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Cinthia Nathaly Vilchez Palacios was out on the town with her sister Marduly,
and a friend, Lylybeth. They were all having a good time at the club Sabor
Peruano in Miraflores, Lima, Peru.
But at the end of the night, two would go home, and one would be dead. 
Alicia Palacios Primo, a Peruvian National Police officer, of the Dept. of
Investigation of Crimes against the Family had previously worked in the
Dept. of Missing Persons Search. She is well aware of the procedures
police enact when someone goes missing.

Only this time, it is one of her three daughters that is missing.

                   Cinthia Nathaly Vilchez Palacios -  identification photo

                                   YOUSSEF TADALAQUI

2008 - Youssef Tadalaqui, a native of Fez, Morrocco, enters Peru illegally

Youssef Tadalaqui "I am in Peru two years ago, I went to Ecuador as
 illegal.  left my country to Ivory Coast, in 1998. I was there 4 years.
Then I traveled to Ecuador, where I lived for a month, and then to
Colombia, a country in which I resided four years. Finally returned to
Ecuador and traveled to Lima."
Tadalaqui obtains employment teaching French at an academy in San
Isidro. He also offers tutoring. The situation is ideal for meeting young
females. His accent and his tales of being an entrepeneur, in the
midst of planning major investments, was attractive to young women.

Hanging out in his favorite part of town, Miraflores, he'd tell young
ladies "I'm in Lima in search of a mate to marry, and then return to
my own country. My greatest wish is to marry a girl from Peru." 
Instead, police state he was living in a hostel, he used his status 
to con young women into having sex with him, willingly, or forcibly.
Police believe his victims didn't report him out of shame and

(Allegedly) Youssef Tadalaqui trolls Miraflores in search of victims,
while presenting outwardly to them, the face of a good friend. 

2010 - February 11 - Thursday - 10:00 P.M. - Cinthia Nathaly Vilchez
                                Palacios, her sister Marduly, and a friend, Lylybeth,
                                are enjoying themselves at the club. Cinthia has
                                met an Arabic man in the club and is having a
                                good time dancing with him. 

           February 12 - Friday 3:00 A.M. - Marduly and Lylybeth decide   
                               to go on to a different club, while Cinthia decides 
                               to stay. Her sister and friend see her dancing 
                               with Tadalaqui as they leave. She seems happy.

                                At some point, Tadalaqui convinces Cinthia 
                                to leave with him. He's very attentive to her...
                                until she decides not to have sex with him.
                                (Allegedly) He rapes and batters Cinthia
                                until she is dead.                             

                                After Cinthia is dead, she's rolled up into
                                sheets and a quilt while Tadalaqui decides
                                what to do.

                                Carlos Pinto Quispe, a friend, is recruited to
                                help. Cinthia is shoved into a suitcase. 
                                Having taken her money, Taladaqui then sells
                                her cell phone to Carlos... but without the chip,
                                for 20 soles.
                                They take the suitcase out into an alley and
                                abandon it there. Youssef Tadalaqui leaves
                                the area.  
                                            4:00 A.M. - Marduly and Lylybeth both
                                call Cinthia on her cell phone, but get no response.
                                They keep calling, but Cinthia doesn't answer.

                               When they arrive home, they find Cinthia hasn't come

                                           11:30 A.M. - In an alley of San Martin de Porres,
                               an abandoned suitcase is found. Inside, wrapped in
                               sheets and a quilt, is the body of a young woman, badly 
       Police are notified and Detectives of the Homicide Investigation Division   
       arrive and begin their investigation. Police are determined to identify
       the deceased and learn who killed her.
       The body of the young woman is taken to the morgue and an autopsy is
       performed. The female has been sexually assaulted, horribly beaten and
       has died as a result of a brain injury due to trauma of the beating. The
       young woman is wearing braces.
Saturday Cinthia still hasn't come home and she still doesn't answer her
cellphone. Her family and friend are very worried.


Officials of the Homicide Division learn that their colleague Alicia Primo's
daughter has disappeared. Officer Primo is informed of the body that has
been found. She submits photographs and a recent odontogram to the
At the Central Morgue of Lima, Alicia Primo has the anguished task of
identifying that the young woman in the suitcase is her daughter Cinthia.
After speaking to Cinthia's sister Marduly, and friend Lylybeth and finding
out that they last saw her with an Arabic man at the club, and a
description of him, police begin looking for him.
Officials gain the support of the cell phone company to track Cinthia's
missing phone. It's traced to Carlos Pinto Quispe. After questioning
by investigators, he tells them he purchased it from Taladaqui for
20 soles but without the chip.
2010 - March 11 -  Carlos Pinto Quispe is arrested.
2010 - March 12 - Youssef Taladaqui is arrested. He refuses to admit
                           any responsibility for Cinthia's death.               
               Youssef Taladaqui under arrest
                                     THE SEARCH                     
Officers from the Homicide Division of Criminal Investigation Department
(Dirincri), commanded by Colonel PNP Miguel Canlla Ore, search his
room. Found in his possession are numerous cell phones and chips.
Police believe by taking their phones it prevented his victims from
calling for help. He also had "portfolios of several women," as trophies,
condoms, and a sketch showing the routes to the city of Drain, near
Bolivia. The sheets at the hostel match those sheets and a quilt
wrapped around Cinthia's body. 
Taladaqui claims Cinthia VĂ­lchez was a prostitute and that she
wanted 90 soles to have sex.
Investigators knew that Cinthia had no history of prostitution. Cinthia
was a university student and the daughter of a police officer and a
judicial magistrate.
Although it is known that he had contact with Cinthia on the night she
died, and was the last person seen with her, Taladaqui refuses to
admit that is true.

                              YOUSSEF TALADAQUI'S VERSION
Youssef Taladaqui tells investigators "I met Cinthia a month ago at the
club Sabor Peruana. I was alone at the table when a guard asked if I
wanted a girl, and a little later two girls came to my table and one of
them touched my hand. Then we talked and drank Tequila. It was
12 P.M. when we left to go to my room. Ciinthia asked me for 90
soles for her services. But along the way, when we were in the taxi,
she received a phone call and began arguing with someone. When
we got near the place where I live, we got out, but she went home
and I went to the hostel."
                                        PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE
A psychological profile says Taladaqui is "highly impulsive, violent,
with lying tendencies and aggressive sexual inclinations."
Cinthia's sister Marduly recognizes Youssef Taladqui as the Arabic  
man she last saw dancing with Cinthia.

Taladaqui insists he's innocent.

VIDEO  (in Spanish)

VIDEO (in Spanish) 

                                     PRESS CONFERENCE

Cesar Guardia (Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (Dirincri)
"Police expert analysis resulted in the arrest of Tadlaqui, who killed
Cinthia Vilchez with the complicity of the Peruvian citizen Carlos
Alberto Pinto Quispe.

That on the night of February 11, Cinthia Vilchez, her sister Marduly
Vilchez and a friend Lylybeth Liontop Miranda, met at the disco Tadlaqui
"Sabor Peruvian"  in Miraflores. That same day, Cinthia retired with the
Moroccan into the room he rented this in Jesus Maria.
According to the results of investigations, Tadlaqui assaulted the girl
because she did not agree to have sex. She died of a brain injury due
to trauma of the terrible blows.

Later, with the help of Carlos Pinto-newsboy who lived in the same block,
 "placed the corpse in a suitcase, the department and left her the next day
on Habich Avenue, in the district of San Martin de Porres."