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#22 [url]

Jan 4 11 2:18 PM

To The Anonymous  (writer at the begininng of this page who wrote..."Missy wasn't the sweet innocent angel"

Your probably a jealous evil Bi__h! like they are!

 You are just like them to write something like that because anyone who knew Missy...
knows that your statement is untrue. So shut your liar mouth!.

"Missy Was Pretty & Kind she had a  modest behavior about her popluarity

and beauty, even shy at times her nature was reserved"


I went to school with Missy, Karen and Laura.  Missy would stay the night at our house from time
to time.  It was very obvious to all of us who knew her that her friend "Karen" was jealous and actually hated her friend Missy.  Laura was just as jealous. Both these girls would hang
around Missy just so they could consider themselves just as popular as her.. They were pathetic and evil.  They could never be like her becasue who they are.  Once they figured that out... they killed her!
They should never see the light of day outside those prison walls! They wouldnt do well on the streets with all of us who loved Missy and remember her today.
I know we are suppose to forgive... but I cant find it in me to feel anything other disgust and hope the feel pain every living breathing moment! Just like Missy's Mother and Brother's do.
All I can hope for is that they "Burn In Hell"!devil







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#24 [url]

Jan 6 11 4:15 PM

unbeliveable to know that our taxes paid to get her teeth fixed!!! and where does this prison get off letting her take pictures like this oh yeah something else our taxes paid for. i hope these two women rot in jail for the rest of their lives

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#25 [url]

Jan 14 11 5:19 PM

these girls deserve to be hanged so they can suffer just like they made poor missy suffer, and her family. these are cold hearted women who should never be allowed out of their cell.

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#26 [url]

Jan 19 11 5:48 AM

I lost a child 10 years ago so I know what the Avila family went through. I believe in an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth...I think someone should have done to these girls the same thing they did to Missy. I hope they never get out of prison. I hope they suffer every single day the way the Avila family has done and is still doing.

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#30 [url]

Feb 2 11 12:10 PM

I just watched this movie for the 3rd or 4th time. Then decided to search to see where these woman are at. How dare they have the right to have their face posted all over the internet looking for friends. These women deserve nothing. They took another persons life and do not deserve the same respect and advantages that other people have....RIP Missy....and to the women who have done this deserve everything that has come to them and continue to haunt them.

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#32 [url]

Feb 2 11 1:22 PM

Thank you PATSYSTONE for giving us updates on this case... i really hope these women never leave prison. And i hope people to write to both of them, and make them feel what miserable people they are...not even people, theyre pieces of crap... Please, keep us updated on these 2 useless people. thank you..

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#33 [url]

Feb 2 11 5:48 PM

There are many instances where we know the outcome of a case such as Missy's
where the perp(s) are incarcerated, but after that, not much. Thanks to the Internet,
appeals, pen pal ads, sometimes tv shows, so we are able to find out what happened
after the sentencing.

As with other cases profiled on this forum, I will periodically check to see if there's
any new appeals, parole releases, etc... and post the information.

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#34 [url]

Feb 3 11 9:26 PM

How could you be that jealous of someone that you could kill them? I dont understand the sick and twisted people of this world. They should never be released and should always be reminded of what they did everyday! Just because she was ugly and jealous did not give her the right to take a human life! This makes me sick to my stomach!

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#38 [url]

Feb 19 11 1:11 AM

Just to relay latest info: There is no news on the Internet or in the media that Karen Severson and Laura Doyle have been released from prison (as of November 21, 2010). This question refers to the movie A Killer Among Friends - based on the book Missy's Murder by Karen Kingsbury - which is based on the real-life 1985 murder of Michele "Missy" Avila of Arleta, California, by her best friend Karen Severson. Karen Severson and Laura Doyle were both convicted and sentenced to 15 years to life, and are in the California Institute for Women. Their last parole hearings were toward the end of 2006, and both were denied parole. Karen Severson was apparently denied a compassionate release due to her multiple sclerosis. Read more:

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#40 [url]

Feb 19 11 3:20 PM A new newspaper article (Jan, 2011) says they were both denied in 2009, and now have a new hearing set in 2012.

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