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Jul 4 10 8:33 AM

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                                   NANCY'S BUTTERFLY FUND

Probable Cause Affidavit (pdf format)

2010 -  March 22 -   Brad Cooper wants files police seized from his computer kept

 Robert Trenkle (Attorney)  "We're talking about notes that may have been taken
 from attorney visits. They were taken, seized upon the search of his house and, um,
they're actually, several of them are actually in evidence. So I think at some point in
time you would have to make a determination as to whether that's admissible."
 The judge appointed another judge to review the material and decide if it will be
admissible or if it will be witheld from the jury/

                                  SMEARING THE VICTIM

2010 - March 25 - Brad Cooper's attorneys claim Nancy Cooper had at least one
                            extra-marital affair and that other people could have had motive
                            to kill her, going so far as to say they have testimony of a man
                            who was sexually involved with Nancy. The defense hinted
                            that the Cary Police dept. didn't contact the man, thus not
                            doing their job.

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#1 [url]

Jul 11 10 9:24 AM

2010 - July 10 - Charlotte News 14  The second Annual Fun Run was held in Nancy
                                                       Cooper's honor. If families didn't want to participate
                                                       in the 5K run/walk, there were plenty of activities for
                                                       the kids including face paint, bubble and lots of other

                                                       The day was not about remembering Nancy Cooper's
                                                       death but a day to remember the life of a mother, an
                                                       avid runner and a friend to many.

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#2 [url]

Aug 6 10 7:48 PM

                          Warrant released shows evidence of Divorce

2010 - August 2 -  "According to a search warrant application (obtained by the News 
                            and Observer) police obtained the warrant so that investigators
                            could review computer software from Brad Cooper's Cisco
                            Systems office.

                            Investigators were looking for information that might indicate
                            marital discord between the couple.


                            Four Sony CD-R discs
                            One Sony DVD-RW disc
                            One Dell CPU.

                    "Investigators already discovered the couple wanted to divorce
                     after Brad admitted to having an affair."
                    A "draft" of a separation agreement had been "completed and forensic
                    evidence indicates that this 'draft' was viewed by both Nancy and Brad
                    Cooper in the days prior to Nancy's death."

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#3 [url]

Aug 30 10 5:35 PM

                                   JUDGE DENIES MOTION

2010 - August 27 - Howard Kurtz (Attorney for Brad Cooper) had requested the
                            defense be granted access to FBI procedures used to examine 
                            Brad Cooper's computer files.
Howard Kurtz "The defense is entitled to the information to prepare its case.
                       It is the most difficult task in the world to cross-examine an

                       expert without having the expertise yourself."
Boz Zellinger (Wake County Assistant District Attorney) 
"Federal investigators use the same methods when looking at other cases,
such as terrorism and child pornography. Turning it over could compromise
the FBI's ability to investigate future cases. This is not germane to the case
and is simply a fishing expedition. Prosecutors have already turned over
evidence to the defense team that outlines how the state examined Cooper's
computers and what they found."
Howard Kurtz "There's nothing about this information that's privileged. There's
                        nothing about it that jeopardizes national security."

Judge Paul Gessner denied the motion.
2010 - September 10 - A motion for a change of trial venue is scheduled to be heard.
"Brad Cooper's attorneys filed a 23-page document last week citing local news
reports, specifically those of WRAL News and The News & Observer. 
The "extensive pre-trial publicity" might give jurors
"preconceived impressions"

of the case due to inflammatory and prejudiced media coverage."

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#4 [url]

Sep 1 10 5:19 PM

2010 - September 1 - Attorneys for Brad Cooper requested a change of venue for
                                their client's trial, stating "Extensive media coverage has
                                prejudiced the jury pool."

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#5 [url]

Sep 12 10 5:59 PM

                                     TRIAL DELAYED UNTIL 2011

Superior Court Judge Paul Gessner has postponed Brad Cooper's trial until
at least February of 2011.

Judge Gessner
"More time is needed for discovery before Brad Cooper goes on trial.
 I will take some more time before ruling on whether to move the trial out of
Wake County."
Gary Rentz (Nancy Cooper's father) 
"We understand the need to proceed with caution.
All these matters need to be dealt with before the trial.
The delay is just part of that process."

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#7 [url]

Feb 5 11 6:03 PM

2011 - February 4 - "Not Guilty" Plea entered - Pre-Trial hearing.

 NEWS OBSERVER  Current photo of Brad Cooper at link

"RALEIGH -- Brad Cooper, the Cary man scheduled to be tried in three weeks for murder in the death of his wife, told a Wake County Superior Court judge Friday that he did not commit the crime.

Pale and drawn, Cooper, 37, rose before Judge Paul Gessner in the same dark gray pinstripe suit and blue shirt he has worn to most hearings in his case. He was flanked on his right by his defense team, Robert Trenkle and Howard Kurtz. Two sheriff's deputies stood behind him.
"Not guilty, your honor," he said in a firm, unwavering voice, when asked how he pleaded to the charge of first-degree murder."

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#8 [url]

Feb 18 11 10:08 PM

2011 - February 18 - North Carolina Court of Appeals issues ruling, denying Brad
                                Cooper a delay.
Brad Cooper's attorneys requested a delay in the trial; filed an emergency petition for
writ of certiorari "to review clearly erroneous and potentially prejudicial discovery orders
of the Superior Court." 

The State has until February 23 to file a response, after which the Court will review
the response and then issue a ruling.

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#9 [url]

Mar 1 11 10:24 PM

                                     TRIAL BEGINS
Jill Dean (Nancy Cooper's younger sister)
"The whole family, we're looking forward to resolution. We've been up in the air for
two-and-a-half years, so we're looking forward to getting started."

2011 - February 28 - Monday - Jury selection begins and is expected to take approximately
                                             a full week.

LIVE COVERAGE - will carry the trial live once jury selection

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#10 [url]

Mar 26 11 3:19 PM

                                   OPENING STATEMENTS




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#11 [url]

Mar 26 11 3:56 PM

Courtesy of WRAL VIDEOS
Witnesses - William Boyer, dog walker who found Nancy Cooper's body.
                       Jan Boyer.

Part 2
Witness - Sam Griggs, Swift Creek Fire Department volunteer testifies.

Part 3
Witness - Wake County sheriff's deputy Karen Harper.

Part 4
Witness - Diana Duncan, a friend of Nancy Cooper

March 10
"Diana Duncan, testified that Nancy Cooper confided in her in 2007 that Brad
Cooper had an affair but that they were going to work on their marriage.
"At first it seemed like working on it was something they were both doing,"
Duncan said.

"But Nancy was upset because he wouldn't admit that it had happened."
It was an "angry upset," Duncan continued, and as time went on, Nancy
Cooper felt uncomfortable in the house, especially with the master bedroom
closet, where the sexual encounter occurred. At some point, Duncan testified,
Nancy Cooper told her she wanted to move. "She decided she was pretty much
 done," she said. "She said she wanted to get divorced."

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#12 [url]

Mar 26 11 4:49 PM

March 11

Witness Diana Duncan, a friend of Nancy Cooper resumes testimony.

Part 1

March 11
"A close friend of Nancy's testified that Nancy had told her about Brad's affair,
and although she was upset, she maintained she was going to try to save her
marriage. Diana Duncan claims the affair was allegedly with Nancy's best friend,
Heather Metour."

"Duncan testified Nancy couldn't stand to enter her master bedroom walk-in
closet because that was where the affair allegedly took place. Duncan says
Nancy and Brad were sleeping in separate rooms. Duncan claims Nancy told
her Brad found out money details of a possible divorce settlement and he
changed his mind about going forward with it. Duncan says she had believed
Brad hired a lawyer and said his demeanour had changed for the better.
But she says Nancy would go out with friends and reiterate her hatred for
her husband."

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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#13 [url]

Mar 26 11 6:42 PM

Day 3 - Witness Testimony
Courtesy of WRAL VIDEOS 
Witness: Ross Tabachow, a friend of Nancy Cooper
               Viewer discretion is advised.

Witness: Damia Tabachow, a friend of Nancy Cooper.  
              Viewer discretion is advised.

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#14 [url]

Mar 26 11 7:23 PM

Day 3 - Witness Testimony Part 3

 Witness - Craig Duncan, a friend of Nancy Cooper.  Part 1
                 Viewer discretion is advised.

Witness - Craig Duncan, a friend of Nancy Coooper. Part 2
               Viewer discretion is advised.

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#15 [url]

Mar 26 11 8:22 PM

Day 3 - Witness Testimony
Witness -  Donna Lopez, who met Nancy Cooper the night before she
                              Viewer discretion is advised.

Witness:  Jessica Adam, friend who reported Nancy Cooper missing.
                              Viewer discretion is advised

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#17 [url]

Apr 3 11 12:27 PM

Officer erases data from Nancy Cooper's smartphone

 Det. Jim Young said "the phone was password-protected, and that police got a court
order to obtain access through AT&T, the service provider. He further testified he spoke
with an AT&T representative but got neither his name nor level of expertise. That
representative gave him instructions for entering an incorrect password into the phone,
and then using a "PUK  code" when prompted. After receiving the code from AT&T
several days later, Young said, he attempted to access the phone based on his
memory of the phone conversation. Young then said he entered an incorrect password
several times, proceeding even after seeing a screen advising that information would be
erased, as he was instructed by AT&T. A bar appeared on the phone indicating that the
information would be erased. Young said he attempted to turn off the phone."

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#18 [url]

Apr 3 11 12:36 PM


"Susan Crook testified during Brad Cooper's murder trial that she called
InterAct of Wake County in February 2008 after Nancy Cooper discovered
she had been cut off from the couple's bank accounts while trying to pay
a water bill. "It wasn't just one particular item, it was bits and pieces
coupled with the fact that I knew they were in the process of separation,"
said Crook, a former assistant director for the N.C. Domestic Violence

From my professional experience, I know that it can be very dangerous
when a couple is in a separation – or a victim tries to leave," Crook said.
"It can incite violence and things of that nature." Crook said that after her
call to InterAct, she gave the phone number to Nancy Cooper. It was
unclear whether she ever sought counseling from the agency."

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#19 [url]

Apr 3 11 12:47 PM

2011 - April 1 -  Gary Beard testifies to condition of house, garage, and of
                        knowledge of Brad Cooper's affair with Heather Mentour.


"Gary Beard of Gary's Pest Control ......Nancy Cooper called Beard because of an
ant problem in the kitchen. Beard said he was in Cary, when the call came in.
He said he went over to the house shortly after the call and found Nancy Cooper
in the driveway, getting ready to leave.

Beard said he had a code to get into the garage and used it as he had done many
time over the two years prior to that July 2008 visit. Ten to a dozen toys and a
children's swimming pool were scattered across the right side of the garage,
Beard testified, and the left side was filled with a work bench and other items."

More at link.

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#20 [url]

Apr 3 11 12:57 PM

2011 - April 1 - Hannah Prichard, friend of Nancy Cooper testifies.


"Over several hours, Hannah Prichard described seeing or calling her friend, found
strangled in July 2008, on an almost daily basis prior to her death. She said she
heard intimate details about how Brad Cooper, originally from Calgary, initially
wanted his wife and their two daughters to leave and never see him again while
he later forbade her to take the children from their troubled marriage. At one point,
Prichard said, Brad Cooper suggested they split the children and each take one."

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