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Aug 10 10 7:42 PM

                                    A MOTHER'S SUPPORT

2004 - November 21 - Joe O' Reilly is staying at his mother Anne's home. He doesn't
                                  comment about his arrest to the media.

Anne O'Reilly  "If I thought for a second that Joe had anything to do with
                        Rachel's death I would disown him. He is a good and kind-
                       natured son and it is not in his character to be violent to
                       anyone, he would not be allowed under my roof."

                       "Anyone who knows Joe and the relationship he had with 
                       Rachel would know he positively had no involvement in her

                      "People will say I am his mother and naturally I would stand
                       by him, that is what mothers do. But no-one knows Joe better
                       than me. I reared him and brought him up and I know what I'm
                      talking about.

                     "As far as I'm concerned he has been in a state of shock since
                      day one."

                                    EMPTIED OF MEMORIES

Rose Callaly "A few months after Rachel’s death, we visited what had been
                     her home."

                    “Every personal thing of Rachel’s was gone. There was one
                     photograph of her in the whole house. The bedroom suite
                    she had picked herself was gone, and there was a mattress
                    on the floor . . . ”


2005 - March - The Gardai applied for an exhumation. When the casket is
                       above ground, it is opened, and the letter Joe O' Reilly
                       placed in the casket is taken into evidence.

                      The letter asks Rachel to "forgive me" and "Two words, one
                       sentence. I'll say them forever."

                       Rachel Callaly O' Reilly is reburied.

2005 - End of the year - Andrew Laws

2005 - End of the year - Andrew Laws (Kalagate, UK company) provides his report to the

Andrew Laws "Although I could not not be certain, I could say that there was
                        either moderate or strong possibilities that the cars on the CCTV
                        at Murphy's Quarry and at Blake's Cross could be O'Reilly's, or
                        at least the same make and model."

                                      DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS

2006 - June -   Garda Superintendent Tom Gallagher sends the massive file of
                       the murder investigation to the Director Of Public Prosecutions
                       with the recommendation that, based on circumstantial evidence,
                       Joe O'Reilly be charged with murder.

                                        ARREST & CHARGED
2006 - October 19 - The Director of Public Prosecutions agrees, and orders the
                              arrest of Joe O' Reilly.
         October 20 - The following day, 3 years and 16 days since Rachel's murder,
                             Joe O'Reilly is arrested and charged with her murder.

                                        Joe O' Reilly under arrest

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Aug 10 10 7:57 PM

                                   MURDER TRIAL
2007 - June 25 -  Central Criminal Court in Dublin, Ireland. Mr. Justice White presiding.
Defendant Joe O'Reilly (35), from Lambay View, Baldarragh, The Naul, County Dublin
pleads "Not Guilty" to the murder of Rachel (30) (Callaly) O' Reilly.

                                   OPENING STATEMENT
For the prosecution, Denis Vaughan Buckley SC "Much of the evidence
in the case is circumstantial. But, it is the State's case, that when it is
heard in its entirety, the evidence would prove beyond a reasonable doubt,
that Mr. O' Reilly did kill his wife."
"There may be a combination of circumstances, not one of which on their

 own may raise a reasonable doubt, but taken together can reach a
conclusion of guilt," 
On the day of the killing, Ms O'Reilly dropped her two children off to school

and creche as normal, and returned to the house where she was brutally
murdered shortly afterwards.
A postman will give evidence of calling to the house, seeing the car in the
driveway, and finding it odd that the blinds were drawn.

At 1.15pm, the accused received a phone call in work telling him that Mrs
O'Reilly had never collected their youngest son. Rose Callaly, the deceased's

mother, then called to the house to check if everything was alright.

In the meantime, O'Reilly picked his son up from the creche and afterwards went
to collect his other son from school, but found out he had already been picked
up as part of a school run.

Joe O'Reilly arrived back at the house shortly after 2pm and a major garda
investigation was launched. A Garda would give evidence of a conversation

he had with O'Reilly at around 2.20pm, in which the accused admitted to
him that he had probably contaminated evidence by moving a box of books
beside the body. "I'm really sorry. I'm probably after ruining it for you," O'Reilly
was said to have told the officer."

"I ask the jury to consider whether this was a comment a "grieving person"
would make.

"Another female witness who met Joe O'Reilly on the day of the killing will
 give evidence that the accused told her that the Gardai had found no evidence
 of a sexual assault. It was impossible for the accused to know this because

 the post-mortem was not performed until the following day."

"A witness called Jacqueline O'Connor, who was a close friend of Rachel, will
tell you how the accused said he was being framed for murder and asked for
help in proving his innocence. When this witness asked him whether he had
an alibi, he said: "There were a few hours that I wasn't accounted for but
Rachel was."
Another witness, Fiona Slevin, will give evidence of a conversation she had
with the accused on the day of Rachel's funeral, in which he referred to the
murder weapon: "I don't know why they're searching the fields. It's in the

"If witnesses give different evidence in court, they are to disregard what I
told them in my opening speech."

                                     ATTENDING COURT

Rachel O'Reilly's birth mother, Teresa Lowe, attends the murder trial.
She sits at the front of the public gallery along with friends and a victim
support representative.

Rachel O'Reilly's adoptive mother, Rose Callaly, attends the first day of the
trial. She is scheduled to give evidence on the second. She sits in the well
of the court, on a bench reserved for her family.

Each day, the Callaly's son, Anthony, and daughter, Ann, attend the trial
and sit on the bench.

Anne O' Reilly (Joe's mother) sits at the back of the public gallery in Court Two,
usually alone, at the far end of the room from where her son Joe, the defendant


                                Joe O' Reilly and mother Anne O' Reilly

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Aug 10 10 8:05 PM

2007 - June 25 - First day of trial.
Testimony regarding the Gardai exhuming Rachel's body in March of 2005
and the letter Joe O' Reilly had placed inside the casket was retrieved.
The handwritten letter is placed into evidence.

The five-page letter written by Joe O' Reilly and placed into Rachel's
casket are read out to the jury.
                                     DETAILS FROM THE LETTER
Dated October 8, 2004

 "Rachel, I love you so very very much. I can't think of what to do
  without you. You're the best thing that ever happened to me.

"This is the hardest letter I've ever had to write, for reasons only we know.

"Rachel, forgive me. Two words, one sentence. I'll say them forever."
The letter goes on to describe how O'Reilly still "sees and hears her
everywhere and how "everyone loves you now and always will".

I am "sorry about your Mum finding out about Teresa . . . but please
know it wasn't my fault."

  "I miss you so much Rachy. You went away from this world so very young ...
  You went away like Peter Pan . . . Everyone misses your mad personality."

The letter also wishes Rachel a happy 31st birthday. "You're no doubt
having the best wine, best ciggies and I'll miss you."

The letter ends with goodbyes from their two children:
"Love you mammy, Luke. Love you mammy, Adam."
Joe O' Reilly "cries" when the letter is read.

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Aug 10 10 8:30 PM

Witness: Rose Callaly "Rachel's Renault Scenic was in the driveway when
                                   I arrived around 2 P.M. Their  two dogs didn't race me
                                   to the door, which was unusual. The patio door was
                                   open - also strange.
                                   And the curtains were drawn. I had never seen that before,
                                   Inside, I noticed that the sink tap was running quite strongly.
                                   There were clothes folded on the kitchen table. Other items
                                   looked like they had been "placed on the floor."

                                   I walked through the house, calling Rachel's name. I looked
                                   in the boys' room. I came out and noticed something at
                                   the door to Rachel's room. I got to the bottom of the hallway
                                   and was met with a sight that will haunt me forever.
                                   I looked in and it was then that I noticed Rachel lying on the
                                   floor that was her bedroom. She was lying with her head down,
                                   but I could not actually tell if her face was lying sideways or
                                   straight down because it was in such a state."

                                  As soon as I saw her I knew that she was dead and I knew
                                  she was murdered.  I knelt down beside her I remember
                                  rubbing her arms and they were cold and hard and I knew
                                  she was dead a while. I just kept talking to her.
                                  I panicked and left the room and tried unsuccessfully to ring
                                  for an ambulance on my mobile. I went back up to the kitchen

                                  and searched for Rachel's new phone but could not find it so I
                                  went back towards Rachel. I was in such a panic and went back
                                  down and I knelt down beside her again and I spoke to her again.

                                  I went back up and I noticed the new phone but I didn't know how
                                  to use it. Eventually through my panic, I managed to ring somebody.
                                  Some man answered it. I said if you could get help, my daughter's
                                  dead.  It was just a random number."

                                 Within what I estimate was five minutes, a neighbour and
                                  friend, Sarah Harmon, arrived at the house.
                                  Minutes later, Joe O'Reilly arrived with Adam, whom he
                                  had collected at the creche.
                                  The following day, I went to the mortuary where the Rachel
                                  was laid out. There, I formally identified the body of "my
                                  daughter, Rachel."
                                  Moments later, I walked out of the house and was greeted
                                  by Joe who had just arrived at the home. He had a smile
                                  on his face, but it quickly vanished when I told him I
                                  thought Rachel was dead."

Forensic evidence shows the knees of Rose Callaly's trousers were stained
with her daughter Rachel's blood.

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#25 [url]

Aug 10 10 9:01 PM


Witness: Denise Callaly (Rachel's sister in law) testifies regarding Joe O 'Reilly's
              re-enanctment of Rachel's death. (The witness weeps as she testifies)

        "I watched Joe strike the imaginary Rachel at the very spot where she died.
         He (Joe) had his fist clenched tightly and he kind of struck down onto the
         ground like as if he was hitting Rachel on the ground.
        He was commenting on the blood splatters, the blood on the ground. He kind
        of stepped over her towards where the bathroom was. He had his fist still
        clenched tightly, pointing to spots of blood on the ground, said it came from
        the weapon.
        Then he said "they would have heard her moaning" and then he left the
        bathroom. He got down on one knee again and he struck again with his
        fist on the ground and he said they came back to finish her off."

Witness: Rose Callaly "Joe was looking at the blood spatters and passing remarks
                                   and saying whoever murdered her must have hit her. He was
                                   sort of making movements with his hand as to how she was
                                   hit and then he got down on his hunkers. He seemed to be
                                   going through the whole murder.
                                   He just kept making these movements as if he was imitating
                                   whoever had murdered Rachel. He kept talking, "he must have
                                  done this and must have done that."
                                  I am very aware that we moved towards the bathroom with him.
                                  I was sort of just looking at him and I honestly cannot tell you
                                  what he was saying. I couldn't take it in, I was in such shock.
                                  I was seemingly going through the way she was murdered."

Witness: Jim Callaly "He got down on his hunkers and he said look at all the blood
                                 around. I nearly got sick. I just felt I was going to pass out. I
                                 think I moved away up the hall."
                                 Joe asked if anyone wanted to hear the phone messages. None
                                 of us answered him. We were just sort of in shock, He asked us
                                 a few times. He almost insisted we hear it. He played it. He kept
                                 looking at each of our faces to see our reaction as he was playing
                                 it. It seemed very odd, the whole thing."

Witness:  Paul Callaly "I was taken aback. He was indicating the blood spatters   
                                    on the wall. He was saying what do you think about this? He
                                    enacted a blow and as he brought his arm back he was
                                    saying how the blood got there, that's how blood splashed
                                    the wall.
                                    He said there was a drop of blood in the bathroom, they must
                                    have stopped here and the blood would have dripped off the
                                    weapon. They must have heard her making a noise, a groan or
                                    whatever, and turned around. He stooped down on his knee again
                                    and re-enacted another blow, "that must be the reason why this
                                    blood splatter was here."

The family testify that Joe called it "the tour," referencing the bloodied hall, bedroom
and bathroom of the house.

The family testify that Joe forced them to listen to messages on the
answering machine in the house from the day Rachel died, including   
the messages from himself, from Rose Callaly and from a friend of Rachel's
from Australia. She appeared to be one of the first people Joe called to inform
her of the Rachel's murder.

Witness: Jackie Connor  (Friend of Rachel) testifies "Joe re-enacted the murder,"

"Joe also claimed to have "dreams and visions" about Rachel and how she was
killed. He mentioned he had lain down in the spot where Rachel died and she
came to him in a dream. She had said "Why are you doing this?"  He said that
in the dream, it was like he was doing it.

Witness: Fidelma Geraghty (Friend of Rachel) testifies regarding Joe's re-enacting
                                            of the murder of Rachel, as well as his "dreams" and
                                            "visions of her."

Witness; Sarah Harmon (Rachel's neighbor) "I was shocked at his behaviour.
                                    I entrusted him with the care of my 3 1/2 year old
                                    daughter while I went to Rachel's bedroom to have
                                    a few moments reflection.  (The witness becomes upset)
                                    He said they (the killers) must have been short and they
                                    must have hit her repeatedly with a blunt instrument, and
                                    he moved his hand down quite violently. I was quite shocked
                                    and upset. I went quite quiet. I was shocked by the physicality
                                    of it."

Witness: Celine Keogh (Friend of Rachel) testifies regarding Joe's "dreams and
                                     visions he spoke of to her. 

                                    "Joe said that Rachel was speaking to him and he stood
                                     outside the house and Rachel's voice directed him to a
                                     window, the bedroom window. And then he felt a hand
                                     pull his face back to the window in the spare room and
                                     in there she said "think what's in that room, and it was
                                     weights, probably the weights was the murder weapon."

Witness: Helen Reddy (Manager of the Tots United Montessori) testifies of Joe's O' Reilly's
                                    comments to her about dreams and visions Joe claimed to have             
                                    had about Rachel and how she was killed.

 Witness: Alan Boyle (Friend of Joe O' Reilly since the early 1990s)
   "I was in the house a fortnight after Rachel's death.I was shown the murder
   scene by my friend and was surprised at the detail of the crime that Joe 
   demonstrated to me. I thought it would be upsetting but he was very calm
    about it.
   Joe had simulated being in his wife's position as she was being killed and
   then showed how the attacker might have murdered Rachel. I found it
   unusual but I didn't know what way people in grief react,
   I recall asking Joe about the possibility that either he or Rachel had been
   having an affair. I was shocked when Joe replied "I couldn't give a fuck what
   Rachel got up to."
 "I had previously asked Joe if there was any problem in his marriage and he
  had replied "no."

 Mr Justice White rules "It would be unsafe to allow such evidence to be admissible
                                     because I fear there is a risk that the jury would attach undue
                                     significance to it."

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#26 [url]

Aug 10 10 9:32 PM

                                   TESTIMONY BEFORE THE JURY
Witness: Garda Damien O'Connell of Balbriggan Garda Station

 "I and two colleagues were the first gardaI on the scene.GardaI in Santry
 got a call from Dublin Fire Brigade saying there had been a burglary at a
 house in Baldarragh and a woman was injured and not breathing.
 We went to the house in a patrol car and arrived at 2.45 P.M. 
 I noticed fresh tyre marks on the driveway opposite where Rachel's
 car was parked and later informed the Garda Technical Bureau about
 We entered through an open patio door.

 The presses around the sink had been pulled out and what appeared to have
 been their contents strewn on the floor and the kitchen table was at angle.
 I also noticed blood on the walls in the hall.

 I saw a female lying on the ground. Her head was at the door and her body
 was in towards the room. She was lying face down."

Witness: Garda Thomas Cleary "I was on duty outside the house, protecting
                                                  the crime scene. O'Reilly approached me.
                                                  He said there was a box of books next to the
                                                  body and he moved them and made contact
                                                  with the body. He said, 'I'm really sorry, I'm
                                                  probably after ruining it for you'."

Defense Barrister Patrick Gageby SC "I put it to you that Mr. O' Reilly
                              had begun the conversation with you by asking if 
                              he could get his jacket he had left and this was 

                              how the talk about the boxes sprung up.
                              'What I want to suggest to you was that while you
                              were taking notes, Mr O'Reilly said he wanted to
                              go back in to get his jacket. You said he couldn't
                              because the scene was sealed.
                              I suggest this was the context in which Mr O'Reilly
                              made the comment about the boxes."

Garda Thomas Cleary "I don't have any recollection of Mr O'Reilly coming to
                                     me and wanting to go back into the house."

Witness: Jackie Connor (Friend of Rachel) "Rachel had told me that she
                                      wasn't happy. She said family life was suffering
                                      because her husband was working a lot and she
                                      was frequently on her own." 

                                      "I was roused from my sleep at some time that
                                      morning by a call from Joe O'Reilly, looking for
                                      Rachel. Later, sensing something was wrong, I
                                      drove over to The Naul, where I was met by the
                                      awful news."
                                     A few weeks later, at a birthday party for Adam,
                                     Joe said to me "I'm going to be framed." He said
                                     "you have to help me prove my innocence." I
                                     asked him "had he an alibi?" and he said "There
                                     are a few hours unaccounted for."

Witness: John Austin (close friend of Joe O'Reilly) "Joe O'Reilly had confided
                                   in me about "private matters. There were marital difficulties
                                   and they slept in separate bedrooms. He discussed the
                                   possibility of getting an apartment in Balbriggan so that   
                                   he could be close to the kids. I would categorise Joe as

                                   a very caring father."
                                   On September 8, 2004, I was at a dinner party at my partner's
                                   house. Also present were Joe O'Reilly and a woman named

                                   Nikki Pelley."

"Did you see any intimacy between Joe O' Reilly and Nikki Pelley?"
John Austin "No."
Do you think their relationship was just platonic?
John Austin "No."

Witness: Helen Moore "I run a Montessori school in Lusk, Tots United.
                                    On 4 October 2004, one mother of a child attending
                                    Tots United, Kathy Henry, met Rachel there around
                                    9.25am as they dropped off their respective children.
                                    I recall Rachel wearing a grey tracksuit bottom and
                                    dark top. I was speaking with Paula Matthews at
                                    the door when Rachel arrived. Matthews also
                                    exchanged pleasantries with Rachel."

 Witness: Naomi Gargan "I knew to see from Tots United. I recall seeing her
                                       outside the school between 9.15am and 9.30am.

                                       I didn't really know the O'Reillys before 4 October,
                                       but a few days later she met Joe at Tots United,
                                       and offered help in collecting the O'Reilly boys if
                                       it was needed. Once, around a month later, I drove
                                       to meet Joe O' Reilly in the Little Chef car park in
                                       Swords, when he couldn't make a rendezvous to
                                       collect Adam from me.
                                       "He said, 'I'm going to be arrested but don't worry,
                                       you didn't have a murderer in your house."
                                      "He said, 'they're saying I had an affair and you might
                                       be targeted." After that incident, I panicked, and told
                                       my husband I couldn't pick up Joe's kids any more."
Witness: Fiona Slevin (Friend of Joe & Rachel) "At the funeral reception
                                    after the funeral on 11 October, Joe O' Reilly said
                                    in reference to the Garda searching for the murder
                                    weapon, "I don't know why they're searching the
                                    fields, it's in the water."
                                   "I was shocked. I could see from his face he knew
                                     he'd said something and then he said, 'If I had done
                                     it I would have thrown it in the water, to get rid of the
Cross- Examination: 
 It is put to Fiona Slevin that "it was Joe's brother who made that statement
                                          in the context of media reports about the killing."
Fiona Slevin "No. It was Joe O' Reilly."

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#27 [url]

Aug 10 10 9:48 PM

Witness: Andrew Laws - British-based expert witness - Forensic video expert

         The witness is not allowed to give evidence before the jury about clothes
         Joe O' Reilly was wearing on the day of the murder.

         Mr. Laws examined the CCTV evidence of the vehicle and shirts worn
         by O' Reilly to see if he had changed in the interim and concluded "there
         was support for the contention that the shirts were different."

Witness: Garda Nicola Sheeran testifies regarding the discovery of the rucksack,
                                                  a travel bag with a flight tag marked O' Reilly
                                                  Santry, and the camera bag. "The items had
                                                  been "placed in the culvert."
 The bags are produced in court. Ann Callaly (Rachel's sister) weeps as they are
 presented to the court.
Witness: Dr. Diane Daly,  Forensic Scientist "The bloodstain pattern analysis led
                                        me to believe the victim was "violently beaten over a
                                        sustained period while she lay on the ground."
                                        "I also discovered a bloodstain on the door of the washing 
                                        machine in the kitchen."
 Witness: Thomas Lowe (Rachel's half brother) "I was close to Rachel after she
                                      reunited with our mother, Rachel's natural mother."
                                      In August 2004, I built a deck adjacent to the house
                                      and cut my hand while sawing timber. Some of my
                                      blood had got onto the floor and the washing machine
                                      door. I was going to clean it up, but Rachel said she
                                      would do it."
Witness: Dr. Marie Cassidy, Pathologist "Rachel had been struck several times
                                            on the head with a blunt object. The blows fractured
                                            her skull and it was evident that she had tried to
                                            defend herself as she was beaten so brutally.
                                            She may have lain dying for hours."
                                       THE LOVER'S TESTIMONY

 Witness: Nikki Pelley (wearing a gold band on her ring finger)                           

For the prosecution - Denis Vaughan-Buckley SC

Nikki Pelley "We use to work together at the Viacom advertising agency and
                   we met up again at an old colleauge's function in the Barge Pub
                   on the Grand Canal in Dublin, in January 2004.
                   After that we began to email jokes and text one another. We 
                   met a couple of months later for lunch in the Templeogue Inn 
                   and went to the cinema in Liffey Valley.
                    "I used to meet him at lunchtime and started a sexual
                     relationship with him in April or May in 2004,"
                    We would meet three of four times a week, 'mainly in my 
                    house. Joe would sometimes stay at my home on a Tuesday 
                    and Saturday when we would meet to have sex. He would stay

                    I'd see him on Saturday afternoons, and he would tell Rachel he 
                    was staying in the office,
                   I also stayed in The Naul on one occasion when Rachel was "down
                   the country."
                 "We went down to my family home in Wexford for a couple of days

Mr Vaughan Buckley "Did she know about your relationship with her husband?"
Nikki Pelley "I don't think so.  I had never met Rachel but had seen her once at
                     a softball tournament." 

                     "Joe told me that he and Rachel were effectively separated
                     for a year and a half and slept in separate rooms.
                    I have met his two sons on "a number of occasions" and
                    they know me as "Nikki."
  Two visa card halves are produced as evidence. One is from an old
  credit card belonging to Nikki Pelley, and the other is from an old
  credit card belonging to Joe O' Reilly.

  Nikki Pelley is asked to put the parts together.
Mr Vaughan Buckley "What does it say?"  .
Nikki Pelley  "Miss Nikki P Reilly,"  either myself or Joe had done this "for fun".

 Mr Vaughan Buckley  What names did Mr O'Reilly used concerning his wife?

Nikki Pelley "He called her 'Rach' or 'Rachel."  If they'd had an argument
                   he'd call her 'wasp' or 'c***',  it wasn't a term he used often.
  Nikki Pelley "On the night before Rachel was killed, Joe and I had a
                      "general good night" conversation."

Mr Vaughan Buckley "Did you tell the Gardai the 'truth' about your
Nikki Pelley "No. I told them it was just an affair. He (Joe O'Reilly) just
                    suggested it was an affair and asked me to do the same."

 Mr Vaughan Buckley "Explain why you had told the Gardai that you
                                    and Joe O'Reilly had just a sexual affair."

Nikki Pelley "If it was a relationship it'd be seen as giving him a motive
                    to kill Rachel."
Mr Vaughan Buckley "Why did you not reveal the true extent of your
                                  relationship to the Gardai?

Nikki Pelley "I don't know why."

 Mr Vaughan Buckley "Did Mr O'Reilly ever discuss the future?"

Nikki Pelley "We talked about things, about a future, about being together
                    There were two options - the children would stay with Joe or
                    with Rachel." 
 Mr Vaughan Buckley "Did you see the Late Late Show on the night Joe O'Reilly
                                    made an appearance?
Nikki Pelley "Yes. Joe O'Reilly had stayed in my house that night."

                                             Nikki Pelley


Rose Callaly "When I saw her in court for the first time – I’ll be honest, as
                      Rachel’s mother and a woman – well, I just thought to myself
                     ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and I didn’t get it.
                     Before she went up [to the stand], I really felt sorry for her – maybe
                     she had been taken in by him and maybe she was going to tell the
                     truth. Then as soon as she started to talk, she didn’t remember

                     anything, she just had amnesia. My pity swiftly evaporated."

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#28 [url]

Aug 10 10 10:23 PM

Witness: Oliver Farrell, Communication firm Vilicom

"I conducted searches on 3 specific mobile telephone numbers.
 Two of the numbers researched were those of Joe O'Reilly and his Viacom
 work colleague Derek Querney.
Each time a mobile phone call is made it is connected to a cell on a mast
that serves a specific geographical area.
Evidence relating to Mr Querney's phone found that network activity on his phone
broadly corresponded to his movements as given to Gardaí.
In relation to the two men being together at the Broadstone/Phibsboro bus depot,
the first call made by Joe O'Reilly's mobile in that area was at 10.38 A.M. on 4
Mr Querney's phone made a call from a cell serving that area over an hour earlier at
9.25 A.M."

Defense Barrister Patrick Gageby SC queries Mr Farrell about extended
                                                           coverage areas.

Oliver Farrell "Yes, often cells can have a coverage extending beyond what is
                       possible in theory. Coverage area depends on topography, tilt
                       and height of the antennae."

Witness: Garda Joanne O'Sullivan presents to the court a 3 page document
                                                       cataloging all communications to and
                                                       from Joe O' Reilly's mobile phone for
                                                       October 4, 2004.

The inventory includes: failed calls; texts; SMS acknowledgements;
and notifications from O' Reilly's message minder.

More than 90 interactions are listed. They are documented as to incoming or
outgoing, who they are to, the time ocurred, length, and the location of the
cell site or transmitter used by O' Reilly's mobile phone.

Joe O'Reilly exchanged 9 phone calls and 9 text messages in a 15-hour
period with Nikki Pelley.

Also on the inventory is all of the phone calls made that evening from
Joe O' Reilly's phone to their circle of friends.

Witness: Karim Benabdallah Senior Technology Consultant for O2.
 "It is impossible' for someone using a mobile phone in the Broadstone
 area of Dublin to be routed through the cell site at Murphy's Quarry."
Despite Joe O' Reilly's attempt at an alibi, that he was elsewhere at the
time of Rachel's murder. 11 separate pieces of CCTV film footage
along with the signals from mobile phone masts place him at the scene
of the crime.

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#29 [url]

Aug 10 10 10:29 PM


2007- June - Joe O'Reilly, Lambay View, Baldarragh, The Naul, is convicted unanimously
                   by a jury of the murder of Rachel (30) at their home on October 4,

Rose and Jim Callaly cried and hugged as the verdict is returned.
Callaly siblings Ann, Declan, Anthony and Paul hug each other.
Members of the public cheer.

Rose Callaly "He seemed to think that he was untouchable -- but he was wrong."

The trial has lasted 4 weeks.

Mick Finnegan (now retired) "I was always confident if we could get a charge
                                         and get him into court, we could get a conviction."

                                       NO REACTION

The defendant Joe O' Reilly shows no emotion upon hearing the verdict. He is led
away by prison guards.

                     Joe O'Reilly had been hoping to be free by Christmas.


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#30 [url]

Aug 10 10 10:36 PM

                                    VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT

Rose Callaly "Even though justice had been done, my family's grief will never
                     be diminished. Almost three years ago, Rachel kissed her
                     beloved Luke and Adam goodbye and for the next 20 minutes

                     was subjected to the most horrific, violent and barbaric attack
                     that no human being should ever have to go through.
                     We are haunted by the thoughts of what happened to our beautiful
                     daughter and sister that morning.
                     From that moment on the lives of everyone who knew Rachel and
                     loved her were thrown into turmoil. Every day we find it so difficult
                     to accept the devastation of her death, we struggle to come to
                     terms with the fact that she is now gone forever. There are days
                     when we are overwhelmed by grief. Sleepless nights, nightmares
                     and panic attacks have become the norm for us.
                    "Rachel, if I could have given my life for you that awful day, I would have.
                     You are such a big part of our life. We hope that you can now rest in
                     peace, my darling, your loving mam and dad, brothers, sister and sister-
                    in-law. "Declan and Denise, Paul and Denise, Ann and Anthony and your
                    two sons Luke and Adam."


   Mr. Justice Barry White sentenced Joe O' Reilly to be jailed for life.

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#31 [url]

Aug 11 10 5:21 PM


CUSTODY -   Ann O' Reilly has been looking after Luke (7) and Adam (5)
                    since Rachel's murder but Rachel's mother, Rose Callaly,
                    could yet play a major role in deciding who gains custody
                    of the children on a more permanent basis.

      Ann O'Reilly has insisted the boys are "priority in everything" and are
      happy living with her and playing with other local children. Rose Callaly
      is refusing to be drawn on her hopes for a future with Luke and Adam
 2008 -
  Joe O'Reilly (37) spent the anniversary of his wife's death with his sister Ann,
 (he'd asked her to beat up Rachel)  in the Midlands Prison.

Nikki Pelley brought Rachel's children to visit Joe in prison, accompanied by Joe's
mother Ann. Pelley visits him several times a month and phone each other frequently.

A Midlands Prison insider - "They have remained totally committed to each other 
                                           and she has never questioned his innocence."
                                           She remains totally besotted with him and is convinced
                                           they have a future together.”

                                          Pelley’s loyalty to “such an evil man” still continues to
                                          astonish staff."

2008 - January - Rachel's sister Ann was diagnosed with a cancerous
                          tumor behind her eye. Her battle against the disease
                          included surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy...and
                          pure grit. 

Rose Callaly  "We are assured that, at the end of the treatment, she (Ann)
                       will be completely cured, and the prognosis is great, thank

                              A FESTIVE SEASON FOR AN EMPTY HOUSE

2008 - December 31 - Joe O' Reilly, arranges for Christmas toys and wreaths to
                                 be placed at the murder house. The items are placed on
                                 the property days after his appeal was heard in court.
                                The vacant house has seen some activity with his
                                relatives visiting the house.

                                Wreaths are placed on the front door and a gate.
                                A Santa Claus is placed inside the front porch
                                and children's toys on the window sills.
                                The interior of the vacant house remains dark
                                with curtains drawn. 
         Rachel Callay O' Reilly's family have not been to the house since after her


2009 - November - Rose Callaly penned a book about her daughter Rachel.

Remembering Rachel: The Story of Rachel O'Reilly's Life and Brutal Death, by
Rose Callaly,  published by Penguin

Rose Callaly "The main reason I wrote the book was my determination to set the
                     record straight, to show that the picture of Rachel that was given
                     in court was completely false.
                     One of the hardest things for me about Rachel's murder was the

                     invasion of her privacy (in the court case) as the most intimate
                     parts of her life were laid bare for the world to see. I do not want
                     people to remember Rachel by the awful names she was called,
                     or the way she was portrayed by people who do not know what
                    love is.

                    I want her story, the true story of her life and how she lived it, to
                    be known. I have written this book to tell that story and to try to
                    give an insight into the kind of person Rachel really was."

                    In particular I was upset by the suggestions made in court that
                    Rachel had been a poor mother who could not cope with her

                    children and frequently slapped them.
                    I wanted to show that these and other allegations, (which I 

                    first became aware of during the court case (mainly from 
                    phone evidence), were all a part of Joe O'Reilly's construction
                    of a warped picture of my daughter before he murdered her."

                                    THE FIGHT FOR A GRAVESTONE FOR RACHEL
A simple wooden cross adorns the grave of Rachel, placed there by her father.
The plot where she is buried belongs to the Callaly family. Joe O' Reilly continues
to turn and twist the mental knife by refusing to allow them to place a gravestone
upon their daughter's grave.

2009 - March 8 - Five years on, there is still no headstone on Rachel’s grave.
                        By Lisa O'Connor

"The end of a protracted battle over ultimate custody of the grave and the
name on the headstone is only just in sight. The last hurdle depends on
legal confirmation from Fingal County Council that the Callalys are within
their rights to erect the headstone. 

TRAGIC Rachel O'Reilly is to finally get a headstone on her grave, her
family have declared. After Joe O'Reilly lost his appeal against his life
sentence for Rachel's murder, her parents Rose and Jim Callaly, are to
proceed with plans to erect a headstone complete with touching tribute.

So far, they have been prevented from doing so by Fingal County Council.
Murderer Joe also applied to the council to erect a headstone on Rachel's
grave, claiming to be her next-of-kin - and using his surname on it.

But now that his appeal has been refused, the Callalys are to demand that
Fingal County Council accept their application to erect a headstone on their
daughter's grave. Currently only a simple wooden cross marks Rachel's final
resting place. But her father Jim has vowed to erect a tombstone complete
with a specially written tribute."

                                    PERCEPTION OF LIFE CHANGES

Rose Callaly "I try not to think about him, and if he comes into
                     my mind I put him out. I could be angry, but that

                     would waste energy I don't have. He is still saying
                     he didn't murder Rachel, and I can't explain how
                     important that it is, that if he just admitted that he

                     did it, it would be a huge burden lifted."
                    "When I look back, I wonder how I kept sane through
                    it all. It changes you for ever. I'm not the person I was.
                    Your perception of life changes.

                    I always felt lucky and I knew it. Now, I have a fear of
                    the future. I certainly don't look forward as much. I'm
                    very sensitive now, in lots of ways, about people and
                    interaction with people. I just find I'm not as happy a
                    person as I was. Our lives now bear no comparison
                    to how they were almost six years ago."


Jenny Friel penned a book about the case

                                     JOE O' REILLY - PHILOSOPHER

2009 - May 14 -  Joe O'Reilly has been taking lessons in:
                         philosophy, with a view to earning a doctorate in philosophy;
                         sports studies;
                         script writing;
                                    JOE O' REILLY SENIOR

2009 - November 16 -

Joe O' Reilly Sr. "Rachel O'Reilly, the mother of my son's two children,
                           did not deserve to die.

                           I don't know what prompted my son to kill.
                           As a child, he was a normal kid. He was very quiet and liked

                           football. I can honestly say I never saw him in a fight with anyone
                           or anything like that."

                           I was very shocked when I heard about the murder. I was away
                           in Corfu when I got a phone call telling me what happened.
                          She was a lovely girl and I met her after they got engaged, when
                          she was in Blackpool for a week. They were getting on great at
                          the time.

                          The murder was hard to take even though some years have passed.

                          I brought him into the world. But Rachel didn't deserve that. It is 
                          all still quite raw and very early days."

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#32 [url]

Aug 11 10 5:44 PM

Joe O' Reilly files an appeal against his conviction.

2009 - December - The appeal is heard.
Counsel for O'Reilly "Evidence of mobile phone records and data
                                relating to the location of O'Reilly's mobile
                                phone on the date of his wife's murder should
                                not have been permitted by the trial judge to go
                                before the jury.

                                There was no evidence before the court that O2
                                Ireland was a licensed phone operator under the
                                terms of the Postal and Telecommunications
                                Service Act 1983 and therefore, the phone
                                evidence was not legally before the jury.
                                E-mails from a computer alleged by the prosecution
                                to be O' Reilly's, should have been excluded because
                                their evidential value was outweighed by their prejudicial
                                value as they were sent in June 2004, several months
                                before Rachel's death. It was argued that time was too
                                far removed from the events of October 2004.
                                The trial judge should not have allowed evidence of three 
                                interviews with O'Reilly while in Garda custody go before
                                the jury in a manner where, he said, it was clear to the
                                jury he had remained silent for the most of the time he
                                was being interviewed.
                               A witness statement by O'Reilly of October 6, 2004
                               should also have been excluded because he was at
                               that stage a suspect.
                               The trial judge had erred in allowing that statement be
                               used as evidence because O'Reilly had told Garda­ some
                               weeks later the contents of that statement were correct.
                               Evidence relating to CCTV footage about movements of 
                               cars on the date of the murder was inadmissible and
                               flawed as it only involved comparisons with a Fiat Marea
                               car, the type of car driven by O'Reilly, and no other car.
                               The jury should not have heard evidence O'Reilly spent
                               the night with Nikki Pelley after a 'Late Late Show'
                               appearance with his wife's family concerning her death
                               were not pursued."
                                      APPEAL DENIED
2010 - August 8 -  Convicted murderer Joe O'Reilly loses his appeal against
                            his conviction for the murder of his wife Rachel.
                           Four Courts the three-judge Court of Criminal Appeal
                           dismisses all grounds of the appeal.
The Chief Justice Mr Justice John Murray, presiding at the CCA 
Mr Justice Roderick Murphy 
Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy 
 "O' Reilly had failed to make out any grounds that make his conviction unsafe."

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