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Aug 12 10 10:36 AM

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*All updates up to, and including trial will be posted here.
                                    PLEA HEARING
2010 - July 28 - Court - 12th Judicial District Judge Martin Gonzales presiding.
                         John Caudle (15) is facing a number of charges including the murder
                        of his mother, Joanne Marie Rinebarger (34), and step-father Tracy
                        Aaron Rinebarger (38). Caudle has plead Not Guilty to all charges.
                        John Caudle is being tried as an adult.
                        Another hearing is set  for 1:30 p.m. Aug. 19, 2010.

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Oct 2 10 8:23 PM

2010 -  October 2 - Court Hearing -  Judge Martin Gonzales presiding.
                                   GUARDIAN AD LITEM

Ruth Acheson (Guardian ad litem for John M. Caudle)
"The State Mental Health Institute and other medical providers are requesting
a guardian to sign off on medical treatments for Caudle."
Judge Martin Gonzales
"I will set a time in Probate Court to assign a guardian

Ruth Acheson (Guardian ad litem for John M. Caudle)
 Motion to Court
"Caudle has been in jail for about seven months in the Rio Grande County Jail
and during that time he has been isolated for over 95 percent of the time he
has been at the jail from all human contact. Jail logs will establish that Caudle
spent long periods of time alone and this isolation has had a detrimental effect
on the youth. Current research on adolescent brain development has established
that neural connections within the frontal lobes (which controls executive functioning
and judgment) are made within the 13-18 year old time frame based on a ‘use-it-or-
lose-it’ principal. Thus an adolescent brain that is not exposed to human interaction
will not establish the neural connections requisite to adequate adult frontal lobe

"I am concerned that the lack of human interaction will have a “permanent negative
impact” on his mental development and will cause irreparable harm."

“Legally, it is well recognized that adolescent brain development lags adult brain

development and has been compared to the lack of brain development evident in
adult mentally retarded persons."
Acheson requests a hearing to consider the matter.
Acheson requests the court issue a subpoena duces tecum for Dr. Jerry B.
Yager, executive director of Denver Children’s Home. Acheson said Yager is
an expert on the development of the adolescent brain and the detrimental affect
of extended isolation.
Acheson requests that Caudle be placed to the Pueblo Youth Center as soon
as his psychological evaluation is over. This request will be considered at the
next court hearing.

Annette Dietrich (Director of the Pueblo Youth Center)
"There had been juveniles charged with first degree murder at the PYC before.
Having Caudle at the facility in Pueblo until his trial would not be a problem."
Ruth Acheson (Guardian ad litem for John M. Caudle
"The Monte Vista School District failed to provide educational services to
Caudle over the summer as it was supposed to do. the Del Norte School
District, committed to provide educational services for Caudle for the 2010-
2011 school year, has not yet provided any services at all even though
school has been in session for a month."
                                    SHERIFF'S OFFICE

 Sheriff’s Office
"Caudle has been treated the same as any other prisoner, with the one difference,
 he is not housed with adult prisoners."

"Deputies deliver Caudle's food to him in his two room prison cell, transport him

to court or appointments, and admit his teachers, attorneys and paralegals as
required. Other than observing him through a window the jail staff had no further
contact with Caudle."
                                      TRIAL DATE REQUEST
Prosecuting Attorneys Dan Edwards, Dan McIntyre and Christa Maestas as well
as Defense Attorney Amanda Hopkins agree that the trial date of Nov. 29 needs
to be reset to allow enough time for the psychological assessment to be completed.
Judge Gonzales
"I do not like to hold court without the defendant present.
There are papers that I had received via email that had not yet been filed
with the clerk of court and put in the court file. The case is complicated
and I want everything done properly."
A new status hearing date is set for of Nov. 19 at 1:30.
All motions should be filed by that date."

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Oct 23 10 1:53 PM

2010 - October 1 - Trial date of November 29 - Dec. 10, 2010 - VACATED
John Caudle is currently undergoing a court-ordered inpatient evaluation at the
Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo (CMHIP).

District Judge Martin Gonzales
"The mental health evaluation is expected to take the full 90 days,
as articulated in the initial court order.

“The evaluation and evaluation process has become the nuts and bolts
 of what this case is shaping up to be. It will affect how pending motions
come out.”
"I will be surprised if “Nov. 11 comes and we have an evaluation."

Gonzales ended the hearing and set another status, motions and setting
hearing for 1:30 p.m. Nov. 19, 2010.


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Dec 12 10 10:50 AM

2010 - November 24 - COURT HEARING

Judge Martin Gonzales sets dates for motions.
2010 - December - The report(s) from Colorado Mental Health Institute (CMHIP) is
                            due to be presented to attorneys and the court mid-December.

2011 - January 10MOTIONS HEARING to begin at 9 a.m. on Monday,
P-11, Motion for Discovery and Hearing on Admissibility of Defense 404(b);
P-12, Motion for Discovery and Hearing on Admissibility of Facts that Are
the Basis for Any Expert Opinion;
P-15, Motion Requiring the Defense to Satisfy Shreck;
P-18, Ex Parte Inquiry regarding Abandonment of Insanity Defense;
GAL (guardian ad litem) Motion that Defendant be Detained at Pueblo Youth Center.
Motions P-19, Discovery Facts and Data Underlying Defense's Expert Arambula;
P-20, Discovery Facts and Data Underlying Defense's Expert James-Bank;
P-21, Discovery Education Records and the Public Defender intending motion.
Evidentiary hearing and legal arguments on Motion D-38, Change of Venue,
2011 - January 11 - (Depending upon) Judge Gonzales's rulings on the motions
                               evidentiary hearings could be held on those motions.
D-37, Motion to Suppress Statements, requires a ruling on P-21; P-14,
 Motion to Exclude Defendant's Expert, or, in the Alternative, to Limit His
Testimony, requires rulings on P-19, P-11, P-12, and P-15.

After rulings on other motions, the legal arguments on P-22, Motion for Hearing
 to Exclude Any Purported Psychiatric Opinion that the Defendant Acted in a
Psychological Self-Defense or Psychological Fear for His Life, requires ruling
on expert discovery motions and any Shreck hearing that might be ordered.
                                         SHRECK HEARING
Shreck hearing - a court hearing to determine whether expert testimony will be
admitted at a trial.
The court must determine:
The reliability of scientific principles;
The witness's qualifications;
The usefulness of the testimony to the jury;
The value and prejudicial effect of the evidence,

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#4 [url]

May 5 11 9:41 PM

2011 - April 11 - John Caudle pleads Guilty to 3 charges.

GUILTY - 1 count of Murder in 2nd Degree for the murder of Tracey Rinebarger
              1 count of Reckless Manslaughter for the murder of Joanne Rinebarger
              1 count of Crime of Violence with a Lethal Weapon, a handgun

2011 - June -  Sentencing will begin at 9 a.m. June 6 and 7.

 Mineral County Miner

During his statement, Caudle said there was no school on Oct. 26, so he
and his mother drove to Salida to visit his grandmother. When they returned
home, Joanne Rinebarger became angry and told him that he was grounded.
“It seemed like I was grounded, no matter what I did,” the youth said.
His mother asked for a Dr. Pepper and John poured the drink from a can to a
glass, leaving the glass on the counter and throwing away the can. When he
didn’t hand her the glass, Caudle said she became angry and started yelling
and cursing at him. As she continued to yell, seemingly becoming more angry
than usual, Caudle said, “All the negative feelings I had repressed my whole life
came out.” He admittedly went to his room and got one of two pistols he had
hidden there, came out and started shooting at her. The autopsy report revealed
that Joanne Rinebarger had been shot nine times.

When John saw his stepfather’s truck at the end of the driveway to the family
home in the rural, Rock Creek area. He said, “I was scared because I knew
he would kill me for what I had done.” He hid in the laundry room and waited
for Tracy to come in. When he found Joanne and started screaming, John
emerged and shot him. “He fell down, but it looked like he was breathing, so
I shot him again. I pulled them into their room and shut the door.”

Caudle added, “I know what I did was wrong. I am sorry.” He told the court
that he chose to plead guilty to the amended charges because “it was the
best thing for everyone.”


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#5 [url]

Mar 19 13 6:32 AM

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