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                                     MURDER IN MEDICINE HAT
2003 -  Marc and Debra Richardson, along with their two children, Jasmine
           (10) and Jacob (5) move into Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.
           A nice family by all accounts.  

Jasmine Richardson
      Phyllis Gehring (neighbor next door) "The family was quiet and were good
      neighbours. We knew them, but it wasn't like they came over or we went
      over there. We had no problem with them whatsoever. I never heard a harsh
      word between the mother and father."
                                   JEREMY ALLAN STEINKE

Jeremy Allan Steinke

Steinke, a self described 300 year old werewolf, wore a vial of blood around
his neck, telling others he "liked the taste of blood," is enamored of younger,
 underage girls, and develops a following of fans among them.


Jeremy Steinke - photo believed to have been taken
shortly before the murders. He was wearing the same
shirt at time of his arrest.

He lives with his mother, Jacqueline May. He has no employment.
       Steinke family friend  "(Jeremy) Steinke would start fights he couldn't finish,
                                          often with older boys. "He was likable kid. But he can 
                                          be manipulative. His interest in underaged girls was
                                          inappropriate. Mentally, I think he was so young."'

      Jordan Attfield (friend) moves in with Jeremy Steinke (living with his mother)
                                          for about three months. Attfield moves out after Steinke 
                                          has a breakup with a girlfriend. At first he's increasingly
                                          agitated. "And it started going downhill from there."
                                          He would sit there and stare at nothing."

                                          But that was before he met 12 year old Jasmine.
                                          Jeremy describes her as "She's as crazy as I am."
              Steinke neighbor "I used to live across the street from this creep-
                                          Jeremy. His (Jeremy's) mother was interviewed
                                          saying how nice he was and how he could never
                                          do this- BULLSHIT. On numerous occasions
                                          we saw a VERY high (or maybe he was just born
                                          that retarded beacuse of his druggy mother) kid
                                          that would beat his mother. he would push her,
                                          punch her, throw coffee tables at her- but yet, 
                                          he is a NICE boy."
        Unidentified Woman "I bore him a child when I was 17, and he was 20. 
                                          He's never met his child. He was abusive, and 
                                          dating him was a big mistake. I know exactly                                            how the (12 yr old) feels. She's probably regretting
                                          ever meeting him."
                                          "He rarely held down a job, but he always had $10, 
                                          or $20 in his pocket. He'd buy gifts and spend
                                          every penny he has, and try to get close to the
                                          "He was fun. He always wanted to do what you wanted.
                                          But he had a quick temper, and he'd sit up in the middle
                                          of the night and start talking to himself."
                                          "I probably only know 10 per cent of him. He can 
                                          change in a blink of an eye. Since our breakup,
                                          I've watched his girlfriends getting younger, and

2006 - Life in Medicine Hat for the Richardson family is good... until Jasmine turns
         12. As part of her new found pre-teen persona, she begins styling herself as
         a Goth....and dating a 23 year old named Jeremy Steinke, who professes
         his love for her, insists to others "she's 14."
          Jasmine Richardson
Jasmine's friends "She was a nice girl at first, but she changed after she
                                     started dating Jeremy Steinke."
                                    PARENTAL PEROGATIVES
Marc and Debra don't approve of the disparity in ages, or the relationship and promptly
make it clear to Jasmine and Jeremy that like it or not, their "togetherness" is going to
be sharply curtailed.
             Family Friends "They were furious about her relationship with Jeremy
                                      Steinke. Jasmine had been grounded for about a
                   Neighbors  "We heard loud fighting during the last few weeks coming
                                     from the home."

       Jasmine's friends   "Her parents took away her phone and computer and forbid
                                     her to wear makeup. They grounded her to keep her and
                                     Jeremy apart."

                                     "I never had a good feeling about Steinke because of the
                                     age difference. He also wore eyeliner at times and he
                                     dressed in dark colours. I never thought of him as

                                     dangerous, just older, but very immature."

   Daniel Clark (friend)  "I warned him not to get involved. I told him you're 23
                                     years-old, you're a grown man. You're dating a kid.
                                     He stopped for a minute and looked at me. And I
                                     said, 'Well, that's just my opinion, Jeremy, but you
                                     should be having a job . . . you should not be living
                                     with your mother. You know, doing something with
                                     your life, not hanging around little high school kids."
                                       PRELUDE TO MURDER

Jasmine isn't satisfied with her life. Her parents are standing in the way of her
spending time with Steinke, and she resents their interference.
         Jasmine's friends "Several times she said she wanted to kill her parents
                                     and move away to live with Steinke."

                                     "I overheard Jasmine talking to Steinke on a phone,
                                     asking him to help her kill her parents."

                                     "She never used the word kill when talking about her
                                     parents, only that she wished that they would die." 

          None of Jasmine's friends took her threats to kill her parents seriously.
Jasmine Richardson  "We had "hypothetical" conversations about killing my parents.
                                  I never took them seriously. They were no big deal because

                                  all my friends talked like that. It was stupid talk. 
                                  This wasn't unusual for my group of friends talking about

                                  killing people."
                                         ONLINE MURDER TALK

2006 - March -  Both Jeremy and Jasmine have sites on Nexopia ( a social
                        networking site). She's "runawaydevil" and he's "souleater."
                        Steinke's personal profile refers to Jasmine's parents:
                        "Their throats I want to slit. Especially when I see that  
                        they are gone . . . Their blood should be payment!"
                        He posts other violent, macabre songs and poems
                        referring to the Richardsons.

                        An excerpt of his profile: I believe in Blood, Destruction,
                        Guts, Gore & Greed! I’m the Vocals for my band called
                        “Project Status Quo” I also play guitar, my buddy Jordi is the pro 
                        on the Bass guitar, my cousin Grantis is on Lead Guitar, My bro
                        Gary is the infamous Drummer, we’re still in the midst of looking
                        for another guitarist to add to the band!

                        Jasmine's profile: Internet photos of herself in tight black clothing, 
                        sucking on her finger suggestively and falsely claims she is 15.
                        "Welcome to my tragic end."
                        runawaydevil "I hate them. So I have this plan, it begins with
                                               me killing them and ends with me living with you."

                        souleater "I love your plan but we need to get a little more
                                        creative with like details and stuff."

Jeremy Steinke tells his friends in person and via Nexopia that he's frustrated
with Jasmine's parents.  He and Jasmine "talk" about how much she hates
her parents, and possible ways of killing them; making it look like a murder-
suicide or hitting them on the head while they sleep, and then burning the
house down. The murder plans include the murder of her 8 year old brother
Jacob, because "he is too sensitive to be an orphan."
A week before the murders:
Jasmine sneaks out of the house and goes with Steinke back to his trailer.
They have sex.

Three days before the murders:
Jasmine tells a friend "I'm going to kill my parents." The friend laughs
off her comment. Jasmine responds "Fine. Don't believe me."

2006 - April 19 -  On Friday, Jacob had slept over at his friend's
                          house next door.So tonight, Jacob's 5 year old
                          friend from next door joins the Richardsons
                          for dinner. At 8, Jacob stands 4'4" and weighs
                          only 68 pounds.

2006 - April 20 -  souleaster52 (JeremySteinke) on vampirefreaks. com sends
                          a message referring to "doing morbid stuff to others! which i'm
                          going to do this weekend."
2007 - April 23 - Jeremy Steinke makes 3 phone calls to Jordan Attfield. He's
                        "looking for help to "scare" Marc Richardson, Jasmine's father."

         Jordan Attfield "That morning he told me, 'We're doing it today.' I was like, '
                                 What? You're doing what?' And he's, like, 'We're going to

                                 kill  (them). I didn't take him seriously."

             8:00 P.M. -    Jeremy Steinke arrives at Jordan Attfield's home to pick him up.
                                 Jordan wants no part of trouble and says he won't go. Steinke
                                 slams the door and leaves.

             10:45 P.M. -  Daniel Clark calls Jeremy Steinke and asks "What are you
                                 up to?" Steinke responds "I'm watching a movie. I'll have to
                                 call you back when I'm done."

                                 The movie is Natural Born Killers - a movie about a young
                                 couple who embark upon a serial killing spree. (Fictional)

             Underage Girl "Steinke compared his plan to a scene in the movie
                                    where the characters kill the girl's parents.
                                   As he watched the scene where a young brother is
                                    spared he said "That's where it would be different.
                                    (She) would kill her brother."

            Underage Girl  "He was on the phone in the kitchen, pacing back and   
                                    forth, saying, 'I don't want to do this. Are you sure you
                                    want to  do this?'

 Jasmine Richardson   "I called Jeremy and told him I wanted to kill my
                                    parents, because they were mean to me. I was
                                    only joking."
       Underage Friends "We tried to talk him out of his plan
                                    "He told us we didn't understand. . . . He found someone
                                    crazy enough, just like himself." 

Despite knowing that Steinke was plotting murder, and tried to talk him out of it,
no one notified the Richardsons of the danger. No one notified police or their
own parents.

                      Steinke  "She called me in the middle of the night, asking me to help
                                     her sneak out so we could be together."

                                     TRIPLE MURDER MOST FOUL

According to Jeremy Steinke's later testimony & evidence found during
the investigation:

                Steinke arrives at the Richardson home in the dark. 
                He is high on cocaine, and drunk. He's dressed in a hoodie,
                and all in black, with a ski mask. He's carrying a knife in
                his pocket. He steps onto the dirt leaving a footprint as
                he breaks into the house through a back window.

                Debra Richardson hears the noise and comes down the
                stairs into the basement to investigate. She screams
                as she comes face to face with the masked intruder.
                Steinke stabs her 12 times, hitting her aorta and
                lungs. Blood sprays out into the stairwell leading to the
                basement. It splatters the floor, walls and ceililng. Debra
                dies at the bottom of the stairs, her body smeared with
                her own blood.

                At the sound of Debra's screams,  Marc Richardson and his
                son Jacob run from their bedrooms. Marc comes to his wife's
                aid, grabbing a screwdriver and uses it to defend himself
                against the intruder's knife. He manages to temporarily choke 
                Steinke and jams a finger in one of his eyes.

                During their struggle, Marc is stabbed 24 times and there are
                countless slashes inflicted upon him. The staircase bannister
                is shattered. In the fight for his life, Marc struggles with the
                intruder from one end of the basement to the other.

                Marc's blood splatters upon the futon, gas fireplace, exercise
                equipment, the bannister, the ceiling and the walls. His blood
                spatters onto Steinke's clothing. At some point he's dropped
                the screwdriver. It lies close to him on the floor where he dies.                
                Marc Richardson's dying words "Why?"
                Steinke "Because your daughter wanted it that way."

                The attack is so violent, the fileting knife Steinke used is    
                bent, buckled in the middle, and curved at the tip, like
                a hook. He drops it next to Marc Richardson's body and
                walks upstairs, leaving behind bloody handprints on the

                Jacob Richardson, having awoken to his mother's screams is
                frightened. He's standing in the hallway in his underwear near
                his bedroom where he hears his father struggling with an
                intruder. Then he sees the masked intruder coming up the
                stairs... and his sister holding a black handled kitchen knife.

               She stands over him and as he begs "I'm scared. I'm too young
                to die," she mercilessly stabs him. As he flees to his bedroom
               one hundred precious drops of blood drop to the carpet.

               The murdering pair follow him. One of them tries to
               strangle him, causing pinpoint bleeding inside of his
               eyellids and mouth.

               Jasmine stabs him 3 more times, in his face and chest.
               Then she slashes his throat, severing his juglar vein,
               causing his blood to soak into his bedding and spray
               throughout the room over his toys. He lies dead,
               curled on his side on his bed.

               Steinke watches as Jasmine murders her brother
               while his shoe lace soaks up some of the 8 year old's

 According to Jasmine's testimony & evidence found during the

                "I called Jeremy and told him I wanted to kill my parents
                because they were mean to me. I was only joking."
                That night I woke up and heard Jeremy breaking into the
                house. My mother went downstairs and screamed, then 
                my dad and Jacob came out of the bedrooms.
                I could hear my dad and Jeremy fighting downstairs and I
                raced back upstairs and grabbed a knife I had hidden in my
                closet, in case I needed to protect myself.
                Jeremy came up the stairs, he was staggering, and covered
                in blood. He screamed at me to kill my brother.
                He yells at me "Stab him! Just stab him! Slit his throat!"
                I said "I can't! I can't!. He said, "you have to. I did this for you!"

                Jacob said "I'm scared... I'm too young to die."
                "I stabbed him once...somewhere in his upper body.
                I couldn't do any more. Jeremy grabbed the kitchen
                knife and slit Jacob's throat. I couldn't look but I heard
                him struggling to breathe. He was gurgling."
                "I didn't do anything to stop him. I was like a zombie.
                 I could barely function. It didn't even enter my mind
                to call 911."


Jasmine checks out her boyfriend's handiwork... she sees her mother
and father lying in pools of blood. Steinke leaves Jasmine at the
house amid the gore and goes home. Marc Richardson's brand new
white truck sitting in the driveway undergoes a smashed passenger
window. When he gets home to his trailer, he touches the doorknow
on his room, leaving traces of blood.

Jasmine rinses off the kitchen knife in an upstairs bathroom. The water
dilutes Jacob's blood on the blade. She sets it onto the vanity where
the water drips off, making a pink pool.

The house is quiet. The doorknobs, carpet, and light switches, the
walls and ceilings bear silent witness to the carnage, being daubed
with blood. 


               After the butchery, Jasmine cleans herself up, packs some
               clothing, steals her mother Debra's bankcard. She walks to
               a bank machine at a nearby convenice store and withdraws
               cash. She phones for a taxi and takes it to Steinke's trailer.  

                                    PARTY WITHOUT A CARE

Some hours later, the murdering twosome are at a friend's apartment where a
party is occurring. Jasmine and Steinke are seen kissing, giggling during the
party. They discuss the murders and the cleanup. Steinke laughes while
describing the killings. He also shares their plans for "a gothic wedding that
would end with them living in a German castle."
 Later the two have sex. 

              Friends - "He showed us his wounded eye and said he'd
                             killed Jasmine's parents. "I gutted them like
                             a fish. He said "she (Jasmine) killed her brother."
    James Whalley (friend) "He bragged about how the little boy had 
                                          “gargled” as he bled out from the stabbing.

                                          "He said he had "gutted the whole family
                                          like fish." I was amazed that he was just
                                          sitting there, telling me all this. They were
                                          calm mannered...completely like, mellow,
                                          everyday conversation.
        Jasmine Richardson  "I loved him so much. I thought it (sex) would bring us
                                           closer together,"
                                    COVERUP OF A CRIME

Two of their friends wipe down the seats in Steinke's truck, getting rid of bloody
splotches. Afterwards, they park it out of sight.

                                   A CHILD DISCOVERS TRIPLE MURDER

2006 - April 24 - Sunday - 1:00 P.M. - Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
                         A friend (6) of Jacob Richardson (8) came to the Richardson home
                         to see him. Instead he thinks he sees a body through the window.
                         He runs home and tells his mother, who notifies police.

Sarah Penner "I told my son he'd better not be lying when he raced back home 
                        to tell me there were bodies with blood on them next door."
Sarah and her son go back to the Richardson home next door and look through 
the windows. Fearing a killer was nearby, she and her son ran to their minivan.   
She uses her cell phone to call her mother, who instructs her to immediately call
Sgt. Dave Townsend (Medicine Hat police) "A caller did observe a body within the
                                       residence and called us, and that's how we got dispatched
                                       or made aware of the scene,"

                                    RCMP RESPONSE

      A new white truck sits in the driveway of the house -  its passenger window
      is  mashed out. The house sits silent.

      Four police officers break down the front door. Medicine Hat RCMP Constable
      Ian Scribener is one of those officers. Inside they discover walls smeared with
      bloody handprints. Downstairs in the basement Marc Richardson (42) and his
      wife Debra (48) are deceased. They've been murdered, suffering multiple stab
      wounds. The officers find 8 year old Jacob upstairs. His bed is blood soaked,
      his throat slashed open.

     While  searching through the house the officers become concerned, there's a
     child missing. There's a portrait of a family of four, the Richardson's daughter 
     isn't among the dead. But police fear Jasmine (12) is also a murder victim.

     The public is asked to help locate the missing girl.

    Sgt. Townsend "She may or may not be related to the homicide. However, we're
    just trying to ensure that she is safe," 

    If she is a suspect, we would not be able to release her information, because
    she would be a young offender, so at this time, I don't have that information
    available to pass on."

                                        CRIME SCENE

Crime scene investigators process the home. A crowd has gathered in the
neighborhood. Officers and forensic personnel are stunned and horrified
at the carnage.

          4:38 P.M.  - The Richardsons bodies are removed from the house.
Jeremy, Jasmine, Kacy Lancaster (19)  and three other girls (who think
they're going on a camping trip)  begin driving towards Leader,
Saskatchewan in Steinke's truck. The triple murders are front page news
and the group passes around a newspaper. The paper features Jasmine's
school photograph.

             Underage Girl "(She) was smiling about it. They were pointing
                                     things out in it."
 Investigators search Jasmine Richardson's school locker, they find a crudely
drawn picture she has drawn of her lighting her family on fire and running to
Jeremy's truck. They begin interviewing her friends. 

2006 - April 25 - Monday -  Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada  

Leader RCMP Constable Aaron Ewert is in his vehicle staking out a gas
station in Leader. He's waiting for a truck with Alberta license plates to
show up low on gas. The vehicle he's waiting for parks at a nearby high
school in the parking lot. Ewart calls for backup. When officers arrive they
approach the truck. Ewart finds Steinke and Richardson in the back of the
pickup, hiding under a sheet... with "breathing movements."

                        7:45 - Bill Clary (School Custodian) goes to work early
                                 and sees 3 RCMP vehicles surrounding a small
                                 green pickup truck in the school parking lot.

                                 Face down on the pavement are two young girls
                                 amid purple bath beads spilled from the truck.
                                 Another young girl is being put inside a police

                                 Jasmine & the three girls yell obscenities and giggle
                                 as they are placed  inside the back of a police car. 
                                 None offer resistance.

                                 As Steinke is arrested he tells one of the girls
                                 "Tell my mom she can have my tv and that I love her."
                                  A black bandana found in the back of the truck
                                  is covered in blood.
                Bill Clary  "They just looked like normal teenagers. When I saw it, I
                                  thought it was maybe just a drug bust, I hadn't yet heard
                                  of the murders."


 Jeremy Allan Steinke (23) charged with three first degree murders.
 Jasmine Richardson (12) charged with three first degree murders.
 Steinke's friend Kacy Lancaster (19) accessory for disposing of evidence.

 Shortly after their arrest, Steinke asks Richardson to marry him.
She says "yes."

2006 - May - The funeral of Marc Richardson (42), his wife Debra, (48), and 
                   their son Jacob (8) is held at La Toussaint Church in Sudbury.

                                    UNDERCOVER OPERATION
Two sheriffs overhear Steinke telling a fellow prison,  "I did my girlfriend's
mother  and father, and she did her brother."  "I was stabbed in the eye
with a screwdriver."

Steven Durk (Medicine Hat Sheriff)  "I overheard Steinke answering
questions of a fellow prisoner while driving them from court to remand."

 Officers arrange for Steinke's bragging conversations to be recorded.

An undercover officer, Cory Both,  posing as a prisoner, listens to Steinke as a
hidden microphone tapes their conversations as they're being driven in a van from
Medicine Hat to Calgary Remand Centre.

                  "You hear about that triple homicide?. . . Yeah. You’re looking at
                  him. . . . Me and my old lady have become legends. It was all me
                  and my girlfriend, We just started our own legacy."
                  "I tried to talk her out of it . . . she was upset, I don’t like that. I’m
                  a man of my word. Let’s do it.”
                 “I know I’m pretty twisted but I didn’t think I would be that twisted.
                  I never thought that I’d actually kill anybody but when I found my
                  soulmate, my true love, I just for some reason I was willing to do
                  anything for her."  “I never thought I’d ever go to jail, and then
                  I met her and told her I’d do anything for her. And now I’m paying
                  the consequences.”

                  "I was drinking a “two-four” of beer, a bottle of “Vampire”  brand
                  red wine, and did a “gram of blow” at a coke dealer friend’s house.

                  “I was off like a rocket, flying high as a kite  I’ve got some mental
                  problems, though. I was definitely not in the right state of mind."
                  "I snuck into the house through a basement window while the family
                  was asleep. “I remember standing there in her basement, expecting
                  her dad to come downstairs. Instead it was her mom."

                 “He came at me real fast . . . I thought I was going down. He grabbed
                  my face and shoved his thumbs in my eyes. My old lady’s father’s a
                  big guy. When he came at me with that screwdriver, I was scared
                  sh--less. I screamed. I just stabbed him. I’m surprised I came out on 
                  top. I thought, I thought I was a dead man

                  "The father's dying word was "Why?" I replied "Because your daughter
                  wanted it that way."

                  "I went upstairs and I watched my girlfriend cut her brother’s throat...
                  It didn’t bother her at all either, she didn’t cry or anything in fact the
                  next day when we were on the road f---n’ she was laughing about it.
                  She’s got a few screws loose, too.”

                  "It's torture being apart from her. Me and my girlfriend got a pretty f--ed
                   f'--ed up relationship. So when we’re like going at it or whatever you
                  know, f---n’ getting all intense and s--t she’ll like claw my back to the
                  point where I’m bleeding and she’ll bite my neck and actually like
                  pierce the skin and start drinking my blood. F---ng I don’t know man.
                  That’s something I kinda miss
.” Me and my girlfriend are freaks, man.
                  She's 13 going on 14, she’s legal age.” 
                  "I gave a vial of my blood to her."
                  "We exchanged vows through prison love letters. I never got a chance
                   to buy her an engagement ring. We'll get wedding ring tattoos on our
                  ring fingers. I want a “gothic wedding.” 
                  “I treat my girlfriend like a f---ing queen. I’m going to save up my money
                  and we’re going to buy one of those little castles in Germany, with a
                  hundred rooms.”

                  "I'm a ladies’ man. You know what they want and you give it to 
                  them. S
he's gonna be there for me when I get released. And I’m putting all
                  my faith into her. I’m worshipping her more than I worshipped anything.”

                                     COURT TRIALS
 Prosecutor "J.R  was "the motive and Steinke was the means" in the
                    "planned and deliberate" murders.  Officers, forensic specialists,
                     friends, family, neighbors and others testified against both of
                     the murderous pair.

                    Steinke blames his participation in the murders on his "upbringing."

                            Jasmine Richardson blames Steinke.

Jurors view evidence in the case, including 2,000 photos of evidence in
the house, of the slaughter.

Tim Foster (Attorney for Richardson) "Although she talked about it, although
 she said those things, she never, ever meant it. In order to find her guilty you
have to find that intent. You have to find that she intended for Jeremy to kill
her family."  "They didn't have a destination in mind to run away to, she

hadn't packed a bag, he left her at the family's home afer the slayings.
That proves there wasn't any foresight on her part that would suggest she
orchestrated these killings."

Stephanie Cleary (Crown Prosecutor) "Her testimony is unbelievable. 
Her explanation of being in a trance-like state cannot be trusted. You
cannot rely on it, it cannot raise a reasonable doubt in your mind about
her guilt.
The reason her tale doesn't make sense is not because she's 12, and not
because she was involved with Jeremy, but because it's not true. She
was not "a zombie" that night, but was thinking clearly and following
a plan, After the killings, she packed some clothes, stole her mother's
bankcard, went to a nearby convenience store to take money out of a bank
machine and hailed a taxi to Steinke's trailer.Hours later, she and Steinke
had sex at a friend's apartment and were seen cuddling at a party.
At no time did she call police, seek help or check on her family to see if
they were still alive."

In cross examination:
Cleary "You had plenty of opportunities to get help or stop your boyfriend.
"If there wasn't a plan, you would have begged him to stop."
Jasmine Richardson "There was no plan."
Judge Scott Brooker "Even if Steinke physically stabbed the girl's
mother, her father and brother, under Canadian law, an accused can
be found guilty if they intentionally help, encourage or persuade another
person to commit a crime. To find the accused guilty of first-degree
murder, they must agree that the Crown proved there was planning and
deliberation involved.
When testifying during his trial, Jeremy Steinke denies exchanging any words
with Marc Richardson during the struggle for Marc's life.

                                     FAMILY VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENTS

Addressed to Jeremy Steinke in court:
Peter Doolan (brother of Debra Richardson) "I will never understand why   
she was taken, I will never understand the workings of sick and twisted minds...
but I do understand about forgiveness. (She) taught me that. So it is for (her)
sake and through the deep love for my sister, who is watching over us right
now, that I extend forgiveness,"

Ramona Robins (Crown Prosecutor) reads a statement on behalf of the family:
"They described their anguish over losing "three wonderful people" as
"unbearable," "heartbreaking" and "horrifying." 

Marc Richardson's Stepmother "I relived the fight that (the parents) must have
                                                 put up to protect their kids, and the terror of
                                                 Jacob when he realized his big sister would
                                                 not help him."

        Marc Richardson's sister   "You're nothing but a punk with evil tendencies,
                                                 a coward. You partially did this for love, and
                                                 you both turned on each other. I hope this 
                                                 teaches other people who glorified you for this

                                                 that it didn't work out and never does."
                                                 "Your choices hurt us all, Jeremy. There were
                                                   broken relation-ships because of this, lost jobs,
                                                   heart attacks, drug abuse, and much, much
                                                   more. Both families endured so much pain

                        Another relative  "I still see the family's pain and hear questions
                                                   as to the reason why it had to happen. There is
                                                   a big hole in our hearts. His father really misses
                                                   the weekly telephone conversations he had with

                                  A relative "You need to know that we are not the same
                                                   people since the murders. I am terrified Steinke
                                                   will be out on the streets ready to murder with
                                                   or without the slightest provocation. What
                                                   happens when he is up for parole? Will he be
                                                   after us then? Who's next? I am afraid for any
                                                   young girl who might fall under the charms of
                                                   someone like Steinke."

                             Another sister  "They did not deserve to be murdered."

Judge Kent "I'm about to send you away to jail for a very long time, perhaps
                    for the rest of your life, and it's because of the horrific, un-
                    speakable violence you've committed against (the victims),
                    Maybe sometime in the future you can begin to repay all of
                    the damage you've caused."

                   "Do you have anything to say before you are sentenced?"

Steinke keeps his head bowed and shakes his head "No.".
Alain Hepner (Defense Attorney) "He told me before I came into court, and
                                                     these are my words, 'If I could take it all
                                                     back, I would." 

2007 - July 9 -  Jasmine Richardson is found Guilty - on all 3 counts first degree
                      murder. Due to her age, she is sentenced to the maximum
                      penalty - 10 years imprisonment. The sentence includes
                      credit for 18 months in custody, to be followed by 4 years 
                      in Edmonton psychiatric facility and 4 and 1/2 years under 
                      conditional supervision within the community.

2008 - December 15 - Jeremy Allan Steinke is found Guilty - on all 3 counts of
          first degree murder. He is sentenced to 3 Life sentences, to be served
          concurrently. He will be eligible for parole after serving 25 years, starting
          from the time he was placed into custody. A sample of Steinke's DNA
          is been ordered to be sent to the national databank and the judge
          issues a lifetime ban from owning weapons.

At Steinke's trial, several of his young female hangers on were present.
Meghan "I would have started crying if he'd looked at me, He gave me a
hug and said 'See you later. I'm going to hold him to the 'see-you-later' part."
Under cross-examination, all of their friends said they'd never taken their
friends threats of murder seriously.

                 A Book "Runaway Devil" is based on the case.