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                                     ALLEGED ATTEMPTED SUICIDE
2010 - June 18 -  Amy Bishop Anderson is alleged to have cut one or both wrists, leaving a
                          suicide letter to her husband Jim Anderson, resulting in treatment at a local
                          hospital and then returned to Madison county jail. The attempt comes two
                          days after being indicted for first degree murder for the death of her
                          brother in 1986.

Jim Anderson (Bishop's husband) "he had not been informed of a suicide attempt, he had 
seen no signs of suicidal thoughts, "her frustrations are about "being cooped up
and the behavior of other inmates."  The last time he visited his wife was on Mother's Day,
May 9, but the two speak every Friday night.

Jim Anderson "Her mood was fine the last time I saw her, but that was before she
heard the indictment. I have to go speak to her and see how she's doing. Until I get
some straight answers, I don't even know what to think."

                         Bishop - Anderson is charged with capital murder of chairman of the University
                         Alabama Huntsville biology department Gopi K. Padila, two other professors,
                         Adriel Johnson and Maria Ragland Davis and with the wounding of professors
                         Luiz Cruz -Vera,  Joseph Leahy, and staff assistant Stephannie Monticciolo.

                                  FIRST DEGREE MURDER CHARGES - MASSACHUSETTS
                        1986 - Seth Bishop (18) is shotgunned to death in the family home.
                                  His death is ruled an accident.

                        2010 - Amy Bishop Anderson is indicted with murdering her brother.
                                  After the shooting murders and woundings at UAH in February 2010
                                  authorities in Massachusetts reviewed the case of Seth Bishop's
                                  death, resuling in the First Degree murder indictment.

                                      CASE BACKGROUND
Investigators state that Amy Bishop kept a newspaper clipping about the 1986 murders
of TV star Patrick Duffy’s parents. A teenager had used the same type of gun to kill both
of them before stealing a vehicle from an auto dealership.

Amy Bishop claims to have been trying to "unload" the 12 guage shot gun when she
"accidentally" shot her brother Seth. The only other witness was her mother, who to 
this day supports Amy's claim that it was an accident.  After the shooting she ran
from the house with the loaded gun, pointed it at a driver in a vehicle and unsuccessfuly
tried to force the driver to stop. She then attempted to force workers at a car dealership
to give her a vehicle.

Police arrested her and brought her to the police station. However, during booking, it is
stated that her mother visited the then police chief and charges were dropped.                 

                                      BISHOP'S LAWYER

Bishop's criminal defense lawyer "The latest charge against Bishop will be used in any insanity defense."