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Jul 5 10 10:35 PM

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2010 -  I-20 Billboards - Photo of Eddie Lawrence & wife Berneda Lawrence promote book
           and seek parole for middleman in murder.       

Joni Ambrusko (A sister of Sara) "The family opposes parole. All the killers deserve the
                      death penalty. Think of Ricky and Mike [Sara's sons] running through the
                       field with their mother’s brains on them." 

                                   PAROLE ELIGIBILITY

            Scheree Moore (Spokeswoman for State Board of Pardons and Paroles)
           "The board has reviewed Lawrence’s case twice — most recently in 2008 — 
            and won’t consider him again until December 2015. He made a deal with
            the feds, not the state. He’s going through the normal consideration anyone 
            else receives.”

                                   MURDERED IN FRONT OF CHILDREN

           1992 - Eddie Lawrence is approached by Fred Tokars, who wants his wife 
                    murdered. Lawrence acts as a middleman and arranges for Curtis
                    Rower to do the job.

                    Sara Ambrusko Tokars drives home with her two young sons in the
                    car. She is hijacked at her home and forced to drive.As she pleads
                    with the gunman she is shot to death in front of her children. The
                    two boys run to a nearby house to summon help.

                                     CONSPIRACY, RACKETEERING & MURDER
                                    Link details the involvement of Eddie Lawrence as well
                                    as Tokars and others.

                    Fred Tokars (attorney & part-time judge)  is found to have not only been
                    behind the murder, but also involved in money laundering for drug dealers. 
                    He's convicted and is serving life in prison without parole.

                     Over the years Fred Tokars has become a professional "snitch" for the
                     authorites and was moved around to various prisons in order to glean
                     information. Currently he is reported to be incarcerated in a Florida
                     Federal prison infirmary, suffering from MS.

     1994 - Eddie Lawrence pled Guilty to Federal Racketerring and State Murder  
                     charges. Sentenced to 12 1/2 years of Federal time, Life in State Prison 
                     with possibility of parole, the sentences to run concurrently.  Lawence
                     testifies against Fred Tokars. Lawrence is placed into the Witness 
                     Protection Program in a Federal facility.

                     Curtis Rower is found guilty and is serving a life without parole sentence.

Tom Charron (Former Cobb County DA) "That was a real deal of the century. There was
no  deal that we would go along with parole.  There might have been a statement we wouldn’t
fight his parole.” It seems to me this parole board doesn’t look at (releasing inmates doing
life] until they reach 20 years.”

Jerry Froelich (Attorney for Fred Tokars) “There’s no threat to Lawrence, there never was;
                                                                 it’s a joke. He should be in the state system
                                                                 serving hard time. Instead, he’s in a cushy prison.”
Buddy Parker (Prosecutor)  "There were concerns Fred would conduct violence against 
                                             Eddie. But those concerns are far gone.”

           1997 - Eddie Lawrence writes to the FBI claiming "he lied in his testimony and wanted
                     his guilty plea rescinded."

           1998 - Lawrence was in court acting as his own attorney. He is not granted a new trial.

                    His appeals have been denied.

                                   THE BILLBOARDS

Berneda Lawrence knew Eddie Lawrence before he "got into trouble." Berneda and
Eddie married 5 years ago in prison. Since then she's self published a book about
his case; consisting mostly of letters between the two of them, including some of
his poems. The billboards Mrs. Lawrence has rented are used to point people to
a website where they can read about Eddie's plight.
                               Eddie & Berneda Lawrence

Berneda Lawrence “He said he was young. ... Fred showed him how easy it was to
participate in criminal activity. He said it was easy. He’s 45 now. He’s older. But you
can’t go back and change things.”

Brandon Lawrence (24, son of Eddie Lawrence)  “The family wants him out. I know
some people are not sympathetic, but he did his part, he did his testimony. He had a
deal and they should live up to their bargain.”

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Dec 18 11 9:55 AM

Brandon, you have got to be kidding. Your father is a cold blooded killer! Would you want a monster out of prison after he killed your family??? He is institutionalized now and needs to stay where he can still be your dad, but under strict control. If he gets out, he will be worse now than ever. He has no skills for work and in today's economy, with the unemployment rate so high, it will impossible for him to stay away from crime. Stop being so selfish. You have probably and hopefuly done better without him in your life. Your father altered a family's life that they never asked for. The punishment should fit the crime. He may not have pulled the trigger, but he arranged for Curtis Rower to do it. He knew what he was doing and could have stopped it. He could have gone to the cops when Fred approached him about it.  But being an out of work bum who could not hold a job, he chose to accept money to commit an unspeakably evil crime. How dare you and your family to want to fool the parole board that he has paid his dues.  His dues will not be paid until his family feels the same pain Sarah's family felt, which will be never.

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