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Jan 1 13 8:15 PM

Those two murdering bitches are gonna burn in hellllll

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#262 [url]

Sep 25 15 10:42 AM

Karen and Laura

Karen Severson and Laura Doyle have bothe been released.  Laura lives a low key life as far as I know.  Karen is now an author.  She wrote her first book under the name Kaye Crane but Missy's family found out it was her and the book received horrible reviews.  She wrote a second book called "My Life, I Lived It" under her real name.  Missy's family got the book pulled off Amazon and made sure Karen was unable to profit from the book.  I believe the original cost was at close to $100 which was an insult to the Avila family.  It is now set at $0.  Karen has done interviews on The Dr. Phil Show, Oprah and Shannon Fox(Radio show).  The Shannon Fox interview is posted on YouTube.  Karen still denies killing Missy, but says she only "participated" in the murder by leaving Missy all alone as Laura prepared to kill her.  She also denies moving in with Missy's family after Missy's death.  Karen has also become proactive in the anti-bullying movement.

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