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2010 - February 4 - Pamela Smart (42) has served 20 years in prison for the murder of
                              Gregg Smart. Smart refused to take a plea deal for a lesser sentence
                              and sought a jury trial. 

Father & Brother of Greg Smart will fight to keep Pamela Smart in prison.
VIDEO (youtube)

WMUR NEWS 9  "She's More Than Her "Worst Mistake."
VIDEO at Marie Claire with interview - Pamela Smart describes life in prison.

                                   20 YEARS ON & STILL NO RESPONSIBLITY
Pamela Smart "I would really, would want to tell them that I'm sorry for all their pain
                       and their suffering. I really am. I feel horrible about Gregg being gone.
                       I feel horrible about the fact they lost their son, their brother, their friend,
                       and that if I hadn't made the choice to be involved with Bill Flynn, none
                       of that probably would have happened. So, like I said, I do feel responsible
                       for that, and I do feel remorseful for that and sorry for that."
                      "If I could gather up the people who feel most strongly against me, that's
                       probably who I'm talking to right now "I'm so much more than the worst
                       mistake of my life. And I feel like I've been frozen in time inside that
                       mistake to get involved with Bill, and I have never been able to get out
                       of it.
                      I think if I could talk to the people of New Hampshire, I would also tell
                      them not to, to try to understand that I'm so much more than just the
                      one horrible thing that people have judged me by. And that was my
                      relationship with Bill Flynn and everything that happened after it."
                     "I'm not the Pamela Smart most people think they know. I'm not like this
                      movie caricature. I'm not this image, this character in a show. I'm a real
                      human being that does feel and feels deeply sorry for what happened."
"For a while, I used to think that I might get out of prison someday, and I kind of took it
a year at a time, thinking, OK, when is this joke going to end? But now I'm resigned to
 the possibility and probability that I'm going to be here for a very long time maybe even
till I die. It's so hard to think about that, and it's important not to give up all hope."