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#185 [url]

Mar 29 12 5:02 PM

Did she get released? I did hear that she was up for parole late 2011 but I didn't expect her to actually get it. She still maintains that she "only" witnessed the murder but didn't participate actively, and that attitude usually doesn't sit well with the parole boards.

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#188 [url]

Apr 11 12 7:42 PM

I have seen the movie and read the book over and over, each time with pain in my heart abd tears in my eyes, i have studied and researched this case many times,...and still wonder how you can feel so little remorse for the death of your so..called best and Karen..should never be released, your hate for your best freind, is really a reflection of how ugly you are as a person....that your life is so meaningless you had to take someones elses,....sit and think....longer, may or may not be sorry for what you both did,...nevertheless, god help you, took away a beautiful young girl who never got the chance to live out her life....all due to your uncontrollable jealousy......yeah,, you both are ugly...deep down, is skin deep ,..ugly goes to the core....

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#189 [url]

Apr 11 12 7:59 PM

Want to know,? why was she released,15,yrs up? she should have gotten life,..Lara too...goes to show,..the justice system dosent always deliver,..and maybe Karen should look over her shoulder now and then...she could end up like her friend Missy........

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#190 [url]

Apr 13 12 2:15 PM

u knw wat i hate these murderous bitches mark avila missys brother is a good friend of mine we will neva get over the pain and hurt karen caused dnt ever let these bitches out i hope they burn in hell i hate u karen and laura and these bitches r lookin for love are you kidding me this is and outrage i cant believe this shit coldhearted bitches i cant stand them burn in hell you are worthless and shouldnt be living at all you bitches disgust me lookin for love my ass give me five minutes in the room with both these bitches i will do to them what they did to my friend missy i cant believe they let these animals come and say and do wateva they want

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#192 [url]

Apr 17 12 3:06 PM

I was bored and decided to google my name. I saw a picture of Missy Avila and honestly, she was a gorgeous girl. My name is Michelle Avila too. I was reading and looking at pictures of what had happened. My heart sunk, knowing that there are people out there like Laura and Karen! they should of got sentenced for first-degree murder. Eva did a good thing on telling the truth, but if only it was sooner. And as for what Missy's mother said: "Who knows, maybe Missy was haunting Karen to make her pay for what she did. If it's possible, then I hope to God she's haunting her each night in prison." Both Karen and Laura should rot in hell. And may god be with the Avila Family <3 For i too am an Avila and proud of it!

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#193 [url]

Apr 27 12 2:26 PM

I can't believe they let Karen out. If she isn't a threat to society who is? I hope the authorities are watching her. That picture of her from court looks like she has the devil living inside her. Look at her eyes. That is the look of pure evil.

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#195 [url]

May 18 12 6:43 PM

to the family of Michele ''Missy'' Yvette Avila i am so sorry for your lose . and to the friends at kill Missy Karen Severson and Laura Dolly you guys took some one daughter away from them . so your never get out of jail and you will stay that for along long time .

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#196 [url]

May 18 12 7:02 PM

I saw the story and read the headlines, such a sad story. I wonder if these now ladies have repented. How could you move in the home of the girl you have killed. The Eve person should have been tried as an accessory. She knew and she didn't tell, fear or no fear.

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#197 [url]

May 20 12 11:10 PM

God doesnt take peoples lives. What religion teaches that my goodness. How sad. Bad things happen because evil esxist therefore evil people exsist. Just like satan exsist. Not because God decides one day, i want missy murdered. Comon people. Open your bibles. Truly sad.

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#200 [url]

Jun 1 12 9:08 AM

Yes, God forgives sin. God also judges sin. We reap what we sow. The Bible also warns us '' sure your sin will find you out!'' from the Ten COMMANDMENTS, Thou shalt not kill, Bear false witness against thy neighbor, Covet thy neighbors house, spouse, help from others, material things, Money, or ANYTHING that belongs to your nehibor(ie;looks, popularity, personality, & boyfriends)!! These murderers will someday stand before God, & have to explain what they did, every single detail, unable to blame the other, or hide behind lies. They will have to explain why they murdered their friend. Then God will judge them & give them, the punishment he has set aside. Bible verse Mat.1 Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged;and by your standard of measure,it will be measured to you. We are also told to FEAR God. This IS waiting for Karen, & Laura if they are truly sorry, or not.

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