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Jul 2 10 6:18 PM

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*Events up to and including trial will be posted here.     
                  FALEH HASSAN ALMALEKI
              CHARGES: First-degree Murder
                               Attempted First-degree Murder,
                               Aggravated Assault 
                               Leaving the scene of a serious injury accident.
Mid-1990's -  Faleh Hassan Almaleki moves his family from Iraq to Glendale, AZ.

Marcella Andregg (friend of Noor) "
Noor was independent, but far from rebellious
and always respectful of her parents.  Noor just wanted to live her own life, but her
father wouldn't let her."

"His whole persona was very controlling, very strong-minded in the ways he wanted
it for her," "He talked down to her very much, made sure she knew she wasn't good
enough and brought a lot of dishonor to the family." 
"Noor "just wanted to be a normal teenager," and later, wanted to finish college,
marry the man she loved, and have children.
2008 - Faleh Almaleki takes Noor to Iraq under the guise of visiting family
          but once there, Noor is told she will be married in an arranged marriage.
          As part of the arrangement the 30 year old cousin she marries will apply

          to come to the U.S., by marrying her he can obtain a "green card."

          Noor had left home due to her father's bullying. She is in love with her   
          fiance and had already moved in with him and his mother Amal Khalef.
          She finds herself trapped.

          Faleh Hassan Alamaleki leaves her no choice, she is told she cannot 
          return to Arizona with her family, and she is left behind without any funds
          to return home.

         Noor marries the man and then returns to AZ. He begins the the process
         of moving to the U.S. as part of the arranged marriage. Noor returns to her
         fiance and his mother Amal Khalaf.

                                   ATTEMPTED MURDER
2009 - 20 October - Tuesday -
Phoenix, Arizona - Noor Faleh Almaleki (20) is walking with her fiance's
mother, Amal Edan Khalaf (43). 
Faleh Hassan Almaleki aims his Jeep Cherokee at Noor, and crashes his vehicle
into both women. He then flees the scene.
Noor Almaleki and Amal Khalaf are rushed to the hospital. Noor suffers critical
injuries. Amal Khalaf, though injured, her injuries are non-life threatening.

                                    FAMILY EXCUSES

Family members claim that Falah Almaleki is upset that his daughter is becoming
too "Westernized" and not living according to "his" traditional Iraqi values. He and
his wife Seham are angry that Noor left her cousin in Iraq, whom they'd forced her
to marry, and returned to live with her fiance and his mother.
                                     FLIGHT FROM JUSTICE
Faleh Hassan Almaleki flees through Mexico.

Family Assistance:
"Almaleki acknowledged relatives had helped him. He told investigators he
received $1,900 from a Hispanic man who had been sent over the border by
his cousin, Jamal Almaleki. At the time of the assault, he had about $400
on him and drove directly to Nogales, Sonora. He used the money to fly to
London. Police also became suspicious of family members after a pharmacy
employee told authorities that Seham and Ali Almaleki had filled a prescription
in Faleh's name."
                                     EXTRADITED BACK TO U.S.

Almaleki flees to Britain. Almaleki tells UK Border Agency officers "I am
planning to spend a week visiting cousins in Glasgow. Officials deny him
entry - he has only $400 (£245) cash with him and his nominated sponsor in
the UK is unemployed.

Officers discover Almaleki lives in Arizona with his wife and seven children.
When officials begin organizing his return to the US they are informed by U.S.
officials that Faleh Hassan Almaleki  is wanted for assault for the attack on
his daughter Noor, and Amal Khalef.

2009 - 30 October - Faleh Hassan Almaleki is arrested in Atlanta, Georgia. He
                              is extradited back to Arizona.

                                    NOOR ALMALEKI DIES
2009 - 2 November - Monday - Noor Faleh Almaleki (20) dies from critical injuries
                                               incurred October 20, 2009, when her father, Faleh
                                                Hassan Almaleki ran her down with his vehicle.

                                   PRE - TRIAL
                                   NOT GUILTY PLEA
2009 - November 4 -  Faleh Hassan Almaleki pleads Not Guilty to 2 counts of \
                                 aggravated assault.
Prosecutor Stephanie Low 
"He (Almaleki) admitted deliberately running down his daughter.
By his own admission, this was an intentional act and the reason was
that his daughter had brought shame on him and his family. This was
an attempt at an honor killing."

                                   CHARGES ARE LATER UPGRADED
 First-degree Murder
 Attempted First-degree Murder,

 Aggravated Assault 
Leaving the scene of a serious injury accident.
2010 - January 6 -  Death Penalty Qualified Attorney KTAR
           Billy Little (Maricopa County Public Defender's Office - Capital Case Team)
           meets with Faleh Hassan Almaleki (49)  and claims his client "doesn't 
           understand the role of his lawyer, the judge or a grand jury.

Billy Little

 "He just doesn't have a clue as to what's going on. I can't determine if it's
language, cultural or a mental-health issue."  "He may need a mental
health evaluation."

"Although prosecutors haven't decided whether to seek the death penalty
against Almaleki,  "my office believes it's likely, so I need to begin

defending the case now."

*NOTE - Iraq does have a legal system with judges etc, so it's unlikely Almaleki doesn't
             understand the concept. (His "misunderstanding is more likely "let's play dumb
             and delay)


2010 - November 22 - TRAIL IS SCHEDULED TO BEGIN

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#1 [url]

Jul 12 10 9:09 PM

this terrible person spoke w/his wife and had said they would try and use the i am crazy person. please do not let this man get away with this. he new very well and so did his wife. i do hope they both are sentenced for a long time.

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#2 [url]

Jul 13 10 6:38 PM

First of all this man is a Naturalized citizen of the United States of America and I am pretty sure the test that is given (to become a US citizen)covers LAWS and how OUR Courts work- so he needs to suck it up the BIG MAN/FATHER who RAN over his daughter and then backed over her- I hope a special place in heLL has your name on it

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#3 [url]

Jul 13 10 9:20 PM

Riverfront Times - Honor Thy Father - Mulsim Honor Killing in Phoeniz page 7
Pages 1 - 7

In the weeks after his arrest and subsequent incarceration at the Maricopa
County Jail, Faleh Almaleki spoke often by phone with family members.
Authorities secretly taped every word.


"How is she now?" Faleh asked cousin Jamil during one conversation,
which police later had translated into English. (Faleh and his family
spoke in Arabic during their jail conversations.)
"Who's she?" Jamil asked.
"Noor," Faleh said.
"Noor died, brother," Jamil said.
"What?" Faleh asked.
"Yes, she's gone, Faleh. Now, look after yourself."
"Brother," Faleh replied, "talk to the lawyers and tell them it
was not intended to be a murder."

Faleh told Jamil to ask the Iraqi consulate to intervene with the
American government.
"Connect it to honor and dishonor and, I don't know, whatever
he said. "And an Iraqi is worth nothing without honor."
Jamil agreed, saying, "This is the base of the story. Newspapers wrote
about this issue. It's happening now, and the Internet and whole world
is writing about this subject."

Faleh continued to go over the honor-killing theme in phone calls with
his wife."Listen," he told Seham, "have [friends] sit across from the
[U.S.] consulate [in Iraq] and hold signs saying, 'The Iraqi honor is
precious.' Signs saying that I'm not a criminal, [that] I didn't break
into someone's house, [that] I didn't steal.
You know what I mean? And for an Iraqi, honor is the most valuable
Faleh went on with his riff: "No one hates his daughter, but honor is
precious, and nothing is better than honor, and we are a tribal society
that can't change.
I didn't kill someone off the street. I tried to give her a chance, but no

                              FIND A LOOPHOLE

"Trust in God, and pray to God," he said, "and don't rush and retain a mediocre
The subject of legal representation came up in another recorded conversation.
Seham mentioned a lawyer who had "pulled a miracle" in an unspecified case.

Is he Arab?" Faleh asked. "No, not Arab," she replied. "He is a Jew." 
A Jew?" he said. "Check with Arabs as well. [But] if there is a loophole in
this subject — you know, clans, tribalism, something like that — the Jews know
of it. See if there is a loophole or something.
"We can say that you have...a psychological problem," Seham suggested.
"You have to tell them, 'I am suffering because of the war.'"
Faleh agreed that this would be a good idea.
"Tell them I am tired and feel nervous. I am always suffering from this
condition. Tell them I got sick in Iraq. OK?"

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#4 [url]

Jul 15 10 6:49 AM

She was breath takingly beautiful! I always try to be respectful of the cultures all of "us" around the world have, but this should not be. Trying to stop family shame by killing your child because she was too westernized? Why move to the damn "West"?? Beheading people, shooting in the forehead for seeking a divorce, how do these idiots justify this shit? Why do they believe we'll be ok with this, ever? Where was the mothers maternal instincts to help her child? I believe she was jealous of Noor's beauty and courage. I wish they would lock this man up in solitary with pics of Noor in every condition so every which way he turned his evil eyes, she'll be there!!! R.I.P. Noor...

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#5 [url]

Jul 15 10 8:18 AM

She was breath takingly beautiful! I always try to be respectful of the cultures all of "us" around the world have, but this should not be. Trying to stop family shame by killing your child because she was too westernized? Why move to the damn "West"?? Beheading people, shooting in the forehead for seeking a divorce, how do these idiots justify this shit? Why do they believe we'll be ok with this, ever? Where was the mothers maternal instincts to help her child? I believe she was jealous of Noor's beauty and courage. I wish they would lock this man up in solitary with pics of Noor in every condition so every which way he turned his evil eyes, she'll be there!!! R.I.P. Noor...


I for one, don't want him allowed to have pictures of his daughter, because every time he
sees them,  to himself he'll justify his actions in killing her, not that he needs any help
doing that now. If we were to move to their country we would be expected to conform to
their society and it's culture and respect it's values. The same applies to those coming
to our shores. If one wants our freedoms, one has to consider our values, and murder
cloaked as honor isn't acceptable.

There are other murders that are termed honor killings, in which the mother is the one
who actually does the deed. In fact, they are the ones that lure the daughter home with
"sweet words" only to stand by while family members murder. Noor's mother worked as
a translator for the U.S. military, on a base. Supporting her husband, indeed, plotting on
how to get by with murder, and spewing hatred towards the woman who was injured with
Noor leaves me wondering how on earth she remained employed with our military.

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#6 [url]

Aug 12 10 10:24 AM

                                    TRIAL DATE SCHEDULED
2010 - August 11 - The trial date for Faleh Hassan Almaleki (49) has been scheduled
                              to begn November 29.
                             Almaleki remains incarcerated in lieu of a $5 million bond.

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#8 [url]

Dec 10 10 9:35 AM

2010 - December 10 - Media reports in the area have not reflected any news about
                                the trial beginning on Nov. 29th as scheduled. One might
                                presume that the trial has been delayed or rescheduled.

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#9 [url]

Jan 5 11 3:21 PM

2011 - January 18 - Trial to begin.

Laura Reckart (Prosecutor)
"The state is requesting the judge to allow the text messages Noor Almaleki
sent on the day of her killing, and Faleh Almaleki's prior "bad acts" against
his Noor in the years leading up to her killing.
Both show malice and premeditation. Evidence of a defendant's prior act is also
admissible to disprove the claim that the charged crime was a mistake or accident."
"At 17, Noor Almaleki refused an arranged marriage in Iraq, enraging her father.
 By 19, she had moved out of the family home and got her own apartment and a job,
but was forced to abandon both fairly quickly after her parents kept showing up at her
work, insisting that she return home."
Later in 2009, Noor Almaleki moved in with her boyfriend and his parents, but Faleh
Almaleki continued to harass his daughter and even threatened the boyfriend's parents,
Reikan and Amal Khalaf.
"Shortly before she was struck, she spotted her father stalking her and texted a friend:
"Dude, my dad is here at the welfare office," "I'm so shaky," "I knew I shouldn't have
woke up," and later: "I've honestly never met anyone with so much evil."

On October 20, 2009, the threats turned real, when Faleh Almaleki hit Noor Almaleki
and Amal Khalef with his Jeep as they left a Department of Economic Security office,
before the father sped off and fled the country.
Noor Almaleki underwent spinal surgery but died Nov. 2, 2009. Amal Khalaf survived.
"The investigation into these crimes revealed that the defendant was very angry with
 Noor for not living by traditional Iraqi values as she had, in his eyes, become too
"Westernized" and brought dishonor on her family."

Jeffrey Kirchler (Attorney)

"Any prior acts committed by Faleh Almaleki should not be allowed at trial.
"There's no evidence and that it's all hearsay. The inference is highly prejudicial
and will taint Mr. Almaleki's chances for a fair trial. The risk is that the jury will
assume if Mr. Almaleki previously abused his daughter, he is more likely to have
premeditated her death."

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#10 [url]

Jan 10 11 9:20 PM

2011 - January 6 -

Faleh Hassan Almaleki has pled Not Guilty. Media reports are that his attorneys
met with prosecutors behind closed doors "for hours" to discuss a possible plea deal,
without reaching an agreement.

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#11 [url]

Jan 19 11 8:52 PM

2011 - January 18 - 

 Marwan Alebadi (Boyfriend of Noor)
Alebadi testifies that he has known Noor since childhood. They had started dating.

"I was trying to make it more than a boyfriend and girlfriend. I was trying to make her
close with me. But as far as that, her parents didn’t really like it, so from then I just
left it as it is, until her parents agreed, but nobody agreed.”
"Her parents forced her into an arranged marriage in Iraq. The whole point is, why she
 went through with it, because she had no choice to leave Iraq. So that was her only
choice to leave Iraq, was to get married.”
She used to always be scared to go home sometimes, so she would go to one of
her friends’ houses. And if she couldn’t go there, she would go to our house, but
she really liked staying at our house because we were closer to her.”
Reikan Alebadi (father of Marwan, husband of Khalaf, who was injured when Faleh
Almaleki ran over Noor and Khalaf)  (Speaking through an interpreter)
Reikan used to considered Faleh a family friend.

"Almaleki was verbally abusive to his daughter, and Almaleki threatened my
family when Noor moved in with us.

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#12 [url]

Jan 21 11 7:36 PM

                                     JURY SELECTION

A jury has been seated for the murder case.

                                      TRIAL BEGINS

2011 - January 24 - Opening statements are to begin on Monday, Maricopa County
                             Superior Court, Phoenix, Arizona

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#13 [url]

Jan 24 11 9:46 PM

2011 - January 24 - OPENING STATEMENTS
  Laura Reckart (County Prosecutor)
"Faleh Almaleki had "no legal justification ... for his murderous, violent acts."
"Faleh Hassan Almaleki ran down his daughter with his Jeep Laredo on purpose,
and it was a premeditated act carried out because he was angry with her over
her behavior.
The defendant, enraged over his daughter's behavior, waited hidden from view in
the parking lot for her and her boyfriend's mother and then ran them down.
"The defendant revved and raced that car right into them ... and plowed the two
of them down,"

Elizabeth Mullins (Defense Attorney)
"Faleh Hassan Almaleki is a caring father who loved his daughter even though
she caused him grief, crashing the family van and moving in and out of the house
When Almaleki saw his daughter with her boyfriend's mother, he made a "split
second" decision to drive by and spit at her, but instead veered out of control
and struck the pair.
He left the scene because his family told him to, and later told police that if his
daughter died he would kill himself."

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#14 [url]

Jan 26 11 9:30 PM


 Charles Cooper
"I heard the car engine rev, and then watched an SUV plow into two
 women walking across the parking lot. I could see the lady on the

 “I saw them face down on the ground with abrasions and broken skin."

Shaneil Nakamoto

"I saw the woman face down on gravel and noticed another woman crying

and moaning. Noor Almaleki’s legs and arms were mangled and she was

I pushed the hair out of her face and held her hand."

“I tilted my head down and listened for breaths. There was no audible sound or
movement from her. Her chin was tucked at an unnatural angle underneath her
and she was tilted down, so I tilted her chin up to open her airway, and tilted it
out of the dirt, and she did start to breathe.”

"Her arms and legs were at extremely irregular angles. I don’t know if it was
because she was unconscious or it was very broken, but everything was not
how it normally sits.”

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#15 [url]

Feb 5 11 3:21 PM

2011 - February - Trial continues.
EVIDENCE:   Recorded interview with defendant Almaleki.
 Detective Chris Boughey (Peoria Police)

Faleh Hassan Almaleki 
"If I wanted to hurt my daughter I would have done it in a different way,
using a knife or a gun."
 "My daughter is too young to know who  she should be married to and as
her father, I know best."
"I'm not trying to kill my daughter. If anything happened, accident."
Detective Chris Boughey 
 "If it were an accident you would have stopped and turned around."
 Detective Chris Boughey
"Did you ever want to hurt your daughter or thought about it?
Faleh Hassan Almaleki

 Detective Chris Boughey 
 "Good people get into bad situations. This was not an accident." 

 Faleh Hassan Almaleki 
"I lost control." 
 Detective Chris Boughey
"Your family can't heal until everyone is honest and upfront about what happened."
Faleh Hassan Almaleki
"I lost control and they jumped in front."
" I was not trying to kill my daughter, I was trying to scare them,"
"I love my daughter. It was an accident."
"I fled to Mexico because I was afraid no one would believe it was an accident."
I drove to the border and met another car. I tried to drive to a police station but
I  was afraid."
"I called my cousin to make the arrangements, and met a man I didn't know
in Nogales who gave me $1,900."
"I run away because I've been waiting for my daughter, because if something
 happen to her, I kill myself."
Detective Chris Boughey  
"Well, something did happen to her."
Faleh Hassan Almaleki
"My daughter, she passed away, I kill myself. That's what I've been waiting for."
 Detective Chris Boughey
"Why did you later leave for London?"
Faleh Hassan Almaleki
"I did that so I could kill myself for what happened to my daughter."

 Detective Chris Boughey 
 "Does your family think what you did was acceptable?
Faleh Hassan Almaleki
"Family members help each other "put out the fire," when one of them is in trouble."

 Detective Chris Boughey
"Why didn't you stay to help her?" 
Faleh Hassan Almaleki
"I was scared because I know Amal (Khalef) she is going to try to put me into trouble."
Police "Almaleki had a knife in his car at the time of the accident.
            Almaleki left the scene, did not call 911 and drove himself to Mexico.
            Almaleki left the country and didn't call anyone but family and friends,
            and they (allegedly) gave him money and helped him flee the country.


Detective Chris Boughey
"Detective Jeff Balson and I flew to Atlanta to interview and arrest Al-Maleki."


"Almaleki would later nod when asked if he intended to hit his daughter."
"We decided Noor Al-Maleki's death was likely an honor killing, a murder for
 not adhering to her Iraqi family's values. Interviews with friends and family,
and reactions from Al-Maleki brought us to that conclusion."
In the interview, Al-Maleki admitted he meant to hurt his daughter but did not
want to kill her. He expressed frustration that his daughter had moved in with
her boyfriend's family.

Al-Maleki described the Khalafs as a "bad family."

 Al-Maleki became most emotional when I brought up the idea of honor,
and whether he was hurt by daughter Noor's decision to abandon an arranged
marriage in Iraq and move in with her boyfriend's family.

"When I did mention that, you could see a reaction from the defendant,"

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#16 [url]

Feb 5 11 3:28 PM

Noor Almaleki's cause of death is officially listed as:
Death due to complications from multiple blunt force injuries.
Dr. Kevin Horn (Maricopa County Medical Examiner) Practicing as Medical
Examiner for the last 10 years - Specializes in Blunt Force Trauma)

"Noor Faleh (20) suffered severe brain injuries, as well as wounds to her body.
She suffered multiple hemorrhaging in the brain and various body cavities, and

also suffered paralysis in half of her body.   
Trauma was indicated by bruises and scrapes to Noor Almaleki's body and, because
her eyes were black and she had bruising around her nose and cheek."

"The autopsy did not conclude whether she was run over by one of the Jeep's tires
but did determine that most of her injuries came from being struck by the hood of
a car."

EVIDENCE: Autopsy photos showing bruises, views of her brain and the
                  inside of her scalp.

Evidence collected from the autopsy included fingernail clippings, scrapings and blood

Noor Almaleki's nose was broken prior being run over.

Dr. Horn
"There were bruises on her face and legs, injuries which are consistent with contact
she had with the roadway."

"The autopsy results revealed no head fractures, but there was evidence of bleeding
and bruising in the brain. The brain was also very swollen, common with people who
suffer cardiac arrest."
She did not die from these injuries, however. She suffered a urinary tract infection
because of the accident which entered her blood stream. She died when the
 infection reached her heart."

Laura Reckart (Deputy County Attorney)
"But for being hit by that car, would she have died?" 

Dr. Horn

News media report that Faleh Hassan Almaleki "showed little emotion as 
Dr. Horn described her injuries. He looked away when photos of her body
were shown to the jury."


Dr. Horn
"Noor Almaleki's head snapped forward and backward so violently her brain
"slammed into the back of her head," which caused the injury."

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#17 [url]

Feb 5 11 4:07 PM

Prosecutors "Noor fell in love with Khalaf's son, Marwan.
Her parents were furious about her running away from home
and the fact that she was dating, especially since she had a
husband, a cousin from an arranged marriage."
WITNESS (testifying through an interpreter)
Amal Khalaf
Witness testified to:
Being in the hospital for two months and multiple surgeries.
She still has pain from the collision.
A past friendship with the Almaleki family. They met in late 1990's in
Detroit, Michigan. 
"Almaleki called to ask if there were jobs. I invited the Almalekis to Phoenix
and the family moved in with us for a few months."

The families "grew distant."

Noor married a cousin from Iraq, she left Iraq and returned to Phoenix.
She would stay with Amal Khalaf and her family on and off, sometimes up
to 10 days at a time. Khalaf testified that she urged Noor to return to her
"Years later, when I found Noor sleeping in her car, I took her in, but would
 take her home when Noor's parents called and demanded I return their

"Almaleki and his wife were angry and often called me, telling me to bring
back their daughter."

Noor had been dating Marwan Khalaf, Amal's son.
2009 - July -
 "Faleh Al-Maleki and his wife Seham showed up at our home. I knew they
were upset and did not let them in."
"I did not open the door." 
 "She opened the window, Seham. She opened the window and she entered."

"My daughter was so scared she called the police."

2009 - October 20 -
Noor went with Amal Khalaf to translate for her at the State Department of Economic
"Almaleki's arrival shocked and frightened me, and I suggested to Noor that we
tell someone. Because when I saw him, it was like, surprise, his zip code is
different than mine. But she (Noor) told me to calm down, he's not going to
harm us."

Almaleki then turned and left.
"Concerned Almaleki might threaten Noor, I drove around the parking lot, looking
for him hoping to speak to him. I accidentally locked my keys in my car after
I failed to find him."  "I was so nervous."
Noor suggested we get some water while we waited for one of my sons to bring
another set of keys. We started walking to a restaurant next door.
"I didn't see Alamaleki again until he came from behind the building. 
 I saw him driving towards us. He was close to me. "He was driving so fast."

 Almaleki looked angry as he swerved. To protect Noor, I had my hands
up and shouted, "No, no, no, no."  "I thought he was not going to hit me.
 I was protecting her so she can get away from the car."

"He was driving so fast. I stood in front of him, but he did not stop."

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#18 [url]

Feb 18 11 10:31 PM

2011 - February - 15 - Jury has the case.
2011 - February 17 - The Jury takes break for long holiday weekend, 
                                deliberations will resume on Feb. 22.

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#19 [url]

Feb 22 11 11:05 PM

2011 - February 22 - Jury renders verdict - GUILTY.

Faleh Hassan Almaleki has been convicted of:
Second-Degree Murder 
Aggravated Assault for injuries suffered by Amal Khalaf (mother Noor's boyfriend)

2 counts of leaving the scene of an accident
Jurors will convene at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday to decide whether Faleh Hassan
Almaleki will face harsher sentencing.
 Laura Reckard (Prosecutor) will argue that there are aggravating factors, Almaleki
was "lying in wait, he inflicted serious injury, caused physical, financial and
emotional harm to his victims."
 "If Al-Maleki had pressed his foot on the brakes, Noor would likely still be alive
and Khalaf wouldn't have been injured. The evidence proves way beyond a
reasonable doubt that the defendant intended, wanted and desired to erase Noor
and Amal from his life and this earth."

DEFENSE - although defense attorneys for Almaleki declined to comment,
they did release this statement -

"We are "pleased the jury took the time necessary to consider all of the evidence
 in this important case."

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#20 [url]

Feb 23 11 11:19 PM

2011 - February 23 - Jury decides upon aggravating factors.
In a unanimous decision, the jury decided there were aggravating factors:
Faleh Hassan Almaleki's crime involved multiple victims;
He seriously injured, inflicted emotional, financial and physical
harm upon Amal Khalaf.

Judge Roland Steinle set a sentencing date. The decision by the jury allows the
judge to sentence Almaleki to the maximum.

2011 - April 15 - 1:30 p.m. -  SENTENCING scheduled.

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