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Feb 5 11 5:19 PM

Muzzammil Hassan is determined to use transcripts from a family court proceeding
to impeach Aasiya's divorce filing statements. All parties worked out and agreed upon
those statements which will be allowed in.
Child & Protective Services filed a child-neglect petition against Muzzammil Hassan,
citing abuse allegations.

Jeremy Schwartz (Hassan's legal adviser)
Scwartz reads sections of Aasiya's Family Court Neglect Proceeding
testimony from Feb. 5, 2008.
Aasiya Hassan is asked "whether there had been any problems between the
beginning of her marriage to Hassan and March 2007 between her husband and
 their children.
Aasiya Zubair Hassan
"No, but there were problems between me and my husband."
" Our sessions with family therapist David Myrow had been helpful."
" We've begun sessions with Kenneth Condrell, another therapist. who was helping
me address some of my problems, including communication with Hassan and the

Aasiya testified to the stress she felt after losing a child to a miscarriage and
a child to an abortion.  "Taking care of my children and stepchildren, driving
them to various activities and overseeing their education, could be stressful."

"Hassan had not hurt me in the previous seven months."
"The last incident was in June 2007."
"We have been getting along and learning more and more."

Prosecutor Colleen Curtin Gable
Prosecutor reads from Aasiya's divorce affidavit.

Aasiya stated "Hassan scripted my answers for the Family Court proceeding, as
well as the questions that I, Hassan and our babysitter would be asked."

"I was forced by my husband to memorize answers about relationship questions
written by him. Hassan forced me to memorize a script of answers for relationship
questions written by him. I stayed home for two days to memorize the answers
 provided by Hassan to prepare for her Family Court testimony."
Judge Franczyk disallowed all e-mails that don't include comments from both
Aasiya and Hassan and all e-mails that were written after the date in February 2008
when Aasiya said Hassan forced her to give him the password to her e-mail account.

                           2011 -  FEBRUARY 7 - CLOSING ARGUMENTS 
A live televisioin feed will be allowed from the courtroom.
WGRZ will be streaming the closing arguments live.

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Feb 7 11 10:26 PM

                                   CLOSING ARGUMENTS

 Prosecutor Curtin Gable - Closing

Defendant Muzzammil Hassan - Closing


The jury is out for one hour and then renders a verdict - Muzzammil Hassan
is GUILTY of murdering Aasiya Zubair Hassan.


2011 - March 9 - Sentencing to be held.

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Feb 9 11 8:03 PM

WGRZ NEWS - JUROR  Interview audio - more at link
"Linda Janiga says she hopes he "rots in hell." The retired x-ray technician
has seen it all working in hospitals, but the stabbing and decapitation of
Aasiya Hassan was more than she could imagine.
The prosecution had a strong case. "She (Aasiya) filed for divorce, he
(Muzzammil) hid the car, he never told her that he was at Bridges TV.
He was in the dark hiding waiting for her, she would have never walked
into Bridges TV if she had seen his car and known he was there."

Hassan tried to say he acted in self-defense. However, Janiga said
he proved that he was a "polite respectful murderer." 
 "I hope he rots in hell actually, I really do."

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Feb 24 11 12:03 AM


"Isn't it apparent that if he doesn't get his way, he's going to pick up his ball and
 go home?" said District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III, who described Hassan as
"a narcissist or sociopath or both" on Tuesday. "That's pretty typical behavior.
It's all part of the same pathology." Sedita described Hassan's behavior as a
simple ploy for more attention. "He's had his 15 minutes on steroids," he said,
referring to the notoriety Hassan has garnered since killing his wife in February
2009. "Mr. Hassan doesn't realize his 15 minutes are just about up."

A few days after the jury found him guilty of murder, he refused to show up for
a child-support hearing in Erie County Family Court. Lenora B. Foote-Beavers,
a Family Court support magistrate, issued a default judgment against Hassan
in the ongoing child support proceeding after he failed to appear in court and
refused to participate in a video conference from the Holding Center.


"Yesterday, Hassan refused to appear in Buffalo City Court to face charges
that he harassed a deputy at the Erie County Holding Center.

Though City Judge Jeannette Ogden adjourned the hearing, she indicated

that a so-called "drag order" may be issued to allow deputies to physically
carry Hassan to his next scheduled appearance.

The Buffalo News reports that on more than one occasion deputies have

been forced to cloth and carry Hassan to scheduled court appearances."
"Hassan, who was convicted of  second degree murder on Feb. 7 for the beheading
murder of his wife Aasiya, is adamant that he will not appear in court for charges
involving an altercation with a guard last November 10th. Buffalo City Judge Jeannette
Ogden has set another date for the appearance and assures everyone that Hassan
will be there.
Hassan could face up to another year behind bars for charges related to the guard
incident in addition to what sentence he receives for the second-degree murder

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#48 [url]

Mar 16 11 9:18 PM

2011 - March 9 - SENTENCING

Prior to sentencing, Muzzammil Hassan attempted to delay sentencing.
Jeremy Schwartz, attorney for, and advisor of Hassan while he represented
himself at trial, informed Judge Franczyk of a new attorney.

Attorney E. Earl Key has been chosen by Hassam to represent him in
post conviction matters.

Attorney E. Earl Key
"I've just come onto the case.  Judge, at this point, I have not fully been retained,
however, I have told Hassan I am willing to handle the sentencing."
Judge Franczyk
I question Mr. Hassan's motives. You've not had time to read through more than 3,000
pages of transcripts of the trial.  Quite frankly, this case has been strung along for two
years now through five lawyers.

Prosecutor Colleen Curtin Gable
"This request is "more of the same."

Attorney E. Earl Key
"The request is not a "delay tactic. What would the "harm" would be to adjourn the
sentencing to allow me to come up to speed on the case for the sentencing. He's
in custody, and he's not going anywhere."

Judge Franczyk
"In the two years leading up to the trial Mr. Hassan switched attorneys four times
and then dumped his defense attorney in the midst of the trial. Here we are again
where he's seeking to test this court's willingness to test the boundaries of justice."

"I have reached my limit."

Judge Franczyk denies Muzzammil Hassan's request to switch to E. Earl Key
as his attorney for sentencing.

Muzzammil Hassan
"I deeply regret that things came down to what they came down to."

Prosecutor Colleen Curtin Gable
"Hassan's crime was one of the most " violent, vicious and brutal murders imaginable."
We ask that you impose the maximum sentence allowable, as well as to issue orders
of protection barring Hassan from contacting his children. Quite frankly, it is our hope
that he is never paroled back into society."

Judge Franczyk
"I have no doubt your action was a premeditated act of violence. Justice demands that
 you receive nothing less than the maximum possible sentence."

Judged Franczyk sentenced Muzzammil Hassan to the maximum penalty
the state has -  25 to Life.

Franczyk also issued a protective order for Aasiya Hassan's two children to
prevent their murderous father, Muzzammil, from contacting them.

"Hassan, 46, still faces possible federal insurance fraud charges, an ongoing
Erie County Family Court child support case and a wrongful death civil suit.
He will be nearly 70 before he is even eligible for parole consideration." 

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#49 [url]

Mar 26 11 4:52 PM

Courtesy of WIVB
Jurors attend sentencing.

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