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*As updates up to and including trial occur they will be posted here.
2001 - September 11 -  Cathy & Peter Stropas of Norristown, PA. have three sons.
                                    Two of them, James and his brother John discuss the 911
                                    terrorist attacks. James informs his brother that he's decided
                                    to join the Army.

John Stropas "He said "As long as there’s Americans in Iraq, that’s where I belong.
                       He was brave. When 9/11 happened, he just joined. He didn't grow up
                       wanting to be in the Army. It just worked out that way."
2004 - Sgt James Stropas, Cavalry Scout, (a highly trained Unit) US ARMY is on
          a tour of duty in Iraq when he is hit by an IED (improvised explosive device) and
          injures his back. He is flown back on the line in two days.

 John Stropas (brother) "He had all kinds of surgery and nerves cut. He worked his
                                       butt off to get back in."  
                                   "An Army sergeant, he was a cavalry scout, “one of the most
                                    highly trained units in the Army,”

        James finds work as a security guard at King of Prussia Mall and at the Montgomery   
        Mall between this tour of duty and his second tour.

                                     HOME AGAIN
2010 - March - James Stropas (Sgt, US ARMY) returns home to Norristown from Iraq.
                       He's served 2 tours of duty, fought in battles and survived being
                       blown up.                         
John Stropas "He had everything ready to go to college. Just telling me last week 
                       how he was looking forward to go to college” for business management.
                       Management was where he was destined. I had no doubt he would have

                       done fine.”

2010 - June - James Stropas moves to Springfield to be with his girlfriend, who's going
                     through a divorce from her husband, Sean Burton. He's looking for work
                     in the area.


                     Unbeknownst to James Stropas, he's being stalked. A GPS device has
                     been placed under the frame of his white Jeep Cherokee vehicle.

                    Sean Burton, owner of Final Impact, a car-stereo and alarm installation
                    shop in Morton, isn't happy about his estranged, and soon to be ex-wife,
                    divorcing him, or her new boyfriend.
2010 - June 19 - Monday - James Stropas is on his way to the the Olde Sproul
                                         Shopping Village on Baltimore Pike. 

                    Sean Burton is using his laptop and a wireless Internet card to track
                    James Stropas through the GPS device he'd planted on the underside
                    of the Jeep Cherokee. 

10:40 A.M. -  Sean Burton accesses the GPS unit.

                    When James arrives at the shopping center, he parks in front of the
                    Dunkin' Doughnuts.

                                    A FIGHT FOR LIFE - MURDER

10:50 A.M. -  Sean Burton accosts James Stropas, jumping into his jeep, stabbing
                    and slashing James, who fights back. The attack on James is so
                    sudden, so violent, that the butcher knife Burton is using, breaks in
                    half. Blood is spattered inside and outside of the Jeep. Blood is
                    dripping from Burton's arms.

 Heather Artis (Employee of Famous Footwear - located a few doors from Dunkin'
                       Doughnuts) "I was working in the store when a  young boy entered the
                       shop around 10:50 A.M. followed by his mother an dfather. The woman
                       called out that two men were fighting in the parking lot and then called
                       911 on her cell phone. I looked outside and saw a white Jeep parked
                       a few doors away."

                       "As I'm looking out, I saw one person inside. I saw an up and down
                        motion...a stabbing motion. I locked thedoor to the store. The little
                        boy hid in the back and his parents and I looked out the front door.
                        As I looked over at the jeep I saw an arm hanging out of the passenger
                        side. Then I saw a person pull him back in the car. It was a tall black
                        man. I saw the jeep leave the parking lot and turn left onto Baltimore
                        Pike, heading for the Springfield Mall. Once the car pulled out of the
                        parking lot, you could see blood on the bottom panel of the Jeep."
                        "I could see a man's arm hanging out the side."
                       "There were others in the parking lot at the time of the stabbing."
                  Sean Burton drives off in James Stropas' Jeep Cherokee.

10:55 A.M. -  Just minutes after the 911 dispatch receives a call about a stabbing, with a          
                    description of the Jeep Cherokee, two Delaware county detectives, Detective
                    Fuss and Detective James Frey are in the area in an unmarked car. They
                    hear the police broadcast and a few seconds later they spot the vehicle
                    and engage in pursuit.

Detective Robert Fuss  "Detective James Frey and I were in an unmarked car heading
                                    east on Baltimore Pike near the Blue Route around 10:55 A.M.
                                    when we heard a police broadcast about a white Jeep Cherokee
                                    that had fled the scene of a stabbing.
                                    Seconds later, I saw the Jeep headed in the opposite direction.
                                    I made a U-turn and managed to get directly behind the Jeep at
                                    a traffic light. When the Jeep turned into Smedley Park, I followed
                                    then activated my lights and siren."
                                    "After the Jeep cxrossed the trolley tracks in the park, the driver
                                    pulled over to the side of the road. I jumped out and ordered the
                                    driver out of the car. The driver, Burton, complied.
                                    He was sweaty … and there was a blotch of blood on his forehead
                                    near his hairline. When he put his hands up, I could tell both of
                                    his forearms were dripping with blood. He was dressed in all black
                                    and bleeding from his hands. He was ordered to the ground.
                                    Detective Frey asked "Are there were any guns in the car?
                                    Burton replied "Check with the other guy."

                                    When I looked into the Jeep, I saw the victim slumped over
                                    the center console. The driver's door was covered with blood.
                                    Blood was splattered on the window. When I opened the
                                    passenger side door, I found the victim with multiple stab
                                    wounds to the back of his neck...and a large gash on his
                                    neck. The victim's body had been wedged into the SUV,
                                    his face and torso on the passenger-side floor and his legs
                                    on the driver's seat
                                    Burton mumbled "He came at me with a knife. I had to
                                    defend myself."
                                    I tried to find a pulse, but it was obvious the victim was not
                                    alive. Paramedic Lisa Snokowski arrived moments later and
                                    pronounced the victim dead.
                                    I found a broken, 10 inch long butcher knife with a serrated edge."

 Jeffrey Shull (Township Officer) asks Burton "Do you know the person in the vehicle?    
                                                           Burton  "Kind of. It's a long story,"

             Burton is taken to Springfield Hospital and treated for cuts to his hands.

Police Chief Joe Daly "lauded all the witnesses who immediately contacted police after
                                   the altercation erupted."

                                     FAMILY WANTS JUSTICE
Peter Stropas (father) "It's hard because he just came home. He was involved with the 
                                    VA and was looking into picking up his life."

John Stropas "He was tough. I mean, my brother was a soldier. It just shocks me that
                        some guy got him. He seemed like the invincible one."

                       Stropas vehemently discounts Burton's "He came at me with a knife, I
                       had to protect myself."
                      It really is absolutely mind-blowing. I can’t imagine some guy taking out
                      my brother. If my brother had the knife, we would be burying someone
                      different today. He was a self-defense expert; he was a security guard.”
                      If he was attacking this guy (Burton), there’s no way (Burton) would

                      have lived. He was used to combat, trained to attack anyone who
                      attacks (him) immediately. On the other hand, James was “not a
                      dangerous guy either. He was the best friend you would ever have.
                      I never knew him to have an enemy. Never knew him to lose his temper.”

 John Stropas vows to be in court "I want to make sure justice is done."
                       "As an Army scout, James ran with 12 fellow soldiers and three Humvees.
                       He went to Iraq with 27 guys from his training group. Two guys were left,
                       I guess there's one now."
          “I want to make sure people know he was a hero to everybody who knew him."

Gayle  "I knew Jim personally, and yes, Jim was a hero. He was courageous and strong            and proud to serve his country. All who knew him respected and admired him. I            will never forget him. Rest in Peace dear Jim. "

                                   SEARCH OF VEHICLE - DISPOSAL ITEMS

Police search Burton's parked van at the shopping center.
Inside they find:
A hatchet
A shovel
Change of clothes
Gallon of Gasoline
The seats are covered in plastic bags.

Search-warrant applications state that Burton had been using a laptop and a GPS unit he had attached to Stropas' truck to monitor his movements.
Search-warrant applications state that Burton had been using his laptop and a wireless Internet card to track Stropas through a GPS device planted on the underside of the Jeep Cherokee. A representative from the company that manufactures the device told an FBI computer-forensics expert that Burton had accessed it 10 minutes before Stropas was stabbed.

Detective Fuss "Investigators believe that Burton might have been planning to use those
                         items to dismember and dispose of Stropas' body."

Source "He came prepared to bury that guy, if not dismember him. This wasn't a
             spontaneous rage. This was pre-planned."


        The family was trying to find a uniform to bury James in.
        His funeral was at St. Theresa of Avalon Church in Audubon..
        James Stropas is survived by his parents, brotehrs, four nephews
        and a maternal grandmother.

Sean Burton attends the arraignment in shackles and handcuffs, with heavy bandaging
on his right hand and arm.

                           Sean Burton

                                       PRELIMINARY HEARING

2010 - July 1 - 9:30 A.M.  - Springfield District Court - Magisterial District Judge   
                                         Anthony Scanlon presiding.

Burton is held for trial on charges of:
First-degree Murder
Aggravated Assault
Receiving stolen property
Possession of an instrument of crime and related offenses.

Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Wills for the prosecution asked questions of
the witnesses.

Heather Artis testified (tearfully) to what she saw occur.
Other witnesses:
Detective Fume 
A representative from the company that manufactures the GPS device.
FBI Computer Forensics expert

Mark Much (Attorney for Burton) Sean Burton, (6 feet 1 inch tall) sat and listened
to testimony with expression.  

Mark Much "The case should be downgraded from first-degree murder.

 Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Wills "The cause of death was multiple stab
                                                                     and slash wounds."  

Magisterial District Judge Anthony Scanlon "I would have to "divorce myself from
                                           common sense" to find a lack of malice or intent to kill."

Sean Burton is held for trial on all charges without bail, and remanded to the county prison,
George W. Hill Correctional Facility.


2010 - July 26 - Sean Burton will be formally arraigned. Common Pleas Court, Judge
                        Barry C. Dozer presiding.