freconna in Puerto Viejo."

                    "Jeff Kline just got unbelievably unlucky to run into a newly arrived serial
                     killer, two days after he fled the United States to "start over." Talk about
                     a combination of really bad luck, incredibly bad timing, being in the wrong
                     place at the wrong time, and one seriously massive dose of bad Karma."

2007 - February - Joe & Sue Freconna return to Puerto Viego and discover that
                           a concrete patio has been put down over the bushes and other

Sue Freconna "The discover of the makeshift patio immediately raised our
                         suspicions, leading us to contact a lawyer. The lawyer said
                         our imaginations were running wild with us. The incident was
                         brushed aside."

2007 - November - The Freconna's are having a sunroom built at the rear of their
                              property. The concrete patio is being ripped up to make way
                              for the sunroom.

                              Workmen find a body wrapped in a plastic bag. Authorities
                              are notified and they respond to Casa Siesta.

                              The Judicial Investigating Organization reports that the man's
                              remains wears a gold chain necklace and a diamond ring. They
                              hope the jewelry will assist in solving the man's identity.

Don Winner - Confirmed Serial Killer "Big Bill" Holbert rented vacation house in
                      Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.


Supposedly Stacie and Allen Duckworth "sell" the bar for $75,000, intending to
move to Bocas del Toro with their good friends Bill & Michelle.

The Duckworths disappear.

Stacie and Allen Duckworth never arrive in Bocas del Toro. Their real estate agent in
Costa Rica notes that all of the Duckworths' email accounts suddenly are inactive. 

 William "Wild Bill" and Jena Cortez depart Puerto Viego and arrive in Bocas del
Toro, Panama.

Don Winner - We was some lucky son of a bucks - escaped from serial killer.
"Allan started to get extremely nervous when one day Bill came home with a whole
box of hair dye and color. "He dyed his hair to match my hair color, cut his hair to
match my hair style, and he even trimmed his beard to make himself look just like
me," Allan said. They figured it out - apparently Bill was tying to make himself look
like Allan in order to be able to assume his identity, so they decided it was time to
leave, in a real big hurry."

                                    BOCAS DEL TORO
William Adolfo Cortez and his wife Jena Seana Cortez are in Bocas del Toro,
Panama. Everyone considers "Wild Bill" Cortez to be a bit wild, crazy and loud.
Some find him obnoxious. They fit in with the party crowd who meet every
week for socializing and drinking.

                                    MURDER OF A FAMILY FOR GAIN

2007 - The Brown family are missing. The Brown family consists of Michael
          Watson Brown (61), his son, Watson Brown (18), and his Thai wife,
           Manchittha "Nan" Nankratoke,  (2nd wife)

Don Winner "Michael Watson Brown, a citizen of Holland, holder of passport number
                   NB0865469. Married, from the Dutch Antilles, resident of Street 4A,
                   Community of Aguacate, area of Tierra Oscura, province of Bocas del Toro.
                   Manchittha Nankratoke "Nan" Brown, a citizen of Holland, holder of passport

                   number  M18119733, Michael's wife. Watson Brown, Michael's son."

                   "Mike Brown" - real name Michael Frances Salem

In reality, "Michael Watson Brown" is really Michael Frances Salem. He also
is hiding under an alias and has a criminal background to hide.

Donald Winner (Panama Guide) "I've learned through conversations with
                         detectives in the United States he was sure the true name

                         of Michael Watson Brown is actually Michael Francis Salem,
                         who has been wanted since 1981 by law enforcement officials
                         in Florida. Brown, according to Winner, kidnapped two policemen,
                         after which he fled to the Caribbean and then later went to Thailand
                         where he met the woman who became his wife."
2003 - The Browns had arrived In April of 2003 and  Michael and "Nan" Brown 
          purchased a parcel of land of about 45 acres - located along the coast
          on the mainland in the Cauchero area in the province of Bocas del Toro.
          In May of 2003, the Browns start a company called "Latitude 9.10 Inc." 
          Their property is purchased using the company.  April of 2005, the
          Browns are issued certification as "agricultural producers."

The family keeps to themselves and aren't well known among the expat
community. They aren't present at the weekly parties thrown by various
members of the community.

2007 - The Brown family disappear. In an area where people come and go,
          and few people know them, nobody thinks much of their disappearance

           Michael, Nan and Watson have been murdered.

                                   THEFT - NEW OWNERS

The identity of the "new owners" of the Brown home, property and company,
are William "Wild Bill" Adolfo Cortez Reese and his wife, Jena Seana Cortez.

Wild Bill Cortez tells everyone that the Browns have "sold" them their property.

They promptly rename it "Hacienda Cortez" and open up a bar named "Villa Cortez"
and advertise it with a sign bearing a skull and crossbones.

                                   MURDER OF ANOTHER EX-PAT. 
2009 - November - Bo Icelar tells several people that "Wild Bill" Cortez has
                            been expressing an interest in buying his property. 


                Bo Icelar aka Bo Yancy

Bo speaks with his best friend back in the U.S. on the phone and tells them
that he's hopeful he might be able to sell the house quickly so he could be
home in time for the Christmas holidays. He also says the person who's
interested in buying supposedly has a lot of cash. 

Bo tells friends that Bill Cortez offered to buy his property for $180,000 dollars
and that he "immediately rejected the offer and was "offended" by the low
price. "I have no intention of selling to "Wild Bill" for that price."
Bo Icelar has a  last conversation with his sister on the telephone
back in the U.S. on this date.

                         Bo Barry Icelar aka Bo "Yancy" disappears. 

                                  THEFT - CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP
2009  - November 30 - Carlos, the groundskeeper has been contracted by Bo 
                                   to help paint his house, and duly arrives to go to work.

                                   He is greeted by Wild Bill Cortez bellowing "Who the
                                   hell are you and why are you here?"

                                   Carlos explains he'd been contracted by Bo to paint    
                                   the house. Cortez informs him "Bo's gone. I bought this
                                   house. It's mine now, so get the hell out!" 

                                   Carlos leaves the premises.

Wild Bill and Jena Cortez tell everyone that they had paid Bo Icelar cash
for his property. They say "he left and that they have no idea where he is."
 Sandi Hodge "The Cortezes told me that Bo had left suddenly and sold them his
                        property at a reduced price, Hodge says people were surprised, but
                        mostly by the price. That struck me as very odd. It was the talk of
                        the town. I said, 'God, if I would've known he was going to give the
                        house away, we would've bought it."         

Bo Icelar has previously spoken of leaving... but people did wonder.
Bo had injured his foot during a Kung Fu exhibition and required surgery
so he was using a cane to walk with. Hanging on a peg inside Bo's house
is his cane.

2009 - December 9 - Bill and Jena Cortez hire a lawyer and file documents
                                taking over Bo "Yancy" Icelar's properties and companies.

                          GREED & MURDERING THE WRONG PERSON
William and Jena Cortez throw parties on Isla Cauchero. Cheryl "Cher" Hughes
Werle and a  group of American expatriates who socialize and gather weekly for
parties are attending one on this evening.
 2010- March 20- Cheryl Hughes (53) is last seen by at the party's end.

                                   Cheryl "Cher" Hughes (Werle)

"Witnesses tell Cheryl Hughes' relatives "When the party (in March) wound
down, Cortez sent the other guests away but coaxed Hughes to stay behind,
saying the two had business to discuss."

As Cheryl is getting into a boat with a friend to go home, Wild Bill Cortez
tells her he wants to speak with her. He is rude to the person in the boat
telling her that what he wants to speak with Cheryl about is "private business
and none of yours." That person left.

Don Winner "On the day Cher disappeared, she was last seen getting into 
                     Bill's boat and riding away with him towards his property where
                    they were going to supposedly discuss the possibility of him
                    buying her property."

Sandi Hodge "Cortez told me that Cheryl had sold him all of her properties and
                      "just left" leaving her dog behind."
                      "That was what really made me wonder what was going on because
                      Cher took the little dog, Feldman, everywhere she went."

Sandi Hodge, Cher's friend, and Keith Werle, her husband, knew Cher wouldn't
abandon her dogs or her home. Cher loved both her animals and her home and
 just wouldn't sell up and leave without a word to anyone.

 As her family stop receiving Cher's phone calls and emails, they become worried.
Family & friends begin enquiring as to Cheryl's whereabouts.

                                  THEFT - NEW OWNERSHIP
"Wild Bill" Cortez and his wife Jena Cortez, take over Cheryl Hughes' home,
property, and company. They fire the employees of Cheryl's hotel, replace
her "Casa del Sapo" signs and put up their new sign, naming the place "Casa

                                   A KILLER'S MISSTEPS
William "Bill" aka "Wild Bill" Cortez and Jena Seana Cortez murder Cheryl
Hughes Werle and bury her body in a garbage pit on the property that
belonged to the Brown family in Cauchero, Bocas del Toro.

William Cortez knew Cher had a lot of family and friends and that they might ask
questions if they don't hear from her. Bill sends text messages to her friends and
family using her phone. Instead of reassuring family and friends, it alarms them

Mary Wittmeyer (Cheryl's aunt) calles the U.S. Embassy in Panama and
eventually speaks with the FBI and Panamanian law enforcement about
conversations she had with William Cortez.

Local freelance journalist Donald "Don" Winner is contacted by one of Cheryl's
friends and raises his suspicions. He begins digging and prodding local authorities
to take action. He also writes about the suspicions surrounding William Cortez and
his wife.
                                  Donald "Don" Winner -

Don Winner " Werle, Hodge and other concerned friends didn't believe it. They brought
                       their suspicions to the attention of the local authorities. Getting those
                       authorities to take action, however, was another story."
Keith Werle "It's Central America; a lot of people come here to be missing. They
                     [police] don't really look."

Donald Winner "The "coconut telegraph" rumor mill on Isla Colon and in the
                         entire area was buzzing with talk of the disappearance of Cher
                         Hughes and the suspected involvement of "Wild Bill" Cortez.
                        However, everyone was still reluctant to point fingers at "Wild Bill"
                       Cortez (Holbert.) He had created a rough and tumble personality for
                       himself, and the simple fact of the matter is that people were afraid
                       of him. No one stepped up because they were concerned about the
                       potential consequences of doing so. Their "instincts" told them
                       confronting Holbert and Reese might get them killed - and they were
                                    WILD BILL'S THREATS
Keith Werle "I said, 'Bill, show me some papers. Show me you really bought this
                    because Cher would never sell it, certainly not without talking to me
                    about it first because it was our home,"
                                    Keith Werle
Don Winner "At one point in time Holbert even threatened that he was going
                    to "take care of" Cher's husband Keith, because Keith had been
                    saying in public that he suspected Holbert was in some way
                    responsible for Cher's disappearance. So, in the first two weeks
                    of June 2010, things were starting to heat up for Holbert and Reese
                    in Bocas del Toro."

                                              Holbet & Reese
                                   MISSING PERSONS REPORT
 2010 - June 11 - A friend of Cher's files a missing persons report for Cheryl Lynn
                          Hughes at the office of the Department of Judicial Investigation (DIJ)
                          near the airport in Bocas del Toro.

Don Winner "As soon as Cher's friend filed the missing person's report with the
                    DIJ, they let a few people in Bocas know what had been done,
                    including telling Cher's closest friends and family members about
                    the report."
Relatives, friends, the Coconut telegraph, a determined journalist, the ex-pat community,
along with the locals, are making things more than a bit hot for the gruesome twosome.

Don Winner "Within a few days word got back to Holbert and Reese at their farm
                    out in Cauchero. Apparently, someone called them via cell phone and
                    alerted them to the fact that the report had been filed, and the DIJ was
                    asking questions. The DIJ wanted to talk to Holbert and Reese.
                   Throughout this entire investigation someone (and I don't know who yet)
                   has been helping Holbert and Reese by providing them information.
                   Police are now analyzing telephone, text message, and email traffic 
                   to identify Holbert and Reese's accomplices. Someone was providing
                   them inside information, right up until the day they were caught. And, 
                   these same people were probably the ones who alerted Holbert and

                   Reese to the filing of the DIJ missing persons report about Cher 
                  Hughes. The clock started running with that phone call."

Holbert and Reese left behind plenty of incriminating evidence. Not just bodies, but
documents and personal items belonging to their victims, the Brown family, Bo Icelar,
and Cher Hughes. Police find those items and find Cheryl Hughes' passport, credit
cards and bank account information. Investigators have also found dozens of passports
and are currently seeking to find out if those persons are okay, or are missing too.

They also find an unregistered gun that belongs to William Holbert,
Don Winner "Holbert and Reese very quickly packed up what they felt they needed
                    most and fled the Bocas del Toro area, never to return. They packed
                    some clothes, cash, expensive gold and jewelry they had stolen from
                    their victims, weapons, as well as the paperwork and documents
                    pertaining to the companies and properties they had managed to steal

                    while in Panama. This was their combined accumulated treasure, things
                    they would need to continue to survive on the road as fugitives, and they
                    took it all with them when they fled from Bocas del Toro. The scene in
                    their bedroom was one of chaos. Apparently they were literally throwing
                    things around, dumping boxes of papers on the floor to find just the most
                    important things - things like deeds, titles, bearer shares in Panamanian
                    corporations they had stolen. However they thought they would never be
                    caught or identified."

                                   HOLBERT & REESE FLEE BOCA DEL TORO

2010 - June - 15 - William & Laura flee the area. On a mountain in Cerro Punta,
                           they'd previously buit a "bunker" on land they'd obtained from
                           "Bocas Bill."

Don Winner " While hiding in Cerro Punta they asked a friend to drive their big red
                     Dodge Ram Dual Wheeled pickup truck over to them. Holbert and
                     Reese had gone out of their way to befriend many people, and at
                     this point before everyone knew exactly what was going on, there
                     were still people who were willing to help them."

                    "I spoke to this man who drove Holbert's truck to him in Cerro Punta
                     and he had been completely and totally duped - as had many others."
                   "They spent about two weeks hiding in Cerro Punta, planning their
                     eventual escape from Panama."

                                  ON THE LAM IN COSTA RICA

PASO CANOAS - William Holbert arranged for a man from Costa Rica to drive to
                           the border area just across in Paso Canoas to sell them a grey
                           Nissan car. 

2010 - June 30 - 2010- July 20 -
LAKE ARENAL - Once they obtained the vehicle, they drove to the Lake Arenal area,
                          rented a house.

Don Winner "Meet Max and Anne Smith: Bill Cortez (or whatever is real name
                     will turn out to be) has shaved off his scraggly beard. He drove his
                     big Red Dodge Ram pickup to Costa Rica and used it to look at
                     properties when he rented a house in the area of Lake Arenal.
                     He's using the email address "".
                     He's using the alias "Maxwell Smith" and his wife is using
                    "Anne Smith." He's been using mostly Craig's List to find
                     properties - maybe to "buy". Might have been using an email
                     address of "". Please check your
                     email records and traffic, and if you come up with anything
                     that might be even remotely helpful to the investigation please
                    contact local law enforcement officials immediately.
                    Update - Additions: In Panama William Cortez and his wife Jane

                    were using cell phone numbers 6630-2464 and 6859-9116, and
                    another email address - "

2010- July 20 - Tuesday - The Public Ministry and DIJ are executing a search
                                        warrant at the property in Cauchero (formerly belonging
                                        to the Brown family) that Holbert & Reese had been
                                        living at.

                                   A LOYAL DOG ASSISTS THE INVESTIGATORS

Cheryl Hughes Werle's dog, Jackie, a doberman pinscher who adored her, was there
to greet the searchers. Jackie insisted on the investigators following, and when they
did, Jackie led them straight to the burial site of Cheryl. After a second walk through
of the site, the investigators discovered more bodies, those of Bo Icelar, Nan Brown,
Watson Brown, Michael Brown aka Michael Francis Salem and two other as yet
unidentified bodies. 
                                Jackie - Cheryl's dog
Don Winner "If it wasn't for Jackie, who knows how long it would have taken them
                    to find the remains of Cher Hughes. In addition, the human remains 
                    strongly suspected to be those of  Bo Icelar were also discovered  
                    close by."

William Holbert and Laura Reese have fled the scene and are hiding out, hoping
to outlast the investigation and then go back to their activities of murdering
and stealing.
Don Winner "I thought in my own mind that Holbert and Reese had most likely
                      fled from Panama already, and the only way they would get caught
                      was by getting their pictures and names on as many television and
                      computer screens as possible, and to create a huge media blast.
                      At 7:25 pm on Tuesday, 20 July 2010, I published Panama Guide
                      Flash - Wanted As Primary Suspects - Multiple Murders - William
                      "Wild Bill" Adolfo Cortez Reese and Wife. And then I called my
                       good friend Ivan Donoso, the evening news anchor for TVN Channel
                       2 in Panama City.

                      There's no doubt whatsoever that Holbert and Reese were actively
                      monitoring this website. (  They knew from
                      their contacts back in Panama that I had been vigorously 
                      investigating this case. By this time I had spent three solid weeks
                      gathering information and talking to as many people as possible,
                      finding out everything I could about "Wild Bill" and Jane Cortez.
                      When my first article appeared, the first article published anywhere
                      in the world about this case, I imagine their "pucker factor" multiplied
                     by a factor of ten."

2010 - July 21 - Wednesday - William Holbert & Laura Reese flee Lake Arenal.
TURRIALBA, COSTA RICA -  Holbert & Reese hole up in a rented cabin in the
                                            mountains. They contact a few home owners
                                            who advertise on the Internet wanting to sell
                                            their properties.
2010 - July 23 - Friday -  Costa Rican press post and print the news about the
                                      fugitives and their crimes. The woman who rented the
                                      cabin to them contacts the police and law enforcement.

Friday morning, after hearing or seeing the news, Holbert & Reese leave the cabin
intending to flee into Nicaragua. Holbert & Reese abandon the grey Nissan car.

When police arrived at the home they are long gone. Costa Rican authorities
believed they were heading north.

2010 - July 26 - Monday -  Holbert & Reese steal a boat on the Costa Rican side
                                        of the San Juan River, hoping to avoid the police check

Holbert & Reese surrender when faced with machine guns and other high calibre
weapons in the hands of the Nicaraguan Army which are pointed straight at them.


"A man going by the name of William Cortez Reese was arrested along with his
girlfriend, Jane Cortez, by the Nicaraguan Army earlier this week and charged
with killing an American in Panama."

         Nicaraguan National Police Capture - Laura Michelle Reese & William Dathan Holbert

Holbert is arrested and on his person are:
A large amount of cash
A .22 Caliber pistol
Bullets for a .38 Caliber pistol

     Jose Luis Cordales (Spokesman for the Panama National Police)
      “Police have found about eight or nine people in the area where he
      (Holbert) would take people to sign contracts and where he would kill
      them. He would bury them there.”

       Holbert is suspected in crimes in the United States, Costa Rica and
      Central America, including Panama."

      "Holbert has confessed to the murders of 5 American expats, but not
      of murdering any Panamanians."
                                    WILLIAM DATHAN HOLBERT

                                   ANOTHER VICTIM?

According to her family, Mercedes Ramona Brown Robinson was found dead
after she refused to sell some land she owned in Bocas del Toro to an American
with features similar to those of "Wild Bill" Cortez. Investigators will likely review
her case.
                            Mercedes Ramona Brown Robinson

                                  DO YOU KNOW OF ANYONE MISSING?
 Panama's Deputy Attorney General Angel Calderon
     "If anyone has any information which could potentially lead us to other
      possible victims, I would ask those people to please come forward with
      that information immediately."If you know of anyone who just went missing
      one day, and the next day their property is all of a sudden "owned" by
      "Wild Bill" and Jane Cortez, then please let the authorities know. There
      are reportedly dozens of members of the community of English speaking
      expatriates missing in Costa Rica who have never been found. That's why
      "Wild Bill" and Jane Cortez could live as millionaires.

 Panamanian officials are continuing to dig for victims. Authorities expect the number
 of murder victims could to rise to as many as 20.

Holbert has only confessed to 5.

                                   HOMICIDE CHARGES
Angel Calderon "He (Holbert) has confessed to five homicides.
                          Homicide charges are also being filed against his partner,
                          Laura Michelle Reese.
                        "Not much is left (for authorities to do) for the case to go to trial."

       Holbert being taken by law enforcement to hospital for evaluation.

Since authorities refuse to drop charges and set Laura Michelle Reese free, William
Holbert has stopped cooperating.

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#1 [url]

Aug 17 10 10:34 PM

2010 - August 17 -
" The confessed murderer of five foreigners in Panama, the American William Dathan
Holbert, aka "Wild Bill" was dismissed as the killer of five indigenous Panamanians,
announced today the prosecutor in the case, Angel Calderón.

The ministerial staff to the local press reported that according to the investigation,
three of the Indians allegedly murdered by Holbert were found living on an island in
the Caribbean province of Bocas del Toro and the other moved to the capital.

Relatives of another alleged victim of "Wild Bill" told prosecutors that his brother
died of a drug-related case before Holbert arrived in Bocas del Toro in search of fortune,
in 2007. "

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#2 [url]

Aug 19 10 6:42 PM

                                   NAPE OF THE NECK SHOT
Don Winner "Every time I think I can't learn anything worse about this scumbag
                     William Dathan Holbert - something new comes up. If anyone has
                     ever deserved the death penalty, it's this guy."

     Holbert's method of killing victims remniscent of Genickschuss: German for
    "a shot to the nape of the neck." It comes from the German concentration
     camps in WWII.

                                     HOLBERT & REESE'S ACCOMPLICES

Don Winner "On the day when William Dathan Holbert and Laura Michelle Reese
                     were returned to Panama, and after the "perp walk" at the DIJ, I spoke
                     for a minute with the Director of the National Police, Gustavo Perez.
                    He said "now we have to catch his accomplices," and he indicated there
                    were people involved with the activities of "Wild Bill" Holbert and his sidekick
                    Reese, both when the murders were committed and afterwards, when they
                    were on the run.
                    Since then, public officials involved with the investigations have made other        
                    statements indicating associates and accomplices might have been involved
                    in associated criminal activities. And now that Holbert has given an extensive
                    confession, the only people who know what's contained in his confession are
                    the people who are conducting and managing the investigation at the highest
                    levels - and they're not talking.
                    Finally today there's this further statement from Neftali Jaen. It looks like there
                    might be a second shoe to drop before too long. Or maybe many shoes.
                    Who knows what they have uncovered ... at this point I'm just glad they're
                    getting it done."

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#3 [url]

Aug 19 10 7:34 PM

2010 - August 11 -

 DON WINNER for - " I'm heading back to Bocas today, still
                       working on the "Wild Bill" Holbert and Laura Michelle Reese story.
                       Yesterday Panama's Deputy Attorney General Angel Calderon
                       decided to transfer Laura Michelle Reese to the Women's prison
                       on Tumba Muerto.
                      He said "well, if she doesn't want to make a statement and she doesn't
                      want to cooperate with us, then there's no need to keep her here close
                      to my office, and she can go to the prison." And she might be there
                      until about 2060 or so. Her court date will come up in a year, or later.
                     In the meantime she will remain in custody. In his confession William
                     Holbert was trying to protect Laura and others, but those parts of his
                     statement were full of lies that are easily discarded."

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#4 [url]

Aug 19 10 7:40 PM

                               HOLBERT COLLECTED VICTIM'S FILLINGS
In another "homage" to his hero Hitler, Holbert removed the fillings from his
victim's teeth.

2010 - August 5 -

Don Winner " It appears that William Holbert, alias "Wild Bill", even tore
                      out his victim's gold fillings, according to evidence found
                      yesterday, Wednesday, at his house located in the community
                      of Aguacate in the area of Tierra Oscura, in Bocas del Toro, where
                      five bodies were found buried.
                     The officials could not mask their expressions of surprise and disgust 
                     when they found a glass jar containing pieces of gold teeth. By their
                     condition, apparently they were extracted while the victims were still 

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#5 [url]

Sep 1 10 12:26 AM

Dathan Holbert is not any more crazier then any other care-free country boy that Hendersonville produced!! I can honestly say he was the best-friend that I could have had my four years at North Henderson High School. I'm sure that if he partied as hard as we use to "Wild Bill" fits. Don Winner seems like he has more new facts about the whole situation than anyone else, and authorities might need to look at him as a susspect. If Dathan did do it let the police give the details if they want, not some guy who couldn't get a job with an American newspaper so he moves to Panama where it is ok to make a bad situation worse by publishing alot of "BS". Where are the facts and evidence to back it up with! D.Barnwell {(aka)Willam D. Holbert}

Quote    Reply   

#6 [url]

Sep 1 10 8:39 AM

The friends we all grew up with change with time, especially when they decide to
go down a different path other than law abiding. It's not your fault your good friend
of high school changed so drastically as to become what he's admitted to
being, a serial killer.

William Holbert has admitted to 5 of the murders. Panamanian authorities
have released that information. There's no getting around that. He admitted
it. He's trying to protect Laura Reese in the process and it's likely she was
every bit as responsible.

Don Winner isn't a suspect and hasn't been. If you'll look at many crime forums here
in the U.S. and elsewhere you'll find a lot of "facts" that aren't, and speculation (rife
with it) and Don Winner in Panama at least tries to get the facts and post them on
his blog. Yes, his opinion is posted, and he's entitled to that, as we all are.

If it hadn't been for Don Winner interacting with law authorities in Panama and Costa
Rica (he speaks fluent Spanish, the families didn't, he's aware of the laws there,
the families weren't) the murders might not have come to light and your good friend
from high school, would still be murdering people.

 It's been reported that Holbert got heavily into using steroids
and that people close to him noticed that was when he began to change.
Others said it was when he met Laura Reese. I suspect the truth lies within
the steroid use, probable drug use and his own cognizant choices. Perhaps
he got a thrill out of breaking the law once, and then went further and further
until he decided to kill. 


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#7 [url]

Sep 4 10 8:45 PM

2010 - September 1 - Assistant Prosecutor Ángel Calderón "No promises have been
                                 made and confessions made with Holbert in connection with the
                                 murders were with his own consent and "there was no agreement
                                 with my office."

                                 "My office has evidence linking both Holbert & Reese to 5 killings
                                 in Bocas del Toro between 2007 and 2010."

"Lawyers for the couple have filed two writs of habeas corpus which are to be heard
by the Supreme Court before the case can move forward."


Once police refused to release Laura Michelle Reese, William Holbert refused
to cooperate any longer with authorities.

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#9 [url]

Sep 13 10 6:11 PM


Laura Michelle Reese - Guilty or Innocent

In Your Opinion - Just How Guilty Is Laura Michelle Reese?

  •  Innocent - Laura Michelle Reese is completely innocent, Holbert is solely
  •                 responsible for everything.
  •  Accomplice - Holbert did the actual crimes, but Laura Michelle Reese knew
  •                     what he was doing and helped him.
  •  Guilty - Laura Michelle Reese is just as guilty as Holbert - she was an active
  •              and knowing participant in his crimes.

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#10 [url]

Sep 13 10 9:46 PM

                                LAURA MICHELLE REESE DENIES KNOWLEDGE
                                OF HOLBERT'S ACTIVITIES - BUT CAN'T EXPLAIN
                                JEWELRY SHE WORE BELONGING TO VICTIMS

2010 - September 13 - 

Angel Calderon (Assistant Prosecutor)
"Reese said that Holbert was "acting on his own," and "she knew nothing of what 
he did or was up to."

"There will be a need for the expansion of her preliminary statement, because there
are still many questions regarding involvement in the five crimes that Holbert has
confessed to."

"Reese could not explain the origin of some jewelry she wore and which has been
identified as belonging to the victims."
Costa Rican authorities are expected to hand over this week a number of objects
left by Holbert in his attempt to escape, inclousing three laptops, a firearm, a safe
and multiple documents."

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#11 [url]

Sep 15 10 10:09 PM

2010 - September 15 - Update


"William Dathan Holbert, aka Wild Bill, not only murdered Mike Brown and his wife
and son in Bocas del Toro, but he also pulled out his gold teeth.
This was proven through analysis of the DNA as performed by the Institute of Legal
Medicine and Forensic Science of the skeletal remains of Brown, whose real name
is Mark Francis Salem, and a prosthesis tooth found in a trunk in the Hacienda Cortez
in Bocas del Toro, a property which Holbert took from the victim.
The Deputy Attorney General Angel Calderon said it was an eight tooth dental prosthesis
made of gold, which was discovered with remnants of flesh. Holbert will have to explain this
new finding, said Calderon.

Moreover, the prosecutor reported that Wild Bill and his partner, Laura Michelle Reese,

have finally agreed to undergo psychological and psychiatric tests, which they had

previously rejected twice before, and which now have been scheduled to be conducted

during the last week of this month, between 20 and 24 September 2010.


Meanwhile, Calderón said that yesterday he received from the judicial authorities in

Costa Rica the belongings Holbert and his partner left behind while trying to escape

last July."

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#12 [url]

Sep 20 10 5:18 PM

2010 - September 20 -
"Shackled hand and foot and sporting a new hairstyle, William Dathan Holbert,
aka "Wild Bill", was taken to the offices of the Deputy Attorney General today.
The murderer who has confessed to the killings of five foreigners in the province
of Bocas del Toro will undergo psychiatric and psychological tests.

For the prosecutor, this is an important step because an evaluation of the accused
is required by the Judicial Code. Once the prosecutor has gathered all evidence and
conducted a reconstruction of the case, his office will then write their official opinion,
and the case will be sent to the judiciary where a hearing date will be established.
(Panama America) "

Prosecutors in the Republic of Panama are making another attempt today to
deepen their investigations into the multiple homicides committed in Bocas
del Toro by the American William Dathan Holbert, nicknamed Wild Bill.

Holbert was taken at 8:00 this morning from the La Joyita prison to the offices
of the Deputy Attorney General, in order to give him the opportunity to expand
on his prior declarations, said prosecutor informed Ángel Calderón.

Wild Bill, who was arrested on 26 July 2010 at the border between Nicaragua
and Costa Rica, confessed to the five murders a day after arriving in Panama.
However, after his initial confession, on two occasions he has refused to
expand his statement.

The prosecution wants to know if Holbert was involved in other murders that
took place in Costa Rica, to which he is linked, and about the removal of a
dental prosthesis with gold teeth that was found in one of his properties in  
Bocas del Toro which belonged to one of his victims, Mike Brown, an
American whose real name is Michael Francis Salem.  

Similarly it was learned that tomorrow, Tuesday, Holbert and his partner
Laura Michelle Reese will be taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine and
Forensic Science, because both of them have finally agreed to undergo
psychological and psychiatric tests.  

The lawyers representing Holbert and Reese argue the rights of their clients have
been violated, and they have been "tortured" in the prisons where they are being

Shesy Carrillo, defense attorney, said Holbert was shackled for 24 hours a day in
solitary, located in Hall 7 of La Joyita. However, this newspaper (La Prensa) has
learned that he now gets two hours per day in the "patio." Reese is also being
held in solitary confinement in a cell call "Berlina" in the Women's Prison in
Panama City. It was learned that the prison conditions of both Holbert and
Reese improved once they agreed to undergo forensic tests. (La Prensa)   

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#13 [url]

Sep 20 10 5:23 PM

2010 - September 20 -

"Today the prosecutor in the cases of the five foreigners who were murdered by
the serial killers William Dathan Holbert and Laura Michelle Reese, the Deputy
Attorney General Angel Calderon, had Holbert returned to his offices from his
prison cell in La Joyita to "expand his declaration."
Holbert called me on my cell phone from prison on Tuesday, 7 September 2010.
He called my cell from the pay phone in the prison. We had two brief conversations,
both about five minutes long, which I recorded.
Holbert said he wanted me to come out to the prison to interview him. He said he
wanted to give me the "whole story" from A to Z. While on the phone he spent most
of this time complaining about the conditions in prison, and the way he is being treated.
And he also gave me an idea of what's going to be in the statement he's making today.
It would be a good time for a quick review of Panamanian law as it relates to making
sworn statements as part of a criminal investigation. There are things you can to do
help your case that will eventually reduce the time you will spend in prison. And,
there are things you can do which will really screw you up. Holbert is apparently
taking "Plan B."

"Holbert Told Me He Killed Cher Hughes: He admitted doing it - like he was
talking about making a ham sandwich. No emotion, not a hint of emotion or regret.
He got all balled up and started crying when he was talking about Laura Michelle
Reese (again) and I just waited for him to compose himself. However once again,
Holbert tried to lie to me in order to ease his problems and improve his own position.
Holbert is accustomed to being a manipulator, and it must be frustrating for him that
none of the stuff that worked for so long is working now. He flat-out admitted that he
was trying to generate some leverage with the information that he supposedly has.
He said he only confessed when he was first arrested because he thought that would
result in the immediate release of Laura Michelle Reese. When that didn't happen, he
stopped talking. Now more than a month has passed, and he's had about a thousand
hours or so to sit there in solitary confinement, with his brain working overtime to try
to cook up some bullshit story to tell the prosecutors. That's what he spent the day
dumping on them, no doubt."

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#14 [url]

Sep 24 10 7:00 PM

2010 - September 24 - 

 William Dathan Holbert's confession was made in Spanish.
Don Winner at has translated the 21 page document.
To read the translated CONFESSION 

Holbert is clearly lying at times, his statements are not supported by cold hard
facts uncovered by Don Winner and the Panamanian police investigators. 
Holbert is trying to con, or bargain with, the authorities in order to free Laura
Michelle Reese.

2010 - September 23 -
"Laura Mitchell Reese, the girlfriend of confessed murderer William Dathan Holbert
(known as Wild Bill), said yesterday she used false identities because he forced
her to hide her real name, and she feared him."

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#15 [url]

Sep 24 10 7:04 PM

                                  CASE COULD BE TRANSFERRED

"The Auxiliary Prosecutor Angel Calderon, who I've been calling the "Deputy Attorney
General" for most of the articles about Holbert and Reese, is used kind of like a high
ranking heavy hitter for cases like this - high profile - when the Public Ministry wants
to make sure they get off on the right foot. Calderon has had the case for 60 days,
and now it will be transferred to the Superior Prosecutor in Chiriqui because he is
responsible for the area of Bocas del Toro where Holbert lived and where the murders
were committed.
 In fact, Holbert and Reese might be transferred from La Joyita and the Women's
prison (respectively) to regional prison facilities in Chiriqui. That would be the
standard practice, but it remains to be seen what they do in this case.
And for the record, if anything the prison conditions in the regional jails are worse
than the primary prison facilities nearer to Panama City."

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#16 [url]

Sep 24 10 7:46 PM

Chiriqui Libre  Article is in both English and Spanish.

PHOTOS at link

DAVID DELL - article about Holbert & Reese, their time in Panama, and how Dell,
                     Don Winner and others searched for the serial killers while Holbert
                     and Reese were on the run.

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#17 [url]

Oct 20 10 9:10 PM

By DON WINNER for - Dateline NBC will be airing a one
hour special on the confessed serial killer William Dathan Holbert and his partner
Laura Michelle Reese in Panama.
The program will be on this Friday, 22 October 2010, starting at 9:00 pm Eastern
Standard Time. Dateline will be a two hour program from 9:00 pm EST until 11:00 pm,
and the "Wild Bill" segment will be the second hour of the program, from 10:00 pm EST
(or starting at 9:00 pm local here in Panama).

Quote    Reply   

#18 [url]

Oct 23 10 2:22 PM

2010 - October 23 - Saturday -  You can watch the entire Dateline segment here: MSNBC

For comprehensive coverage of the unfolding saga of William Dathan Holbert
and Laura Michelle Reese's crimes -  EXPAT TALES by Don Winner of

Don Winner
If you missed the program last night, if your cable TV provider doesn't have
the NBC channel, or if you live out in the sticks somewhere - you can see
the entire Dateline NBC program about the serial killers William Dathan
Holbert and Laura Michelle Reese online. Just surf to -
where they have the program divided up into several segments.

Additional Video: I just noticed that there are some video clips on
the website that didn't make it into the show. So, even if you watched
the program you might want to check out the stuff that's available on
the website, anyway.

Quote    Reply   

#19 [url]

Dec 20 10 8:34 PM

2010 - December 7 - Costa Rica's Telenoticies reports:
"From his jail cell in a maximum security prison in Panama, Wild Bill related
to Costa Rica's Telenoticies his living in Costa Rica for more than a year and
his spree of fraud and murder that continued into Panama.

Wild Bill lived in Escazú in 2005 and the moving to the southern zone of Costa Rica,
including the area of Peurto Viejo, Limón."

Quote    Reply   

#20 [url]

Jul 12 11 10:46 PM

2011 - July 10 -  Prosecutor in Chiriqui Calls Holber "Wild Bill" and Reese to trial for
                        Multiple murders.

Don Winner

The First Superior Prosecutor of Chiriqui, Luis Martinez, requested that William
Dathan Holbert, alias "Wild Bill", and his wife Laura Michelle Reese, be called
to trial for the deaths of five foreigners which occurred in the province of Bocas
del Toro. The prosecutor has sent his "prosecutor's opinion" to the Superior
Tribunal in this case. The request establishes that the couple is responsible
for the killings that occurred on Holbert's private estate in Bocas del Toro
between 2009 and 2010 when they were discovered. Holbert and Reese were
arrested in July 2010 in Nicaragua, near the border with Costa Rica, while trying
to escape from the Panamanian authorities. Both are being held in Chiriqui.
(Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Great. This means the prosecutor has finished his

investigation, so therefore he has sent the entire case file to the Superior

Tribunal, capped by his "prosecutor's opinion" which says he thinks they

are guilty. Now the court will establish a date for the hearing. I suspect they

might do it relatively quickly, although it could be a year or more in the future.   

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