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                                     ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST
2010 - July 1 - Cue strains of Queen's hit song "Another one bites the dust"
                      as Andrea Lyon scoots out the door using financial 
                      considerations as a convenient excuse.
Cheney Mason will now take over the death penalty component of the case.

"In court papers, Lyon said she had "no choice" but to withdraw from the case."
According to reports Lyon was paid $22,500 during the 13 months she was on
the team.  Lyon claims"The money did not cover one third of what she spent in
just 10 months working on the defense."
Jose Baez "Everyone on the team is making financial sacrifices.
                  Everyone believes in Casey's cause for justice and
                  we're all fighting for her."
Not exactly....
Jose Baez's ego has been pumping up since the day he took the case
due to the media blitz. It's obvious he enjoys the attention and doesn't
wish it to go away. Why else would he turn down a gag order and then
present himself at various opportunities in front of cameras?
Andrea Lyon jumped on the bandwagon so fast her dust leaving the
DePaul University couldn't be seen. Since Casey Anthony was, and
is, facing the death penalty, Lyon found another case for her to gain
maximum media attention for her cause... abolishing the death penalty.

Since Judge Belvin Perry has a) put the kibosh on taxpayers money
footing Lyon's travel expenses and b) ruled that the death penalty is
on the table, Lyon no longer has a reason for sticking around.

 Since Lyon failed to get the dp taken off, staying on, with a good
possiblity that the client, (one which she has utter contempt for)
will get the dp, it would tarnish her record.

One mustn't dirty one's tidy record....

Andrea Lyon has compared Casey Anthony's case to the Salem Witch
Trials. As a direct descendant of one of the persons who was charged
during those trials, I object strongly to her comparison.
Casey Anthony is reaping upon her head what she brought on by her own
actions, not by others.
Linda Kinney Baden - another "media starstruck" attorney who jumped   
on as quickly as possible, but who in recent weeks has been noticeably
absent. How far behind Lyon can she be? Just waiting for an opportunity
or withdrawing slowly from the mess they've all made with incomplete,
unprofessional, and unwarranted motions? Not to mention ditching one
judge for another, one who's holding them accountable for their actions.
Henry Lee - expert in forensics... who's star is tarnished since the Phil
Specter trial when in court allegations were levied that Lee tampered
with evidence. Lee also made light of his allegedly sloppy methods for
accounting for evidence. After those allegations were broadcast Lee was
missing in action from the Specter case.  
Lee was among the first of the bunch running the race to jump into this
case. He's been noticeably absent so far, and from the media regarding
the case but that could change as trial gets closer.