Jul 28 10 7:03 PM

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2010 - July 23 - The first ever, First Annual Morgan Harrington Golf Tournament is held
                        in Roanoke, VA. to raise funds for a cause close to Morgan Harrington's
                        heart. A school in Zambia is being partially built with the money raised.
                        $10,000 they expect to make will offset some of the $73,000 needed to
                        build the school.
Erin Cole "Nine to ten thousand, that's what we're thinking and 100% of that is going to
                 the educational wing in Africa."  Erin Cole had sold bracelets to raise money
                 for the cause, but came up with the annual golf tournament as a way to earn
                 money for the school and other works, as well as to commemorate her friend
2010 - July 24 - Family and friends gather in Charlottesville on what would have been
                       Morgan's 21st birthday.