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#241 [url]

Sep 13 12 12:21 PM

Shanda Sharer’s killer Hope Rippey was released early simply because she was “Born Again” in prison. Her co-killer Melinda tried for release the following year, 2007 and a “Born Again” too. If you think Severson’s release and her connection to the prison ministries is a coincident, it is not. Research “Prison Fellowship Ministries” as they are nation wide and have been sued for giving prisoners who convert to Christianity special treatment and help with early release, and using tax dollars to do so. They are a Wolf in Sheeps clothing. They seek out high profile violent offenders and help them for prison PR, knowing that other prisoners will join their cult for the same benefits. And this brings them even more money to spend on politicians, Judges, who appoint their parole board selections.

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#242 [url]

Sep 15 12 8:35 PM

Did i read what I read right? Karen's attorney said she is an incrediable woman that just got off to a bad start in life like most do, are you freaking kidding me??? she killed her childhood friend cause she was prettier and then tried to be her, thats not a bad start in life thats psycho. I hope she and Laura never gets out they can sit there and try to find pen pals all their lives. But there was some good news Karen got MS she must be the only person in the world i can say deserves it

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#244 [url]

Sep 16 12 8:03 PM

Well im a 14 year old girl that watched this movie with my mother on lifetime. We came to look up the real story and while reading this , this story has horrified me because you wouldn't think that someone could be so cruel , mean . I cant even begin to understand how someone can kill over a boy especially if that is your "best friend". But just reading this you can tell that she was very jealous of Missy. I feel so bad for the Avila family because the mother let her into there house and (in a way) manipulated Missy's mother to think she was really sincere with trying to find out what had happend to her daughter. I give my prayers to the Avila family I wish the best for them all. <3

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#245 [url]

Sep 16 12 11:13 PM

i know these girls and knew Missy well enough to say i am glad to have known her. Karen and Laura were jealous vindictive girls and saw now way out of Missy's shadow. May she rest in peace!

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#247 [url]

Sep 30 12 11:03 PM

i think personally karen severson and laura doyle deserve to be in prison for 25 years in jail is where they both belong they beat her ripped earrings out and not to mention accused the poor girl of having to have sex with 2 of there boyfriends unacceptable stacey

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#248 [url]

Oct 1 12 4:26 PM

    This sort of behavior among friends happens more often than one would like to believe.  In most cases there are red flags that go up but are ignored by the family.  If any of your child's friends start becoming possesive of their time, display jealousy when they are receiving attention or become critical of them often, it's time for you as a parent to limit the friendship.  Your child won't do this, but will welcome you to interfere because it gives them an out.  I know my niece had a "best friend" whose parents were also a friend of my sister's.  My niece is friendly by nature and well-liked by a lot of children her age.  Her "best friend" was becoming jealous of her attention and when I caught the friend on video at a birthday party sneaking in jabs and attempting to push her off a chair (She and those attending were pretending to be rock stars and singing to popular songs)  I showed my sister, and she limited their friendship.  The "best friend" parents understood as they are true friends of my sister.  By taking this action, my niece is no longer as close to this friend, but oddly enough the relationship has improved as them being aquaintances rather than "best friends."  Anyway, my point is that sometimes "best friends" can end up being a child's worst enemies, and that there are always signs if you are looking for them.


Good and timely advice.

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#249 [url]

Oct 1 12 9:02 PM

i think personally that karen severson and laura doyle are cold cauclating conniving little bitches who deserves to be serving 15 yrs in prison for what they have done to michelle missy ivette avila by beating her pulling her earrings out drowning her with a 100 pound log on top of her i hope both of them fit the punishment they both deserve stacey

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#254 [url]

Oct 5 12 9:27 PM

Wow...saw the story when it aired as prime time...It truly makes me sick that individuals think jealousy is justification for torture. Do you feel insecure? Do you feel inferior? GET HELP, GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS AND DO SOMETHING TO IMPROVE YOUR SELF IMAGE. Geez...murder? These women never deserve to see the light of day. Contrary to stupid court excuse, teenagers are NOT oblivious to right and wrong. No excuse for what they did. NONE. Jealous unattractive women graced by a sweet, pretty friend. ugh. I am repulsed by them. Rot in hell, you ugly freaks.

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#255 [url]

Oct 5 12 9:37 PM

These two women should never be released.. and what surprises me is how another girl could wait three years to come forward about this horrible makes me wonder if she did have some part in it..I hope she also lives with guilt the rest of her life for not coming forward sooner.

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#257 [url]

Oct 5 12 9:48 PM

It sickens me to think that these every day cold blooded killers can experience things in their life that their victims never got a chance to do..because their life was robbed from them..for instance further their education get married it just seems really unfair in life..and it happens all the time.

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#260 [url]

Dec 31 12 2:38 PM

I just want t say what happened to her is awful. In reply to the person who said to get over it...clearly losing somwone in such a way especially a child..telling them to get over it makes you almost as bad as these women who killed her. Yes it was a long time ago but not only did they murder her but one of them lived with her mom and sickingly put things in her mind.

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