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2010 - February 26 - Darren Mack (49) appealed his sentence to the Nevada Supreme Court
                               and lost. The court upheld the wrongful death verdict.

                                The court did cut $75,000 from the punitive damages of $590 million
                                awarded to a trustee for the couple's (now 10 years old) daughter.
                                Nevada law limits punitive awards in such cases to $300,000.

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Darren Mack's argument to the Supreme Court was that two people had testified
that Charla Mack allegedly had a history of violence, which supported his self-defense
claim. Mack claims that a jury might have convicted him of manslaughter instead of
murder, but he was unaware of that because his lawyers never informed him of that
option. Thus, he didn't have the information he needed to waive his rights and accept
the plea deal that stopped his 2007 trial.
Nevada Supreme Court "Darren Mack understood the plea and had been given information
                                      about the lesser charges. After Mack entered his plea, Herndon
                                      asked Mack if he had read the plea agreement and talked to his
                                      lawyers about it, and Mack said yes. Mack also told Herndon
                                      that he understood the consequences of the plea and said he was
                                      entering it knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily. There is no case
                                      law in Nevada to support Mack's claim that his guilty plea should
                                      be voided because he wasn't told about the manslaughter
                                     MURDER & ATTEMPTED MURDER

                       2006 - May 24-  VIDEO  (youtube) of the last 10 minutes of court hearing
                                                Darren, Charla Mack were before Judge Weller.
                                                It was the last legal proceeding or interaction of any kind
                                               between Mack and Weller before Darren Mack killed Charla
                                               and shot Weller with a sniper rifle from over 100 yards away
                                               on June 12, 2006.

                                               At the time of this hearing, the Macks shared 50-50 joint
                                               physical custody of their daughter Erika. The Macks were
                                               working out remaining issues in their divorce, and a
                                               subsequent hearing was scheduled for September 2006.

                                               Darren Mack however, didn't want to give up his money or
                    2006 - June 12 - Charla Mack is brutally stabbed & murdered in their home 
                                              before Judge Weller, sitting inside his 3rd floor office at the
                                              court house is shot sniper style from the roof of another
                                              building. Judge Weller is wounded in his chest.

                                              Darren Mack flees to Mexico.
Darren Mack pled Not Guilty. There was a change of venue from Reno to Las Vegas.
After prosecutors presented their case, Mack stops the trial and pleads Guilty to murder 
and enters a conditional plea to attempted murder.

Then Mack fires his lawyers and tried to withdraw his pleas, saying "I was pressured into


 2008 - Darren Mack is sentenced to Life in prison with possibility of parole after 20 years
           on the murder charge and a consecutive term of 40 years with parole possible after
           16 years for shooting Weller.