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Apr 4 11 4:19 PM

WRAL Video Testimony - Days 4 - 18

2011 - April 4 - WITNESS - Krista Lister (Nancy Cooper's sister)
WITNESS - Geologist Heather Hanna 
WITNESS: Cary Police Officer David Hazelzet finished his testimony.


"Lister said the divorce was proceeding as planned until Brad learned how much
 he would have to pay in support. Then, she said, he began stalling. She spoke
of how Brad had Nancy on a $300 per week cash budget and cut off her access
to credit cards and bank accounts. Lister described Nancy's state of mind as
desperate. "She was looking for any help," said Lister. "She just needed out."

WITNESS - Wes Watson, Entomologist at N.C. State University


"Wes Watson, an entomologist at N.C. State University, testified about his analysis
of insects found on the decomposing body of Nancy Cooper. By looking at the size
of larva, reviewing their stage in the development, considering ambient temperature,
sunrise and twilight times, Watson estimated that Nancy Cooper died between
1 a.m. and 5 a.m on July 12. But one of his analyses yielded a result putting Nancy
Cooper's death in the morning of July 11th. But prosecutor Boz Zellinger pointed out
that people had seen Nancy Cooper alive that day, and Watson elaborated on how
he did further testing that shifted the time ahead to July 12."

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#22 [url]

Apr 12 11 9:35 PM


WITNESS: Gregory Johnson (Special Agent,  FBI's Computer Analysis
                 Response Team)


"An FBI agent testified Tuesday that Brad Cooper logged on to his Cisco work

computer four times between 10 p.m. and midnight the night before his wife,

Nancy Cooper, was killed – the same time the defendant has said he was

asleep with his young daughters.

Gregory Johnson, a special agent with the FBI's Computer Analysis Response
Team, said he also found evidence of Internet activity but that he wasn't sure if
someone was using the Internet or if it was automatic computer updates from
the Web. Computer logs also showed online activity more than half a dozen
times on the morning of July 12, 2008, starting at 6:52 a.m., Johnson said, but
he did not say what kind of activity."


WITNESS: Paul Giralt (CISCO Employee) 


"Within 16 minutes on the Saturday morning his wife was reported missing,
Brad Cooper made four checks of his voice mail on two phones. Giralt
retrieved the voice mail message that Cooper forwarded through a Cisco
system in Galway, Ireland, to his Research Triangle Park office. That was
a message that Cooper had not retrieved. "It just said, 'Test, one, two,
three,'" Giralt said."

  "Giralt went into immense technical detail about how, with a router and a
special computer port, a Cisco employee with access such as Cooper had
could dial a number from one phone that would show up on some records
as being placed from another phone."


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#23 [url]

Apr 12 11 9:41 PM

WITNESS: Alice Stubbs (Attorney)

"Alice Stubbs, a Raleigh lawyer retained by Nancy Cooper in the months before
her death, outlined a proposed separation agreement that Brad Cooper saw in
April 2008. The proposal, described by Stubbs as "aggressive" and a first draft
that she expected to change, would have required Brad Cooper, the sole wage-
earner in the family, to pay $2,100 a month for child support. He also would be
responsible for paying all costs for the Cooper girls to get a private education
from kindergarten through high school, and to include Nancy Cooper as the
beneficiary of his life insurance as long as she was alive. Nancy Cooper,
according to Stubbs, told her she would borrow money from her sister and
parents to pay the $7,500 fee for the legal help planning her divorce."

"Typically, Stubbs said, couples go through several drafts as divorce lawyers for
the two breaking up their marriage try to broker satisfactory terms for each party.
Stubbs said Nancy Cooper first approached her in March 2008. Nancy Cooper,
according to Stubbs, was upset about an extramarital affair to which her husband
confessed and also complained he had not been involved with family life and their
two children for years."

"Stubbs testified things got tenser at the Cooper house after he found out about
the proposed separation agreement. Nancy Cooper complained that her husband
became mentally abusive and cruel and would say demeaning things to her in front
of the children."


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#24 [url]

Apr 12 11 9:44 PM

WITNESS: Theresa Hackeling (friend of Nancy Cooper)

"Theresa Hackeling, a friend, testified that Nancy Cooper told her she slept in
jeans with her keys in her pocket in the months before her death. "She just said
that maybe some day she would have to get out fast," Hackeling said.

Nancy Cooper also told Hackeling that in those same months she kept important
documents, including passports for her and the children and papers from lawyers,
locked in her car."


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#25 [url]

Apr 12 11 9:50 PM



"During that deposition, Brad Cooper acknowledged that he had had sex

with Heather MeTour, a woman whom both Coopers had befriended. The

liaison happened in the master bedroom closet of the Cooper house in

Cary's Lochmere neighborhood while his older daughter and MeTour's

children were in the house, he said. Cooper also admitted kissing

MeTour on other occasions in a car, and he acknowledged having oral

sex with her on another occasion in his home.

Nancy Cooper, in the last months of her life, talked often about her husband's
affair with MeTour and her longing to get out of her marriage and move with her
two daughters back to Canada."

 Brad Cooper said in the deposition that he was upstairs with his youngest
daughter, Katie, checking email when his wife left for a jog around seven on
the morning of July 12, 2008. 

From approximately 9:00am to 1:00pm, Cooper said, he was cleaning the house
"to make her as happy as best I could." He claimed he vacuumed, did laundry
and washed the floors in the kitchen and hallway with hot water and vinegar.

On Monday morning, he was asked in the deposition taken in October, 2008,
three months after his wife's murder, if he had driven past the spot where Nancy
Cooper's remains were found. He replied: "I haven't driven past it ...I have no
interest in driving past it."





"Jurors will not hear evidence about how Brad Cooper visited a website involving
suicide and asphyxiation, a site the murder defendant had bookmarked as a
favourite. Superior Court Judge Paul Gessner ruled Tuesday that the evidence
would be prejudicial to Cooper, backing the objection raised by his defence
attorneys. "It's simply a way of making him appear in the most negative light
possible," said defence attorney Howard Kurtz.

Assistant District Attorney Boz Zellinger argued that the jury should hear
about the site for several reasons, including that he had knowledge of
asphyxiation. It would also, he said, show inconsistencies in prior
questions about whether he had contemplated suicide."


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#26 [url]

Apr 12 11 9:58 PM



"Brad Cooper wouldn't tell his daughters their mother was dead....."

"I told Brad he needed to tell Bella that her mother died," testified Rentz,
"because we were about to take her to a memorial service. "My wife, Donna,
and daughter, Krista, finally had to tell Bella at the church that her mother was
dead. They told Bella that her mother died, that she was lost and then found and
was so badly hurt she couldn't be mended."


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#27 [url]

Apr 18 11 2:46 PM

2011 - April 12 -  WITNESS - Special Agent Gregory Johnson (FBI's Computer
                                             Analysis Response Team)


"Brad Cooper logged on to his Cisco work computer four times between 10 p.m.
and midnight the night before his wife, Nancy Cooper, was killed – the same time
 the defendant has said he was asleep with his young daughters."
"Computer logs also showed online activity more than half a dozen times on the
morning of July 12, 2008, starting at 6:52 a.m....."
More at link

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#28 [url]

Apr 18 11 2:59 PM

2011 - April - WITNESS - Chris Chappell (Durham Investigator); FBI Cybercrimes Taks
COOPER'S LAPTOP CONTAINED IMAGES OF LOCATION                                     


"Analysis of the laptop showed that the Google image appeared to have been viewed
at 1:15 p.m. on July 11, 2008, the day before Nancy Cooper was reported missing.
There were magnifications of two areas, Chappell testified Thursday, "including the
area where Nancy Cooper's body was found."

"Damning evidence on Brad's ThinkPad laptop: Google Maps in his browsing history
with locations that  aligned with where his wife's body was found, copies of his wife's
emails that would give him motive to kill her (she had plans to take their children back
to Canada), emails that showed he was having an affair and emails between the
estranged couple that revealed a relationship falling apart."

"Cooper's laptop showed a browsing history of several "zoomed-in satellite images"
using Google Maps that point to the area where Nancy Cooper's body was eventually


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#29 [url]

Apr 18 11 3:02 PM

"72 percent of the time stamps on the 3,627 files bearing information from July 9
through July 12 were marked as invalid."
"There didn't seem to be any evidence that Cooper, a Cisco employee, ever searched
for the street his wife was found on. They tried to argue that it didn't make sense that
someone with such tech savvy would "intentionally delete cookies related to the search,
but leave the satellite image."

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#30 [url]

Apr 18 11 3:07 PM


"Images from Google Maps are being used as evidence in a murder trial.
Zoomed-in satellite images of the wooded dirt road where Bradley Cooper's
wife was found slain were found on his computer. All of them had been
accessed while Nancy Cooper was still alive.

Chris Chappell, a Durham investigator who works with the FBI cybercrimes
task force, testified that his analysis of the laptop showed that the Google
image appeared to have been viewed at 1:15 p.m. on July 11, 2008, the
day before Nancy Cooper was reported missing."

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#31 [url]

Apr 18 11 3:17 PM

2011 - April 15 - WITNESS -  George Daniels (Cary Police Detective)
"Nancy Cooper's slaying nearly three years ago was a domestic issue that
blew up after months of marital troubles, and her husband, Brad Cooper,
was upset about how she had treated him in the days leading up to her
death, the lead detective in the case testified Friday."
"The motive that I saw was a motive of anger – a motive of pent-up
aggression – and at some point, he just couldn't take it anymore."
Cary Police Detective George Daniels pointed out specific inconsistencies to jurors.

Cooper had lied - that he had read e-mails to his wife from her attorney." "He tapped
into her e-mails to  view it we later found out," Daniels said. "And that's why it stuck
out to me when he said he hadn't viewed them where, in fact, he had viewed them
prior to Nancy viewing them."

"The prosecution continued playing clip after clip of the deposition and having the
detective point out inconsistencies with other statements or evidence police had



"Daniels was questioned at length about the number of interviews police did
with Brad Cooper while the investigation was still classified as a missing
persons case. Kurtz suggested that made his client feel like a suspect.
But Daniels said it wasn't unusual for detectives to conduct multiple interviews
and that detectives repeatedly tried to get Brad Cooper to go to the Cary Police
Department for an in-depth interview, but he declined each time."

"Kurtz also questioned Daniels about the defense's claims that police ignored
for three months more than a dozen people who said they saw a woman
matching Nancy Cooper's description jogging on the morning of July 12, 2008.
Daniels defended the police work, saying all information was gathered when it
 was reported and that any credible information was followed up on. He did have
detectives interview those witnesses three months later, he said, to ensure they
had no other information to assist in the investigation. “There was never any
information that was followed up on," Daniels said."


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#32 [url]

Apr 18 11 3:20 PM


"The state's final witness, George Daniels, a detective with the Cary Police Department,
 testified that the crime was the result of longstanding marital issues over money and
 lack of trust because of an extramarital affair by Brad Cooper. "The motive that I saw
 was a motive of anger – a motive of pent-up aggression – and at some point, (Brad
 Cooper) just couldn't take it anymore," Daniels said."

"We were looking at the totality of the whole circumstances, and looking at that,
 it became evident to me, at the time, that this was a domestic issue," Daniels said."


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#33 [url]

Apr 18 11 3:21 PM


"Defense attorneys could begin calling witnesses to testify as soon as Tuesday.

" A list of potential witnesses for the defense includes 227 names."

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#34 [url]

Apr 21 11 4:03 PM

Defense attorneys for Bradley Cooper contend that the police were inept, negligent,
and focused on their client to the exclusion of other possible suspects. To bolster
their case, they've begun calling their witnesses.
WITNESS:  James Ward of WireGhost Security
                  (self professed white-hat" computer hacker and expert in
                   computer network security)

2011 - April 19
Judge Gessner
“What is it you don't understand?”
"He can testify as an expert witness in network security and vulnerability
assessment of that system. "But as far as any forensic analysis, I'm not
going to allow him to testify to it, because I don’t believe he is properly
qualified as a forensic analyst."
"Ward said he hacks into computers to help people and companies develop
protection against malicious or "black-hat" hackers."

Kurtz promised Tuesday to introduce an expert who would testify that
someone — perhaps the police themselves — tampered with Brad
Cooper's computer."

"After the jury was scurried out of the court room, Kurtz asked for a mistrial.
He charged that the judge's rulings have shown a pattern of bias in the trial
that are "outside the bounds of jurisprudence." The judge denied the motion,
and the trial continues.

"Brad Cooper's lead defence attorney accused the judge of being biased
and asked for a mistrial. Howard Kurtz  said the judge was "clearly biased"
against his client. In his words: "I believe that your rulings have been
consistently outside the bounds of prudent jurisprudence."

The judge, Paul Gessner of the North Carolina Superior Court, rejected
the mistrial motion, but Kurtz didn't give up. He asked the judge to excuse
himself and again the judge said "No".

"The prosecution said Ward lacked the proper education and experience to say
there was evidence of computer tampering. "He has a home lab. He borrowed
his tools from Cisco. He doesn't know what software he used," said prosecutor
Boz Zellinger. Zellinger said the prosecution and defense should be held to the
same standards on expert witnesses, and Ward falls short. 

"While Special Agent Greg Johnson was on the stand, the defense asked
 that he run a demonstration of a Web search. The prosecution objected
and Gessner sustained. That ruling prompted defense attorney Howard
Kurtz to ask for a mistrial."

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#35 [url]

Apr 21 11 4:09 PM

The Republic

"Ward told the jury that there was a 27-hour period in which Cary police had
custody of the computer and its contents were vulnerable. He demonstrated
using a video how free software from the Internet could be used to manipulated
information in the computer, saying Cooper's security system was not sufficient
to block a determined hacker."

"Ward demonstrated through a video how someone could transfer files to a computer
without logging into it, using free software from the Internet. He also explained with
another video about how someone could have hacked into the computer and moved
files. Ward testified Tuesday that the security on Brad Cooper's wireless network
wasn't strong, and he likened it to trying to keep intruders out of a house with a
screen door. Prosecutors repeatedly objected to the defense's line of questioning
Wednesday, saying attorneys were asking Ward questions about computer forensics,
which Superior Court Judge Paul Gessner ruled on Tuesday are beyond his scope of


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#36 [url]

Apr 21 11 4:17 PM

WITNESS: CHRIS WALL (Information Technologist) friend of Coopers 2001- 2005
"I met Brad Cooper at a volleyball game ini 2001."
"I and my wife remained close to Brad and Nancy until 2005, when Nancy 
abruptly informed us she could no longer babysit for our young son.
Prior to December 2005, we two couples socialized frequently.
I did not see signs of trouble in the Coopers' marriage. Brad was a very laid
back guy. I didn't see a lot of anger or excitement out of him. He was always

"I  ran into them at a Raleigh amusement park in 2008, two weeks before
Nancy Cooper went missing."They appeared to be normal and happy."
"I didn't know about the marital issues."
"I've known Brad and Nancy Cooper since 2003.

Nancy seemed like an "outgoing and friendly" person who sometimes
embellished stories. Brad is "quiet and private," I thought he was a
good father. 

I never saw any reason to be concerned for the safety of Nancy Cooper.

Nancy told me she didn't fear for her safety and that their marriage was
over "Done is what she said. she said they were living more as roommates."

"After Dittner, a woman who didn't look like she wanted to be on the stand and
the defence may have made a mistake calling her. She chewed her bottom lip
and often appeared uncomfortable under cross examination by the prosecutor.
She told court Nancy was desperate to leave Brad and to get back to Canada.
The witness became teary at this point of her testimony and used a Kleenex
to dab her eyes. The witness continued to choke back tears and to take deep
breaths to help compose herself as she testified about the Cooper's crumbling
marriage. Finally her time was up and she was excused."


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#37 [url]

Apr 21 11 4:25 PM


"Wells said in the summer of 2001, she and her then-husband were went on
vacation with the Coopers to Sea Trails golf resort in coastal North Carolina.
While the men were out golfing, Wells said, Nancy Cooper talked often on
her cell phone to the man she met earlier that year. The Coopers were
newlyweds then, but Nancy Cooper told Wells the man she met in Florida
wanted to help her obtain a green card so she could work and live in this
country and leave her husband. She always said this guy didn't care if she
was married," Wells said."

"Wells said she distanced herself from Nancy Cooper later that year, in part
because she thought she was being called on too often to act as an "alibi."
In July 2008, after finding out that Nancy Cooper had been reported missing,
Wells talked with her then husband about whether what she knew was
significant enough to call the Cary police. Her husband, a former state
worker, told her he thought it would be best to let investigators in on what
they knew and he contacted Cary police. But at least 10 days passed before
Cary police got in touch with Wells, she said. Still unsettled about their lack
of follow-up, Wells said she eventually contacted Brad Cooper's defense team."


"Under cross-examination, prosecutors pointed out that the Coopers continued
in their marriage and had two children."

"On cross-examination, Wells admitted to losing touch with her friend and never
knew anything else about that relationship or her marriage."

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#38 [url]

Apr 21 11 4:36 PM

WITNESSES:  DALE & MICHELLE KUERBITZ (Live about a mile from the Coopers)

"Around 12:30 a.m. on July 12, 2008, I was awakened by a noise outside my
 home.  I turned on outdoor lights, heard rustling in the bushes and later saw
a flash of someone getting in a van and speeding down the street without its
lights on." Cary police arrived and investigated but didn't find anything. They
took my contact information and left.
When I heard that Nancy Cooper was missing, I became concerned.
"We had a van in our neighborhood, and now, there's a missing jogger.'
I approached police during a roadblock in the neighborhood on the morning
of July 13 and told them about the van and offered my contact information.
"They did not take it and sent us on our way."

" I was awakened early July 12, 2008, by the sound of our doorbell and front door
 opening.  Cary police responded within minutes that night. They did not take
contact information from us the next day when we were stopped in a roadblock
set up after Nancy Cooper had been reported missing."

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#39 [url]

Apr 21 11 4:43 PM

2011 - April 21
"I was upset for a long time," said Rosemary Zednick, who said she made
 numerous attempts to contact police officers about an encounter she had
with a female jogger matching Nancy Cooper's description on the morning
of July 12, 2008. She talked to police in mid-October. "My mindset was:
'The poor girl is missing. What happened? Why don't you call me back?'"
she said. Zednick testified that she was walking her dog on Lochmere
Drive in Cary around 7:10 a.m. that day when she came face to face with
the woman. The two spoke to one another and they both went on their way.
The  encounter lasted about 2 seconds, she said. The next day, Zednick
said, she saw a missing-person flier with Nancy Cooper's photo on it. 

"Zednick said she picked Nancy's picture out of several others and she was
sure of what she saw. 

Zednick initially told police that she thought the jogger had an iPod.
During cross examination Zednick testified she just "assumed" she
was carrying one.

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#40 [url]

Apr 21 11 4:55 PM

"I was driving north on Kildaire Farm Road between 6:50 a.m. and 7:10 a.m.
on July 12, 2008, when I saw an older-model Chevrolet van, with two Hispanic
men inside, turn around and follow a jogger. The next day, when I arrived at
work at Food Lion, I saw the missing-person flier. "I picked it up and looked
at it, and I noticed that this picture of this lady looked real (similar) to the
lady I saw jogging Saturday morning. I was a little surprised. I contacted
police. I am 90 percent sure the jogger was Nancy Cooper."

"I approached police on July 15 about two Hispanic men I saw with a
van on Sunday, July 13, 2008. I was walking near the construction area
when I saw the men leaning against a maroon van. It caught my attention
because it was 9 a.m., and the van seemed out of place at the time.

I saw two women jogging around 7:30 a.m. the day before. I can't recall
their specific physical descriptions. No one ever followed up with me
about what I saw."

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