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Jun 12 10 10:53 PM

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             El Enigma de la Mariposa," or "The Mystery of the Butterfly."
Jada Claudia Gomez Menendez, from Trujillo, Peru was a vibrant young woman....until a
suitcase containing her partially decomposed body washed up on a Lima, Peru beach,
courtesy of an earthquake that shook loose the weight holding it down.

Her parents, Jose Gomez (former officer in Peruvian National Police force) and Patricia
Menendez Clara Leon, identified their daughter Jada from the butterfly tatoo on the back
of her neck. Jana was the eldest of their three children.

Jose Gomez "We continue to pray for justice in our daughter's death. We feel destroyed,

Patricia Menendez "He (her husband) was very jealous and violent, even when he was in
our house, hiding his real face, and I must confess that deceived us all. That is a violent

"My daughter, after months of marriage, decided to complete and continue her studies in
 the UPAO Administration, so she traveled to Lima to meet him and to end the relationship ... Apparently that angered William, who made the decision to kill her." 

                                        CONVICTED FELON
William Trickett Smith Jr. father is William Trickett Smith Sr. - a former attorney and politician
who was convicted for mortgage and real estate scams (former Harrisburg attorney accused
of stealing thousands of dollars from the estates and accounts of vulnerable senior citizens
& using false information and untrue statements to sell stock.) His mother reportedly is also
an attorney in Pennsylvania.
2000 -  William Trickett Smith Jr. of Paxtang, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania,
            and two other men are caught by authorities in a car with 70 grams of cocaine,
            marijuana packaged for sale, cash and handguns. He is sentenced to  2 - 4
            years in prison.
2004 - While on parole - A car William Trickett Smith Jr. is in is stopped by police.
          Smith struggles with an officer, pushes the driver aside and flees.
          He pled guilty to escape and fleeing or eluding police. He is sentenced to
          4 years of intermediate punishment.         

2004 - William Trickett Smith Jr., convicted felon with a long criminal history, is on
          parole for eluding police. As a part of parole, he is not allowed to leave the U.S. 
          He must inform his parole officer of any travel plans. 

                                  INTERNET COURTSHIP

2005 - Jada Gomez meets William Trickett Smith Jr. online and they form a friendship.
          Trickett woos her and they form a relationship. Trickett met Jana via
2006 - August 16 - Trickett travels to Trujilo, Peru (in violation of his parole) to meet
                            Jada and her parents.

                      William Trickett Smith Jr & Jana Gomez Menendez
          Trickett travels frequently to Peru to visit both before, and after he marries Jada.

2007 - February -  Monica Munoz Pereda meets Smith online. For two months they are
                           "intimate" until she finds out he is married (or so she claims).

2007 - March 1 - Jada Gomez Menendez and William Trickett Smith Jr. marry.


          Wedding photos of Jana Gomez Menendez and William Trickett Smith Jr.

           Jada's family notices that after the wedding William Trickett Smith Jr.
           begins to forbid Jada to attend social gatherings, or meet with her friends.
           He spies on, hacks into her communications. Jada's friends think he's
           extremely jealous, controlling, and violent. He chokes Jana unconscious
           during an argument. Three times, he makes Jana change their phone

                                      AN AFFAIR
       March - April  - Smith is still carrying on a relationship with  Monica Munoz Pereda. 

2007 - May - Monica Munoz Pereda finds out William Trickett Smith is married. She
                   claims she ended their intimate relationship, but remained on friendly
                   terms with him.

                   The two exchange emails. In one, Smith asks Monica Pereda "Where can I
                   buy a drug that puts people to sleep?"

                   In another, Smith asks Monica Pereda "Where can I find a boat that won't
                   require me to fill out alot of paperwork? I'd pay double to rent the boat if I
                   could stay anonymous and rent it at night."

                   Another email - Smith asks Monica Pereda "Tell me what the police are like
                   in your country?" He tells Peredea "I became enraged at a woman while
                   registering my child for school in the U.S. I just felt like killing her."

                   In another email Smith asks Monica Pereda "If it were another woman
                   would you help me?"

                                     END OF A JEALOUS MARRIAGE     
2007 - July 2 - William Smith has Monica Pereda call Nextel Communications
          and pretend to be his wife Jana to cancel her (Jana's) cell phone.
          She reports the phone stolen.

          Jana spends time with her mother shopping, dining, and going to the movies.

2007 - July 4-  Jada tells her mother she is travelling 10 - 11 hours on a bus to Lima, Peru where
                      she will meet Smith. She's decided that after months of a jealous marriage, she
                      plans to continue and complete her studies in the UPAO Administration, to go to
                      meet with Smith in Lima to end the marriage.  Jana packs only a few clothes
                      in her favorite bag. 
                       Jana telephones the the phone service and asks to be reconnected. She
                       tells the service she had not asked to be disconnected and her phone has
                       not been stolen. Hours after the phone service is restored, the company
                       is called by someone asking them to disconnect the service.
2007 - July 5 - William Trickett Smith Jr. joins Jada at San Remo Hotel in Lima, Peru.
          July 6 -  William and Jada are still at the San Remo Hotel.
          July 7 - Justo Jose Servign Solano (fisherman) is hired by Smith to take him and
                     Jada on a boat ride out to sea.

                                      HOTEL CHECKOUT

2007 - July 8 -  William Smith leaves the hotel without his wife. A hotel employee "I saw
                        him with his wife, but then I saw him alone, carrying a blue suitcase."
                        Other employees see him leave.

2007 - July 8 - William Trickett Smith calls Monica Pereda and asks if he can come to her
                      apartment in Lima, Peru. When he arrives, he is carrying a small briefcase.
                      He claims "I have to go back to the airport because my luggage got messed
When Smith comes back, he is carrying a dark blue suitcase.

                      Smith brought the suitcase  into her apartment and uses duct tape to wrap
                      it shut.

                      He asks Monica Pereda if she'll go with him when he takes the suitcase to
                      a business associate. She agrees. But after they are in the taxi, Smith
                      changes his mind.

                      He asks "Would you like to go with me on a boat ride in Chorrillos?" (a
                      fishing town 25 minutes from Lima.) He telephones the boat owner while
                      they are in the taxi.
7:00 P.M. - They arrive in Chorillos, board the boat and go out into the water.
                  About 15 minutes into the boat ride, Smith asks the boatman "How
                  deep is the water?" He replies "35 meters." Smith takes the dark blue  ,
                  suitcase, secured with a rope and a heavy object and and slings it overboard.
                 Monica Pereda "Why'd you toss the suitcase into the water?"
                 Wiliam Smith  "It is an American tradition to throw things in the ocean to                   
                  forget about something." "When we want to forget about something, we throw it
                  into the ocean."
                  Monica Pereda "What's in the suitcase?"
                  William Smith "Just some old documents and papers."
                  Monica Pereda "You should put trash in the garbage, not the ocean."

2007 - July 9 - 12 -  Smith has Monica Pereda call the hotel pretending to be his wife Jana
                              and cancel their stay at the hotel. Smith flies out from Peru and returns
                               to the U.S. He takes with him a bag of Jana Gomez's personal items.
                               Her clothing, some of it is cut and torn. He also has Jana's sneakers
                               with sand in them, and her Peruvian photo identification.

                               Blue jeans. A leather handbag. A pair of blue sneakers.
                               computer, photographs and other personal possessions of Jana
                               Gomez, such as jewelry, shoes, clothing and documents.

                             William Trickett Smith telephones Jada's family from the U.S. saying he  
                             has  been trying to contact Jada. Her family tells him Jada was meeting
                             him in Lima. Smith tells them that isn't true, because on that date, he
                             wasn't in Peru and hadn't traveled to Peru in early July.

                            Jada's family notify police and a search begins. William Trickett Smith
                            travels to Peru to assist.

                                   MISSING PERSONS INVESTIGATION


                        William Trickett Smith Jr. entered Peru on July 4, 2007 and returned to
                        the U.S.on July 8, 2007.    

                       Emails between William Trickett Smith and Monica Pereda.
     Monica Pereda had relocated to Italy to study. Her parents urge her to come home and
     speak to police. Pereda travels back to Peru and assists with the investigation. She is
     on bail, and is not allowed to leave the country.

                      Menendez Mari­a Cecilia Leon (Aunt of Jada Gomez), certifies that
                      Smith telephoned and said he could not communicate with his wife, Jada,
                      and was not in Peru nor met his his wife Jada in Peru.
                      The staff of Hotel Oscar, Jose Ruiz Gomez and Hans Steel Vladimir Reyes,
                      security personnel,  Clovaldo Juan Sosa, and Nilton Cesar Avalos Mas­as Borjas,
                      receptionists "identify Smith and Gomez, that they stayed together at the Hotel
                      San Remo on the days 5 to July 8, 2007.

                      Nilton Cesar Masias Borjas, receptionist Hotel San Remo - photographic
                      identification, recognized the suspect and the victim, as the couple who
                      stayed at the Hotel San Remo "in the months of June and July, 2007."

                      Juan Sosa Clovaldo Avalos, San Remo Hotel receptionist, recognized William
                      Trickett Smith II Trick or William Smith II and Jana Claudia Menendez Gomez 
                      as people stayed at the Hotel San Remo "in the months of June and July."

2007 - July 30 -  Ruby Carrigan (Friend of Jada Gomez) in the U.S.  receives an e-mail from
                         William Smith. It is nearly 4 weeks after her friend was last seen by her family   
                         in Peru.  "When I first read it, I had a bad feeling. I felt like my friend was dead."
                         The e-mail says "Jada is missing, Smith is searching for her, and "I am
                          so worried about her."

2007 - July -31 -  William Trickett Smith Jr. returns to Peru. He tells Jana's parents that
                          he is trying to find Jana. He again denies travelling to Peru earlier in
                          the month.

                       Patricia Menendez "Smith had Jana's diary, which she always kept with
                       her. He said he had "mistakenly" taken it back to the U.S."
                       "I found a distinctive key ring belonging to Jana that wasn't here before
                        he arrived."

    Authorities believe Smith may have been trying to engage in drug trafficking. They uncover
    flights from U.S., Ecuador and Costa Rica to and Peru.

                                    A DEADLY EARTHQUAKE & A GRISLY SUITCASE

2007 - August 1 - Smith meets with Jana's family in Lima to search for Jana.

         August 14 - Smith tells them he has to return to the U.S. 
                           Patricia Menendez  "He said he had to return to his country and gave no

         Aug. 15 - An earthquake strikes Peru, causing massive damage, killing more than  
                          500 people. The epicenter is in the Pacific Ocean about 90 miles south 
                          of the capitol, Lima, Peru.

                          Because of the earthquake, Smith is unable to fly to the U.S. He telephones
                          Jana's parents to ask how they were doing.
        August 16 -  13.30 hoursSerenazgo Miraflores District, Lima, Peru -
             "Las Cascadas" beach - a blue suitcase floats ashore. There are thick green cords
              attached to it. Inside is a decomposing female body, curled in a fetal position, with a
              butterfly wing tattoo on the upper cervical spine.

              Smith telephones Jana's family to say he has flown to the U.S.
                                    LEARNING OF A DEATH VIA TELEVISION

             Jana Gomez's mother Patricia sees the report of the suitcase and the butterfly 
             tattoo on television and knows it is her daughter Jana. She breaks down in  .

              Peruvian Police  believe the force of the earthquake broke the cord(s) that had been
              attached to a weight to keep the suitcase submerged, allowing it to float to shore.

Police station in Buenos Aires de Trujillo - a police report regarding the disappearance
of a female person, Jana Gomez Smith, dated July 26 de 2007, she had a butterfly tattoo.

            Authorities quickly determine that the body in the suitcase is Jada Gomez.
            Jose Gomez and his wife Patricia travel to Lima, to the morgue, to identify
            their daughter Jana.

                                   IDENTIFYING THE SUITCASE

Staff of the Hotel San Remo: Oscar Jose Gomez Ruiz, Hans Steel Vladimir Reyes, Juan Sosa Avalos y Clovaldo Mas­as Nilton Cesar Borjas, recognize the suitcase.

Hans Steel Vladimir Reyes, a San Remo Hotel worker recognizes the suitcase. It is the same
as the one William Trickett Smith used and was dragging as he left the hotel during his shift.

One day prior to the crime, Justo Jose Servign Solano (fisherman) was hired by Smith to take him and Jada Gomez on a boat ride out to sea. Photographic identification - He recognizes Jana Claudia Menendez Gomez as the woman who was Smith's partner the 7th day of July 2007.

On July 8 Justo Jose Solano (fisherman) was hired by Smith and recognizes Monica Cecilia Munoz Pereda as the woman who accompanied William Trickett Smith II Trick or William
Smith II, on the 8th day of July 2007, when Smith threw the suitcase into the sea.
He identifies the suitcase as the bag that was thrown into the sea in the presence of Monica Pereda.

Monica Cecilia Munoz  Pereda certifies that on July 8, 2007 she met Smith and accompanied
him for a "walk on the beach, he was carrying a travel bag  "which later he plunged into the sea, even said that he explained this behavior that "it was old papers and books that I wanted to get
rid to forget "  Pereda identifies the case, as the same that William Trickett Smith II Trick or William Smith II carried on Sunday, July 8, 2007 and cast into the sea.

                  Monica Munoz Pereda - re-enactment of the crime
                  of William Trickett Smith Jr with the suitcase.

Clara Menendez Patricia Leon, mother of the victim, Jada,  identified the suitcase and said
the case  belonged to William Trickett Smith and which he always used when he arrived at
his home in Trujillo; the victim went out to meet her husband and then heard nothing from
her until the identification of the body.

                                  OTHER EVIDENCE

A document: describing the belongings of Jada Gomez, clothing which she was                           wearing before she was killed, and which was found at the home of the mother
of William Trickett Smith Jr. in the state of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Manuel Leon (Peruvian Police Detective) "Boxes of evidence arrived from authorities
in the U.S. less than three weeks ago. The evidence included a computer, photographs
and personal possessions of Jada Gomez, including jewelry, shoes and clothing, The
jeans, sneakers and a handbag were among the possessions she wore or carried when
she left her home in Trujillo, Peru, for the final time."

Jose Gomez and Clara Menendez Patricia Leon identified the belongings, clothing, dress,
and personal documents which had been in the possession of their daughter prior to her
death, but were found in Smith's mother's home in the U.S. They told Peruvian police the
items shipped from Harrisburg, PA. belonged to their daughter Jada.

Authorities believe William Trickett Smith II Trick or William Smith II ended the life of Jana
Claudia Gomez Menendez, who was his spouse, at the San Remo Hotel located at Calle Bartolomo Herrera number 294; in the district of Lince, Province and Department of Lima,
after which he placed the deceased's body in a suitcase, and later cast her into the sea "


     Jana Claudia Gomez Menendez de Smith died of a sharp blow to the head.


      Jana Claudia Gomez Menendez de Smith is buried int he Gardens of Peace Huanchaco
      by her parents and siblings.

                                   MURDER SUSPECT - PAROLE VIOLATION

2007 - August 24 - William Trickett Smith is arrested in the United States on the grounds                              of failing to notify his parole officer of his 11 trips outside the U.S. to

Pennsylvania - Dauphin County- Judge Kleinfelter "This kind of callous disregard for the court's order does not warrant another break ... he got that two years ago."
Smith is sentenced to 2 to 6 years in state prison. "Smith had violated the trust of the court."

Smith is incarcerated in the State Correctional Institution at Smithfield.

                    William Trickett Smith Jr
2007 - September - William Trickett Smith Jr. files a lawsuit Against County Prison
Lawsuit Withdrawn' (Patriot News, Pennsylvania, by Garry Lenton)
"The attorney for 
a man wanted for questioning in the death of his wife in Peru said publicity about the case
forced him to withdraw a suit the man had against the Dauphin County Prison.
William Trickett Smith II claimed correctional officers used excessive force against
him because of his Muslim beliefs."

2008 - November 12 - This week Peruvian President Alan Garcia signed documents seeking
                                  the extradition of  William Trickett Smith II to  face a charge of homicide
                                  in the death of Jana Claudia Gomez Menendez.

 Patricia Menendez buried her slain daughter, and vowed to seek justice.
 "I am so happy. I feel that the fight that I started for justice for my daughter reached the right ears and has echoed on. My family will not stop until William Smith pays for what he did." 

Manuel Leon, the lead Peruvian Detective  "Authorities in Peru are proceeding carefully
 in their investigation, with the goal of having Smith brought to our country for prosecution."

"William Trickett Smith II is the only suspect in the death of his wife."

Gary Myers (Attorney for Smith's family) "We are awaiting action from Peru, if any, and we
will respond to it accordingly."

2009 - June 10 - U.S. Magistrate Judge J. Andrew Smyser continues the hearing for William
                         Trickett Smith II until July 9 to allow the government to respond to objections
                          raised to the paperwork by Public Defender James V. Wade, who filed a
                          motion stating that one of 2 volumes of information supporting the case for
                          extradition was not properly certified. One volume is in Spanish and one is the
                          English translation. The law requires the volumes to be individually certified.

                          The paperwork is refiled and certified.

2009 - July 12 - Extradition Hearing.
2009 - July 17 - Pennsylvania Federal Court Judge J. Andrew Smyser rules that there 
                        is sufficient evidence to allow Smith’s extradition to Peru.

  2009 - October 25 - U.S. District Federal Judge James Munley denies Smith's appeal
                               of an order that he be extradited to Peru to stand trial for murder.

                 Munley cited witness accounts that Smith left a hotel where he was staying with
                his wife, with a suitcase like the one in which the body was found.

                 Two co-defendants have said Smith weighted down a suitcase and dropped it into
                 the ocean.

William A. Behe (Assistant U.S. Attorney) "I am pleased by the decision and hope that another appeal immediately filed by Smith's attorney will be heard quickly."

To be continued.

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#2 [url]

Jun 25 10 11:19 PM

The rules is for all the people, and he nust to go to Peru for respond his ciminal act,in istead judge fron USA is agreemen with the criminal people.


The first judge delayed his extradition, but the Federal Court Judge has said that Smith 
must be extradited.

As soon as there is more information on when he'll be extradited I'll try and post it.
He needs to face justice in Peru for his crimes.

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#3 [url]

Aug 6 10 7:27 PM

VIDEO                         EXTRADITION

The Peruvian justice system had requested William Trickett Smith Jr.'s
 extradition on charges of aggravated homicide.

2010 - August 6 - William Trickett Smith Jr.(29)  is to be extradited to Peru to face
                           justice for the murder of Claudia Jana Gomez Trujillo Menendez,
                           age 21.

                          2007 - August 16 - Jana's body was found in a suitcase 
                          washed up on the beach near Lima, Peru.

                           The Ministry of Interior has authorized the trip of two 
                           Peruvian officials to the United States to implement
                           the transfer of Trickett Smith.

                           The officers will escort Trickett Smith back to Peru, and
                           will arrive in Lima, before August 12.

 2010 - August 16 - It will be the 3rd anniversary of Jana's murder.
                             3 years exactly since the date she was murdered
                             by her husband.

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#4 [url]

Aug 17 10 9:33 AM

                                   EXTRADITED & NOW IN PERU
2010 - August 12 - William Trickett Smith Jr. was extradited and arrived in Peru.
     William Trickett Smith Jr. being extradited to Peru
                        Trickett Smith being transported to Castro Castro prison
"Trickett arrived to the Jorge Chavez airport in a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta,
escorted by two Peruvian agents from Interpol, and wearing a bulletproof vest.

Peruvian police will interrogate him during the next few hours, and then will be

put at the disposition of the Peruvian Justice."
"One of van der Sloot's fellow inmates in Castro Castro is American William Trickett
Smith.  He was recently extradited from the U.S. to face charges he murdered his
Peruvian wife, dismembered her, put the body parts in a suitcase and tossed it in
the ocean.  The so-called "Suitcase Murder" has elicited as much anger in Peru
as the Flores/van der Sloot case."

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#6 [url]

Aug 25 10 9:44 AM

I think Peru must have death penalty; enough is enough. Poor APeruvian girls. RIP Jana.


I thought I read where Peru had withdrawn from the death penalty and due to some
agreement with other South American countries, that it cannot now put it back into
place? They can sentence him to 35 years, and those 35 years (or more)
in a Peruvian prison is a fitting punishment.

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