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2010 - June 15 -  Gregoris Xenofontos (29) is arrested in Moldova on an International arrest
                           warrant. Extradition procedures are ongoing.

                           Xenofontos is alleged to be the shooter in the murder of Andis Hadjicostis
                           January 2009. The contract killing stems from a conspiracy involving
                           Elena Skordelli,her brother Tasos Krasopoulis, Andreas Gregoriou,
                           and Theophanis Hadjigeorgiou.

                           Their trial in Cyprus is underway.

                           Theophanis Hadjigeorgiou is testifying against the others in exchange
                           for being placed into the witness protection program. He was cleared
                           of all charges.

                           Authorities in Nicosia, Cyprus believe Xenofontos to be the man that
                           fired the fatal shots, gunning down Hadjicostis outside his home
                           at close range. 

 Xenofontos reportedly spoke to a reporter via phone and denied participating in
the murder. He claimed that he was friendly with three of those in custody and
because of that, he was being framed. Xenofontos was aware that police had
already searched his home.  He denied his presence in Moldova (home country
of his wife) was due to the murder, but that he was on a pre-planned holiday
for six weeks. (It's the longest six weeks ever in history).