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Jun 19 10 7:25 PM

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2010 - June 8 - Don Jones, husband, father of two and a popular tenor with the
                       Washington National Opera is found shot to death in Fort Dupont
                       Park (off Minnesota Avenue in Southeast D.C.) D.C. police say
                       Jones was found shot next to his green Ford Taurus near picnic 
                     tables in the park. Police have no motives or suspects at this
                       time. Jones was found without any identification, delaying the
                       notification to his family.

                       Don Jones performed for 14 years. He donned the role of
                       the crab man in Porby and Bess (Kennedy Center).

                       Don and Placido Domingo performed together.
                      Jones’s own solo singing engagements included singing
                      in "The Temptation of St. Anthony" and an appearance in
                     Scott Joplin’s “Treemonisha."

Charita Jones (wife of Don) "They will find out who did this. After 10 years of
marriage, it is a painful and tragic end for a man with an angelic voice and a
beaming smile. "This great man with this great voice. Where did he come from?
This is not something you hear every day. This voice is a voice I've never heard
before. It's different from all other voices. That voice did something to you from
the inside out. It was an inward emotion that soothed your hurting and pain.
Don and Charita have recently completed the adoption of two three-month-old
babies. "I have two children who no longer have a father. Nieces and nephews
who don't have an uncle, who they adored. A mother who is hurting,"
He sang solo at the funeral of Coretta Scott King.
"It was like the greatest thing in the whole wide world. When he

got the call, he said I can't breathe. Charita, I just can't breathe,"
"I miss him. He was the apple of my eye and my life. It's very hard. It's the
hardest thing I've ever experienced. Ever. The hardest thing I've ever had to
feel in my heart,"

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Jun 20 10 4:55 PM


2010 - June 16 - Hundreds of mourners overflowed the church, coming together to
                         remember a man deeply devoted to God, a gentle man with a big
                         heart and a big voice.

Pastor Doretha Best (St. Stephen Baptist Church) "Delivering the eulogy is doubly
difficult, because I'm eulogizing my son. He's everything that ya'll said he was, but I
know that he's more. I honor God today for my son. I'll never forget him."
I find solace in remembering his faith. Son, your life has just begun. Hallelujah."

The Washington National Opera concert in Fort Dupont Park Saturday afternoon was
dedicated to Don Jones' memory.

.                                       REWARD

D.C. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to Jones's killer.
Authorities hope someone can help them figure out what Jones was doing there in
the park, who shot him and why.

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Aug 4 10 7:50 PM

"On the last-known morning of his life, June 7, a Monday, the 43-year-old,
280-pound Jones called his mother to say good morning. He then called in
sick to his day job as a social worker with special-needs children for the
state of Maryland -- a minor toothache, he told his wife, Charita. He kissed
her as she left for work, dropped off their infant foster children at the
babysitter's and returned to his townhouse in Temple Hills around 8:30 a.m.

A few minutes later, he called his mother-in-law with a soaring, a cappella
rendition of "Happy Birthday" and -- this part was vintage Jones -- surprised
her by saying he was taking her to lunch as a birthday present.
"He said, 'Now get dressed up because I want you to look nice,' " Jessie
McCrae remembers. "I said okay. That's how Don was, he was always
dressed up. It was about 9:15, maybe 9:20. He said he'd come get me
about 11:30."
  • And then, the man vanished. "

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Sep 3 12 12:12 AM

I sat next to a woman on an Amtrak 97 train on its way to Miami. She struck me as a gentle soul and good-natured. We talked about Chuck Barry-I learned to dance to some of his music on American Bandstand, Departments of State's finely detailed requisites, "The Help", and children She has nine-but only six remain-yet her face lit up and smiled as she remembered of all of them. I thought, "How does someone function after such losses?" Before I got off the train, she mentioned one of them-an opera singer. I promised I'd "Google" him and listen to his voice. I'm blown away. No small accomplishments! Surely Angels sing like this! Can we find comfort knowing he no longer suffers the pains of this earth, and that while he was here, he brought the sounds of heaven and its joyful comfort to many? You are my newest hero, Pastor Doretha Best. Colleen

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Oct 1 12 4:32 PM

Thank you for posting the contact information guest. I hope that Don's case is solved soon.

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