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Feb 28 11 11:05 AM

Bobbi Ann wrote me a bad check for $450 for products and services at my salon in Justin, TX back in March of 08. I stay in contact with Katie Wegg. Today Bobbi is scheduled for a sentencing hearing in Montgomery, AL. Let's hope the judge took my advice in the letter that I wrote him last week, suggesting he should punish her to the fullest extent of Alabama law for the crime(s) she has been convicted of. I am trying to get in contact with Denton County and Bell County to let them know her whereabouts and push for having her extridicted back to Texas.... I am also trying to get in touch with the Army Investigator to make sure he also has my information as well, considering the check she wrote me had a service member's name on it...poor guy! I would like to encourage anyone else who is a victim to do the same... Don't just "do nothing", do something and feel a little vindicated; knowing you did something to take back your life by helping keep her behind bars indefinitely!

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Mar 1 11 9:57 PM

I hope the judge does sentence her to the maximum he can for her crimes in Alabama,
and that she is extradited to each state where she's committed crimes to serve time.
Sage advice christy, and a salute to you, for your efforts to bring her to justice.

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Sep 23 11 12:23 AM

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Jan 21 12 8:22 PM

2012 - January 21 - On Discovery ID's "Who the Bleep did I marry?"  Bobbi Finley was
                             profiled. At the end of the program it was stated that Bobbi Finley
                             had been sentenced in Alabama to 3 years in prison.
                            She's scheduled to be released June 2013.

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May 29 12 1:19 AM

Being a new wife to one of the men that Bobbi Scammed, I have had to go through some major hurdles to help him get through some of this. Bankruptcy helped with the Financial destruction Bobbi caused. However the hurt over the kids I think is what has most of the men can't shake. The brutal way she took them, let other people raise them, abandon them. My husband didn't realize he had a daughter till a few months after she left him, and when he tried to find her, she had left the state and no one knew where.

We found out his daughter was severely neglected and her family had to go pick her up. Once they got her healthy, they opted to adopt her. My husbands family is MAJOR huge, I could swear on a stack of bibles if any of the family even new of this little girl of his was out there that they would have stepped up and taken her off of Bobbi's hands. Not to mention, my husband believes he has failed in a way because he was not there to protect her.

I will say that when he did find out, we were all out to find her and get her back. Especially since we learned that some other guy forged my husbands signature for the adoption. After trying to talk to other fathers, Katie Wegg, we learned that there really was no legal help. So my thought is, yes these families have these kids and adopted them. Why can't they either contact the fathers and allow them either pictures or updates on their kids to help relieve their and our stress. It is not the father's fault that their kids were taken away from them.

Even we decided that if we could get proof that his little girl was happy and healthy, all we just want someone to send a pic or two a year, maybe an update on what/how she is doing and then the option to have her contact them when she is ready. We would not want to disrupt her stability. Also the adopted families could get an attorney to represent each family so there was no way privacy of the initial family could be threaten.

Not to be mean, but i have heard how some of Bobbi families *not all* benefited from Bobbi escapades, money... vehicles... furniture... and even kids. None of the fathers asked Bobbi to take away their kids, to have her use them in her next scam...

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