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#41 [url]

Feb 20 11 3:37 PM

C. Good,  I posted your quote(s) from the Amazon book reviews you made for Missy's story.
  Review 1 Review 2. If you object to the use of your opinion, I will remove the quote.

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Feb 21 11 3:17 PM

it is in my belief they knew what they were doing and they do not show remorse. Everyone can see that they are guilty of the crime they comitted and should never be released.What happens to the next girl either one is jealous of? Will she be murdered too? What is another life to two people who have already taken one? NOTHING! The parole board needs to remember the victim and the fact they are not sorry and went to such great lengths to conceal their part in it.Had it not been for the third girls family tragedy it may have been more years free for them

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#47 [url]

Feb 21 11 3:40 PM

I hope they rot in the fiery pits of hell!!!!! Jealousy is a horrid feeling/bejavior/mental uneasiness if you hated her so much why didn't you just kill yourself!!! That way you wouldnt have to deal with her. But to take the life of a beautiful spirited human being was just inhuman it's totally unfair that they have the chance to get out of there imprisonment when she is forever sentenced to a life without her family....sure she will be work god but her family was sentenced along with her. I really hope they get life in prison or come out and some crazy wild maniac catches them and drowns them after beating them and cuting of their hair.... That would be some good irony!!! But to the family you have my deepest condolences even though I am many years late...I'm sorry i was born in 1995 and just recently saw the movie and read about it... Be strong and know that you did a wonderful job with her if she was so importent in the life of other individuals... =)

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#48 [url]

Feb 21 11 4:24 PM

Just watched the movie and had to look it up. Sadly, in this world we see stories like this one every day. The thing that troubles me the most (other than the two girls murdering Missy) is that Karen put herself in Missy's place and Missy's mom didn't know the wiser. I understand that in a time of mourning you wouldn't notice such subtleties but man, wouldn't the circles that girl kept them running in be a good indicator? Thank you patsystone for keeping this updated. It's nice to finally see the complete picture and aftermath of such trials.

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#49 [url]

Feb 21 11 4:48 PM

Thank you, guest.

The fact that Karen deliberately inserted herself into the family at the time of their grief,
is chilling. I think it's indicative of her being a sociopathic person, without any morals, any compassion or understanding of their love and grief for Missy. She enjoyed doing it.

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#50 [url]

Feb 21 11 5:17 PM

While it may be true,the saying,that nobody knows what anyone is capable of, these two showed exactly what they're capable of and,should never see the light of day ever again. Don't get how an intentional murder gets anything less than a life sentence. God will ensure what the next part of their journey is gonna be,this part needs to be spent in a cold hard cell.

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#52 [url]

Feb 21 11 6:37 PM

You two sociopaths need to be in prison for the rest of your lives - you are a subhuman life form that does not deserve to breath the free air of a law-abiding society. Hang your heads in shame that you two were ever born to release your evil on an innocent life.

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#54 [url]

Feb 23 11 12:25 PM

I see I'm not the only one who recently watched this movie. I've seen it once before quite a few years ago as well. My take is that Karen and Laura are guilty guilty guilty. Whether or not they actually planned to kill Missy or if it was a "scare" (in their words) gone wrong is something we'll never know. I think Eva was involved to a certain degree but not with the actual killing. She, too, probably thought it was just going to be a "scare" for Missy. Many times, the DA's will give a "lesser involved" person immunity in exchange for testimony and I think that's what happened here. That would have been the only way to get this case resolved. Karen & Laura keep blaming each other but they're not pointing fingers at Eva...although I could be wrong on that. My reading on this particular crime is limited. Then Karen...sheesh, Karen! I'm still amazed that she moved in with Irene and basically tried to become Missy. I could have used the word "replace" there but I think she wanted to become Missy. That totally says it all...she couldn't become Missy if Missy was still there. I don't think Karen killed Missy just because of boyfriends, etc....I think Karen jealous of EVERYTHING Missy. I also think moving in with Missy's family also enabled her to keep an eye on the investigation and do what she could to keep the investigation thrown off. I know I'm not adding anything new here but just thought I'd like to be part of this discussion. :)

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#55 [url]

Feb 23 11 6:07 PM

Thank you for participating in the discussion. :) I think you are right about keeping an
eye on the investigation and throwing Missy's family off balance and into directions
other than at her and Laura, and about the jealousy.

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#56 [url]

Feb 25 11 9:11 AM

I was shownthe movie n high school and it was so sad tht girlls could do tht to there friend I was n shock and made me reeveuate ny friends and not reaally put my trslust or tight confidence n any of then cause at the flip of o coin they could also turn on me and do wht these sick woman who were teenage girls at the time just out of jealouslyit really made me think like how can they do and act like tht with her family hiw convincing they were it was like they were laughing and slapping Ms. Irene n the face I believe tht everyone should be forgiven but an act like that is way to much may the lord have mercy on there twisted hearts my prayers are with missys family and am very sorry for there loss I hope thy don't get out and put into this world where they can possibly do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#59 [url]

Apr 12 11 12:51 AM

What is with you people insulting animals all the time? Do you see animals beating each other up, drowning each other, or pinning each other down with 100 lb logs? NO you don't.  Animals are innocent and don't deserve to be used as an insult for two killers. They only kill to survive so shut up.

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