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Jul 1 10 11:56 AM

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2010 - July 1 - Kathleen Savio - Drew Peterson - Murder trial will begin on July 8, 2010.

                      Although Drew Peterson and his 6 legal eagles (attorneys) are hoping
                      to get any mention Stacey Peterson from coming into this trial, that's
                      not likely to happen. Stacey was a prime player in the divorce of
                      Kathleen from Drew Peterson.

                                    HEARSAY THAT WILL BE ALLOWED

                      Stacey Peterson expressed her fears about her own safety to others.
                      Much of that isn't being allowed to come into the trial.

                     One important witness will be able to testify, the pastor , Neil Schori,
                     that Stacey confided in.

                     His testimony in the trial concerns Stacey Peterson telling him that
                     on the night of Kathleen Savio's death, Drew was missing for several
                     hours. When he came home, he was dressed entirely in black and
                     carrying another woman's clothing. He then coached her for hours
                     on what to say to investigators about where he'd been that night.

.                    Stacey Peterson had provided a false alibi for her husband Drew
                     at his insistence. Stacey later turned up "missing" and Drew is
                     a suspect in her disappearance.

                    The prosecution successfully argued that this type of evidence,  which
                    normally would not be allowed in trial, should be, because the witness,
                    Stacey was killed to keep from testifying.

                                   DELAY DELAY DELAYING TRIAL TACTICS

                    Peterson's team requested another trial delay but were unsuccessful.

                                    AUTOPSY BY MICHAEL BADEN
                    Peterson's team is attempting to throw out Dr. Michael Baden's
                    testimony and the results of the autopsy he did on behalf of Kathleen's
                    family. They're using the fact that a Fox TV producer who was present
                    with Dr. Baden, filmed Dr. Baden, (not Kathleen's body) at the time of
                    autopsy, that the process  and results had thus been tainted.

To be continued as events  and the trial unfold.

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Jul 7 10 9:41 AM

                                   JURY SELECTION
2010 - July 7 - Tomorrow, July 8, Thursday, jury selection begins.
                      Joel Brodsky "There's going to be some surprises in my opening."
                       No word on whether Drew Peterson will testify.

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Jul 7 10 11:38 AM

                                      TRIAL HALTED
2010 - July 7 - Trial delayed. Prosecution appeals hear say rulings.
Illinois Supreme Court has finally clarified the position:
unanimously recognizing in common law that certain hearsay of a

dead person may be permitted at trial.
The trial is delayed until the next highest court deals with the issue.
InSession "A possibility that Drew Peterson may get out on bail."
Beth Karas will be there this afternoon at press conference.

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Jul 7 10 6:36 PM

State's Attorney James Glasgow asked Circuit Judge Stephen White to reconsider
his earlier ruling barring the majority of more than a dozen hearsay statements in
light of a recent Illinois Supreme Court decision that upheld the conviction of a
Naperville man who killed four members of his family in 2005. Glasgow also
pioneered a recent state law regarding hearsay evidence in murder cases.
He cited the Hanson decision in asking White to reconsider during a 30-minute
closed-door hearing Friday. But in a one-sentence written ruling, Judge White
refused to budge Tuesday.

 If Glasgow appeals to a higher court, Thursday's jury selection would be delayed.
Prosecutors have declined to make their intentions public, but DuPage State's Attorney
Joseph Birkett confirmed the two top prosecutors strategized during a phone call Tuesday.
Also Tuesday, defense attorney Steven Greenberg sought to have jury selection pushed
back until July 12, after his ongoing federal mortgage fraud trial ends

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Jul 8 10 9:34 AM

                                   THE COURT FINDS COMPELLING REASON
Judge Stephen White (Will County) "The court finds compelling reason to
                                                          keep Drew Peterson in jail."

Joseph Lopez (Defense Attorney) "We will appeal White's ruling.

Joseph Brodsky (Defense Attorney) "Peterson had been optimistic he would be
                                     freed from jail, but "he didn't count on it, so he's okay."

Joseph Lopez "the state has no compelling reason to hold Peterson in jail during

the appeal and continuing to hold him would violate his constitutional right to a
speedy trial."  "Is the defendant a threat to anybody on the street? He is not," 

James Glasgow (Will County State's Attorney) "If Peterson isn't a danger, I don't

know anyone who was. Not only does the case involve accusations that Peterson
murdered his third wife Kathleen Savio, but evidence has been presented that he
also killed his fourth wife, Stacy, to prevent her from testifying about Peterson's
role in Savio's death. I don't know what could be more compelling," 


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Jul 14 10 4:47 PM

                                     DEFENSE TEAM TRIES AGAIN
2010 - July 14 - Drew Peterson's defense team filed a motion with the Illinois Appellate
                        Court arguing that Drew Peterson is neither a threat to society nor a flight

                       Notwithstanding a very public investigation, and a stated desire to bring
                       charges, at no time did Drew ever attempt to flee from the jurisdiction of
                       the court. The prosecution has never claimed he is a flight risk. There
                       would be no merit to any suggestion that he would have the capacity or
                       desire to flee if freed pending this appeal."

                       Prosecutors had lost faith in their case so they filed appeals - called
                       certificates of impairment -- on three separate rulings to delay the trial.
                       It would be unfair to keep Peterson in jail if Glasgow doesn't believe
                       they have enough to convict at this point."

                     "Each certificate of impairment confirms that the State's successful
                      prosecution is presently impaired without the use of evidence that
                      the court has disallowed. The fact that the prosecution now cites
                      three ... separate areas of impairment is itself substantial evidence
                      that they believe their prosecution lacks substance. The scope of
                      the prosecution's problem is, in this case, times three. Accordingly,
                      unless the prosecution prevails in all three areas of appeal their
                      prosecution will remain ... significantly weakened."

                      These 11th hour filings make one wonder if the State is motivated,
                      at least in part, by a desire to avoid going to trial before Judge White."

Steven Greenberg (attorney for Peterson) "Legally, we're on solid ground. But in
                               the court of public opinion, we face an uphill battle and appellate
                               courts don't operate in a vacuum."
Charles Pelkie (Spokesman for Prosecution) "We presented what we believed
                         were compelling reasons, and the judge agreed. The defense
                         has the right to appeal. Prosecutors moved to appeal in light of
                         a June 24 Illinois Supreme Court ruling upholding the conviction
                         of Eric Hanson, a Naperville man sentenced to death for the
                         2005 slaying of three relatives. No one had any control of when
                         Hanson came down."

                         "There is no connection between the judge's retirement and the
                         appeal's timing."

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#6 [url]

Jul 17 10 8:26 PM

                                   PETERSON STAYS IN THE POKEY

2010 - July 8 -  Judge rules that Drew Peterson is to remain behind bars while the
                       prosecution appeals.

Joel Brodsky (Attorney for Drew Peterson) "Public opinion of my client is unfair.
                      This is a…media frenzy inspired lynch mob that started when Stacy
                      disappeared and it took off and it became like a boulder being pushed
                      off the top of a hill and there was no stopping it.  But the facts remains
                      Drew Peterson is innocent and Kathleen Savio died in a household
                      "The murder trial was delayed because the prosecution has a weak
                        case, and prosecutor James Glasgow "chickened out." 
Prosecutor Glasgow  "They think everything's a big joke, they think everything's
                                   funny.  This is not a funny case.  This is about the murder
                                   of a mother of two and its a very solemn matter."

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#7 [url]

Jul 21 10 12:51 PM

                                    DREW PETERSON -  FELONY GUN CHARGE

While Peterson's murder trial is on hold, Judge Richard Schoenstedt indicated his
willingness to begin the hearings on the felony gun charge. He offered to begin

Joel Brodsky (Attorney for Peterson) at first tried to claim the the prosecution
had missed the boat on the deadline by two days, and when faced with the option
of beginning the trial, Brodsky consulted with Peterson.

Joel Brodsky "If I had two more weeks, I could be ready to go to trial.  I couldn't
                      get ready in one day. That wouldn't be fair to Drew."
Andrew Abood (former Peterson attorney who had withdrawn from the murder case)
was present in court to withdraw from the gun case as well.

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#8 [url]

Jul 27 10 10:21 AM

2010 - July 26 -  Joel Brodsky filed a pair of motions seeking to have the gun charge
                         against Drew Peterson dismissed. Judge Amy Bertani-Tomczak
                         scheduled an Aug. 23 hearing for both sides to argue.

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#9 [url]

Apr 14 12 4:28 PM



"The 14 statements supposedly spoken by Drew Peterson's dead third wife and missing
fourth wife can be used against him at his murder trial. The Third District Appellate Court
in Ottawa handed down its decision on the Peterson case Thursday.

"The statements that can be used against Drew Peterson were testified to by a range of
witnesses including a minister, Savio's sisters, her divorce attorney and a male nurse from
Stacy Peterson's past. The various witnesses testified to Savio fearing for her life, telling
how Drew Peterson threatened her at knife-point, and of Stacy Peterson relating how
Drew Peterson coached her to give a cover story to police after Savio's body was found."

More at link

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#10 [url]

May 5 12 7:42 PM

May 2012 -
Judge Sarah Jones presided briefly on Friday before the case was transferred to
Judge Edward Burmila. The next hearing is set for May 17, though no trial date
has been set.
Judge Edward Burmila, who will preside over the trial because Peterson’s last judge retired.

Defense attorneys told Burmila they would file motions to further challenge prosecutors’

evidence; and Burmila set another hearing for May 17.


More at link

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#11 [url]

May 27 12 11:34 AM

TRIAL DATE - JULY 30, 2012
"Peterson told a Will County judge Thursday that he was on board with jury selection
starting July 23. His trial on charges he drowned his third wife, Kathleen Savio, would
begin July 30. "Yes, your honor," Peterson told Judge Edward Burmila when asked if he
was "comfortable" with that date. "I've been in solitary confinement for three years, your

Savio's sister Susan Doman, who along with her husband, Mitchell, wore buttons with
Savio's photo to Thursday's hearing, said she was pleased a new trial date was set.
"It's been a long, long wait," she said."

More at link

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#12 [url]

Aug 3 12 8:10 PM


Paramedic Louis Oleszkiewicz

"Her body was cold and waxy in the bathtub where he  found her."
"Described finding Savio's body when he was dispatched to her home in March
2004 to assist an unresponsive woman. Does not remember a blue towel being
on the scene that appears in photos of the crime scene.

There was no sediment ring in the bathtub. Only officers from the Bolingbrook Police
Dept. were present when he arrived. No state troopers or investigators were there.

Thomas Pontarelli  (Savio's next-door neighbor)
Testified that he did not see the blue towel either.

3 Bolingbrook Firefighters
Testified that they did not see the blue towel when Savio's body was discovered.

Robert Akin (Locksmith) 
Testified: "He did not know whose house he was opening or why he was opening it.
He was met at the house by Drew Peterson, who was in uniform. He picked the doorknob
lock, which could be locked from the outside without a key. A deadbolt that needed a key
to lock from the outside was unlocked. Once the door was opened, Akin said, people he
did not know went inside.

He stayed on the porch and was "chit chatting" with Drew Peterson as he packed his tools.
Shortly after opening the door there was, like "a lot of commotion, screaming."
Drew Peterson then "just looked and said, 'I got to go,'" and went in the house.

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#13 [url]

Aug 3 12 8:18 PM


Anna Marie Doman (Kathleen Savio's sister)
"She was afraid. She said Drew had told her he was going to kill her. She wasn't going to
make it to the divorce settlement, and she wasn't going to get his pension.
Her sister extracted a  promise to take care of her kids.
"She made me promise over and over that I was going to take care of the boys.
She said, 'I want you to say it — you'll take care of my kids.'"

 Doman also was allowed to testify about a  previously excluded statement — that
Peterson had told Savio he would kill her and make it look like an accident.
"She has said that on many occasions,"
**(This testimony came in due to a "mis-step by a defense attorney.)

Doman acknowledged that she never contacted authorities about her sister's
fears that Drew Peterson would kill her. Nor did she ever act upon her vow
to her sister about the children.

The day after Savio's body was found, her family gathered at her home to look for
her will. Peterson pounded on the door of the home. He rushed upstairs and began
stuffing items into a clothes basket. He took $100 from Kathleen Savio's purse and
 said "this belongs to the kids." A day after Kathleen died, I found Drew Peterson
cleaning up the tub. He told me "I don't want the kids to see the blood."

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#15 [url]

Nov 24 12 9:17 PM

2012 - September 26 - Drew Peterson was convicted Thursday of First Degree Murder

There’s also the chance that Peterson could face more criminal charges. Peterson could be charged for his alleged role in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.


Beth Karas Q&A Inside the Courtroom for Verdict

After the bailiff handed the verdict to the judge, he read it. “We the jury find the defendant guilty of first-degree murder” and despite the judge’s admonition, there were audible gasps and people were shushing everybody, “Calm down, quiet down.”In front of me, there were a lot of tears and tissue, people dabbing their eyes and hugging each other and that was the Savio family and Stacy Peterson’s aunt. These two families have been brought together by the disappearance of Stacy and the murder of Kathleen Savio even though, in life, Stacy and Kathleen were not friendly at all. In fact, they had quite an acrimonious relationship.

Much more at link


AP -   

"A judge has delayed Drew Peterson’s sentencing until the new year.

The former Bolingbrook police sergeant convicted in the drowning death of his third wife was scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 26. But on Friday, Will County Judge Edward Burmila granted a request from Peterson attorney Joel Brodsky to sentence Peterson on Jan. 10."

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