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                                                  TWELVE DEAD - TWENTY FIVE INJURED

Five victims were shot in the face. Three are critical. Two are in a serious but stable condition, while the others are described as "comfortable."
Stuart Hyde (Deputy Chief Constable) "There was no letter to anyone stating his intentions, in any form that could normally be considered as a suicide note at all. The operation to piece together the jigsaw of what prompted Mr Bird to turn from a cab driver to a killer is going to take a long time to complete. It may be we will never know the full reasons why he did this, or exactly what was in his mind at the time he started shooting. It may be that we will never know the full reasons why he did this or exactly what was in his mind at the time he started shooting. 
                                       MURDER & ATTEMPTED MURDER
 David Bird, a self employed taxi driver arms himself with two weapons, a .22 rifle fitted with a telescopic sight and a shotgun goes on a shooting rampage. 

2010 - June 2 - Wednesday - Lamplugh -

        David Bird, twin of Derrick Bird is sleeping in bed.  Derrick Bird enters his brother's
                          home and murders him.

Rachel, Tracie & Katie Bird (daughters) "We are utterly devastated about the death of our dad. He was the nicest man you could ever meet. "He was a loving husband and doting dad and granda. We would like to take this opportunity to say there was absolutely no family feud. "Our dad's only downfall was to try and help his brother."  Our thoughts were with the families and friends of the others killed in the massacre."

             5:30 A.M. - Frizington -  

Kevin Commons (60) senior partner KJ & Commons Co., Solicitors, is in the driveway of his home 
                                 when he is murdered.

Iris Carruthers "He (Bird) passed me and went down to the bottom of the main road, turned, and he came back up.  ? Slowly he drove alongside me and I said 'hiya lad, you alright?' "He didn't speak, he was in a world of his own, and I just kept on walking. "He was stationed at the gate on the way up to the tip road. I just left him there. "I thought he was just normal, I didn't think there was anything untoward. I just thought he had been to the farm and dropped somebody off because he was in his taxi."

             10:20 A.M. - A report is made of  "gunfire" and a search finds Mr. Commons.

Gerard Richardson (friend) "He's probably about the single most generous person I've ever met. Just a really, really nice character."

             10:32 A.M.  -Whitehaven - Darren Rewcastle (Taxi driver)

Mr.& Mrs. Rewcastle (Parents) "To our darling son Darren, sleep tight son, no-one can hurt you now. We love and miss you so much. Nana will be looking after you now." 
      Derrick Bird beckons to some of his victims and as they approach he shoots.
       Ashley Gastor (15) "I felt the gunshot brush past my hair and miss me, before running 
                              to my sister's for safety. I thought he was just going to ask me for 
                              directions or something. He said something to me and I didn't hear 
                              him so I said 'What did you say?' and I turned around and he said 'Do 
                              you like...' and I couldn't hear what else he said and when I turned 
                              round to look at him he was holding a gun at me out of the car window. 
                            "I held my ears and ducked down to protect myself and the gunshot 
                             was fired. I tried to run down the hill and he fired another one, and 
                             when I'd run down the corner he went off in the car."  "I felt it go past my 
                             ponytail on the back of my hair when I bent down. I was terrified but I 
                             was happy at the same time that he'd missed me. "There was only me 
                             on the road at the time - me and his car - so I ran down to my sister's 
                             house, crying."

            10.55 A.M. - 11:02 A.M. -  Egremont and Wilton -
                                Kenneth Fishburn (71) a former Army soldier is murdered 50 yards from his

Fishburn Family "He was a lifetime army man having served 25 years in the forces, serving
with the Durham Light Infantry which took him all over the world. A further five years were served
as a reservist, serving six months each year with the UN peacekeeping force, again world wide.
He was a "quiet, private man" who "liked nothing better than a few bets and a game of snooker".

Mark Hamilton (Club steward) "Ken Fishburn was an affable bloke, he never harmed anybody, never had a bad word to say about anybody."

                       Susan Hughes (57) is walking home with her shopping when Derrick beckons to 
                                                     her. As she responds Bird murders her. 

                       Witnesses "He stopped his car, got out the car, got his gun out, went up to 
                                        her and just shot her in the stomach."
Hughes Family "She was a "proud and determined mother" who is "completely irreplaceable to her family and friends."

                          James Jackson (67) a retired Inland Revenue officer and his wife Jennifer
                          Jackson (68) are murdered were walking towards each other.
                           Derrick Bird murders Mrs. Jackson. When Mr. Jackson hurries towards
                           his wife, he too is murdered.

Chris Jackson (son) & Kathryn Jackson (daughter) " They were wonderful, quiet, loving people right at the heart of the communities of Haile and Wilton. Everyone here is in shock at this tragedy, trying to make sense of all that has happened. The community is close-knit and helps each other in tragedy."

Jennifer. Jackson's family  "She was gifted at gardening and flower arranging and gave generously of her talents."

Wilton resident "Jimmy had an operation a fortnight ago and was going for a walk, and she had just gone out for a paper. She went up the village to meet Jimmy and was shot."

                        Near Carlton -

                        Issac Dixon (65) a part-time mole catcher is speaking with a farmer when he is
                                            murdered by Derrick Bird.

Thomas Dixon "I believe Issac had been shot as he went to help a farmer in the valley.  He would help anyone who asked him,"

           11:20 A. M. -  Near Gosforth -
                  Garry Purdham (31), farmer & rugby league player is trimming hedges with his uncle
                                           when Derrick Bird drives by and murders Purdham.

Purdham Family "Cumbria has "lost one of its favourite sons" and his death has left a hole in
the lives of his wife Ros, his sons Cameron, eight, and Flynn, two, his father Jack, mother Bridget, brother Rob and sister Becky.  "He was loved dearly by all his family and everyone who knew him -
a gentle giant who would do anything for anyone. His two boys, Cameron and Flynn, were his pride and joy."

           11:29 A.M. - Seascale -

            Michael Pike (64) former Sellafield trade union official, is riding his bicycle when Derrick
                                   Bird shoots out his back tire and then murders him.

Sheena Pike (wife)Jason Pike (son) & Jude Talbot (daughter) "He was a "kind, brave and generous person who achieved much more than he expected in his life. A much-loved husband, father and grandfather" who had been "a happy man at the time he died and satisfied with the
things he achieved".

              Jane Robinson, a charity worker, is a few yards down the same road a few yards from her
                                        home. Derrick Bird murders her.

Barrie Robinson "Jane was such a caring, considerate and generous person in the local community and always had time to help people. She was the best sister I could ever have and, as twins, we were especially close."

                  Jamie Clark (23), estate agent,  is in his car driving back from a house viewing.
                                       Derrick Bird shoots Clark's vehicle. It is not yet clear whether the
                                       gunfire or the subsequent crash in Gosforth Road killed Mr. Clark.
                                       Regardless, Derrick Bird is responsible for his death.

Richard & Jane Clark (Parents) "He was the most wonderful, gentle, loving, considerate man. Much loved by us his parents, his brother and his fiancee and all his friends."

                  Harry Berger, guest house owner of the Woolpack (Boot)  is shot in the shoulder by
                                         Derrick Bird.

           11:30 A.M. - Drigg -

              Jacqui Lewis, a pensioner is shot in the head by Derrick Bird.

                               Boot -

              Samantha Christie and her boyfriend Craig are on a country lane. Derrick Bird
                                           opens fire, shooting Samantha Christie in the mouth. Her camera
                                            absorbs most of the impact, saving her life.

                                            Samantha Christie "He said  "Have a  nice day" as he shot."
 Flat tire halted Bird's killing spree
Derrick Bird, has been found dead together with a firearm in a wooded area of Boot.