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2010 - May 24 - End of the road on appeals - U.S. Supreme Court denies appeal 
                        for Scott Dyleski (21). Life in prison without parole sentence 
                       Dyleski and his attorneys argue that his sentence of life in prison without 
                       parole constitutes "cruel and unusual punishment" a) because he was a
                       juvenile of 16 when the killing occurred and b) he has had no previous
                       criminal record. Dyleski was charged as an adult and convicted in the
                       2006 slaying of Pamela Vitale (wife of attorney Daniel Horowitz).

                       Also in May, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that such a sentence is
                       unconstitutional for juveniles who are convicted of felonies other than
                       Despite the caveat "other than homicides" it appears Dyleski and
                       his attorneys were hoping that the Supremes would make an exception
                       in his case.